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  1. H Everyone, I tweaked my highway lighting once again, made them a bit brighter; so that's done. Next I want to continue work on the street lighting, I'm close but they still need some work to display nice on my 4Ks..
  2. Hi Everyone, This is what the night lighting splash textures look like after my edit, P3D is looking better every day.
  3. Hi Everyone, Made a small edit to Black Marble and my night lighting is better than ever. Here is NYC in the distance as viewed from KISP in Long Island. Images taken at 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 feet.
  4. Hi Everyone, I installed Black Marble a few weeks ago and have been playing with it ever since. There was one area that bothered me out of the entire project and that was the highways, well a small edit later and I am very happy with the new look. P3Dv4 is looking better and better.
  5. Hi Everyone, I tried some new software to get higher resolution on the videos, got them up to 3840x2160. Still trying to figure this software out. Anyway, today I spent the day cruising around Rhode Island. Both Black Marble Vector and Rhode Island Night Environment are installed.
  6. Mike_CFII_MEL

    Closer and Closer to Reality

    Hi, If they had full US coverage I'd purchase a yearly sub in a heartbeat.
  7. Mike_CFII_MEL

    Closer and Closer to Reality

    Hi Manny, Yep, I've waited for a program like this for a long time.
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm getting closer and closer to reality. Think I have to make the lights a little smaller.
  9. Hi Everyone, Just shot up the coast from KSAN to KSFO, if you want a real nice view... Jump to 24:15 in the video and watch at 1080. Coming in off the mountains was SWEET!
  10. Mike_CFII_MEL

    Dawn, Dusk and Night Flight - Florida

    Hi Manny, Here is how I have NE Setup. All I run in NE is Volumetric lighting and orange lights at 100% or 50% if the draw is too much. Uncheck Night Texture Splash Map and you're done in NE, load up Black Marble and you should have both lights working. Just make sure you turn off Orbx lighting if it has not been done already, check your scenery config and make sure all orbx light entries are unchecked.
  11. Mike_CFII_MEL

    Dawn, Dusk and Night Flight - Florida

    Hi Manny, On the NE GUI you will see a slider (on the bottom) that says Night Texture Splash Map, turn that off.
  12. Mike_CFII_MEL

    Dawn, Dusk and Night Flight - Florida

    Hi Manny, I don't run mega anymore, I've installed the Orbx global collection. I run both sets of lights for the following reason. Night Environment's lights are library object lights, library objects extend farther than Landclass objects; but they lack the flexibility of landclass objects. Night Environment runs Library Object type lighting with their own custom photo real ground splash textures. Night Environment splash textures are photo real textures designed to blend over a photo real sets, so the day and night layers act the same in that they both block Landclass Autogen Objects. So by disabling Night Environment's splash textures "only", I still keep the Library Object lighting active and this allows Landcalss objects to show. Now I use Black Marble to give me worldwide road vector data along with ground splash textures and when I use this combination, it allows all the landclass and all autogen objects to come through and be part of the scenery. So now I have Night Environment style lighting instead of the much more restricted Landclass lighting that's restricted to P3D's radius. The end result can be found in my photos and videos.
  13. Mike_CFII_MEL

    Black Marble - Know Before You Buy

    Hi, In your account you'll see the Vector download and below that you will see the compatibility patch. Chris placed instructions with pictures showing exactly what to do on the forum. It's simple to follow and to get setup.
  14. Mike_CFII_MEL

    Black Marble - Know Before You Buy

    Hi, The way some of you are reacting, you'd think you would require 24/7 tech support for night lighting and therefore must pay this fee. How much tech support is going to be needed, we are talking lights, not a sophisticated aircraft. Michael, I would be interested to know how you know that Aerosoft pulled their products due to GREED, do you work for Aerosoft and/or are the owner/operator?. That's a strong statement to make about a company, I'd like to see the proof/resources you used to make such a statement. For those that want to know if this product works with Orbx, it works 100%. I should know, I have it running fine on my $100 thousand dollar flight deck... and I run numerous tests before "ANY" piece of software remains in my setup. "IT WORKS WITH ORBX"! Personally, as an end user I could care less what company made what as far as 3rd. party addons are concerned. What I'm looking for as far as my flight sim experience is concerned is getting as close to reality as I can, PERIOD. If you enjoy dawn, dusk and night flight as much as I do... this purchase is a must have. I left KTEB in NJ at night, followed the FDR drive South to the Brooklyn bridge, then followed the BQE to the Belt Parkway out to the Southern State Parkway, drifted over to the LIE for a landing at KISP. It's "NEVER" been any better than this at night! See for yourself:
  15. Hi Everyone, As stated in the title, Black Marble Orbx compatibility patch has been released and is available in your manage purchases section over at ChrisBellDesigns.