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  1. ziggy

    FSX Smoothness Configuration

    I understand this is your opinion but I have been using BufferPools=0 , first on my i7-2700k with GTX 680, and now with a GTX 1070ti and it has been absolutely awesome since about 2011 or 12. The only tweaks I use for my FSX SE DX10 fixer is FFTF=.10 and BP=0 (as well as inspector settings) I have never had an issue, always crisp clear and 90% of the time 30fps what issues was it causing you if you don’t mind me asking?
  2. Again, it’s all depending what you’re trying to get out of your sim, sounds like you’re a tubeliner kinda guy, if that’s the case then yes you can do it with Aerosoft stuff (planes and airports ) but, it will be at low to medium settings with that rig which isn’t that bad to be honest. it’s so hard to say without knowing what you really want to do though. flight simming is so so subjective when it comes to what people think it should or shouldn’t be. the sim will work with all modern hardware and how you set it up, settings wise, is really what’s going to determine your enjoyment factor.
  3. ziggy

    New GTX1060

    Your graphics card will certainly help with performance, just not as much as you would like it to, it will help with the “look” of the sim and help with rendering and some other things. FSX and all her sisters will always be mostly cpu bound until changes to the engine (or a whole new one) are made. Settings in FSX are so subjective, so what ever works for you is going to be best. FSX is a beast still to this day, and seems to be a lottery for who it works best for. I guess I got lucky, I ran a i7 2700k @4.8 and a GTX 680 with 8gb ram for 5 years and had great performance with high settings, (smooth to my eyes) at 30fps almost everywhere, I have just upgraded to a GTX 1070 ti and couldn’t be happier with how the sim looks and it feels much smoother to me anyway. Try not to run the sim at to high of settings, you really won’t be missing a whole lot, some yes but not a whole lot. Cheers
  4. It’ll definitely run it, but it’s not great its all about your settings and what you want to accomplish with the sim I know that’s not much help but I’m guessing you could run medium settings with this type of rig, Mabey medium/high do you already own this rig or are you going to buy it?
  5. Absolutely beautiful setup! Looks almost like what I am building now, mine will be more generic to use more planes with but mostly similar to what you have there. May I ask how you set up your monitors and which ones you’re using? I am thinking of using a 60” for the front wind screen and two 32” for the sides. Great setup, thanks for sharing!! Cheers!
  6. ziggy

    737NGX crashing Steam version of flight sim

    Hi guys, I think this is a known issue by PMDG, and it is at the lower end of priorities to fix as it doesn’t really effect the sim except on shutdown. (Also crashes my FSX SE) I can’t find where I read this otherwise I would post the link, but I’m sure someone from PMDG will chime in what I did was roll back the installer to the earlier version, the drawback off course is you don’t have the updated versions of ops Center or the NGX....but it won’t crash Cheers
  7. “If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense” (or cents) -quote from a Rapper I forgot the name of- ORBX working with X Plane makes both, Dollars and Sense, this is a good move by both companies. And really, who cares if they don’t like each other, I don’t like a lot of people I work with either but we all have a similar goal and make it happen regardless, sometimes it’s better when two sides don’t get along in business and sometimes it’s better if they do, I guess we’ll see.
  8. You have to “de-mist” the windows using hot air, this is a true life feature with this add on.
  9. Thanks everyone for taking the time to help me, your opinions and information are much appreciated, I will stay put with this old girl for a bit longer and just build a whole new rig when the time is right. Thanks again!!
  10. Hello all, I am thinking of building a new rig to run the new Flight sims in the future, as in -P3D V4, Xplane 11, AF2 and FSW. I am running FSX SE with DX10fixer right now and probably for a little bit longer until I make the switch. My current System: i7 2700k @4.7 ASUS P8Z77-V PRO/THUNDERBOLT MSI GTX 680 8 GB Corsair platinum RAM Corsair 1000w Gold PS Corsair H80iGT cooler COOLER MASTER STORM ENFORCER case This setup has been amazing for me since 2012 or so, it runs my sim perfectly at 30fps, I don't care if you don't believe me or not, this isn't the point. I will be slowly gathering new parts for the new system which will run a setup similar to the fellow on the website "ontheglideslope.net" I am thinking of upgrading my Graphics Card to a 1080ti with the current setup to start off with. I understand the bottleneck situation, mabey not so much with flight sims but still would like to hear what the good people at Avsim have to say Is anyone else running a 1080ti with or close to the current setup as me? What are your experiences? And for those who are really tech savvy, what are your thoughts? All opinions are welcome! P.S.: I only use flight sims, no other "games"
  11. ziggy

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    A fantastic start here!!! Way to go, this is going to be a real beauty!! Cheers, Greg Z
  12. ziggy

    Is AffinityMask Important??

    Also, If you are using FSX Steam you don't need it in your CFG. Cheers, Greg Z
  13. Hi, Post in the FTX forum on their site, you won't receive "official" support here http://orbxsystems.com/forum/
  14. ziggy

    DTG_Cryss Signing On

    Hi Cryss, Thanks for the introduction, Very excited to see what the DTG team comes up with, I'm sure it will be fantastic! All the very best to you and the DTG guys and gals and as I've said to Martin in the past, Thank you for taking on Flight Simulation and putting up with our very very very passionate group Cheers, Greg Z