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  1. Another thing that might be related that does happen in my system on rare occasions is FPS fluctuation. I will depart on a long flight and an hour or so into the flight my frame rate will drop to 5 or 6 and immediately go back to my set FPS. I have flown for 8 hours with this issue and completed my flight. On landing the sim does seem to be jerky and the FPS drop a little longer, but never a crash. My cure now is to save my flight and restart my sim. It only takes a minute and every thing is back to normal. My point in this is we keep looking at the problem down the road, when the problem with the CTD may be related to a scenery/utility loaded at the start. Although this is 64-bit, a memory leak could eventually drag the system down. Has anyone who is experiencing this crash using the memory utility that was used in FSX to monitor memory? I will keep flying these routes for a while and see if I get the CTD. I see lots of folks flying these same routes on VATSIM and they appear to be getting through without any problems.
  2. Bob, I'd be glad to help if I could, but I do not have the problem. I've gone back and flown routes where people have had crashes and my machine goes through these areas without any problem. I circle the globe a couple of times a week one week going east to west and the next west to east and almost always in the northern hemisphere. Dan and I have similar machines and we both are pretty much PMDG exclusively. One thing about my system is I only use a few select scenery/utility vendors and FSUIPC. Some of the things I do is Stars is updated and I use aero.sors to update navaids and mag var. I fly VATSIM on every flight and always at 1.0X and use Real Traffic. If I didn't know better I would think that this is a memory problem. I still follow the old FSX philosophy of only having scenery I am currently using activated and don't have my setting as high as they can go. I don't have any AI activated except for what VATSIM/Real Traffic generate. If I were having this CTD I would go back to a basic setup with one aircraft, no scenery or weather and fly the route I was having a problem with. If the flight passed, keep adding until it failed.
  3. I don't use it and I don't have the crashes.
  4. I am running Parking Position Generator (P3dv4.3) to adjust the number of aircraft shown in PSX. What I would like to do is have the ability to occasionally set the number of parked aircraft to zero. When I have attempted this the number of aircraft never goes to zero. An example would be KDFW where I get the following 3(164). I would like to have the ability to set this at zero. I have checked the *.cfg and it shows "PERCENTAGE=0". If unable to get ParPos to zero am I going to need to uninstall it? Wilhelm
  5. Bluestar

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Then why isn't my sim crashing? I use GSX.
  6. Bluestar

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Are you using FreemeshX?
  7. Bluestar

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Dan, I'm not having this problem. My lone CTD was from BGSF-KDFW and maybe a couple hundred miles NE on your location. I fly lots of BGSF/BIKF/ESSA to KDFW so I tend to be a little north of the trouble area. A couple times a month I will fly EDDF-KDFW. The stackhash error code is interesting? I still not convenienced the problem is related to GSX. Since our machines are similar and I fly PMDG almost exclusively it would only be reasonable to think I would have a similar CTD as yours.
  8. Bluestar

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Who is "We"? I'm not having this problem and my setup is very similar to Dan's. I go through that area a couple of times a week at normal speed (acceleration 1.0X) and have had one CTD in the past year in this region. I'm not convinced that my CTD was related to the problem that is being reported by some users. I personally appreciate Umberto's help in this CTD issue even if it doesn't effect my sim.
  9. Bluestar

    Power issue with wipers

    Are you sure it's a bug? 🙂
  10. Bluestar


    Got it fixed. I opened Panel State>744 DEFAULT.sav and did a search for CHRON and found [Chronometer.0] and [Chronometer.1]. I copied and pasted the contents of those two sections into my B744F Cargo.fmxl.sav file. The I restarted P3dv4 and the save SCENARIO that was associated with the flight I am flying. When I restarted the SCENARIO the time and date were correct. Thanks guys for heading me in the right direction.
  11. Bluestar


    Well, it has happened before. ROFL I don't know how it happened? Do I just need to delete the panel file and let it rebuild?
  12. I am receiving the following message in the FMC. It appears to be related to the Captain/First Officer clocks not agreeing. The F/O clock reflects the correct time system, but the Captain's clock is approximately 3 hours ahead. The Date on both clocks is correct. I need to correct the Captain's clock, but do not know how to adjust it? blaustern
  13. I started flying desktop flight sims back in the early Commodore 64/Sub Logic Days with my kids and now I'm on P3dv4.3. It's just a game for me. I've pretty much given up on posting to flight sim forums because of the push back from some of the posters. I've been blasted because one of the forum members didn't like an adjective I used in a title or being called a name I didn't even know what it meant because I answered a question. I'm still waiting for a clarification on that issue. Lately I've seen issues that I could help resolve with other desk top simmers, but the risk of getting blasted out of "No Where" is really not worth it to me any longer. Grace and Peace.
  14. Bluestar

    Difficult to slow her down during descent !

    I still have the small medal one (with the case) I was issued in flight school. I also have the small sectional plotter that would fit inside. ROFL As for descents I always used altitude/3 plus 10. These things go with double checking flight plan fuel (B707) with 12,000/hr * flight time.
  15. Bluestar

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    I have not had any problems installing SXAD airports. I have KAMA, KBHM and KBNA. Using Win10-64 and P3Dv4.