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  1. Has anybody made a delta or United 787 livery yet? Seems like people are doing GA and the airbus.
  2. Just need PMDG to come out with fully functioning aircraft
  3. Is there somewhere I can figure that out? Not familiar with that process.
  4. I don't see an option in the controls for just a single throttle axis. It wants throttle 1,2,3 and 4 so I set my throttle up for 1 and 2 axis. When I go into game and start to move my throttles is sticks in reverse thrust and doesn't start to move out of reverse until about my throttle moved 25% up. Then it starts bouncing back and forth and doesn't smooth out until I have pushed my throttles about 75%. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. How do I know how much time and distance is remaining in the 747 since the "Prog" page is inoperable?
  6. Where is avionics switch in the TBM930?
  7. I want to be able to leave the external camera in plane and roam the terrain. For instance, I want to view around airport for runways or go into the city in downtown NYC. I’ve seen it in a video before.
  8. Is anybody else noticing any discrepancies with the logbook. Most of my flights aren’t even in my logbook. Should have several flights with hours of flights but they aren’t in my logbook. Nothing in 6 days
  9. Strange. I haven’t seen any yet. I flew over my hometown and just saw brown textures. No tracks though. Are there trains?
  10. Are there railroads in the sim? I haven’t seen anything.
  11. I was making manual cache in Tampa bay. The arena here is Amalie arena and has been for quite some time. It shows Amalie on the map where I chose my mapping but in game it’s Tampa bay forum. It uses the maps to generate so shouldn’t it show Amalie arena? It was named that in 2014 so I’d think it would be accurate in game.
  12. But do I have to have detail turned all the way up for it to high resolution?
  13. I went ahead and created rolling cache. Do I have to have terrain and object detail turned all the way up for it to be high or will it just load those high if I’m still at 100 rather than 200?
  14. It would only let me put my c drive which is my standard hard drive. I should be able to set it to my dedicated SSD. I only have 89GB on my C drive so I had to select that drive
  15. I installed the sim on my SSD but the game is on my C drive. I am only able to use space on the C drive for some reason. My SSD is D drive though.
  16. I have 512GB free space on my SSD. It tells me there is not enough space. I tried 100 and 80 GB. Doesn’t make sense.
  17. I tried to set it up but it won’t let me. I have 512GB free space on my SSD. It tells me there is not enough space. I tried 100 and 80 GB. Doesn’t make sense.
  18. Thanks. It did. Do I have to turn my settings all the way to ultra to get the high quality areas I cache or is it automatically high quality?
  19. I have heard there is a way to download cities to a HDD and something about a rolling cache. Can somebody help me?
  20. I just installed windows 10 and I’m trying to decide if I should reinstall FSX or FSX Steam. My main question is that, will my current FSX products that I have bought be compatible with Steam? I have bought a lot of products like PMDG, REX etc. I don’t want to install Steam if they won’t work.
  21. I did run installer as admin. FSX acceleration. Did highmemfix because PMDG stayed to use. Not sure how else to describe it.
  22. I have the highmemfix=1 in graphics section. Do 10 preview is off. I have a gtx 1070 8gb videocard with Radeon 7 2700x 3.7ghz processor. I get transparent outside. I have had aircraft with no wheels. Very strange behavior. When I go to change aircraft I get black. Know idea what could be the issue.
  23. I installed FSX onto my 1TB SSD. Fresh install with no adding or scenery. I clicked activate now and I have been staring at the FSX splash screen for over 5 min. I have 16gb @3200 MHz. What is going on!?
  24. I have my OS and FSX on an SSD but am wondering if I can put everything FSX related in my regular hard drive so I don’t fill up the SSD as well
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