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  1. I'd be interested. How does this compare to the Reverb G2R2? Do they have black Friday sales?
  2. Thank you for offering your time and services to the hobby. Your work has helped me enjoy flight sim, and I hope you enjoy whatever you plan on doing next in your life.
  3. (Please disregard if this is specifically about the current beta) 1) My 787 does follow the LNAV and VNAV paths. I do notice sometime that it will be overly aggressive after passing a waypoint but will correct itself. 2) HDG Sel works here as well 3) I can arm LNAV and VNAV before pushback. Only issue I have is that if there is a low alt restriction (AT 3000) it will blow past it on AP or the FD will not command attitude adjustments. In manual flight, the AT will not reduce to climb thrust despite 240 or 250KT reduction in the FMC. 4) I prefer to load the route in manually, but if I wanted to load a SIMbrief FP: Download the simbrief FP to your PC When you are on the departure/destination screen, look at the bottom on the screen for the word "MORE" From there you can opt to load a flight plan, I usually load it from my PC storage The info should transfer to your FMC
  4. @Steve Fisher Great video and I used most of his settings. (The color didn't seem right to me setting at the gate at LAX). Thank you for sharing. My biggest issue was confusing OpenXR toolkit Companion with OpenXR Tools for Windows Mixed Reality. I was in the Kuro mod with live traffic on and my system did not like the 225% scale up. The readability of the cockpit was fantastic, however. I settled on 150 and maybe I'll push for 175. Thanks everyone for your help!
  5. @toby23 I do have that downloaded. I pressed CTRL F2 in the sim and can't see where to upscale. TY for the link tho. I'll see if I can research more on getting closer to the lens.
  6. Hello all! After some research I upgraded my system in August, This week, I've setup my Reverb G2 (rev2). I took a flight from KSFO to inibuilds KLAX (with live traffic enabled). System handled it great. My concern is the views in the cockpit are blurry for most of the screen unless I'm directly concentrating on a specific area. (The "sweet spot") With the G2, is the sweet spot that small? I've adjusted the switch on the bottom of the headsets and it helped a tiny bit, but I was thinking I'd have better resolution. (The cost of the new PC was very prohibitive, so I did not go for a more expensive VR headset) So! Are there any tips that worked for you that you wouldn't mind sharing? VR is 100% amazing, and it helps me taxi and land a billion times better (only slight exaggeration! lol) I'm willing to try almost anything for a better VR experience. Additionally, what VR headsets would you recommend (without going over $2K)? For reference: Reverb G2 (r2), i9 13900K, ASUS 4090, MSFS on a SAMSUNG .m2, 1600W power supply (Any other system component available upon request) Open XR Toolkit installed.
  7. I’d go for default 727, L1011, and the biz jet with the three engines (forgot the name)
  8. My biggest request remains being able to change the look of the jetways (from corrugated to glass for example). Its been stated why it can't be done, but you don't what you don't ask for! I'm glad the product is still being updated. Thanks FSDT!
  9. While not the Italian mob, Scarface is a must see to me. What do folks think of "Carlito's Way"? As for series, everyone loves "The Sopranos", what do folks think of "Boardwalk Empire"?
  10. If they make a Kingdom Come I'm interested. Your verdict on Blue Beetle?
  11. TOTALLY AGREE! I think that is what the real "comic book movie fatigue" is about. Lazy writing with some crossovers in an attempt to keep luring audiences back. (Speaking from a Marvel perspective) I actually like crossovers, but can we please make it make sense (writers) and pay the people whose job it is to make the CGI look good? I had hope for a stand-alone Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller version), but I know that'll never happen. I may not like the person who wrote that, but it was a dam good story!
  12. Sir That was one of my favorite Elsewhere stories. There are a few of us who don't subscribe to the "get off my lawn" echo chamber that is sometimes present here. I embrace different games, music and have an open mind on other topics we don't discuss in mixed company!
  13. I thought it was pretty good. Some of the scenes reminded me of shots directly from "Kingdom Come" (If you have not read that, please do! Alex Ross' paintwork was fantastic!) Thanks for sharing.
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