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  1. Southwest literally copied PSA: "Southwest Airlines copied PSA so completely that you could almost call it a photocopy." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Southwest_Airlines
  2. I was assuming the craft would have been delivering people to the surface of Mars. If not, & it’s just a fly by mission, then your guess makes sense.
  3. So this craft wouldn’t be for the “Neil Armstrong” of Mars, but Joe Commuter after a colony has already been established.
  4. Ok, so you aim a laser on Earth to “push” the craft to Mars. How does the craft come back? 🤔
  5. The same people who would fly with Amelia Earhart luggage. Don’t know if that brand exists anymore, but I remember that it was among the prizes people could win on TV game shows years ago. I remember always thinking which marketing “genius” came up with that brand name?
  6. https://taskandpurpose.com/news/navy-uss-kidd-jolly-roger/
  7. USS Coral Sea, San Francisco's own, out of NAS Alameda
  8. Another interesting Italian aircraft, from the book "Zany Afternoons" by Bruce McCall:
  9. "I CAN TEACH CODE TO A DOG!!!" 😄 Mike A.
  10. When I was a little kid playing war with the rest of the neighborhood kids, it was the early 1960s, which coincided with the 100 year anniversary of the US Civil War. I remember lots of stuff like flags, caps, etc. (US & Confederate) being available at five & dime stores (another thing that doesn't exist anymore). One of my friends had a Johnny Reb Civil War Canon. As you can see in the commercial below, the cannon had a metal rod in the middle of its barrel. The cannon ball itself was extremely hard solid plastic with a hole drilled in the middle. To load it, you would place the ball on the rod. What you can't see is that there was a humongous spring surrounding the rod. You then used the rammer to push the ball down the rod to compress the spring & lock it in place. As it has always been, the kid with the ball controls the game, so this friend controlled the cannon, relegating the rest of us, literally, as cannon fodder. Actually, it was a lot more thrilling for us to be on the receiving end. We played in a narrow alley, forming a human wave, over & over again, charging his position. When we heard the cannon go off, we all zigzagged, crashing into each other, diving, etc, because we didn't want to be struck in the head. Man, that ball would sting if it did. It's amazing what kids of my age could play with back then that wouldn't be allowed to be sold nowadays. Check the end of the commercial that shows the "casualty". That's truth in advertising 🤣 Mike A.
  11. That George Washington photo above which I didn’t see when I posted before: My goodness, looks like he’s related to Roger Stone! Looks like our Founding Fathers were a bunch of scoundrels 😱!
  12. Benjamin Franklin looks like he's related to Steve Bannon
  13. Haha! I know exactly how that feels. My hearing is extremely bad. When I finally had to ditch my flip phone a few years ago for an Apple SE, I thought "How the hell am I going to answer the phone if it's in my pocket & I can't hear it?" First I went to a website that had Foley sound effects for sale. I checked out fog horns & ship horns, but they weren't quite right. Then I came upon a submarine dive horn (AAAH-OOOO-GAAAH, AAAH-OOOO-GAAAH!!), which was PERFECT. Loud as hell!! I looked up online on how to convert it to ringtone format. The fun part was being out in public & when my phone rang, people would stop & look around with a "offensive initials not allowed?" (edit: What the ****) expression on their faces. But my hearing continued to deteriorate, so I didn't always hear it. I found something called Ditto, which is a tiny device you can clip onto yourself (i.e., t-shirt) that connects to the phone via Bluetooth & vibrates when your phone rings. It worked, but it eventually quit working. I tried to order another one, but they no longer were in business. I searched for similar items, but they all seemed to no longer be made. I don't like to traffic in conspiracy theories, but I bet Apple had a hand in this in order to promote the Apple watch, which can be set to vibrate when your iPhone rings. All these other devices needed apps on your phone, & they were no longer available in Apple's app store. So I finally broke down, gave in & bought an Apple watch (Series 3, the cheapest one). It actually works very well. The extra benefit is with the increased shopping I do online in the last year, I have lots of deliveries, & USPS, UPS & FedEx no longer ring the doorbell when the leave something anymore (most of the time I can't hear it anyway). But since they issue tracking numbers, you can have these services send you SMS updates on the package status. When it's delivered, my watch vibrates, so I can retrieve the package immediately; often I can still see the truck driving away. My hearing dilemma reminds me of a TV sketch with Rowan Atkinson I saw years ago: Mike A.
  14. This is awesome, but the scary feeling I get is wondering about the lack of visibility caused by the clouds. Is there such a thing as IFR for people in wingsuits, filing a flightplan, personal transponders, etc.? 🤣😱😆😧🤔💀
  15. I loved that commercial “Z-12! I would like to go......I have things to do” 😂 Mike A.
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