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  1. Without Pete Dowson, flight sims as we know them would only be a video game, and not a very good one at that. I still remember the early problems with the winds aloft in FSX that MS didn't seem to be able to fix, but Pete did.
  2. Ray, I started a scenario where I landed last (KSPS) and checked the time which was correct for UTC. I then moved the aircraft to KMSP and again checked the UTC time, it was correct. At least for me the time is correct in V5.1, 🙂
  3. I normally fly 10 to 12 hour flights in the PPMDG B744 (5.1) with no issues. even in FB KSFO. If I was guessing the issue may be related to an anti-virus scan. I have mine set up to not scan P3d.
  4. I saw Vietnam and Laos before they were a movie or a video game. Thank I'll pass. 🙂
  5. SXAD has a forum in the Commercial Support Section, so you might try there also. Shaun has been responsive when I've sent him an email so that is also an option. If you don't get a response from Shaun, let us know and we will help you trouble shoot this. 🙂
  6. When I have experienced screen flashing it was related to a corrupt driver.
  7. I have it working in 5.1. The only thing I did was make a couple of minor adjustment using ADEX.
  8. Shaun, I went ahead an fixed this issue with PAPI lights along with the misplaced blue conex.
  9. Is it possible to run PSPX without using the parking position generator and items related to aircraft that are not real? I only want to run Real Traffic with only live traffic. Thanks,
  10. I added the second runway and taxiways using ADEX and made some altitude adjustments to the original YBBN. Since I fly night freight almost exclusively, I tend to not want to upgrade. I'll relook at it after some of the bugs have been cleared up.
  11. I took ADE, a new Google Earth map and upgraded the P3dv5 default KJFK scenery and it works perfectly. I've always tried to support add-on developers by buying sceneries that I did not need. Since all these folks have pretty much jumped ship I am sticking to something I know will reflect the current state of the airport and will work. 🙂
  12. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still no joy.
  13. I can't believe that you didn't sign up to be an 11B. 🤣 Two tours in Vietnam, my first tour was as a 1193 and my second tour was as a 1981. Both tours in northern I Corp and Laos. 🙂
  14. I sent Shaun a photo in an email about this problem back in September. He responded he was on holiday and would fix it upon return in a couple of weeks.
  15. My update to 5.1 HF1 went without any hitches. All is performing as I had hoped. 🙂
  16. Since almost all the 3rd party developers have jumped ship for MS2020 I've gone back to ADE. While waiting for my purchased version of RKSI to be converted to 5.1, I started using the RKSI version included with 5.1 and could not tell a lot of difference especially at night and using the east side cargo ramps. There have been so many changes to the taxiways at KJFK that I stopped using the payware version and updated the default taxiways with ADE.
  17. I've been pleased with the progress that LM has made with 5.1 and the Hot fix. I have not had any problems and find 5.1 HF1 to be faster and smoother than any of the other versions of P3d. I am running the Professional version since I'm a commercial pilot if that makes any difference?
  18. In my system 5.1 is faster and smoother than 4.5 running a 1070 card.
  19. The nose gear should be pretty much on the center line with no wind, but with a 30 knot direct crosswind in a B747, it could easily be 30 feet or more. The crosstrack will vary based on the aircraft type and wind speed. I would use the raw data in an Excel spreadsheet, nothing fancy. Any format that could be imported or manually copied into Excel would be great. If the data can be read by Notepad++, then it would be good with me. So much of a landing is subjective and open to interpretation that putting a grade on it is very difficult. Again, the program has lots of potential and I use it for every landing.
  20. I would be interested to know where the v5 installer can be downloaded. I own the v4 version, but have not been able to find the v5 installer on the Pac Sim website or Facebook page. 😕 Since I'm only using v5 now, I've found the default RKSI to be satisfactory.
  21. There is a lot of good information provided, but some of the things that I would like to see improved are - 1. Over All Risk Assessment - a real distraction and provides no useful value. 2. Airspeed Deviation beyond limit - 5 kts is not a realistic limit. With a 30 kt. crosswind and 10 kt. spread, no pilot will be able to keep the airspeed within 5 kts. 3. Distance from Touchdown/Crosstrack Error - 15 feet is not a realistic error. Again with a 30 kt crosswind and the ability to only have about 3 degrees bank angle without scraping a pod, there is going to be a some crab angle/side load at touch down. The landing gear on a commercial aircraft is designed to take a lot of sideload. 4. Vertical Speed beyond limit - in final landing configuration for a B747 at mglw, the approach speed will be about 150 kias (no wind) results in a descent rate of approximately 850fpm. 4. The one thing i would like to have is a text file with the raw data so i can track my landings over time. Overall I like the program and think it has a lot of potential. I did purchase a copy of this program. 🙂
  22. Get Logedit by Dan Downs in the AVSIM library.
  23. When I was an F/O on the B707-320C freighter I flew into Kai Tak on a regular basis from the late 1970's to the early 1980's. Kai Tak was a Captain only approach for us.
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