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  1. Hi Everyone, My first flight with the three news computer builds, very happy with the results. Still have to wait (defective equipment) on one motherboard and CPU, then X-plane will be running at 5.3GHz all around. Right now the server is only running at 3.0GHz.
  2. Hi Everybody, Ran my last flight on my old I7-7700 CPU's, they will be swapped out for I910900's. Ran into a pressurization issue along the way. Late getting the arrival runway and had to make a steep descent into West Palm. Will begin building my new computers tomorrow.
  3. Hi Everybody, From today's live stream. We depart Detroit for Green Bay.
  4. Hi Everybody, Today we depart Buffalo (KBUF) for Detroit Metropolitan (KDTW).
  5. Hi Everybody, Well, I finally decided to finish aligning my monitors. I'm very happy with the results. I'm landing at Ft. Lauderdale (KFLL) at dusk.
  6. Hi Everybody, Today's flight is an iAero Airways flight # 2112, we departs Pittsburgh (KPIT) for Buffalo (KBUF).
  7. Hi Everybody, I did some monitor alignment fine tuning today, along with some daytime lighting effects editing. I'm landing at Pittsburgh (KPIT) after getting the adjustments just where I want them. May need a bit more tweaking, but the alignments to the center monitor are real close.... Looking good.
  8. Hi Greggy, I agree, the clouds on this run looked real nice.
  9. Hi Everybody, Today we depart Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (KCVG) for Pittsburgh International (KPIT). Recorded from todays live stream.
  10. Hi Everybody, Today I ran a flight from Buffalo to Cincinnati, for the most part the flight was uneventful... but the views and clouds were amazing, my sky editing is just about done. Sorry no discord live chat this go around, having some issues trying to run everything at once via obs. I'm working on it. The recorded sections from today's live flight will take you from pushback. up to cruise and from cruise on the back end into the gate at Cincinnati.
  11. Hi Everybody, Still Adjusting My Sky color and lighting effects... Today I did some testing out at Boston. Real weather was pushing us around a bit, 24 knot headwind for the most part with rain & gusts here and there.
  12. Hi Everybody, Now that my night lighting effects are finished, it's time to focus on my dusk and dawn effects. This is dusk and it's just about done, then it's on to dawn and lastly daytime lighting effects. Landing at Kennedy with aircraft taking off in the opposite direction... Didn't mind, I wanted to fly the parkway visual. Would be nice if I could edit Drzewiecki's airports... Want to lower his lighting by about a 1/3. But it may be too much work, I'd still have to do KLGA, KTEB and KEWR after finished KJFK.
  13. Hi Everyone, Todays flight is a Southwest airlines flight (#2744) with nonstop service from Atlanta Georgia (KATL) to Raleigh Durham (KRDU), this flight was recorded earlier today.
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