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  1. dutton98

    Upgrading graphics card or CPU?

    Okay thanks guys, So on average ive seen i can get the I7 6700K for $495, I can also get a motherboard with the 1151 socket for another $85. What do you guys think? I can also get my hands on a GTX 1060 for $300? Is it worth getting the GTX 1060 aswell or just stick to my 770 I have got mine up to 4.4Ghz, I seem to get alot of blue screens as of late though.
  2. Hi all, Just a quick question. I currently have a GTX 770, I5 4670K 3.4Ghz, Ive put aside $500.00 to upgrade either my CPU or GPU, what do you guys reckon? And also what type of cpu or gpu would you pick? All suggestions are appreciated Edit * I know 500.00 wont get my far, but with currently doing my flight training in real life its really put a hole in my wallet lol
  3. Hey, which presets that one
  4. Hey, Just wondering if you can make night really dark? Thanks in advance
  5. Can i just ask, what visibility settings do you use in your weather program?
  6. dutton98

    Prepar3d V3 Autogen Loading Problem

    Make that 3 of us lol The only thing that really fixes it to me is turn the visibility down, but then it looks really un realistic!
  7. Dang, any ideas on how to still get them into PTA
  8. Hey! Came across this today, everything is good except for when i try and open your PTA blue haze etc in the PTA tool it gives me this error - PD normal haze.ini : wrong preset format ANy ideas?
  9. dutton98

    P3D Tweaks

    Hey guys! So having been away from flight simming for a good year studying the real thing, ive decided to come back and have some fun! My system is abit old now GTX770 I5 4670K 3.4Ghz ( OC to 4.4Ghz ) Just wondering what the best tweaks for performance and also a good looking sim? I used to play around alot with nvidea control panel etc, do you still use that? Any suggestions for me to try would be awesome! Jack
  10. dutton98

    VSync and triple buffering!

    do you have triple buffering turned on in nvidea inspector / control panel?
  11. dutton98

    VSync and triple buffering!

    Thanks Steve, will give it ago.
  12. dutton98

    VSync and triple buffering!

    What does triple buffering even do? And why would i be getting blurries when vsync and triple buffering is turned on Bizzare
  13. dutton98

    VSync and triple buffering!

    I have 60 fps locked in Nvidea inspector But i find its odd, cause when i have vsync and triple buffering on i seem to get more stutters and also blurries. But when vsync is off and triple buffering is off, i seem to get really good crisp textures, no stutters but on like final approach the fps gets quite bad, like when vsync is on its so much smoother. I would love to be able to have both What im trying to say about the smooth but no smooth, when im in the cruize the fps must get so high, that when i pan around its smooth but its almost like when i pan it stops for a millisecond and stutters almost
  14. Hi all, So after a few weeks i was finally able to get my P3D where i wanted it to be, no blurries and good fps. Originally i had Vsync and triple buffering set to off, but i find in the cruise when the fps gets very high its almost so smooth its not smooth if you get me. After doing a few flights with Vsync and triple buffering on i have seen that these 2 settings seems to make my sim stutter more and also gives me some of those blurries i didnt want back. Is someone able to tell me why this happens?