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  1. Hi, I decided to try xp-10 out and bought the global version. I am also an fsx user. My first impression is that the Cessna 172 flies well but the scenery is boring and lousy. I decided to shop around but the only scenery addons I found seem to be ones that have to be installed by the user manually. I'm used to buying a nice, dependable package such as FTX Global and using its installer. Are there any worldwide scenery packages that will improve the default scenery like FTX? I'd rather spend my time flying than studying how to install manual scenery and risking messing it up. I'm not too tech oriented. Thanks. Tom
  2. Hi, I am in the process of uninstalling my current FSX and Addons to make way for steam. Several Addons aren't in the Windows 10 uninstall list and don't even have an uninstall option in the program itself so I had to manually uninstall what I could. I have heard that registry cleaners will make sure you remove all remnants. One recommended was Wise Cleaner. I also read that they can also delete your good files. Is it still a good idea to use a cleaner to make way for FSX Steam? Thanks. Tom
  3. Hi, I am trying to get ready to install FSX Steam by uninstalling my current FSX and Addons. I went down the windows 10 uninstall / install list and uninstalled any Addons in the list. Each one said the program was removed successfully. Upon going to the Windows desktop and the app and program list, I see several icons and programs are still listed. When I right click on them, I select uninstall which takes me to the Windows uninstall page I already used and shows no entry to delete the program. For example, Flight 1 is still there on the desktop with its icon for ultimate traffic 2 along with the path to FSX and the ultimate traffic 2 directory. None of the orbx scenery is listed in the Windows uninstall page and I could not find an uninstall option within the orbx central panel. How can I remove these programs and make sure I got it all? I do realize some programs such as active sky have their own uninstall options. My problem is those that don't seem to have their own uninstall option. Thanks. Tom
  4. Hi, I just installed the Windows 10 upgrade and would like to uninstall my disk version of FSX so I can get a fresh start with Steam. I searched online and found several sets of procedures that were similar but all different. For example, there were some that suggested using CCleaner to clear the registry and others didn't mention it at all. (I never used this before.) Can someone tell me the correct procedures so I don't mess things up? I'm not that tech oriented. Thanks. Tom
  5. Hi, Please help! FSX has been working fine for me for years with Win 7-64 bit. After all the popups encouraging me to upgrade to Win 10 I finally took the bait and installed Windows 10. While going through the walkaround with A2As Cessna 172 which was never a problem before, I had 2 CTDs and a "Flight Sim has stopped working" freeze. I have several ORBX sceneries along with Global, Vector, and Open LC Canada. Again I have not had a problem before. Also, I have plenty of Ram and HD space available. Any ideas? Thanks. Tom
  6. Flaps30

    FSX and Windows 10?

    Hi, Normally I am a believer of the saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" saying. However, I am constantly prompted to upgrade to Win 10 from my current Win 7 - 64bit system. What's more, now the message is that my system has been tested or evaluated and is ready for the upgrade. Should I make the move and will FSX run any better? Currently I am satisfactory with FSX performance but nothing spectacular, and would say my system is adequate for FSX with a medium grade system. Thanks. Tom
  7. Flaps30

    Should I Switch?

    Thanks for all the advice, guys. I've made my decision and I will definitely get XP and use it right along FSX! Regards, Tom
  8. Hi, I am currently an FSX user and have been for years, but have been still thinking about making the change over to X-Plane 10. I tried once before with X-Plane 9 but it simply was no where close to the features I had in FSX. Now that XP-10 is out, I thought I might give it another chance, especially after seeing some cool videos on Youtube. I have a good collection of addon scenery from Orbx for FSX but it takes so long to get new areas released (especially in my home area). One of my favorite addon aircraft companies is A2A Simulations which features realistic maintenance and care of ownership with their Accusim features. I read a post in a forum that said A2A won't develop any planes for X-Plane because they feel the X-Plane flight models are not accurate enough for A2A to work the design of their own aircraft with the existing X-Plane flight models. That seemed like quite a jolt to X-Planes flight model accuracy. Do any addon planes feature the accuracy of A2A? Another thing that frustrates me with FSX is that even with accurate landclass and accurately realistic roads they overlay non-existing fake streets and roads already painted on the FSX textures. This is very unrealistic. However, I read briefly that X-Plane doesn't even use accurate landclass at all and its scenery detail is just based on rough placement of features such as roads and streets except for main roads and highways. Lastly, does version 10 even have AI aircraft of different seasons? Can anyone shed some imput on these points I've read about as to their truth and whether or not it's worth switching over or should I wait for version 11? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Tom
  9. Flaps30

    FSX-STEAM Website Registration Problem

    Thanks for the help. That must be the problem. I only tried to register unaware that I had to install the Steam client. I'll give that a try. Tom
  10. Hi, I tried registering on the Steam website to ask about whether my add-ons would be compatible or not and it said I need to verify my email address by clicking on "settings" in the system tray or file menu. I couldn't find it anywhere. Has anyone been able to register and is familiar? Thanks. Tom
  11. Thanks Nuikati, I'll check those files out. regards, Tom
  12. Hi, Some time ago I heard or read about an addon program for FSX that enhances the sounds of traffic at FSX airports thus enhancing realism for aircraft spotting. Does anyone knoe the name of this program? Thanks. Tom
  13. Thanks for the help. Regards, Tom
  14. Hi, I just uninstalled UTX with its uninstaller so that I could install Vector with my FTX Global. When I tried to run FSX I got this error message: Scenery.cfg File Error. Local Scenery directory (Scenery\UTExcl\ Scenery in area 126 cannot be found. The same message then kept popping up for areas 128, 129, 130, 134, 135, and 136. I assume it has something to do with UTX. Any ideas?? Thanks. Tom
  15. Thanks for the info, guys. I didn't realize all that detailed info was available for a given airport. Thanks again. Tom