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  1. Very nice! They have the Revel, the Borgata... gotta go back to AC. Thanks for sharing
  2. Hello all; Today I decided to fly some VR for my birthday. Everything is up and running and I'm getting abysmal, but I knew what I was getting into. After several minutes, I turn down every setting to minimum and then slowly up the sliders. Really long story short, I'm getting bad performance (~14 FPS) on P3D and my hardware monitor shows the computer isn't doing much at all (45% memory usage and 12% CPU utilization and Flightbeam KSFOHD. As I'm checking the settings in SteamVR (I have a Reverb 1) I notice P3D, as a background process with VR on, is over 60 FPS. Without bringing P3D back as the main main window, I start taxiing around and the performance is fantastic. My question: Does anyone know how I can get the same performance from P3D as a background process to P3D as a main window? PC specs for reference i9900k at 4.8, ASUS 2080Ti, 32GB of RAM. Using WMR, SteamVR, HP Reverb 1 Thanks!
  3. I use DD's EWR and FSDT JFK2. Can't speak for JFK, but as someone who has VERY good knowledge of EWR, I'd love a new version. EWR is in the process of adding a new terminal so maybe update after Terminal 1 is complete. I still use DD NYC and the later versions , for me, were better on frames. To gauge frames, my FPS test and VRAM test is to load up a complex aircraft, add whatever traffic you use on a regular basis and put it on EWR runway 11. In this scenario you're throwing a lot at the sim. You face the buildings of lower Manhattan (think WTC and surrounding areas) ,3 Major airports (EWR, JFK, LGA) with airline traffic, several smaller airports (TEB, CDW, LDJ, etc..), there's road traffic, and even boat traffic. Large amounts of lights, large amounts of roads, large water mass... you get the picture.
  4. I bought the expansion and here's my two cents... (or, my seventy seven dollars and seventy two cents) In flight, I did notice the plane was more "Slippery". I've almost never had to use speed brakes on the 777 before the update, but I have on the flights I've taken so far. The flare seems different but I'll need to do more landings probably. For me, VNAV worked well. No issues. I did like hearing the different engine sounds in the cockpit. For me: no flight control problems, no activation issues and no crazy bounces. As a non 777 pilot I'm guessing there are some other things I've not noticed. Questionable items? Like so many have posted, the missing engine animations and the external sounds that are arguably the same as the original 777 are an issue. I would have never looked, but apparently the textures in the engine (looking from the rear to the front of the fan blades) are missing or were never added. The interior windows don't look right as the textures are reused (there's a post somewhere in the forums on this.) In the EFB, with Navigraph initialization, it references the 787-8i EFB (not sure if that's PMDG or Navigraph). I also had a situation on one landing as the nosewheel stayed off the ground for a very long time after main gear touchdown (front gear touchdown was around 75 knots when it dropped with no elevator input, AP disconnected) IMO, it seems OK. If you really enjoy simming the 777 or if you need to add a widebody to your P3D fleet, then get this. If you can pass on a widebody for P3D v5, maybe check this out after some updates. With me NOT understanding the behind the scenes programming (which are purportedly extensive from looking at the change logs), this seems almost like a port over versus a re work based upon some of the items I mentioned above. The 777 does not contain the polish that PMDG used to be known for, but it is a very flyable, complex addon.
  5. I guess I'll get this and the 777 this weekend. $100 not too bad. I'm hoping the fix by @w6kd is pretty straight forward.as I'd like to learn more about ADE. Re FDX: Hadn't heard about BQN, but I know there is a lot going to CDG.
  6. For FedEx the hubs are (by importance) MEM, IND, EWR, and OAK. Upcoming hubs are GSO and possibly AFW.
  7. Is it sad that I'm so desperate for an MD11 that I would consider getting XPlane to fly it? Also, that old girl needs a wipe down. I've recently been around MD10s (older than me) that are cleaner. Guess they are really going for the crowd that likes their planes dirty! 😁
  8. Hey I was quoted! LOL Since MSFS isn't what I wanted it to be, I decided to go back to P3D. I chose not to go with UTL as I was disappointed how it has been handled. Trying AIG's One Click Installer, I find it amazingly easy to use. The way I use it, no hunting 5 sites for the model and being forced to make an account on some sites. I use AI Manager that has a list of over 1000 airlines. You click the airline you want to install and that's it. (Even when missing a model, the AI Manager will open the location automatically and you have to click to download the model. This does not happen often!) Until another interesting AI program comes out, try AIG. Any sim will get bogged down with 100% AI on, so use reasonable settings. Last part: Its free and gets updates. Try it out.
  9. Thank you for the answer. Much appreciated.
  10. Just tried this and I love it. I as wondering if anyone can answer a question for me? I have: AI Manager, AI Companion and AI Traffic controller. Do I have to run all three while simming? I'd like to have as little as possible taking up memory. I'm also OK with being told where I can find this info. I did a search on Google and it sent me to this thread. Thanks!
  11. 74.7% Male 56% Normal 50% Lifestyle 69.9% Left Wing The test certainly seemed to have an agenda, but who cares.. I'm only 56% normal so my scores don't count!
  12. I came from the North. One of my cross countries from MMU down to AIY then over to WWD. I seem to recall a nuclear power plant down there as a landmark. (But it was awhile ago) I also am pretty sure I flew down from CDW to WWD. (That time adding TTN to the trip back)
  13. Eagerly awaiting these pics as I flew to Cape may as part of my flight training awhile ago
  14. 😁 I'd love to take you up on your offer but I have to save my money to re-purchase PMDG or FSLabs planes another 58 times!!!
  15. Hello Noel. I should have stated why I posted "VFR Only" a bit more clearly. As stated I'm an "airliner guy". The existing 747, 787 and, to a lesser extent thanks to freeware, A320, aren't where I would like them to be in regard to simming. I understand complex aircraft take a while to develop and I'm OK with it. I'm on a self imposed break, and wanted to share my thoughts on this forum. In regard to your advice, I've simmed the DA62 all around the northeast US. The end, for me, came when I was thinking of doing a Japan tour and remembered how much fun I had simming the 747D in Japan. I don't believe the DA62 would be as fun. However, maybe the TBM might be what I need. I'll try it... just not today. Thanks for the suggestion.
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