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  1. The ORBX servers are pretty fast, so unless you are on a really slow connection yourself--one that would make re-download just excruciatingly painful, I think it's still a lot more foolproof to just install from scratch, I'm re-downloading all of my ORBX stuff, my connection is fast, but their servers are not quite as fast as I would like them to be, considering the amount of data I'm downloading. But I have patience and I will survive.......I've got the Global Range files downloaded, the rest are not that big.
  2. Thank you Bob, I think that's wise advice. I wish I would have kept a log like you have. Perhaps I should take this opportunity and start one! As far as Acronis, I absolutely agree with you, it is not very reliable I actually quit upgrading my copy so I'm still using an older copy. I had a few opportunities to use it on my other PC , but it was always a hit and miss proposition. I purchased Ashampoo Back Up program because it seemed suited for my wive's PC and she wouldn't have any problems creating a back up of all her sewing programs and such, but I'm not too crazy about it! I've heard of O&O Diskimage and I have used their Defrag program in the past but with the advent of SSD's defrag programs are becoming obsolete. I'm glad you mentioned O&O and I think I may check into their Diskimaging program. Thank again for your sage advice, I'm installing a fresh copy of P3Dv4.4 onto my newly wiped drive as we speak....let the pain begin 😀!
  3. Thanks Bob, I think you may be right and I should wipe my LM folder in entirety and do a clean install of P3Dv4.4. As far as Orbx I think I may try to move the folder back into P3D and see what happens. Since my crash only happened recently I think my ORBX stuff is current. As far as drive imaging, I had that installed,but for some reason my Acronis backup image could not get the Optane working again in the OS. After calling Intel, and discussing imy problem with them, I decided I would just go ahead and reinstall the Operating System and start clean. I guess by that same logic I should go ahead and start everything else fresh, but there was so much installed and running well that I hate to start all over, since I forgot most of the tricks I used to run my Sims and would have to search for them all over again. But I have a nasty feeling that it is what I will have to do, anyway. thanks again.
  4. Thanks Vic, The ORBX files are the ones that will take the longest to reinstall, so this may be a choice to consider. I wish I was better prepared for the crash, but the backup of the Drive C did not get the crash fixed. The Intel Optane was a tricky animal to salvage from crash, and required a complete reinstall of the OS.
  5. My PC equipped with Windows 10 Pro, Intell 32GB Optane and a 2TB drive had P3D v4.3 installed in a separate partition together with a lot of extras. A few days ago my Windows 10 Pro got corrupted and I was forced to do a clean reinstall ofWin 10. My question is: P3D was on a separate partition so it's still complete, can I salvage any of that installation, or do I have to reinstall it all again? I guess, if I do, I might as well go for the ver 4.4. and reinstall all of the ORBX and other add-ons and start from scratch. I know it will take a long time to reinstall everything, that's why I'm asking if anything can be salvaged from the previous install. I also had FSX-SE installed there, but I hardly ever use it anymore so I just may take it off. Would I be better off just wiping everything off the P3D partition or should I attempt to fix/salvage what I can? Any ideas or input is appreciated.
  6. That's OK Keven, thanks, I'll just go ahead and purchase it, $9 is no big deal. I'll do it tomorrow, it's bed time now.. I have looked for it and never found anything except that old precipitFX folder, and an old link to fsfxpackages.com. I got in over 3 years ago, and I can't even remember what I had for breakfast today. My email and password didn't work so I just re-registered so I can at least install the VFXCentral.
  7. Keven, Pirated? How can that be? I have never used pirated software, so if you say this one is than I am at a loss. I've had gremlins in my PC system before, but not buccaneers. Why would I pirate a $9 program to begin with? It just does'nt make any sense! I did find an old link to fsfxpackages.com, that I had in my saved folder, and I even had a password, but when I logged in to the site and asked for my account details my email wasn't recognized. So I re-registered and I was able to get the VSXCentral installed, but of course the precipitFX didn't work. Rather than keep beating this old horse to death I'll go ahead and buy the program again, like I said $9 will not break me! Thanks for you help........ Stranger things have happened, but there usually was a good explanation!.
  8. Hi Keven, Ok, I am totally confused. When I click on install "preciptFX installer.exe" I am not asked for my email it just installs. I am not sure as to what is happening, but it obviously is not right! Sorry if I sound dense, but I am not sure of what is happening. And it's been years since I messed around with some of this stuff. Here is what I get when I click on the installer: (Hopefully this link works). https://imgur.com/sr5OdzY Is this right?
  9. Hi Keven, I just downloaded VFXCentral and tried to install it, but it is not recognizing my email for login so I can't finish the install? What can be wrong? I think I bought the precipitFX directly from you, but can'y be sure. I normaly keep all of my purchased programs together with all the passwords and logins, but can't find anything except the file, which still installs into FSX without any problems. Could you check and see if you have any records of the purchase?
  10. Hi, I have an old version of PrecipitFX by "Oldprop Solutions" that I purchased in 2014. Did FSFX take it over and is there is a version of PrecipitFX for Prepar3D v4.1 available? Is there an upgrade path available to bring my version up to date. The installer version I have is 1.0 dated 9/4/2014 and only installs into FSX.
  11. Never Mind! I resolved the problem. After trying everything else I reinstalled the Cessna over the previous installation, it took me 2 tries, but finally it worked. The Cessna Panel and cockpit look as they should. I don't know why it took me 3 tries, but I know that it's working. The moral of this post is: If at first you don't succeed, try again.
  12. I bought the Carenado CT182T Skylane G1000 HD Cessna to use in My P3D4 sim. After completenig the install I find that some interior textures are invisible. All of the panel gauges are suspended in mid air! I installed this same aircraft in my FSX-SE and everything is normal, but it's definitely not normal in my P3D v4. I am at a loss as to what is causing that, and hoping someone here can help me resolve this problem. I tried looking for similar problems in the forum, but was unable to find any. I would upload a screen shot of the problem, but haven't figured out how.
  13. Well actually, it was reinstalling W10 and P3D4. Just reinstalling P3D4 alone didn't solve the problem. I actually reinstalled P3D4 several times to no avail. It was after I reinstalled W10 that the problem was solved, because it was not properly updating.
  14. Well my first W10 install, after build, was not updated either and I've had it installed for a couple of weeks, so apparently the updates were not automatically installing . After fighting the problem for a week and trying everything else, I decided to reinstall W10 again. That's when the updates problem surfaced. When checking W10 for updates it kept telling me that the OS was up to date, but the Nvidia support tech said not to go by that and run the program to force the updates. I guess he was right. After running that program, receiving all the updates, I reinstalled P3D4 and it is running as it should! And yes, I had to reinstall P3d4 and everything else on this PC, that's why I delayed the Windows reinstall.
  15. Ok, I have finally solved the original problem I've had, not being able to change airports in P3Dv4 on my brand new system, that I've just built.. In desperation I reinstalled my Windows 10 Pro, but I still had the same problem, I also noticed a problem with Nvidia driver install. I called nVidia support and was told that my new Win10 install didn't have all of the updates, even though it shows all updates up to date. They sent me a link to force the updates, and it did the trick. It took a very long time, but it brought the OS up to date, and now the fresh install of P3Dv4 is working as it should. Here's the link: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=821403. in case someone might need it. The only problem l have now is trying to get my Optane reinstalled and working, it took me a week to figure out how to do it, and looks like I'll have to do it all over again! Life is good, but will be even better with the Optane running!
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