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  1. Hi Everybody, While Device Interface Manager is undergoing additional work on the profile creator I decided to take the Zibo Mod out for a spin. I'm using the latest version 4.0_RC_2.3 Today I'm in San Juan and we're heading on over to St. Martin. This is an Ameriflight AMflight # 6907. They don't run 737NGs, but I do. 8-) The aircraft is cold and dark so it will take a bit to get her setup. I hope you enjoy the ride.
  2. Hi Everybody, Seattle to Los Angeles X-Plane 12, Zibo 4.0RC2.2, ZHSI
  3. Hi, I've used PMDG and I've used Prosim, not much difference between the two airliners when it comes to in-flight handling, this is more than likely due to base platform limitations. So outside of systems/sub-systems included/missing in each product they are basically the same. Only real addition to Prosim is the hardware/software interface.
  4. Hi Everybody, Just testing the latest offering from Mr. Oudoum. I was able to complete my first auto flight in MS2020 thanks to Device Interface Manager (DIM) and PMDG. Still have to figure out why the First Officer CDU shows a black screen. I also haven't found an answer as to why I'm unable to use port 500 on my networked computer. The auto flight system working is a big step forward! Thanks Nils!
  5. Hi Everybody, Just testing performance with the glass screens popped out for use in the flight deck. Will try and get that done within the next few days. Only screens I was unable to pop out were the standby gauges. Things are looking good!
  6. Hi, Here is the link to the discord chat as well as a link to the download. https://discord.gg/MRR9zUMQhM
  7. Hi Everybody, Now that I have my PMDG (locked flight deck) issue corrected and all my buttons, switches and dial work, it was time to take a closer look at DIM. In particular the Captain and First Officers CDUs. The only noted issue found was back lighting.
  8. I think you'd be a little grumpy as well waiting since XP10, how many years since 10's release for a fix????? I've seen you jumping up and down about VR for how long now????? I know you haven't been waiting as long for a ncie VR setup than I have for networking to be fixed! XPlane 10 released in 2011?, so I've been waiting almost 12 years! Yeah, I think I earned the right to be a little grumpy!
  9. Hi, Thanks, I'm trying! But I don't think I'll get the best of both sims (zibo mod 737 with XP12 controlling the show with MS2020 external visuals) working together, the bridge is proving difficult to use without flickers. I also found a few elevation issues, so it's time to look into Device Interface Manager (DIM) and MS2020 until XP12 gets its act together fixing the flickers and networking issues.
  10. Because I'd rather fly XP12 than 2020 but it's unflyable, that's why. If one doesn't cry, one doesn't get things fixed. Although that's certainly doesn't seem true with networking!!! Been broke since xp10! Also note: One can cry about XP12 in an MS forum all day long, what will that accomplish???
  11. Hi, I was thinking the same thing to try and isolate it to the network, but I see no difference between the network @ 2.5 and one computer/screen setup. The flickers seem to start when they were having AMD issues they were working on, all the while Nvidias performance my end got worse.
  12. Hi, Looks like Mike is using one computer for his testing. I get stutters running four copies of XP12 on four computers, each have their own cpu/gpu. I do not suffer from fame rate loss as Mike does here using one system. Yet I still get stutters or flickers that I just can't get rid of anymore. It was running like butter awhile back, but that was a few updates ago. If XP12 ran like butter, I'd never would of looked elsewhere.
  13. MS2020 running three 75" screens @ 2K and one screen at 4K nice and smooth. I tried this in XP12 and it was a disaster, unflyable @ 4K on one screen and stutters/flickers @ 2K.
  14. Hi, You can tell me how good performance XP12 is until you're blue in the face. It is simply NOT TRUE!!! Performance is abysmal in 12! I could care less if you get 50000 fps, if the sim gives you stutters, it's meaningless! I have a 7950x3D on a X670E Gigabyte Master M/B, with 64GB ddr5 60000mhz Ram, on a 990 pro NVME and I cannot run one 75" monitor without stutters/flickers on XP12!!! Yet on 2020, I can run THREE 75" screens and they run like butter and that is without a 3D flight deck on both setups!
  15. Hi, Took a couple of days to figure this one out. Did you install PMDG (may work for other aircraft) and now your flight deck buttons, switches, rotaries don't work at all? Go into MSFS2020 / GENERAL OPTIONS / ACCESSIBILITY / COCKPIT INTERACTION SYSTEM Change the setting from "LOCK" to "LEGACY"
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