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  1. Eurocontrol Descent Rates

    I had a Center manager on my jumpseat before the PATCO strike who thought that a "short-order cook" would have the mental aptitude to become a successful controller.
  2. Yet another when airline passengers go wild

    One of the great things about not flying self-loading cargo is I didn't have to deal with these type issues.
  3. Eurocontrol Descent Rates

    I remember when all that happened. All of a sudden guys with ATC degrees were not getting preferential hiring treatment upon graduation. A lot of them never got hired. Back in the PATCO days it was not unusual for the FAA to hire folks with no formal education or training. I had one lady on my jump seat that had been a secretary, took the test, passed and was hired. After the PATCO strike I didn't let any controllers ride on my jump seat. My overall feeling is the controllers now are on par with the controllers prior to the PATCO strike, but like any occupation some are better than others.
  4. RW Inflight Long Haul Question

    My first exposure to the triple INS was on the B707-320s. I'm trying to remember, some of them may have only had two. The first airplane I remember flying with an observation bubble was the R4-D. I know I'm old. ROFL
  5. Eurocontrol Descent Rates

    You've made some pretty disparaging statements about ATC. I would be interested in your basis for these statements and your real world aviation background.
  6. RW Inflight Long Haul Question

    I hate to disillusion a lot of you folks, but I had a kitchen timer that I would set to remind me when to make my next position report.
  7. 744 Hard landing. Qustions.

    Hey Vic, I've posted this before. The B744 is certified at 10 fps at MGLW and 6 fps at MLW. I've bounced more than one. In the "11" there is special training for a bounced landing and the recovery. It does not like it. What would be a CLM in my world is a short landing. I was told early on in my career by the CP, "Anything but short, You land short I'll fire you."
  8. ADE - Non sequential layering error.

    When I have problems with ADE I go to their forum. Those guys developed it and are really knowledgeable about any errors. The reason I say this is I use ADE all the time and have never had any problems with it.
  9. No flare with auto land

    The B777 is certified to land at 10 feet per second at MGLW and 6 feet per second at MGTOW. It was not unusual in my world to land at or near MGLW and takeoff at or above MGTOW.
  10. Flight planning and strong winds

    One thing that has not been mentioned in this thread is "ride." Those folks who fly passengers will choose the best ride over the optimal FL. Passengers don't like and don't pay for bad rides and firm landings. Most freighter folks don't really care so much about the ride, just the most optimal FL. White caps on the coffee came with the territory. One of my flight planning mental checks was fuel required for the flight. For example on the B707 I used 12.000 lbs an hour. If the flight was going to be 4 hours, I knew that I would need at least 48,000 lbs of fuel.
  11. Vic, I missed you guys on my jumpseat. I'm glad it worked out for you.
  12. PAVD Valdez

    I swore once I left SE Asia and got back to the "world" I'd never run scud again.
  13. PAVD Valdez

    If already cleared for the approach I wouldn't think that it would be necessary to request a contact approach?
  14. PAVD Valdez

    The JOH transition is NOPT so ATC approval would be needed to enter holding and proceed from the Hold.
  15. No flare with auto land

    We would go to OKC to do our chamber rides.