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  1. Thank you guys, your inputs are welcome, and you all have good points. I will think it over for a few more days before I make a final decision. Enrico
  2. Hello 747 drivers, I have been considering for a while the purchase of the Boeing 747 by PMDG for P3D, and then I read the post as of a few months back regarding the lack of an update for the ARINC424 specifications and the resulting issues with LNAV when flying DME arcs or RNP approaches. Taking this into consideration, would you recommend the purchase of the PMDG 747 nonetheless, or is this LNAV issue a deal breaker? I know the MSFS version is due for release sometime in 2023, but I still enjoy Prepar3d, and I miss flying the 747. What is your take? For those who own it, following that post, would you still buy it? Or is it a waste of money, given the complete lack of a yes/no answer from PMDG to a potential fix? What is holding me back is the overall cost ($140 + $70, I am interested in the 474-8), for a product that might never get fixed by the PMDG team, while keeping the cost high and with no notice regarding the LNAV issue, which I found out on my own. Any insight and feedback will be much appreciated, Enrico
  3. Hello Sabre, and thank you!! Let me go read it...I'll be back should I find no benefit from your reply.
  4. Hello simfan1983, tonight when I get home I will give it a try, thanks for the tip!
  5. Hi, I just bought and installed Prepar3d v. 5.3, and I am experincing issues with the new window mode. Let me explain: whenever I move the mouse wheel to move away from the cockpit dashboard, the image shrinks, and when I move closer, it expands, creating an effect which is not natural. I posted on the Prepar3d forum, but no one seems to be able to help me in finding a solution. I tried to use Alt. + Enter to set the window mode, hoping it would fix it, but it does not seem to work. In Prepar3d v.4.5 I used to be able to set the window mode, where I could see the upper white board with the maximize and minimize options, and the task bar visible below. Something I cannot seem to set with the new version of Prepar3d. The weirdest thing is the view shrinking and enlarging as I move the mouse wheeel. Any help will be much appreciated, Enrico
  6. Hello, I would like to purchase the Dash8 Q400 course for my brother, but I cannot find a voucher for purchase. How can I make a purchase for a third party? Thank you in advance for your support, Regards, Enrico
  7. Hello Chris, I will be using your suggestions later on, when I am home, and let's see if I can get a proper shut down and engine start without engine fire...if i experience more trouble, I'll let you know, trying to be as detailed as possible so you can tell me where I am screwing up.
  8. Hello, I am having a lot of issues when starting the JS4100 engines. First, I turn everything off, to make it cold and dark. After that, I turn the batteries on, connect the GPU, do my preflight cheks and before I start the engines I make sure the props are unfeathered. I then proceed with engine n°2 and then with engine n°1. Although I made sure the props are unfeathered, somehow when I remember to double check, I notice both or just one of them is still in a feather position, and that is issue n°1. Which means, if I forget to double check, I have an engine fire upon starting up. Another issue I am having is when I remove the start locks: sometimes, I have to pull back on the power levers more than once to remove the start locks, and while doing it, the engines catch fire, not pretty...I really like this plane, and I would be grateful if someone could help me out, I have a feeling I am doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what...Maybe there is a proper way to make the JS4100 cold and dark, and then start the engines without issues...looking forward to any suggestion... Regards Enrico Lazzaroni
  9. Many thanks, Ben, I really appreciate it! As a side note, the Dash8 training course is just very good, the video quality is just perfect, and the content of each video is superb, you and Josh are teaching me quite a lot, I have sometimes to watch some videos more than once to take some notes and absorb all the information provided. Very well done. I know I'll be a 777 Cadet Subscriber, once I am done learning the Dash8. I do not think I would have ever flown the Dash8 online without some proper training, and you guys came just at the right time, and I thank you for that. Enrico :wink:
  10. Hello Ben, I am enjoying your Cadet and FO training courses, and I would like to know where to get the checklists you and Josh use during training, many thanks enrico
  11. Hi, today I started having some issues with the MD-11, where anytime I tried to load it in FSX, the sim would crash. So, I thought, let's reinstall it again (I have the CD version). Well, whenever I try to run the CD, I get a message: from User Account Control: An Admin has blocked you from running this app. The program name is setup.exe, the File origin is CD/DVD drive, and the Program location is: F:\setup.exe. I am trying to install the MD-11 in FSX with Windows 10. Before having these problems, I was using FSX with Windows 7, and a few weeks ago I switched to Windows 10. I flew the MD-11 ever since, until today... I hope someone will be able to help me out sort this problem, and let me go back to the MD-11 again... enrico Never mind, it is finally working, I can't say what the issue was, but I was finally able to install it... :smile: enrico
  12. Hi Bob, you may be right, I'll do the same check tonight, likely it is the version I have, as I updated my P3d right around that same period (before Christmas). Enrico
  13. Hello, I just noticed Prepar3d has been updated, and version 3.1.2 is now available. So far, I have updated version 3.0 to v. 3.1; what happens if I pass on this update, and wait a little longer, say, until v 3.5 or 3.6? In other words, are the updates cumulative, or do I have to keep updating Prepar3d everytime a new update becomes available? Enrico
  14. FXAA and HDR, got it! Many thanks, Kyle Enrico Lazzaroni
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