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  1. I had this same question. Let me share my quick experience. For default planes. the in game settings are quite sufficient. For the Fenix A320, FSUIPC is not really needed. For the PMDG 737, FSUIPC is very helpful. Not needed. If you have LINDA and a VRInsight MCP panel, yes, FSUIPC is needed.
  2. Not a GA guy but I really like what I’ve seen so far. Great job FSReborn!
  3. I'm with most folks on this thread. I'm thinking we need a different type of Airbus. Some folks really like FSL (I'm not in that camp), some don't, but IMO, unless their A320 series is really easy to port, they should go with a different bus. I'd like an A350, A380 and even a A340. The way the MSFS market is, combined with the slow pace of FSL development, they'll probably be beaten to the market by every dev team...
  4. I disagree. Inflation is everywhere. I'm not thinking of my money 10 or 12 years ago, I'm thinking of it now. If we're using the past pricing model, then I shouldn't be buying anything OR expecting way less for my money. As for Leanordo themselves, I bought a version of the MD (can't recall the version) and wanted to upgrade to P3Dv5 and was told no discounts. I'm OK not buying from them anymore (or at least, buying at full price). Lastly the optimism from most of the community was reduced pricing for addons. It appears Leonardo is not fully going that route. I'll wait for a sale if there ever is one or just pass. In the end, I get to decide what's worth my money at present or 20 years ago. To each their own.
  5. Being an area of low importance, the scenes are not 1 to 1 comparable to real life. However, it is a good overall representation. The lights are kinda right but a little off. I like how the highways are visible. For example, the vectors to CDW from EWR should have taken you over route 3/46. (Route 46 was in the Sopranos. If you saw the episode when Tony was buying the tombstone, that's less than 10 miles from the airport). The lights to your left as you turned west from EWR are puzzling to me. As someone who lived and worked in the area, I'm trying to see where that is. There is no grid pattern with dim lights that I know of in that area. It's probably my fault, but I don't think there are lights like that. Weequahic Park (west of EWR's 11/29 runway) and I would have liked to see what the lights look like at that park. Overall. I think it's very good IMO!
  6. I have not yet! I'm (irrationally) holding off so I can have my GA and Tubes in the same sim! My old flight training parking was off of taxiway Charlie. I hope I can find it! If you get the CDW, please post some shots of it!
  7. Love these. Particularly as I used to fly out MMU and CDW. Great shots!
  8. I've been recently travelling through Africa. I'm hoping this may be a trend as there are some really good features in Africa. (Pyramids visible at times landing in Cairo, the mountains around Addis Ababa, the lake before landing in HUEN, etc...) Thanks for the head's up.
  9. Always loved seeing EWR (As I work there and it's in the User name). Liked the new night lights.
  10. The Flying Fabio is streaming the Concorde for MSFS now. The Flying Fabio Twitch Channel
  11. It seems to have a lot of systems simulated and does failures via a drop down menu. With the VNAV issues and stall during cruise I don't think it can compare to the PMDG MD11 yet. It has some more cooking to do. However, IMO, if you really need an MD11, I think most of us could work the plane fairly well knowing that it will take a LOT of monitoring to not bust restrictions or stall at cruise.
  12. Thanks for the head's up. I watched Chewwy94 stream this aircraft today. I love the MD11, but this version had VNAV issues (in this case the STAR GIBBS4 into KIAD) and a stall at FL360 (Guessing it was icing? He was clear of clouds tho). I think it will be a very good aircraft if they can fix some issues (2 major issues I mentioned, another user said that LNAV was rocking the plane back and forth (I didn't see that), and some of the textures were a but unappealing). Hope BB has a better go of it
  13. I do not have XP11, but I am interested in the MD11, CapCanada is streaming the pre release of the air plane on YouTube. Here Please be advised: This streamer stops for EVERY donation. I'm OK with streamers, but this stream is a little bit too much for me!
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