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  1. Is it OK if those who have spent the last 40 plus years playing "You Bet Your Job" every 6 months pass? blaustern
  2. Or you could do what I do, adjust the thrust manually. There is a reason my hand is on the throttles during approach. blaustern
  3. I started programing ASM at MIT in 1965 using punch cards. Contrary to what a lot of folks think, over the last 50 plus years the theory is still the same. blaustern
  4. I'm not having any problems with 4.1 since I upgraded to 1709 earlier in the week. But there is always the possibility that I am doing something wrong. blaustern
  5. That is not the impression I had after reading Tabs original post on page 1. I'll let someone else explain to you the rules for posting in the PMDG Support Forum. blaustern
  6. No problems with the update. As usual I'm probably doing something wrong. blaustern
  7. Robert, Please excuse me for the question and subject change, are you any relation to the songwriter/composer Teddy Randazzo who wrote "Pretty Blue Eyes"? Bill
  8. Luke, What are some of the VAs that provide this type data to their pilots? blaustern
  9. I just sequence my aircraft with the conflicting aircraft using the TCAS. That is how ATC does it. blaustern
  10. I thought about ACE when I bought my PFC yoke, but there were too many unknowns for me with the ACE. The PFC shipped almost immediately and PFC has been very responsive (telephone or email) when I had a question. blaustern
  11. Are you type rated in the A320? blaustern
  12. Kyle, I noticed that Alaska has replaced their combi's with the B737-700Fs they had converted to freighters. Any chance that you folks will give us an updated "fde" and also model the B737 Max? blaustern
  13. Thanks Alan, I appreciate that. A really hard way to make a living and getting shot at takes all the fun out of flying. blaustern
  14. Don't need to check the statistics, I spent two years in Vietnam flying in an assault helicopter company and the air cav. blaustern