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  1. Elvensmith

    Farewell FSW

    Not all train simmers do! I bought the first two Train Sim World iterations but refuse to waste any more money on what amounts to arcade junk, from a company that consistently ignores user feedback - often from experienced railway people - about what is wrong. I also very rarely buy DLC for their legacy product these days and if I do, 50% of the time I have exercised the 2 hour refund option on Steam (how they must hate that!). There are those who think the company can do no wrong when it comes to train stuff but checking some of the forums there's a growing level of impatience that nothing ever gets fixed - be it the promised editors for TSW or long standing issues in Railworks.
  2. Elvensmith

    Farewell FSW

    For a Kickstarter maybe, but IMHO early access slightly different. Implies a tangible finished product at the end. I've asked Steam anyway but fully expect to re-arrange the following word - "No". Still, should reclaim several GB of HD space... :)
  3. Elvensmith

    Farewell FSW

    Apologies if this asked earlier in the thread, but what is Steam policy for refunding on unfulfilled early access? Guess I know what the answer is likely to be but money down the drain, sadly.
  4. Elvensmith

    FSW and its future

    Guess we can run the numbers game all day, but the reality is I'm unlikely to touch FSW again until it offers significantly more than it does now (pootling around at 150 knots in a GA prop just isn't my bag) and - more importantly - they need to get the usage up into the 1000's so the third party developers who make those jetliners I crave after see it as a viable platform to build for.
  5. Elvensmith

    'Game Over, 'Failed' etc.

    Or when a non player (AI) train decides to derail 50 miles away (or run a red signal). The idea of a lesson is to apply some latitude so you actually learn, not be a blunt instrument. In line with their "gaming" paradigm perhaps DTG should apply "Easy", "Medium", "Hard" and "Legendary" (in homage to Fallout 4) levels to the lessons and tests to cater for both those who are struggling and software glitches.
  6. Elvensmith

    'Game Over, 'Failed' etc.

    Sadly this is indicative of a product that is seen as a "game" by its creators and sponsors, not a simulation. By al means demerit within a career mode but at least in FSX if you put the nose into the tarmac, it reloads your last save for you.
  7. Elvensmith

    FSW and its future

    I'm not sure how Steam spy works but would think that's the maximum number of players (as logged in to Steam as you must be to play) not the total daily usage. Maybe, but if I was I'd still be worried that my flagship new flight sim - regardless of its WIP state and future promises - was attracting such a negligible amount of attention. By contrast I just checked the figure for FSX SE (which doesn't include people like myself running FSX Boxed) and the concurrent figure was 3483. Rather a sharp contrast I would say. Even XP11 managed 553 concurrent players. So I would repeat, the jetliners and functionality of FSX can't come soon enough to FSW :) .
  8. Elvensmith

    FSW and its future

    Just checked Steam Spy and that lists for yesterday a grand total of 93 concurrent players on FSW. If I was DTG I would be supremely worried about those numbers, especially given their flagship new train sim (TSW) performed even more dismally with 84 concurrent players. That is not the stats a multi £kkk business survives on. They need to do something (and fast) to get those numbers and sales up. For me, that has to be passenger jetliners.
  9. Elvensmith

    FSW and its future

    Not been back on FSW for several weeks now, have settled back into FSX or occasionally FS9 when it comes to flight simming time. I think for me it will take a "wow" factor or significant upgrade to the current package (passenger jet) to even make me want to try it again.
  10. Elvensmith

    DC10 - ILS Issue in FS9

    I dug the old Aerosim DC10-40 out of my FS9 collection to do Platinum Airways current DOTW into Phuket. On the approach to Phuket I had the AP lined up with the localiser, flying down the pipe until my Mark One eyeballs gleaned I was several yards abeam of RWY27. Cue frantic switch to manual control, yanking the joystick across to the let and trying to get the AT disconnected with the other hand. Lined back up, 140 knots, hit F1 but the thing was just floating above the runway, in the end I had to point down and hope for the best. Can anyone recall if this was an issue with the Aerosim fleet, or is it possible Phuket is set up incorrectly in default FS9?
  11. Elvensmith

    How are the flight models? ground handling?

    Quite interesting to read this. I tried Aerofly when it first came out but refunded after I was able to get one of the jetliners off the runway at 90 knots. Thinking of repurchasing (should have some Steam credit off SWMBO for my birthday next month) but can users of the sim confirm that generally jetliner physics and handling have improved and at least on a par with default or low end payware MSFS?
  12. Elvensmith

    Lighting Update

    Potentially looks better but mileage will vary according to how your GPU and monitor is configured, I guess.
  13. Elvensmith

    Community Update #2 Announced

    Obviously early days and this is only one of (hopefully) many and indeed more substantial updates. However as I counselled in a couple of other threads. This is DTG. The train simmers know how they do things and have got their number. Don't expect their approach to FSW to be radically different. Their primary motivation is getting a product in the state where they can sell to the casual "ooh" and "wow" customer base, who will then hand over £££ $$$ for lots of DLC.
  14. Elvensmith

    FSW and its future

    IMHO any attempt at a career mode needs to be along the lines of FS Passengers, not "XP" and achievement orientated which is how they implemented it in TS20xx (Railworks). An ongoing record of your flying professionalism rather than arcade style medals. Obviously give players a scale of how realistic they want this - dead is dead means you don't walk away from a crash or ground collision which would be fatal, or you can choose to be revived. Mission editor, well I haven't looked at this but maybe what's needed is a mission randomizer or generator. The problem with the mission (or activity) editor in the train sims is that if you're the author, you know exactly what's going to happen. And the sim ensures it happens at the same location or lapsed interval every time. So there's not much fun playing your own activity and if you run someone else's after the first run through will pan out pretty much the same.
  15. Elvensmith

    How are we doing?

    TBH gone back to FS9/FSX until FSW :- 1. Gets a bit more polish and, 2. Gets some jetliner action. Judging by the rapid fall off of participation in this section of the forum seems the launch of P3Dv4 (which I haven't personally purchased) has rather diverted attention from DTG's efforts?