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  1. ziggy

    My apologies to all!

    In my opinion you need a strong mind, a good heart and a good soul to power through this life. It seems that you have all, you’ve taken the time to apologize to strangers on a forum, thinking of others even though it sounds as though life has thrown you a bit of a curve ball, I’ve got a lot of respect for that. I’m not a religious Man but I am somewhat spiritual and I believe these types of things don’t go unnoticed. I wish you all the best in your recovery, stay positive and notice all of the beauty around us, it’s still there even when times are tough 😉 The next pitch that life throws you, hit that sucker out of the park. Cheers, Greg Z
  2. ziggy

    Orbx not working

    Hi, If you haven’t tried yet, try posting your issue in the official ORBX forums on their site and you should receive the proper answer from their mods. Good Luck, Greg Z
  3. ziggy

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    Congratulations Rob! Thank you for all you do for the Flight Sim community!
  4. ziggy

    Flight Replicas C-54 panels

    You can contact them through email support. Go to their site and find the contacts link, they are quite quick about response times. Cheers, Greg Z
  5. ziggy

    Stuttering issue

    That is strange, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling chaseplane?
  6. ziggy

    Stuttering issue

    Exclude Chaseplane in your antivirus or windows defender and see if that helps
  7. I have mine on a separate HDD and it works great! Doesn’t slow down anything.
  8. ziggy

    P3D System Check

    A couple of questions before you Overclock: What Kind of motherboard do you have? Do you have a higher end cpu cooler? You’re not going to want to OC without a good cooler Also, what make and wattage of PSU (power supply) do you have?
  9. ziggy

    P3D System Check

    I agree with vgbaron, you will need to OC your 7700. I still use my 2700k @4.8ghz with a GTX 1070ti and 16GB ram and P3D V4.3 runs better than any sim I own, I have them all except for Aerofly. I use ORBX,ASV4,REX TD,REX SF, PTA, Almost all add on aircraft you can think of and my sim is near perfect smoothness, The main settings I need to watch are: Building Density (I leave at normal, could go to high but I’m fine with it) Autogen Density (Dense, could also go higher but I’m fine with this as well) And Autogen distance (medium, any higher and I start to lose performance) all other settings I can do whatever I want with, if my system can run this sim, yours (with an OC) will do just fine. Cheers, Greg Z
  10. ziggy

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released!

    Just picked it up with the discount!! Can’t wait to give her a go!!!
  11. @Adamski_NZ Another terrific shot! I think I’m sold! I have seen a lot of yours and many others shots in the ORBX screenshot forum, one of the many reasons I’m looking into getting PTA, they look so good, just want to make sure my old system won’t buckle under the possible load, sounds like it’s not that invasive or that hard on performance, so I think I’ll give it a go! Thanks again
  12. @Adamski_NZ Wow Adam! Thanks for the very detailed reply, very much appreciated! That is certainly one hell of a shot! Looks great! I am definitely leaning towards getting PTA and if I do, Matt might have to give you a commission on the sale 😉 Thanks again for taking the time to reply Greg Z
  13. Hello all, I’m looking for some info on what looks like a pretty cool program, I’m a long time Simmer since 85’ and truly dedicated since FS 95 and I am frequently on the ORBX forums. I’ve recently moved on from FSX SE (ran best on my system compared to other versions, FSX gold, P3D V2 ect.) to P3Dv4 and have to say I’m very happy, probably should have done it long ago. My sim runs perfectly smooth on my system: i7-2700k @4.8 ghz, MSI GTX 1070ti, 16 GB RAM, Windows 7 64bit,P3Dv4.3 (upgrade coming in the near future, just can’t part with my system, it’s been really good to me) So I have a few questions about PTA before I take the plunge. 1- Is there a noticeable performance impact using this program? 2- Do I have to have HDR enabled in P3D? 3- Is it somewhat similar to what Shade is to FSX? 4- Any issues with ASV4, REX TD or any other addons? I’m assuming not but thought I’d ask I’m sure these answers are out there somewhere but I’m just to damn lazy to look for them 😉 Thanks, Greg Z
  14. For what it’s worth, This has also never happened to me, I’ve never had a crash or a preset lost with Chaseplane Mabey another issue is at play?
  15. ziggy

    How Good Is ORBX Global

    It’s really really really really really good😉