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  1. abh_jc_03


    I am trying to update my service packs for the NGX,777 and I am not sure if there has been one for the 747 QTS II yet. On the website it only has service updates for the "legacy" aircraft.
  2. abh_jc_03

    QW strange behavior

    I also was in the sound folder for the quality wing 757 and there were some files like the captain has turned on the seatbelt sign or the passenger safety awareness audio but it doesn’t seem to play anything. Every now and then I will get a flight attendants prepare for departure or prepare for her arrival.
  3. I noticed that the strobes don’t work on the quality wings 757. Also the FMC seems to be kind of strange when it comes to STARS/SIDS. The Way points don’t line up correctly on the localizer. Also I did a full update through navigraph But when I choose a runway in the FMC it is not the correct runway. FSX has to 26R and the FMC has 25R. Very strange behavior
  4. I am used to setting my fuel up easily in other adding like PMDG,Leveld767 etc. I have no idea though how to understand the load manager in the 757 though. I read through the manual and it had graphs but was confusing to me. I only needed 60,000 lbs fuel but it doesn’t give me that option. Shows cargo and forward,mid and aft economy. Like other Addison’s I could move the slider to the correct fuel but this doesn’t have that. I just watch the zero fuel weight move which I’m unfamiliar with. Can someone help me?
  5. I was flying from EDDF to EGLL. my progress showed 4.7 remaining but all of a sudden my pressure light comes on and engines shut down. I looked up at the fuel gauge and everything was 0.0. What could cause this problem? It caused me to crash during my VA which is now going to have to start over.
  6. I have noticed when I fly across long bodies of water and have ASN on there is a CTD at some point which can be very frustrating when I’m trying to cross the pond. If I don’t use ASN I have no CTD over the water. Any ideas?
  7. I had a strange thing happen to me all of sudden. Normally fsx starts up to the main screen. But now it starts a flight with the trike in Friday harbor. That causes a problem for me since my aerosoft airbus has some type of issue if the airbus is not picked first the engines will become unknown and is unflyable. So it is crucial for me to get this fixed. Any ideas?
  8. abh_jc_03

    Scenery bug

    The scenery config tool was super easy. Thank you.
  9. abh_jc_03

    Scenery bug

    Sorry. I tried with scenery too. It’s so strange. Not just my traffic.
  10. abh_jc_03

    Fsx ground texture problem

    But would that make the ground covered in snow? I could see precipitation being snow but the ground? Out my left window was snow covered ground and about my right, right across a river was green.
  11. abh_jc_03

    Scenery bug

    I have Windows 7 and I know of the bug when trying to add scenery to the scenery library but for some reason when I click off anywhere it never gets added. I am trying to get my traffic but I have tried other adding airports.
  12. abh_jc_03

    Fsx ground texture problem

    Active sky Next
  13. I have FTX global and I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m flying over Virginia and part of my land is spring and then all of a sudden it is snow. Spring is set in fsx as time and season. Any thoughts?
  14. abh_jc_03


    I have run into a problem. I have my PMDG 737 and 777 products bought, but my account was compromised on a separate purchase and after going back and forth, they locked my account and cancelled all my orders therefore I am unable to update to sp1d or later. I had it previously up to date before so I had no problems but I just to had to do a fresh uninstall/reinstall of fsx so I no longer have access to the service updates. I sent a support request to PMDG but I am sure they either won't respond or just tell me that my account is locked because of that compromise. Is there anything that can be done or is the software unusable now?
  15. abh_jc_03

    audio playback

    I have my headset plugged into the USB port behind my computer. Playback and speech both play through the headset just fine. I am trying to get the playback to come through my external speakers. I have tried setting the option in the CFG audio from my headset to HDMI audio, Hidef audio etc and everything I choose plays through my headset. Is there a way to play the commands, cabin crew announcements etc through my external speakers and just speak through my headset?