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  1. Add me to the list of satisfied Jetline customers. Excellent computers and excellent service. blaustern
  2. Please do. I've done my own more than once. blaustern
  3. Lars, Have you considered getting a copy of ADE and building your on version of PANC? blaustern
  4. I tried a VA once. Nice folks and the systems were really good. They wouldn't let me fly the aircraft in which I had a RW type rating in because I didn't have enough experience in it. ROFL blaustern
  5. I'm going to pass on any of their sceneries until they get VHHH and MMMX up and running P3Dv4. blaustern
  6. These folks have some good profiles for PFPX. blaustern
  7. I don't have a problem with PFPX. I just did EDDF-RJAA where my flight time was with 5 minutes of planned ETE of 10 hrs 35 min. The calculated fuel was 295,000 lbs and fuel was off by 5,000 lbs. If the B744 is flown as designed it will be close to what PFPX calculates. blaustern
  8. I don't know if this helps, but my monitor is a 60hz monitor and I run at 60hz and 60fps (locked). blaustern
  9. I just use the live traffic at EDDF and I am not having any problems. blausterm
  10. Dr. Moser, congratulations on completing your PhD. I know what a long, arduous task it is getting a PhD. Both my sons have PhDs. Grace and Peace, blaustern
  11. You might try turning on the throttle position indicator to see where the sim thinks your throttles are. Try restarting your sim and then try the flight. I've seen some really strange things when I change PMDG aircraft without restarting my sim. blaustern
  12. Shaun, A slight change of subject, but since you are doing Texas scenery, any chance of getting KSAT, KDAL or maybe KMSY over in LA? blaustern
  13. I wasn't happy with any of the freeware KATL sceneries so I just rebuilt the default KATL using ADE for P3d4. I will most likely get the Fly Tampa version of KATL when it is released. The default isn't bad, just needed to add the new runway/taxiways and a couple of buildings. blaustern
  14. I draw a 2 mile ring around the FAF as a reminder to have gear down and final laps. I also use rings when I need to turn to an assigned heading prior to a certain DME or distance from the end of the runway. A good example would be departing PHNL where I would have to turn to my assigned heading prior to the HNL 3 DME. Creating rings using the FIX page makes my life much easier. blaustern