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  1. I actually met him also, but it was when I worked on the Military Police Desk at the Presidio. I was working there one 4th of July, which was always the craziest day of the year on the Presidio. Lots of activities & crowds eventually leading to the fireworks show (speaking of crazy, imagine the phones ringing constantly for hours, where more than 50% of the callers ask "when/where/best place to see the fireworks". After hours of this, I hit my limit. A woman called and asked "I'm in Berkeley, which direction will the fireworks be shot?", and I answered "That will be straight up in the air, ma'am". As I finished, I regretted what I said, but luckily she started laughing, I apologized explaining how many times I had to answer that question.) So anyway, a local radio station was sponsoring a show with music & celebrities at Crissy Field. The station told the performers & celebrities to check in at the MP Station, and that transportation would be provided for them from there to the stage area. The desk sergeant, while not exactly a spitting image, kind of looked similar to the guy who played George Jefferson on The Jeffersons TV show: This guy comes up to the desk, and when the Desk Sergeant makes eye contact with him, says with a sheepish grin "Hi, I'm Scotty from Star Trek.' The Desk Sergeant looks him over and replies "Oh, yeah? Well I'm Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!" I look at him, and this is around thirty years after the original Star Trek was aired, and I hadn't seen any recent pictures of him. I told the Desk Sergeant "Hey, you know what, that is Scotty from Star Trek!" So he came up onto the desk and hung out with us for about 20 minutes until his ride came, very gracious guy and seemed to enjoy being there. Even with all he MPs who came in, saw him and said "Hey, Scotty, beam me up!"😆
  2. Yeah, that's it! I actually went to a Star Trek convention around 30 years ago, which was held at a hotel next to KSFO. Brent Spiner, the guy who played Data, gave a talk. Lots of costumes. One guy was wearing a Star Fleet uniform, and there was something wrong with it, but I just couldn't put my finger on what it was. I think during Spiner's speech, or just before, he asked all those wearing costumes to come up front and stand together. It then hit me what was wrong. I told my friend who was with me: "See that guy with the uniform that's somewhat off compared to the others? I know what happened now. The only reference material that poor guy had was a VCR tape of a Star Trek episode. Look how the color on his uniform is different from everybody else. The tint control on his TV was out of wack!" 🤣
  3. Imagine you're a Space Force officer. You and several of your colleagues are assigned to attend a NATO meeting in Europe. Your group arrives at the check-in station for the meeting, where a security guard tells you: "Gentlemen, I'm afraid you're at the wrong location. The Sci-Fi convention is at the hotel three blocks down the road to your right."
  4. Mike A

    SS Warrimoo

    Maybe I'm confused because I'm tired now, but wouldn't west of the International Date Line be a day ahead of east of the line? Maybe the ship was headed southwest instead of southeast as depicted?
  5. Space Force officer candidates attend the Air Force Academy. If West Point freshmen are known as plebes, and Naval Academy students are middies, how are Space Force candidates addressed as to distinguish them from their Air Force classmates? Could it be they are called …………………(wait for it) ………………… Space Cadets? 🤪 https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=space cadet
  6. The U.S. Space Force now has an official song: I don't know about that. Kind of reminds me of theme songs from Japanese animated shows from the 1960s:
  7. I found this video comparing Tobii & TrackIR informative:
  8. "My name is spelt Raymond Luxury-Yacht, but it's pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove"
  9. On a selfish note, I hope you'll drop in here at Hangar Chat once in awhile to let us know how you're doing. I've always enjoyed the enthusiasm you exhibit in your posts.
  10. Out this way, catalytic converters from cars parked overnight on the street are a favorite target for thieves. Just takes them a few minutes to remove.
  11. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/see+how+the+sausage+gets+made
  12. It's kind of like sausage. People want to have sausages. What people don't want is the details on how the sausage is made. 😉
  13. https://time.com/6203815/elon-musk-flaws-billionaire-visions/
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