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  1. Mike A


    Maybe he's the Dos Equis guy, The Most Interesting Man in the World: "Stay Thirsty My Friends" 🍺
  2. Thanks for your report on this yoke. I would greatly appreciate if you could measure the maximum desk thickness that the clamps can accommodate. Mike A.
  3. Can TrackIR work with WideFS, or does it only operate on the computer that P3D is on? Mike A.
  4. Thanks for the measurements (including pictures), excellent. You should bill ACE for providing Public Relations support ! Mike A.
  5. Thanks for this post. I have the same concern about their lack of communication. May I ask you something about it that they couldn't/wouldn't answer? I'd like to know the dimensions of the yoke housing, the black box that holds the gears/springs/electronics, so I can get a sense of it's scale. Thanks! Mike A.
  6. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/JBU387/history/20160831/1345Z/KFLL/MUSC
  7. Oh, yeah? Check it out (I'm a member) https://cloudappreciationsociety.org/ Mike A.
  8. Silicon Lottery is an option: http://siliconlottery.com/products/delid I recently purchased a delidded 6700K from them for an upcoming build. If you have a CPU already, you could send it to them; another advantage is that most if not all CPUs they sell (excluding X99s) get delidded, so they have plenty of experience doing the procedure. Check customer feedback in their forum: http://www.overclock.net/f/18068/silicon-lottery Mike A.
  9. Hi altstiff,Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I noticed your computer specs in your signature. With the setup you have, how do the gauges in the Dreamfleet 727's virtual cockpit perform? I'll be updating my computer around the end of the year, and I'm interested to hear what you, or anyone with a comparable system, have experienced in this regard? Thanks!Mike A.
  10. Hi Bob,Thanks so much for your reply. I changed the settings in the contact_points section as you recommended, and it works fine now.This also gives me the opportunity to thank you for all your efforts in keeping the TinMouse project alive, it's such a joy to fly this aircraft. Thanks!!Mike A.
  11. Hi Rick,Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the aircraft.cfg file, and gear_system_type=0 was in the contact points section. I tried putting other values there to see if it would have an effect, but nothing changed. Thanks for the input.Mike A.
  12. Hi,The last day or two, I've tried flying the FFX model, as up to now I've only used the Terry Gaff model. I'm having problems with lowering the landing gear. It has been intermittent, yet when it does occur, I can only lower the gear when the flaps are extended to 30 degrees. I haven't modified anything on the FFX aircraft, i.e., I use the .air, .mdl & aircrat.cfg files that were installed for the FFX aircraft in the Tinmouse II package. In the panel.cfg file, it is aliased to the Tinmouse II panel (alias=fsfsconvpanel.b732ADV). Anyone else ever had this problem? Should I try reinstalling the Tinmouse II package & updates?Mike A.
  13. I get the message "Directory Listing Denied This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed"Mike A.
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