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  1. SKEWR

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    It's the same or a bit worse for me. I'm glad I go in with lowered expectations on these updates.
  2. SKEWR

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    I'm willing to break compatibility with the older versions. With notable exceptions, not many devs weren't price gouging from the move from P3d v3 to v4. There may a good chance that you won't spend $1000s all over again. Also there is no rule against enjoying whatever sim you prefer. For me, bring all the technological advances into our flight sim hobby that we can possibly get.
  3. SKEWR

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    I see the OP already bought SF. I had the same decision to make, but at $22, it was a no brainer. The REX clouds looks way more "realistic" and the AS clouds look like drawings IMO. So which will happen first: AS gets great clouds or REX gets a better WX engine?
  4. SKEWR

    How are cargo flights scheduled?

    TNT=FedEx now FedEx doing the routes from EU to US. Not sure what's going on with EU domestic ex TNT routes.
  5. SKEWR

    How are cargo flights scheduled?

    From a FDX standpoint I'd say 75% of it is from wide body traffic. At night you'll see a gang of 757s, but the other times it's, daily, MD11s, 767s and A300s. On rare occasions you will see a MD10 and/or a 777. From a prop standpoint there are several C208s (Mountain Air I think, using the FDX liveries) and at night ATRs. UPS isn't as prevalent at EWR, especially with them being moved from the South terminal to the North Terminal (they are reconstructing/expanding Terminal A) at EWR. That said, UPS still flies in 767s, MD11s and A300s. Last Christmas they certainly did use Atlas Air for their freight. (Love that livery). UPS 747s are rare but they do show up for the holidays on occasion. DHL only flies a 767 out of EWR, "Cargo "Jet" flies a 727 daily from BDA. That's right! A 727! All in all, if you want to fly the heavies or the odd turbo prop, EWR is not a bad spot!
  6. SKEWR

    How are cargo flights scheduled?

    Hello, I can only speak for what I know/see form EWR. FDX and UPS are scheduled. If you search EWR-IND, EWR-MEM (and vice versa) on FlightAware, you will be able to see a schedule for FedEx. Same with UPS to KSDF, KPHL KRFD etc... Additionally, there is a DHL flight daily out of EWR. During the Christmas season, there are even more options, Including a "wet leased" Atlas 747 carrying UPS freight. Most of these routes will use widebodies (MD11, MD10s,767, A300s and even 777s) even for routes less than 2 hours. If you're OK with substituting real world widebodies for your 747 8f, and dont mind flying in the US, try it out!
  7. SKEWR

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Have to relearn it, but at $20, it's a no brainer. Also I don't remember the plane looking this good at night.
  8. SKEWR

    QW 146

    I'm not sure it's gone... We do not have access to the download link. I'd be very interested in this module as well!
  9. I'm massively confused with AA. I have a 3440 x 1440 monitor and I suffer from massive jaggies. I, too, thought I wouldn't need any AA but it seems no matter what setting I use, there are jaggies everywhere. I also have AA set inP3D using 8xMSAA. All of this to say I thought I wouldn't need any AA with a 3440x1440 monitor, but it wasn't the case...
  10. Totally agree with the OP. Some of these developers price gouged us pretty good when P3D became viable for all of us "students". Most of them did not even try to smooth it over by putting the lipstick on the pig. And what did we get? The same product from FSX just ported over AND butthead comments from the devs when the community would ask why on price or lack of additional functionality. Did this happen every time? No, but it happens often enough. Perhaps from a developer standpoint, we do come off as the mewling masses. At the end of the day, the masses are the folks who purchase... or not. Our real issue is that the FS market is so small, there's no real competition. Want a really good Airbus/Boeing? Have to deal with company XXX no matter what they said or did. Want a good XXXX scenery? Gotta deal with XXX company. They have no insensitive to modifying their behavior or hiring someone who studied a semester in PR. We're in sort of a tough position in our sim world. The adage "vote with your wallet" is certainly true. But if you want that plane, or that scenery you have to take the BS and hope that a competent company shows up to give us a choice.
  11. SKEWR

    Trackir and PMDG

    TrackIR, for me, works so well that when i do not have it running it feels less immersive. I have not tried VR, so perhaps that's better, but I'm not sure the technology is good enough. (I keep hearing that there are blurry screens and low framerates using VR)
  12. SKEWR

    British Airways 'crest'

    That's awesome that the OP got his crest! Great job painters! While we can't always get the liveries we want, when we want them, I think we should praise the folks that give us our favorite paints! Thank you guys!
  13. SKEWR


    Re Twitch (formerly JustinTV): I watch it a lot. So I'll try to speak a bit on it. Anyone can start on Twitch. The PlayStation 4 will let you stream games from it to Twitch out of the box. I think the GEForce experience software will enable this as well. As you get more viewers and followers, and if you can get a certain number per week to watch your streams, you get partnered. Partnered is where you can get subscriptions to your channels from viewers at $4.99 per person. (When you are subbed it just means you can post custom emotes in chat, link webpages in chat and possibly request songs) The streamer gets half and Twitch gets half. If you become really big (not certain of the number, but I believe over 5000 subs), you can negotiate that $4.99 rate where you can get 60-40 or 75-25. On Twitch, there are several non gaming options and they are adding more. Non-gaming include ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response: basically making noises and changing those noises), IRL (In Real Life. People just streaming what they do during the day: There is are IRLs of a mechanic at work, a garbageman, folks on vacation to exotic places, etc...), Chatting (Streamer interacts with the audience all stream), cooking, digital art creation, DJing, etc... However, it is mostly traditional video games. BTW, P3D streams are still found under "Microsoft Flight Simulator" and usually have less than 500 viewers. For comparison, popular games can get as high as 300k viewers (normally they average around 100k+) I tried watching "Belynz" (Matt Davies) a few times, but he and his chat were talking about things that I disliked. Nothing worse than an un-moderated group of trolls. IMO; he seems to be sort of a tragic figure under the bluster. Nico (Twitch name "DAL213" aka Sponsor) may have seen something similar and put him out front to take the blame, but whatever happened, the hope for me is that Matt can remove that bluster. At least until he is actually successful on these major projects. PS: Whether you like Nico or no, you should check out DAL213's Twitch page to see that home cockpit setup.
  14. SKEWR

    Atlantic City Airport Scenery

    Actually I did. I saw the P3D compatibility and I saw the OP was discussing FSX:SE. I wanted clarification.
  15. SKEWR

    Atlantic City Airport Scenery

    Slightly off topic, but is the compatible with P3d v4? I'd like an ACY.