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    Oh, my.

    Youtube sure can suggest interesting videos at times. Wonder what went through the mind of the pilot taking off? ”probably best i swipe the other side as well and call it a day?”
  2. I wish I could tell you. If we could remove the rampant corruption and the politics from it that would sure improve the situation but it would probably be easier to find a real life unicorn. Oh, well. The barbecue beckons and I have to devour some juicy burgers.
  3. Lots of frauds in the medical industry that have degrees as well though. Paolo Macchiarini being just one example. Lots of degrees behind Vioxx (not to mention the more recent stuff) that makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up.
  4. 'What is in a degree' A very apt question. It is quite obvious that if you are in certain fields you have to kowtow to certain narratives lest your career is over. And I am not talking about engineering and maths, but about those 'the science is settled' fields where you simply can not ask questions that can be even remotely construed as critical (or even inquisitive) to said narrative without getting the usual invective bleating from the worshippers of 'the science' or other miscellaneous narrative officers. Let us all also not forget the (ongoing and probably growing due to, among many other things, the publish-or-perish phenomenon) replication crisis in many fields. The inherent flaw of peer review research (all those seminal studies have gone through said process yet many of them fail to replicate half of the time or even way worse actually making the coin toss a better predictive tool). The degrees behind all those studies are responsible for this and yet we see with stunning regularity pompous individuals defer to the 'experts say' or 'experts agree' or 'the science is settled' arguments as if they actually know anything; I find the 'my view coincides with the experts' argument particularly amusing. Lab coat worship has morphed to be the religion of the 21st century, there can be little doubt about that. When politics mixes with said 'science' this is a recipe for disaster.
  5. Yup. Will probably get the 600 as I have more than a little sweet spot for it.
  6. Good Lord that is a gorgeous car. Would like the split window with side-pipes and a beefy engine.. 🥰
  7. Oooh! Thought you guys were talking about this
  8. Well.. sure, this hobby can be costly there is no doubting that. But many hobbies are. I have always been fond of photography for example and over the years I don't dare to sum everything up but I would not be even remotely surprised if that hobby has cost me several times more than flight sim.
  9. Update: I think Cuba is innocent and the issue was the flight plan (made by MSFS as I was piloting the HJet and using the in built flight planner). Noticed the flight plan had some issues and ended up deleting it from the FMS. Lo and behold; back to my usual smooth performance after that.
  10. Thought I'd shout out to the fine people in this forum because I am kind of dazed and confused. I've been flying the HJet and the MD82 for the past 30 or so flights (ranging from 80 to 1200 nm hops). Performance has been stellar and because of this I've told myself I won't join the latest beta. I've gone more or less all across Europe during these flights. Even the more congested places such as Paris, Berlin and London. Now I am in the Caribbean (courtesy of OnAir and the missions therein). I am suffering some weird microstuttering over Cuba atm. Performance is really shoddy in a way I haven't experienced in a long while in this sim. Flying at 39k feet in the HJet over Cuba gives me this odd stuttering. Is there a known issue over Cuba/in the Caribbeans I have totally missed? EDIT: Leaving Cuba the performance increases.
  11. Hmm.. so that was what happened to me yesterday when OnAir stopped tracking my flight as it accused me of tampering with the time. Never happened before.
  12. Yeah, but I guess that wasn't the gorgeous 732, though.. 😉
  13. Ooh, love the CIVA INS. I would like that for sure. And I have always had a really soft spot for those cigar shaped engines and the retro British Airways livery. If someone would do the 727 next I would be set for life more or less.. 😉
  14. I am not missing anything from your posts. They are quite transparent, especially as you are now fighting straw men trying to denigrate me as 'obsessively insulted' by you pontificating about MS wanting to make Arcade-level-products. I have never claimed Asobo or MS to be perfect. Quite the contrary; and I have absolutely no love for MS as a company and would ditch them in a heartbeat if all the software I use could be found on other platforms. I will, however, keep pointing out blatantly obvious fantasies when I see them.
  15. And here you, beyond any reasonable doubt, prove my comment about your 'if' as disingenuous.
  16. Really? That ’if’ struck me as disingenous FUD to be honest. Such as the low effort tr0ll at the beginning of the thread.
  17. Why would they insist that? Do you have anything to back up this claim or are you just fantasising as you go?
  18. I have to return to this thread even though the OP probably already has made up his mind of which to buy. After a long pause in the hangar I decided it was time to try it out again and I think I have a new favourite. Performance is stellar. Sure, the VC isn't as good looking as the others but I am not bothered by this at all. It looks more than good enough to me, and the performance is nothing but spectacular. That freckled brunette as the F/O is a nice touch as well. 😎
  19. Well, I have heard lots of hyperbolic nonsense that's for sure.
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