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  1. I've flown about 30 hours on Vatsim with version 5.4 and have had no issues with the update.
  2. I just checked and don't have any issues with the 5.4 update at KMSP and with ASP3D. Go into the FB setting and make sure the seasons are set correctly and clear the shaders folder.
  3. I owned the Captain Sim B767 and B707 and paid $10/each. I pretty much got what I paid for. The CS B767 kept crashing and just didn't perform well overall for me. I went back to the LevelD B767 which I though was one of the best models ever made for FSX. In another life I flew the B707. The CS B707 just didn't meet my expectations. I went back to the HJG B707s which I felt was a better representation of the B707 for FSX.
  4. One of the great things about using the default scenery and ADE is the airport is never out of date.
  5. I don't have the issue because I rebuilt the scenery using ADE. There are several issues with the default airport that need to be corrected using ADE. This is another example of why ADE allows me to have up-to-date airports and not depend on 3rd party developers.
  6. There is a thread in the PMDG forum about P3dv6 where Robert made the following comment - "Please know that about 95% of what is written in this thread regarding P3Dv6 is speculative, even when represented otherwise.I offer you that opinion from a well informed standpoint that is first hand, not second hand, nor inuendo." Interesting. 😉
  7. Navigraph does this for MSFS so hopefully it can be done for later versions of P3d. I currently keep everything updated with ADE.
  8. I did notice that LM - P3d is a sponsor again this year for Flight Sim Expo in Houston this coming June. This would be a good opportunity for LM to showcase a new version of P3d.
  9. This is the very reason I quit buying 3rd party sceneries. With ADE I take the stock airports and update them. There have been major changes to KJFK since FSDT has been released.
  10. I've been doing desktop flight sims since Bruce Artwick. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on scenery and aircraft. This doesn't count what I've spent on the hardware. When MSFS 2020 was released most of the developers left P3d for MSFS and stopped doing updates and providing new sceneries for those of us who stayed with P3d. What I have decided is to not buy any new scenery or aircraft from any of the 3rd party developers. Compibility is no longer an issue for me. As long as I have ADE or a similar tool I can keep my sceneries updated. The great thing about Aerowinx PSX B744 is I'm no longer tied to P3d, MSFS or X-plane.
  11. I saw that post. Have you or anyone else talked to or heard from someone who is a beta tester from V6?
  12. I'm not sure there is a P3dv6 out there? In the past there has always been some kind of a leak about the next version. So far I haven't seen or heard of any reports of beta testing from a reliable and verifiable source. As a hardcore P3d user I am hoping for a version 6, but just don't see it happening any time in the near future. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  13. Do like I did, get the Aerowinx PSX B744 and use either P3d or MSFS for the sceney. Once I started flying the Aerowinx PSX B744, all other B744s were just video games.
  14. I'm an ol' B707 guy and like the KC-135s. 😉
  15. I just bought the KELP. Very nice scenery that is similar in quality to his other products. I also have KAMA, KSAT, KHOU, KBNA, KBHM and KCRP. His sceneries fill a much needed void for my sim.
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