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  1. radial360

    P3D v4.4 and settings ... and video samples from Beta

    Good morning guys! How are you? Sorry to bother you again but I'm about to receive a brand new build that I will be configuring this weekend. 8086K Liquid OC, 2080Ti also liquid cooled. Can somebody confirm if these are the correct tweaks that I need to add to the system in order to take full advantage of the hardware without loosing too much performance? I'm running the sim in 4k. [TERRAIN] TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 [GRAPHICS] ENABLE_MEMORY_OPTIMIZATION=0 MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=320000.000000 [SCENERY] SCENERY_DRAW_DISTANCE=64000.000000 What about TEXT_BAND_MULT=120 like I had in v4.3? Not needed anymore? Any other suggestion? I'm sorry but I got so confused trying to read and research all this threads 🙂 Thanks!
  2. radial360

    7900X P3D V4.3 vs 9900K P3D V4.4 +60-95% FPS increase

    Hi Guys, I have been on win7 for the last few years and just now, with the new rig, updating to win10. I am getting a second 1080ti to make an SLI and would like to know if you recommend that I update to the latest build of win10 and latest drivers or if you think that there is a combination that is proven to work well? I heard people were having issues on one of the win10 builds. @Rob Ainscough @westman
  3. radial360

    1080TI SLI Settings

    Thank you so so much Rob!!!
  4. radial360

    1080TI SLI Settings

    Good Evening guys... happy V4.4 day! just got myself a new rig with two 1080Ti watercooled, and I was wondering if there is any specific settings I need to be aware of on Inspector or prepar 3d itself? I would appreciate any feedback! @Rob Ainscough Any idea/suggestion dear guru? :) Thanks!!!
  5. radial360

    747 V3 and PFPX Flight Plans

    Thanks a lot! P.S. Corrected
  6. Good Morning guys! Really excited about the release of the 747... can't wait to try it! Just a quick one for your guys... any way, so far, to export the flight plans from PFPX to the FMS of the 747 like we do on the 777? Some flights are really long so the route uplink really helps hehehe Thanks a lot and good luck with the release!
  7. Guys any chance for Martinair Cargo 747? Thanks!!
  8. Looking forward to hearing from your results!
  9. Hi guys, my P3D is quite stock. Only added FFTF 0.01 and a TEXT_BAND_MULT=120. Ht is HyperThreading and you disable it on the BIOS. AM is Affinity Mask. My OC is on liquid cooling... only way I could achieve it was with no HT as the HT significantly increases the heat. Been running this setup since october, and works flawlessly... I upgraded the 980ti for a 1080 and wouldn't go back to be honest. My 1080 is OCed as well using AfterBurner. Settings are as per Rob's website Very High for P3dV3.2 Gio
  10. Hi Angelo! As we have a very similar set up... are you running HT or AM at all in your system? Gio
  11. Good morning everyone, just a quick heads up... last week, I was experiencing some really good performance with my new 4K setup, but every few seconds I was getting some stutters or long frames. It seems like 2 things might have sorted the issue: 1) Updating the Nvidia Drivers of my 1080GTX to the latest ones from July 6th (368.69). 2) In NVI, I set for p3d PreRenderedFrames=1 I don't know if it is a combination of both things, or just one of them, but I have noticed a dramatical increase in my smoothness and performance. Running a 6700K OC @4.9, P3d on SSD, 1080GTX, 4K Monitor with GSYNC Active, No AM, HT OFF. Solid 60FPS all maxed out on PMDG737 out of LFMN from JustSim, AS ON, usual FTX Vector and Global with REX. Hope it helps you guys.
  12. Great Stuff... thanks! I'll jump into it in the next few days and report back!
  13. Hi Steve! Thanks a lot for the informatio and the explanation! Do you recommend me lowering the OC, and enabling HT then? I'm on liquid, but still don't want heating issues... If I do, which number would you recommend me to start with AM wise?
  14. Right... I see a little bit of difference in opinions here guys I have my OC at 4.9 and I can't keep it that high with HT on... and after different tests, I thought he performance and VAS usage on HT Off was a lot better. I think I'll stick to HT for the initial bit of the testings... any idea on what Am to start with?
  15. Guys, it's really an interesting read! Thanks everyone for explaining this stuff to us, ingorants... I find it really incredible how you guys have been able to disect this stuff into comprehensible ideas for us all. Yet, I'm still trying different things, and since I changed to 4K, I'm yet to find the right settings for my rig. I'm currently running a 6700K OC at 4.9 on liquid, and a GTX1080 also OCd. HT is off... Only AA I have is within P3d 2x, and FXAA enabled... and frames are normally solid at around 50/60 with complex addons, but every odd second they spike down to 35 or so, and then up again... It's not unfliable, but I wasn't having this before. Can anyone suggest any specific AM settings to start trying? After several tests I have decided to stay HT Off, and I currently am getting a solid performance, but with several spikes on the FPSs which I didn't use to get on the non4k Setup, or with the 980ti. I suppose the drivers of the GPU are still to be improved, but if there are any suggestions that can be of help I really appreciate it! Take care.