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  1. @HiFlyer Thanks for tracking down the story behind that video.
  2. Came across this video (The Tiger just wants to play). Looks like it's in a lobby of a hotel, convention center? Can't tell, buy I can't help laughing at a tiger chasing someone who's screaming, trying to figure out the circumstances, probably in the Arabian Peninsula. My favorite theory is a member of a royal family having his pet tiger chase the hired help 🤣
  3. I recently finished binge watching “To Catch a Smuggler: South Pacific”, so I would say no. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biosecurity_in_New_Zealand
  5. As shown in the OP link, I used to have Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. But to get really old, although it's technically not a flight but an operational simulator, I briefly used to play RAF: The Battle of Britain by Moby Games. It was in the early 1980s and for the Apple II. It was a text-based game. I didn't have an Apple II, but we had one at work, so I would sometimes spend my lunch break playing it: And as for simulator hardware, there was the Link simulator:
  6. Visions of the future … from the past: 1968 - “Wild in the Streets” Where the voting age is lowered to 15 and those older than 30 are shipped to concentration camps and forced to take LSD 1971 - Anyone remember this classic Public Service Announcement about exercising?
  7. Oooooh, boy………. as a certified clueless male, did I ever “step in it” once. A few months after I got married, I was in mid-flight at my computer when my wife came into the room and the following conversation ensued: Wife: “What, are you playing that flying game again? Why do you spend so much time doing that?” Me: “Because this is my passion.” Wife: “WHAT??? I’M SUPPOSED TO BE YOU PASSION!!!” Needless to say, it took me a long time to live that unforced error down 🥵
  8. I feel that way also, I enjoyed painting liveries for FS 2000-2004. I enjoyed flying both Cpt Sim & Dreamfleet 727s. I immensely enjoyed flying the Tin Mouse 737-200. Having never actually flown an aircraft, it felt really right to me, especially on final approach, a bit sluggish to control inputs that was very immersive.
  9. This was also my introduction to flight simming. I was lucky enough that a co-worker was selling lottery tickets for her daughter's school fund raising drive & first prize was a Commodore C64. A week later, they both arrived at my desk to present me with it as my ticket was the winning one. That was a cool moment, as I entered as a lark and for helping her kid, because I hated it when I was her age and having my school make me go out and sell lottery tickets for fund raising. Just to go off topic for a moment, I remember that in high school they wanted us to go out and sell raffle tickets for a fund raising project to resurface the track oval. Our history teacher gave us tips, that it would be easy. After school, start hitting bars, that people who had gone to our school would be glad to buy them. I couldn't believe it. I imagined that my parents would be absolutely thrilled to find out that my school was encouraging underage kids to go into bars in the afternoon, were I would be sure to find alumni from my school drinking at that time 🤪 So my first purchase was that Sublogic flight simulator. The next software I bought was an ATC game: Kennedy Approach That's what I loved about it also: learning & demystifying navigation. My first IFR flight was from Meigs Field to Kankakee with cloud cover all the way (weather was very limited in depiction: either clear or compete whiteout 🤣). On final to Kankakee I was sweating bullets flying into the unknown. Then suddenly the runway appeared and I landed. What a sense of accomplishment, I did it! As you mentioned, imagination fills in all the details.
  10. Live LA Flights during current atmospheric river hitting California: Rain & low visibility start around 5:00:00
  11. I can imagine the explosive population growth.
  12. I suspect that Mr. Vivo would prefer the container that the butterfly toy came in:
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