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  1. I had this problem, squirted WD40 Contact Cleaner into the quadrant slots, seemed to cure the problem, worked OK. Maybe worth a try (at your own risk). Echofox
  2. Go to System Properties and create a new restore point, when done go to system restore and choose a restore point before the Update and restore this. You can always restore back if necessary. To make sure my FSX (not steam) works if there is a problem, which I get sometimes with scenery, I create a new system restore point at least once a week , this has always worked for me, hope it does for you. Cheers , Echofox
  3. I spent yesterday trying to correct a green Hudson River and Lakes George and Champlain, in the end I altered water texture in REX to a more reality colour. Cannot guarantee this will remain OK but hopeful. REX does seem problematic to some users, I use it with UTX USA , Canada and Europe, normally it behaves !! You can try Google but I didn't find answers much help plus a lot of them are dated. Hope you fix the problem.
  4. Excellent explanation, much appreciated. Echofox
  5. Create a system restore point then do a system restore from a date where everything worked OK. You can always restore back to the one you have just manually created. If your first system restore brings everything back ie. no desert textures, create another manual system restore point for future use. I keep a weekly restore point which has been useful on many occasions. Echofox
  6. Bill Strange how other vendors can provide free updates to their products thus keeping their promise to their customers, I'm sure their are many simmers out there who bought original Orbx products on disc and who feel disenfranchised at not being able to update. I get annoyed when I cannot update KJAC airport as it is not registered with Orbx, which is correct as it never had to be registered, it is treated as though it never existed although Orbx must know it is on my computer as they say an update is available, but I can't have it. It's no big deal, we don't know whats in the update, the airport looks OK as is ( I visited KJAC in 2002), we may never know ! Echofox (Grant)
  7. Hi Bill, hopefully I will be at the Flightsim Show at Cosworth on 7 Oct, if poss will try to find something out, there again is it easier to go to Mars ?. Did you notice that inside the DVD box the reverse of the cover states that updates will be available, since Orbx went on it's own has this been dismissed, seems so ! Grant
  8. Not all dvd's were purchased through FSS in Australia, I purchased CRM, NRM, PNW and KJAC Jackson WY from Flightstore based in Mirfield UK, a Company with an excellent reputation. Seems Orbx were happy when they started, to supply retailers. Interesting that the box cover states "free updates". However for some unknown reason the CRM,NRM and PNW are now showing they have been updated leaving KJAC as original install. Hoping to find out more at the Flightsim Show on October 7 Echofox
  9. I have found going back to a date in System Restore when all was working cured scenery problems, Be sure to create a new restore point before doing this. Echofox
  10. Install TweakFS - FSX Config Toolbox, probably the best scenery tool as you can control all your addon scenery, have backup cfg's and more, wouldn't be without it. Echofox
  11. I have had issues where all land scenery, default,photo,UTX etc has blacked out like yours, also the sea was full of "land". Cured this by System Restore back to when all things were good, this is worth a try. I also use FSXScenery Configuration Tool to control Addon Scenery, this also gives up to 10 scenery cfg backups. Hopefully you can solve the problem, first thing I did when all was back to normal was to create a new system restore point and to copy the scenery.cfg into a safe place. Echofox
  12. I use TweakFS-FSX Config Toolbox enabling me to control the scenery cfg. Orbx USA works perfectly well lower down the order thus enabling me to control it and my Europe add-on scenery to Default which as a personal choice I prefer. Echofox
  13. When you say you have to reset the changes is this to the levers or the switches, where are you resetting, do your profiles work, have you the latest driver and software from Logitec (MadCatz). Might be an idea to run Ccleaner and a defrag program. Must admit I haven't had this problem but maybe the above may help someone to help you. Re vortex681, I've never had the need to use run as administrator, maybe that depends on your system set up. Echofox
  14. Type FSX black box squares into Google, this problem is not new. . From a Simform reply in 2013 "This problem is caused by "FTX Global", most likey when DX10 is in use. The problem is discussed in the official Orbx-forum. " I get this at times with AI planes landing lights. Echofox
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