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    A 40-something from Sweden. Father of two boys. Endodontist. Husband. Weight lifter. Flight simmer.

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  1. Yeah, I'd bet you'd get that nice feeling in the gut when being launched to 60 in two seconds flat! The Plaid+ is way more than I'd ever want to pay for a car though. Guess I'll have to settle with the abysmally slow 3 seconds of the Model 3 P.. 😉 Well, having had my Kona for about a year I highly doubt I'll ever have a petrol car again (I have, however, always wanted an air cooled 911) and can wholeheartedly recommend it.
  2. Yeah, I am seeing lots of promising Evs these days and that EV6 is definitely on my list, however isn't that Audi more expensive than the Plaid+? The Plaid is one sweet looking car with utterly insane specs (0-6 in 2 seconds just about stomping everything out there). One thing is for certain and that is I've lost just about all interest in ICE cars. Kind of never thought that'd happen. 😁
  3. Went from a 2010 Mitsubishi Ralliart to a Hyundai Kona EV about a year ago and couldn't be happier. Thought I'd miss the excellent 4WD from the Mitsubishi this last winter (we got INSANE amounts of snow) but the Kona is quite good despite it is only 2WD. Next car will definitely be another EV and I am seriously eyeing a Tesla Model 3 Performance. That Mitsubishi was good, though. Had it for six years and it never once let me down. Ran like a clock (but with a very thirsty engine).
  4. Kind of wish I could give two likes to that one! 😂
  5. Although there are really good examples of "early access" being really good (Looking at you here, Valheim) I am not so sure about EA for flight sim addons..?
  6. Odd. No issues what so ever for me at ENGM/ESSA?
  7. So. Did a test flight before going to bed yesterday. The issue seems to be just about cured for me at least: Flybywire A320 going from LIRZ to ENGM. Nice, but partly cloudy weather at LIRZ. Gorgeous sun shafts between the clouds and all around a very scenic views. Took off with no performance issues. Fluid and smooth. Climbed up to FL380 and admired the view (holy moly this sim is visually orders of magnitude better than the competition). Winds were spot on as per windy.com. Descending into Gardemoen (ENGM) the weather turned atrocious. The METAR said (among other things) OVC 002. Rain was whipping the glass (nicely done effect IMHO) madly on approach and I could barely at times make out some tree tops here and there. During all this time in this horrible weather, the performance was nothing short of spectacular. Properly impressed. Try to get those visuals and weather in the other sims and enjoy your slide show. I flew the IFR approach and just beforce my minimum I got a clear(ish) view of the aiport and hand-flew down to the tarmac. During this 3h flight I never had the performance tank like before (have done the route a couple of times before and at times I've wanted to ram my fist through the monitor). Fingers crossed this was is..
  8. I didn't touch that folder (although I only have FBW and WT in there)
  9. Cautiously optimistic. Testing the new patch with the FBW A320. So far so good; excellent performance.
  10. Whoa. That captain probably have had better days in the office..
  11. Yes, I am having stutters with this as well. Don't know of any fix to it and performance is, for me, way worse than the Aerosoft CRJ. Quite annoying and it seems like it's exacerbating the general performance problems introduced with that last patch as well.
  12. Yup. Just noticed this myself. Did a new 300NM-ish flight and the destination airport was very interesting to say the least.. Real bummer.
  13. Yeah, this seems to be a bit of a silver bullet. Just did a short hop LIPR > LOWL in Aerosoft CRJ550. Excellent performance all the way. One wonders why this is working...
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