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  1. Thanks for the help guys. Busdriver, I saved a screenshot but I'm not sure how to add it to this post. Thanks. Tom
  2. Hi, I have installed ORBX Global, Vector, and NA LC on Prepar3D with no problems. I also downloaded Pilots FS Global Ultimate and began the installation process but I am unsure of the next steps. Could someone please walk me through the rest? I have basic computer knowledge but that's it. I followed the included instruction sheet and unzipped the one file into a directory I named "Pilots FS Global Ultimate" . The path is Primary drive SSD{C): /USERS/TOM/DOWNLOADS/PILOTS FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE/. The LOCKHEED MARTIN directory is on the same drive. I also checked each of the 18 ".zxx" files with HASHTAB per the instructions to make sure they matched. The instructions further say in step 5 that "after unzipping correctly, you will find some *.bin and one *.exe file. Run this *.exe file to start the installation." I have more files than that. Included with the 18 "SC.zxx" files is a compressed file "FSGUNGFTX_DL_SC" that opens to BIN files, several other files, and a "Pilots.Setup.cfg" file that has the Type "Application". There is also another compressed file "FSDISK1". This opens to two files FS GLOBAL_MESH which is a multi language intro sheet and an Interrnet Shortcut called "FSGX". Where do all these extras go? There are many other files included other than the BIN files mentioned in the instructions and no EXE that I can see. This is as far as I have gotten since I don't want to mess things up. The instructions only mention "some BIN and one exe file". I have several more including the compressed ones. Any help will sure be appreciated. Tom
  3. Thanks for all the detailed help, guys. Regards, Tom
  4. I just created an IFR flight in FS9 from Maui to Kona selecting IFR and Low Alt airways. As usual, the clearance and takeoff, but instead of vectoring me to my GPS path as usual and telling me to "resume own navigation", ATC ignored my GPS route and kept me off it but somewhat parallel to it. The GPS low airways route created by the flightplanner goes around the high mountains over the ocean before joining Victor 5. ATC ignored this and took me straight over the mountains and staying parallel to V5 for the whole route. I went back to make sure I selected IFR rather than VFR and I did. ATC has always cleared me to my planned GPS route through "resume own navigation" before. I thought it might be because I was only about 75 miles from Kona to begin with, and FS seems to never let you fly your planned route to the destination once within 50 or more miles of the airport, and begins vectoring. Is this why? Thanks. tom
  5. Wow. Thanks guys for all the feedback. Very interesting. I never knew. I just took for granted that if a several thousand dollar car had a key (and some newer ones a combination pad), so too would a multi-million dollar airliner! regards, Tom
  6. Thanks, Bill. I finally found it. I have no idea how I missed it. I flew all around PH including right over the Hula Bowl last night, and finally spotted it out in the bay after trying again after seening your picture. Thanks for the picture to reassure me. Regards, Tom
  7. This is one question I've never seen answered in any addon, or in FS itself, so maybe someone knows the answer. Upon arriving at a totally closed up airliner, how do the crew gain first access - get the steps down, door open, etc. Is there some kind of access hatch where a key is inserted, or a keypad and combination to get the door open (or stairs down in a 737)? The closest I've come is the PMDG 737 stairs and door, but how is it done on the real thing? Thanks. Tom
  8. I just cruised over Pearl Harbor in FS9 and could not find the Arizona Memorial? I thought I remembered seeing it in FS2002. Am I missing something? The only scenery upgrading I did was FS Genesis terrain and landclass. Thanks. Tom
  9. OK, I think I got it now. The approach and the runway clearances are two separate clearances. I always took for granted the approach and runway to be the same since most of the time the approach to a certain runway is for That runway. Thanks for clearing that up guys. regards, Tom
  10. I just tried to refly a flight to PHNL Honolulu to try a different approach than the one ATC wanted. They cleared me to a visual on RW 22 left which I find out is not only dangerous, but resticted from jets in the real world. So I opted to retry and select a different approach. I selected rw 4, and atc acknowledged, and as I neared the airport, Approach cleared me for the rw 4 approach and told me to maintain 2000 until established. Upon contacting tower, they clear me to land on rw 22, circle to land. Could someone please clear this up for me? How am I cleared to 2 different runways?? Thanks. Tom
  11. Hi jim,No, the date on my manual is December 27, 2005. I downloaded the 6.5 patch and the opening screen in AS is 6.5 so the install seems OK. Thanks. tom
  12. Jim, I just checked the path you sent and found the guide, but it is the same as the one I downloaded with my original installation a few years ago. It is copyrighted 2005/2006 by Damian Clark and titled Active Sky 6. Is this the current one? Thanks again. Tom
  13. I just upgraded AS6 to AS6.5. When I open the folder, the only documentation I have is for the original version 6. Is there any update to the manual for any new features, or is the old ver. 6 manual all that is needed? Thanks. Tom
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