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  1. I want whatever the best Sim is. Cheers,
  2. I still look forward to Pete’s show every week, I like to hear what he has to say for the most part, I do agree that this may be a bit short sighted but we won’t know until we know, it’s only his Opinion right? Besides, Opinions are like @-holes, everyone has one and sometimes they’re crappy😉
  3. @ntydk This is fantastic! I’ve been looking for a way to do this for a while. Brilliant work! A few questions if I may Have you by chance figured a way to do the Throttle quads with HE sensors? How can I get my hands on these parts? Do I understand correctly, you made these yourself with a 3D printer? Cheers,
  4. ziggy

    Traffic Global

    I don’t mind Traffic Global, Although I use it with VOX ATC, it seems to do what I need it to do. I think with any “early access” product, we should understand and I think that most of us do, is that it is not a “complete” product and may not be for an unknown amount of time, I do agree this can be frustrating but I knew the deal when I purchased, it is explained to us before purchase. What feature are you really missing in TG right now? What is the program not doing that you really want it to do at this time? The developer seems alright to me as well, haven’t noticed the “disappearing” act from them and have had all of the questions answered in a timely fashion that I have asked. Cheers, Greg Z.
  5. Hi, I was having the KERNELBASE.dll CTD as well out of nowhere which was very frustrating indeed. What fixed it for me was to delete my P3D user profile settings, in Documents\P3D V4 files\ they had become corrupted and caused this crash at many different times including loading a senario and closing the sim. the culprit could also be a bad weather (WX) file too. These are only a couple of possible solutions out of many, but it might be worth a shot. Hope this helps😁
  6. Are you using a USB headset? If not, Do you have have 1 sound card or two? I may be wrong but I believe you need either 2 sound cards or a USB headset with a built in sound card to get voices in the headset, I personally could never get it to work until I purchased a USB headset years ago.
  7. Well, this sounds cool to me, REX has yet to disappoint me so I’ll most likely grab REX EF ASAP!😁
  8. I use the “Seth” (I think 😜) profile from the TIR site, it’s a great base point to start with and make minor adjustments to suit your needs, hope this helps.
  9. I would definitely recommend you use TIR with either one of these programs, they are both great! 😁
  10. Just a thought for those using TIR with airliners, and many already know this, but if using TIR with Chaseplane or EZdok, you can set up the views so that for example, a Captains seat setup could essentially have two of the same view, one with TIR disabled (no head movement) and one with TIR enabled so you can pan around the cockpit, just switch back and forth to whatever preference you desire. I do this with all of the planes I fly, it works great when on final and you don’t want the “unwanted” head movements.
  11. Been using TIR since 2012 and couldn’t fly without it.🙂
  12. Great stuff! Enjoyed this quite a bit you should have flown this flight on Thursday, we had a hell of a blizzard in these parts, snowflakes as big as CD’s, I had to drive through it, it might have been a really fun flight!😂
  13. I’m using TIR and chase plane in V4.5 and it works very well as usual🙂
  14. I like Carenado planes, Some are better than others, but that goes for all addon developers I would think. They obviously still have a strong market or they wouldn’t be around. They are a decent representation of the aircraft that they model and are definitely geared towards the folks who like things a little simpler and just like to just get going in a hurry sometimes 🙂 Just my two cents, and the ATR looks nice too.
  15. I don’t have the issue either, but I’d just like to say, Well done indeed!😃
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