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  1. Short answer, No. Just choose the F1 GTN install option in your aircraft, it will place a dll file in the aircraft folder and show a blank screen on the F1GTN in the aircraft. Then use the rxp 750 config from the Addon Menu to install it. don't forget to choose the 'No Bezel' option. Hope this helps, Trevor
  2. FYI There is one by V1VrV2 which is working well : Hope this helps, Trevor
  3. Does anyone have the F1 GTN750 integrated into the VC yet, and can share the panel cfg? Cheers, Trevor
  4. Ozx up to v3.5 including Object library Libraries are still available for download from https://archive.org/details/@jaykae&tab=uploads Ozx includes YBTL but I don't think it has been released as a separate airfield. Other Ozx Airfields can be found in this thread in the Orbx Forum (you will have to register to view it): https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/153272-australia-scenery-new-aussiex-destinations/ Ants Aussie Airports can also be found on his website: http://www.antsairplanes.com/scenery.html Trevor
  5. Have uninstalled and reinstalled all the required SimConnects', just cannot get SimConnect to work on P3Dv4. Thanks anyway. Trevor
  6. My simconnect stopped working a while ago and after reinstalling it and P3dv4, I still cannot get it to connect to P3d. Can I use Little Navconnect on the same PC as my P3Dv4 to connect with Little Navmap on the same PC? Trevor
  7. Hi Bruce, my bad, the "dsd_p3d_xml_sound_x64.dll" file should be renamed to "RASDukeTv2_Sound.dll" and replace the "RASDukeTv2_Sound.gau" file whether it is in the "Gauge" folder or the "Panel" folder and should be placed in the "Gauge" folder. So yes delete the "RASDukeTv2_Sound.gau" in the Gauge folder and replace it with the renamed file. Sorry for the confusion, Trevor
  8. Hi, Is there any way of changing the display Orientation of the Users Aircraft on the map to 'Always Up'? Thank You. Trevor
  9. Step by step: Install aircraft to P3Dv4 directory (select it manually) 1. Rename "dsd_p3d_xml_sound_x64.dll" to "RASDukeTv2.dll" 2. Navigate to \<YOUR PREPAR3D V4 FOLDER>\SimObjects\Airplanes\RealAir Duke Turbine V2\Panel 3. Delete "RASDukeTv2_Sound.gau" 4. Copy renamed "RASDukeTv2.dll" to \<YOUR PREPAR3D V4 FOLDER>\Gauges folder Trevor
  10. I had a similar problem recently after installing FSUIPC. A number of Sliders were changed to 0, Texture Resolution changed each time I ran P3Dv4, no Hat Switch on my Logitech 3DPro, etc. Problems continued even after deleting the cfg file. Had to reinstall P3Dv4, I'm forgetting about FCUIPC for the moment. Trevor
  11. Thank You for this great Tool. just a couple of questions : How do I 'keep Map on Top' of Sim Window? Am I Able to click and drag Aircraft to another location? Thank you again, Trevor
  12. @jury42 What does your default NZMF look like in P3v4? Mine is stuck on top of a plateau. Thanks Trevor
  13. @iflygary, thanks very much Gary looks great and working well. Cheers, Trevor
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