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  1. Yeah, I am getting more and more floored myself. Been flying to and fro with the PMDG 747 now for a couple of days and it's really a step up from version 4 (not to mention FSX of course - haven't used that in years). The performance is really impressive on my computer. Way better than V4 (with the obvious caveat that I don't have the same amount of add on software in V5 ofc). I ran it without the Enhanced Atmospherics first but it's been on since I tried it. Looks so good imho!
  2. Isn't there some dump file you can check for clues? ttps://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/315263/how-to-read-the-small-memory-dump-file-that-is-created-by-windows-if-a#method1 Had an annoying intermittent BSOD after building my new computer and the dump file led me to the culprit.
  3. I am having issues with version 5 that I never had with the previous version. That said; I would STILL definitely go for V5. I am now in a flight from ESSA to BIKF in PMDG 744 and flying into the setting sun. Weather injected by ASP3D. I enabled the "Enhanced Atmospherics" and it looks REALLY good in my honest opinion. Get version five. Warts and all it has already kind of made V4 redundant. Now. Another beer and enjoying that sunset (and praying to the almighty one that it doesn't crash this time.. 😉 ) EDIT: It didn't crash. Neither did I despite the beer. Landed safely at BIKF. Yay!
  4. Hello all. I was having crashes myself. Believed the culprit to be AS3D (or whatever the name of it is. It just never sticks.. 😉 ). However I have narrowed it down to ORBX Objectflow. Haven't had a crash (knock on wood) since I turned that one off. I noticed that whenever I was at an ORBX airport such as ESSA, P3D couldn't shut down without "kernelbasing". On occasions it would just shut down the sim. Without Objectflow, however, not having the issue (fingers crossed).
  5. I'm starting to think that ASP3D was never the one to blame. For me, it all seems to narrow down to Objectflow. Disable that = no kernelbase crashes.
  6. Hmm.. seem to be suffering kernelbase crashes with the ASP3D b3 as well. Bummer.
  7. That was a nice and unexpected surprise indeed. Had given up on the IXEG, maybe time to take it for a spin again. I remember liking it alot.
  8. I hope this fixes my CTD issues. Would love to have some weather in my sim again.. 😉
  9. Ah. Love Civilization games. Although the 6th iteration felt rather bland (I prefer the fifth version and my wife the third) you can't argue with free. Thanks for the tip!
  10. Oh, was of course referring to ASP3D.. 😉
  11. Yeah, I confirmed my own suspicions. Did the same flight that crashed but this time without ASN. No issues.
  12. I am also having kernelbase crashes. Kind of suspecting ASN right now as it is acting strange (after shutting down P3D ASN keeps thinking the sim is connected for example). Highly annoying, feels like I am alpha testing.
  13. I haven't flown much lately due to lack of both time and, frankly, interest. But yesterday I decided to reinstall V5 with the hotfix and then install PMDG 744 to do a test-flight. It was about 800NM. Only add-ons in my V5 right now are the aforementioned 744 and ORBX. Must say I was impressed. Smooth performance and no hiccups what so ever. My computer ran way cooler than on V4 for some reason. Only thing I kind of noticed was that the colors seem a tad too saturated..? My system: AMD3900X 32GB 2080Ti. Sim installed on M2 SSD.
  14. I got V5 as well from the start, although I have not really had the time to do a lengthy sit-down with it. I have, however, installed some ORBX stuff (I'm kind of using ORBX ESSA as a kind of a personal benchmark). Of course the performance is absolutely stellar but that is to be expected because I am using a default aircraft and no other bells and whistles that I use in v 4.5. I am slightly annoyed about blurry ground textures though. Have you guys experienced this? They seem to be way more crisp in v 4.5. That said; I am optimistic about v5 and can't wait to get native installers for my 3rd party fleet.
  15. Oh! Is that via a native installer or do you have to perform some tricks to get it to work?
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