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  1. I'm interested. I just bought the original Reverb and it was pretty good. Would like to see a better version. Anyways pre orders started today. Expected Released fall 2020 Expected price (US) $600
  2. I flew out of CDW irl. Nice to see places I recognize. Good post sir.
  3. Epic Games Store/Tencent I've heard and read has bad business practices and weak security on its launcher. Some people are hating on the platform as it is Chinese owned so be aware of that bias if you research comments on EGS.. Regardless, if you are getting the "free" Civ 6, it does not have any of the expansions so be aware of that.
  4. Invited 1709 EDT today. Hope those of you waiting receive yours as well.
  5. Nothing here and I signed up as early as I could. For the record i9900k 16 GB RAM 2080TI
  6. One thing I really like about UTL is that once you spend a ton of time adding liveries, you can pretty much forget about anything else. You start P3D and then you have AI. I see a lot of folks talking about AIG. Well, what's the benefit over UTL? Is it easier to add liveries? Is it easier to add schedules? Not being sarcastic, but basically what's so good about AIG over UTL?
  7. With "KEWR" in my screen name, you could probably guess where I work. DD's KEWR, when it was new, was not that far off. Since then there is a major expansion of Terminal A underway, they sent UPS up to the north west side of the airport, eliminated some FedEx gates, looking to remove Chelsea catering (UAL catering) and added/changed taxiways. But again, not that far off from what was actually there.
  8. If it is a MD11 then it's a insta buy here. I'm OK with this as their 717 was pretty good IMO.
  9. I'm really pleased that they continue to update us. So many companies these days continue to treat us like mushrooms. (Feed them *blank and keep them in the dark). Great job so far Asobo/MS! Also today I received and email from MSFS and I was thinking "YES! I'm in!" Sadly it was a nice year review, but no invite.
  10. It's harder and harder to wait for this sim. I'm very impressed with what I'm seeing.
  11. GSE (Ground Service Equipment) that stop for aircraft. IRL they can't drive in front or behind a plane with the beacon on.
  12. I go into airliner flight decks daily. I have never seen a extremely dirty cockpit. Have seen fingerprints, come coffee stains in the coffee holder, and left over notes (ATIS, clearances, etc...) On the outside of the ACs, the newer lanes (777, newly made 767s) there is rarely dirt. What dirt there is usually accumulates near the doors. On the older planes, (MD10s A310s A300s) they can actually have accumulated black dirt. Especially the MDs. For the GA I've flown (152s and 172s), there is a way higher chance of wear but again, not dirt. I didn't even see fingerprints on the glass dials of those aircraft. (Disclaimer: where I work they employ cleaners who have been trained on what they can touch and cannot touch when cleaning). I totally agree about the sliders. It seems like some folks want the flight deck to look like a pigpen; a flying derelict. While others, me included, like a more clean look as it looks like what I see on a daily basis. Sliders would satisfy both camps. IF they do implement sliders, the 727 cockpits were really worn. While I would not expect a 2 year old 777 to have the same amount of wear that a 40 year aircraft (MD11, MD10) would accumulate. So the sliders taking into account the aircraft age would be a nice touch as well.
  13. @andreh @simba_nl Thanks to you both, gentlemen. I'm still messing around trying to tune it to reduce some of the blurriness, but it could just be a case of me transferring from two monitors to VR. Regardless I appreciate all tips and tricks! I research issues before I buy (usually) and I guess I missed the no menu and the having to have P3D visual on my monitor AND in the headsets simultaneously (seems like a double performance hit on the graphics card (using a 2080ti)). My current resolution is 150% and by reducing P3D in game slider settings a bit I can get 26fps in the New York City area. I'll post back if I can find anything else to help people that come across this thread. I do have 2 sites,aside from these forums, that really helped me: P3D Tuning Guide: Tuning Guide DCS Hp Reverb setup: DCS Reverb setup (Please note some info here is ONLY for DCS) Again, thanks to all who have helped!
  14. @Ron Attwood Great info sir. I'll play around with it and see how it goes!
  15. Follow up Did my first flight in VR (P3D) with a HP Reverb and thanks to this forum I was able to get it running first try. Initial thoughts: Little things really bring out the immersion. I've done many tube liners flights through the years and I've seen the shadows and splotches of light and dismissed them. In VR? They really looked awesome to me! I was able to see road traffic at night and the moon from REX Studious? Couldn't stop looking at it or the reflection from it on the water! Some questions: The mouse pointer was not precise enough to program the FMC. Is there a way to increase the accuracy with it? Performance was not great. Would changing the resolution (VR Only) in the main menu to 1920x1080 improve performance? (Native resolution is 3440x1440) Is there a way to see in game menus? Cockpit was blurry unless I leaned in and the taxi signs were hard to read until I got close to them.. Is there a setting to improve clarity? I'll got back to reading the LM VR tuning guide, but as of now I thinking I might just like VR!
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