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  1. Agree with you completely. Here on Avsim, though, the incessant nagging about all things PMDG will wear you out.
  2. I got to tell you about the most scary flight I've even been through when revisiting this thread upon reading @mjrhealth recent post. I was on a flight to ESNS a number of years ago (pre 2014 as it was before my kids). On approach I looked out the window and all I could see was milk. Everything was white. I thought to myself (and told wifey) 'I think we still are a bit high, we can't be THAT close to the airport'. One second after I told her this, I just suddenly saw tree-tops. Uncomfortably close, like I could actually reach out and touch them if it weren't for those windows. In addition to this we got buffeted by some rather uncomfortable winds. I've been in those kinds of situations before while flight simming, and thought to myself 'man, I would absolutely soil myself if I went through this in real life'. But there I was, experiencing this by myself. We obviously were close to the ground. I was confident the pilot was established on the ILS and thought to myself (rather hopefully) that he/she was on top of their game and would divert or go-around if needed. I obviously couldn't see the runway, but I could clearly see we were below the tree line. At this point in time we must have been hit with some rather nasty winds because all of the sudden I could see the ground out the window. One second later I just saw milk again. I felt the rather 'hands-on' corrections the pilot made and actually thought 'this might actually be it'. The landing was the hardest I have ever experienced (not saying much at all as the total number of flights in my life are probably <50). I bet the pilot slam-dunked and then just stepped on the brakes. It was totally uneventful to be honest (at least in retrospect), and I realised I was going to live another day. That visceral feeling, when the pilot did a hard left (making me see the ground) and then a hard right (making me see the milk) just moments before a touch down, is something I'll never forget. 🤢
  3. Hmm.. I have the tablet in the 738BCF and BDSF but not in the 'standard' 800? Haven't yet checked the 6 and 700
  4. Hmm.. Might actually get P3D v6 if I get all the ORBX-stuff in there along with the old Q400.. 🥳
  5. What?! I seem to be living under a rock.. 🤪
  6. Well.. thousands of hours as a pretend-pilot gives some perks, that's for sure.. 😉 Got to say, though, I was cursing the administration of ENEG for not cutting down those obviously dangerous trees. 🤪
  7. So, approaching the coast of Norway, I was buffeted by some really hard winds (provided by ASXP). This flight would probably have been uncomfortable for human passengers.. 🤢 The view was great, though, with the sun setting behind me as I was nearing the T/D. I got no METAR for ENEG so I was kind of not knowing what I was getting myself in to as ENEG don't seem to have an ILS... As luck would have it, though, visibility was great so hand-flying the approach was easy and enjoyable. However. Approaching RW04 into ENEG I kind of noticed some rather tall trees close to the threshold. That made me do 'a bit' of a slam-dunk when landing (only some 6800ft of runway and with a flap 40 approach speed of 139kts I was slightly uncomfortable). I would say the landing was 'slightly' too hard for comfort at neg. 4 meters per second. Ouch. Well. I survived. Every landing you can walk away from is a good one...? 🤣 This little bird will see some regular usage that is for sure. After some repairs that is...
  8. I've put this off for too long. Got this old gem as soon as it was released for XP12, but tonight I'm doing the inaugural flight. BIRK to ENEG. Have just taken off from ENEG. Climbing to 33k feet, slightly above the recommended 32.7k for the current weight (thinking 33k will be the recommended when I arrive at the altitude). Leaving Iceland as we speak (man, I love Iceland. Been there just one time and all the time felt like I should move there. Fell completely in love with it and have missed it ever since). Got to say XP12 has matured quite nicely. My initial problems with XP, such as horrendous AA, seem to have largely been put in order. This really is a stonking great sim and I am a happy supporter along with simzilla. I'll leave this post for now. Will do an update when I am down at the ground at ENEG.
  9. Update looping for me. That is a first. Tried everything suggested but still loops the first package.. 🤪
  10. Well, yeah... each time I hear about UFOs I kind of tend to think 'DISTRACTION' for some reason... 😉
  11. @filou never ceases to amaze me with his gorgeous screenshots!
