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  1. When I was an F/O on the B707-320C freighter I flew into Kai Tak on a regular basis from the late 1970's to the early 1980's. Kai Tak was a Captain only approach for us.
  2. How many autorotations have you done to the ground where the engine was not running?
  3. A wind bug. Some things never change. For those who remember FSX when it first came out it was almost unflyable because of a wind bug. If it hadn't been for Pete Dawson's fix, I would have quit flying FSX. For all you folks that complain about FSUIPC, remember that Pete Dawson was the one who came up with a work around that make FSX flyable. I haven't forgotten and any time there is an update for FSUIPC I gladly pay for the update.
  4. The CH-54 when not loaded could do an autorotation then picked up and turned. The UH-1, AH-1Gs and OH-58s were all done when the autorotation was completed. The UH-1/AH-1s had a lot more inertia in the rotor system than the OH-58. It may not seem like it, but the UH-1H is three times bigger than the OH-58.
  5. I flew high inertia rotor systems in the military and have never found a desktop flight simulator that I could fly. They just didn't seem realistic to me. High inertia rotor system autorotations are not flown like the OP said, they are two different animals. I could be wrong since I only have 3,000 hours in helicopters including the UH-1, AH-1, OH-58 and CH-54.
  6. Shaun great job on KCRP. It fits well with AMA, SAT and HOU. Any chance of getting KABQ. A much neglected airport that could sure use some love. 🙂
  7. I've got a 1934 Martin OM that belonged to my grandfather and a 1967 Telecaster that I bought new in 1967 along with a Fender Champ tube amp. 🙂
  8. I get the message 64: Use PPG 14.0+ to generate MMMX file for supplier P3D. I'm using PSX 17.5 and PPG 17.0. The aircraft show when I start up PSX once it's off the ground.
  9. Do you know what the OPSPEC for Island Express Helicopters was?
  10. The helicopter and pilot were IFR qualified. The charter company was certified as Part 135 - VFR only.
  11. Jim, Rumor has it that AWS will appeal this since they are the leader in cloud computing technology and the tremendous amount of political pressure placed on DoD to not award the contract to AWS. It's going to be a while before this is a done deal.
  12. Always remember that Microsoft spends more money every year on sticky notes than they will ever spend on the development of MSFS.
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