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  1. Agree with Martin on this. The nose of the dog is so sharp it could be construed as something paranormal. I've read several descriptions that dogs actually 'see' smell and I would say it is an apt description. One example; my sister and her family lives next door to a police officer that always worked with dogs in the line of duty. The dog she was working with was capable of sniffing out drugs inside a vacuum jug submerged in a barrel of diesel (granted I could probably provide a theory of how that was possible outside of actually sniffing the contraband in that environment). Our own pooch has no problems sniffing out which way our two kids took when they go outside. And he has had no training what so ever and isn't even a tracking breed (just a humble 14 y/o poodle). Dogs, truly, are mans best friend. 🥰
  2. Might have to add that although I only mentioned the 146 I have the three other. I concur with other comments that the Fenix is the most advanced. However I also tend to like the 737 slightly more. I have flown the MD the least, not because I don't like it just because of lack of time and I still haven't got in in my company in OnAir.. 😉
  3. Yup. That is indeed a valid point. And setting up TMS and stuff like that. It is a really good plane. Worth every penny!
  4. Would like to add another one to the mix (although it might not be as 'study level' as the other three) and that would be the 146! That one is excellent and even more 'Tubeliner Unplugged'.. 😉
  5. Well, he was a supremely intelligent individual with a PhD. That still does not in any way take away the undeniable conclusion that he, despite all of this, was speculating.
  6. Well. If people keep bleating complete nonsense about, for example, ’abysmal textures’ or that PMDG has ’gaslighted’ us that don’t hate the 737 some kind of comment adressing said absurdities might be warranted, no?
  7. Yeah, keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.
  8. 43. First time simming was on dads ancient 8088. Then I had a bit of a hiatus until the early 2000's. But more regularly since 2007 when done with University.
  9. Brilliant! Would like one of those myself.. 😆
  10. Have to say I look forward to the Inibuilds A310 though. Loved inibuilds in XP.
  11. Can't believe I liked your comment. That said. I can numb the pain. I promise.
  12. I really like what I do at work. However I would never play a root canal simulator in my spare time.. 😉 That said, come to think about it... to make that kind of simulator to scratch my 'root canal itch' it'd better be darn close to reality and I suspect that would be really freaking hard to do. Something akin to doing a flight sim I suppose... 🤪 Not a jab or anything against the comment I responded to. It just got my mind going... *crawling back under my rock*
  13. Had this all the time maybe a month ago. Then never until today when I've had it three times over a period of five minutes.
  14. Yeah, I would probably guess you are right about that.
  15. PhD in what field? Are you seriously trying to tell me that a PhD in physics / maths / whatever fantasising about what ET can or can not be like in order to attain Star Trek technology is 'expertise' that I need to take seriously? People with ZERO empirical evidence of said ETs? Are you for real? The utter arrogance and hubris in believing that an astronomer (or whatever) has any deeper insight into a universe that is almost totally terra incognita is mind-blowingly naive. Regardless if you share their opinion. But I promise I will leave you to your fantasies now.
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