  12. Whaaa? I posted a thread that it seemed close some... months ago...(?). Have we finally arrived?! This is an instabuy for me.
  13. Only played for maybe a couple of hours yet, but I have to say I am slightly underwhelmed. For some reason the world doesn't feel that big. I keep getting the feeling of jumping from fishbowl to fishbowl.
  14. Yeah. It sure seems to be badly optimized. Out in open areas, I got stuttering with a 4090. Bonkers.
  15. Anyone got this? I jumped on the upgrade offer but haven't got the time to dig in to it TBH.. 😅
  16. If I just run MSFS and nothing else then CCD0 seems to more or less be the only chiplet in use (according to HWINFO CCD1 gets some 0-5% usage now or then. Especially if I start a web browser and type this). However if I fire up other apps (such as Navigraph, OnAir/Neofly or a web-browser) CCD1 will awaken and be used. I could also set affinity for certain apps for CCD1 and CCD1 will be used despite me using MSFS. Sure, there probably will be some spill-over at times when MSFS processes populate even CCD1. Can't say I've noticed it though. Smooth and fluid and atm enjoying an average CPU temp of 63 deg C after two hours in the PMDG 737. So, to answer your question. Yes, they tend to be parked. But in no way, shape or form are they disabled (which to my non-native English means 'completely unavailable'. Which they of course are not).
  17. I've always liked Koenigsegg. Even though I'd never afford even the rear view mirror of their cheapest car even if I work until I am 200 years old. 😅
  18. Whoa! He must have beefed up the suspension on the car quite a lot. What does one of those things weigh? 2000lbs? EDIT: And I love how it has... 'decorated'... the car during the ride.
  19. Well, in addition to great sim performance I was after good multi threaded dito. The 7950x3d absolutely stomps the 7800x3d in this regard. No contest. So for me, the choice was easy. EDIT: And, no. The 7950x3d does not turn into a 7800x3d when gaming. The non-cache cores are not disabled at all. I use them frequently while simming.
  20. Yeah, I am not all that impressed either to be honest. Would really like V6 to take off but with the rather anemic support from 3rd party devs I don't really see that happening. Still liking my v5.4 and using it quite often, before the choir starts kvetching about trolls and such.
  21. I went with the Lian-Li 011 Dynamic Evo for my 7950x3d (cooled by a 360 AIO and with a -15 CO) and 4090. Replaced the front glass panel with their mesh one as I was planning on installing more case fans. However temps have never been an issue for me so I have delayed installing said fans. Went with a motherboard with 4 M.2 slots as I decided to ditch SATA altogether. OS on one M2. MSFS on it's own. P3D/XP shares one M2 and the last is dedicated to the Steam library. My CPU as I write this (while flying the PMDG 737-600 in MSFS) has a temp om 63 dg C. GPU at 55. Very happy with the build to say the least.
  22. This is absolutely adorable. You, sir, are a sure champion of 'cApiTalism' (or however you spelled it in your effort to discredit me). The articles I so 'conveniently ignored' didn't talk about AI or automation now did they? Hence they were totally irrelevant to my argument. I will humor you, though. The WEF one was very short, but with a nice graph I suspect impressed you greatly (be sure to subscribe to their newsletter for updates on their 'Agenda'). The other one seemed to try to explain supply and demand. We all know about supply and demand. How, exactly, did these articles nullify my stance about AI and the fact that automation will, undoubtedly benefit the 0.1%? You called my position 'nonsense' after all? You also speak about obsolete professions. AI seems to be on the verge (at least according to the believers) to make many obsolete. What will all those 'obsolete' people do for a living? The combustion engine replaced the horse, and people learned to drive (your analogy). When robots do all the 'menial' things, what is left? Do you see any kind of societal hazard in this situation or do you think everyone will be happy with their UBI-check?
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