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  1. Hi Everybody, No flight today, today I unbox all the goodies I received in the mail from Flight Illusions for my 737NG flight deck.
  2. Hi Everybody, Todays flight was a Southwest flight (#428) with nonstop service from Sacramento International to Bob Hope Airport. Flight time was about one hour and thirteen minutes, cruise level was 31,000ft, we had the FTHIL3 Departure and the ROKKR2 Arrival. A few minor glitches but all in all another great flight.
  3. Hi Everybody, Had to do some adjusting to my night lighting, the new video boards changed the look. Landing in Newark, New Jersey (KEWR).
  4. Hi Everybody, Welcome aboard.... this is a Southwest Airlines Flight (flight number 458), with nonstop service from Oklahoma City to Houston, Texas. We depart Will Rogers (KOKC) and arrive in William P. Hobby (KHOU) an hour and a half later. A nice enjoyable flight.
  5. Hi Everybody, "Takeoff and landing in Chicago" For those of you that follow my videos, you know I've been having a problem with my audio. I decided to remove that computer from the network all together, I'm now using my Xplane 11 server computer to run XP11 and my OBS recording / streaming software. Seems to have introduced some stutters, but not much I can do about it at this point in time.
  6. Hi Everybody, After adjusting my Nvidia & X-Plane graphic settings I decided to run a long flight and test everything, smooth performance is what I'm after. I left Seattle Washington (ORBX True Earth HD) and headed out for Florida. I arrive at Tampa Florida (ORBX True Earth HD) some five hours later. This was a great flight with ZERO issues, Zibo performed beautifully!
  7. Hi, I'd start with swapping out video drivers. I use vulkan drivers 473.11 with no issues. What's on the last computer you added, anything new. maybe you have a program with a memory leak.
  8. This afternoons flight was a Southwest Flight #1277, with nonstop service from Ontario International Airport (KONT - Gate 403) to Dallas Love Field (KDAL - Gate 14). We had the RAJEE3 departure and BACHR4 arrival, our flight level was 350. Zibo 737NG (ver. 3.52.2) behaved beautifully, all in all a very enjoyable flight.
  9. Hi, Glad you enjoyed the video. and Thanks for the input!
  10. Hi Everybody, With the 3090s in place I noticed the new boards have altered the look of my night lighting effects. So I spent some time readjusting them "again" 8-) . They are close enough to what I'm looking for, the main goal now is to reduce/eliminate any stutters.
  11. Hi Everybody, My friend was down from New York so I put him in the left seat to have some fun. His final attempt at landing the 737NG at St. Martin.
  12. Hi Everybody, My friend was down from New York for a bit, so I put him in the left seat to have some fun. His second attempt at landing the 737NG, better than the first try.
  13. Hi Everybody, My friend was down from New York for about two weeks, so I put him in the left seat. I decided to run him through a few night flights, we then moved on to try some daytime landings. Frank was the one that suggested St. Martin, an airport without an ILS to give him some additional info on the way in. Okay Frank, you got it. 8-) If at first you don't succeed, call NTSB... Looks like we'll be trying this again, wonder if he still wants to stay at TNCM airport.
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