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    A 30-something male in love with flight simming, dogs, my wonderful fiancee', technology in general and just reading a good book while enjoying a glass of wine.

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  1. Swe_Richard

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    You and me both on that issue. Is the TBM working well in the beta? Might try it if it works good!
  2. Swe_Richard

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Kind of wish I hadn't installed that. Mid flight I got a notice that my aircraft wasn't activated triggering some kind of systems shutdown. Insanely aggravating.
  3. Swe_Richard

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    1.0.6 is out with some additional tweaks it seems!
  4. Swe_Richard

    Requirements for TBM900

    I can vouch for the FPS increases with 1.0.5. Dramatically improved on my 1080TI. Don't know about min. requirements, though.
  5. Swe_Richard

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Well.. I was getting quite low FPS on a 6700K@4.7 32GB RAM and 1080 TI (around 30fps in sparsely populated areas, dropping to single digits from time to time). It was probably the worst performing aircraft in my hangar (compared to IXEG, ToLiss et cetera). However it's probably the best performer for me after 1.0.5. I'd say get it. It is really impressive. Not just the flying part but the maintenance and everything else as well; stuff like the fact that every switch is saved to your next session. It saves the exact location of the aircraft on the airport you shut down on. I really wish I had all of this with my other aircraft as well.
  6. Swe_Richard

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Taxiing is now a joy thanks to Gorans advice. Performance is quite dramatically improved with the 1.0.5 version. This is an absolute gem.
  7. Swe_Richard

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Excellent! Thank you. Will try this later!
  8. Swe_Richard

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Did another flight some hours ago and must say I am liking this more and more. It was a short hop of about 120 NM. With a couple of exceptions, performance was good during this flight (probably because of the clear skies). It is a handful during take offs IMHO. It is really torquey and pulls like a deranged madman. I guess that is just about how the real one behaves, making me respect the people piloting this thing. Myself, I tend to quickly want to engage the A/P after T/O...😨 During my approach I slowed down to about 100-120 kts and it was really easy to fly it down to the runway, making a nice landing (no damages yet...) as the winds were nice and calm. How do I put the throttle in the Taxi range, though? Must have missed that part in the documentation. I always get the brakes hot when taxiing. Can't wait to get her up in the air again. I'd say it is definitely worth the price.
  9. Swe_Richard

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    I've finally been able to pry out some time to make a quick flight. All went well and I managed to land without causing any structural damage to the aircraft. It really is a work of art, but there is definitely a performance premium to be paid. Granted, I've lately been plagued by poor framerates in XP11 but this takes it to another level in that regard. Sitting on the tarmac at ESNU I have about 35-40 FPS. Flying in the vicinity of even some light clouds plummet my frames intermittantly to the single digits. This is on a 6700K @ 4.7 32gb RAM and a 1080Ti. Will try to find some time to make another flight asap.
  10. Swe_Richard

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Bought it but haven't had the time to take her up in the air yet. Have been sitting on the tarmac and just fooling around with all the buttons and it sure seems like a labor of love this one. The maintenance system is really interesting as it tracks expenditures made. Must try to get some time to fly it as well...
  11. Swe_Richard

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Looks really interesting this one. Nice attention to detail. Will probably end up getting this.
  12. Swe_Richard

    Helicopter flying

    Thanks for that manual! Will try to read through it as I have a suspicion that part of the explanation that I am so utterly bad at this would be that I don't know what I am doing. Controlling speed is (one of) my biggest issue. Tipping just ever so slightly forward seems to make me go 120+ after no time at all, and bleeding off that speed is almost impossible (pull back at the cyclic making me climb to 3000 feet as the speed slowly bleeds off). It's really fun, though.😂
  13. Swe_Richard

    Helicopter flying

    I've just recently discovered helicopters myself. Have always been flying fixed wing but got a new joystick and thought it was time to take the chopper for a spin. Insanely fun but extremely frustrating at the same time. It is maddeningly difficult and I must confess I am utterly rubbish at it.
  14. Swe_Richard

    RTX 2080Ti

    Yeah, this is turning out to be a ridiculously expensive hobby. It is getting quite hard to justify the price of one of those graphics cards especially given the fact they'll be just about worthless in just a couple of years. I'm eyeing the 9900K and would like to add a 2080TI to that build but holy moly those prices are insane. If I knew I'd be getting 200% performance increases going from my 1080Ti/6700k @ 4.7 I'd go for it though. 🤣
  15. Swe_Richard

    Ultra Weather XP

    Bummer. Man, that disc-cloud gets on my nerves every time...