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  1. Bluestar

    No Descent Via VNAV

    Simon, From time to time I try to post stuff that is specific to my type of flying and all I get is pushback from folks that can't even adjust the seat. 🤣 As for the VA I didn't make a fuss about it, just moved on. 🙂 Grace and Peace,
  2. Bluestar

    Too high PMDG prices

    When dealing with an oligopoly under capitalism the market decides the price. 🙂 Capitalism and gravity, what great concepts. 🤣 Grace and Peace,
  3. Bluestar

    FSDreamTeam KDFW orange stands??

    I'm not sure what you are seeing, it's not a problem on my version of FSDT KDFW in P3dv4.4. Grace and Peace,
  4. Bluestar

    No Descent Via VNAV

    I tried a VA once, (not BA) and decided to leave when I was told I couldn't fly an aircraft in which I had a type rating because I wasn't qualified. 🤣 Grace and Peace,
  5. Bluestar

    Landing the 777, what's going on?

    I would be interested if any of these folks that are reporting a landing issue are having that issue doing an Autoland? Grace and Peace,
  6. Bluestar

    Taxi2Gate KMCO Taxiway Bridges are gone

    KMCO works for me without any problems in P3Dv4.4, at least it did three days ago. 🙂 Grace and Peace,
  7. Bluestar

    ILS is screwed up at all airports

    The intersections appear to be in the correct location. It appears the LOC is not correct. What platforms did you use to update the Navaids and intersections? Grace and Peace,
  8. Bluestar

    [06OCT18] Livery Painters are a dime a dozen...

    Robert, Wish I could paint to help you. Good luck. 🙂 Grace and Peace,
  9. Not in a $25 million CAE sim. 🙂 Grace and Peace,
  10. When the B744 and B747-8 were certified by the FAA the maximum landing rate at max. gross takeoff weight is 6 feet/sec (360 fpm) and at max. gross landing weight it is 10 feet/sec (600 fpm). At approximately 35 feet agl, the autopilot will flare the aircraft approximately 3 degrees and the throttles will retard. If the aircraft has not flared, the pilot flying will flare the aircraft the required 3 degrees and verify the throttles have retarded (simplified version). 🙂 Grace and Peace,
  11. I fly northern routes all the time, ENMG to UEE to PANC without any problems. The only time I've had the NTDLL problem is when flying out of EDDF (using GSX for pushback) to KDFW. Turning off GSX did not help for me. Flying the same route out of BIKF or out of BGSF and I don't have the problem. Grace and Peace,
  12. What I did was create an "ENROUTE" scenario as I approach my FSDT destination. Once saved I just restart P3D and load "ENROUTE". It takes all of about a minute. I also use FSUIPC backup for when I forget. 🙂 Grace and Peace,
  13. Bluestar

    Go-around procedure on VATSIM

    Do you have a reference for that? 🙂 Grace and Peace,
  14. Bluestar

    Installing AutoStarsX in P3dv4

    I just tried it and the file downloaded for me. Grace and Peace,
  15. Bluestar

    Am I too conservative?

    Not taking sides on this, but I couldn't find your signature until you indicated its location, and then it took a bit, but then again I'm old. 🤣 Grace and Peace,