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  1. hi guys, I been thinking for a while about starting a Flyglobespan virtual airline. Flyglobespan was sadly shut down in 2009 but i believe i could still find a number of pilots in the virtual world who would love to fly with this va if it opens. I plan to hopefully start building up a website and routes soon and i already have a number of repaints for the aircraft that flyglobespan used. I am also hoping if this does work to add the 787 to the fleet as this aircraft was due to arrived at Flyglobespan last year. The main hubs to begin with will be Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Routes will mainly begin with short haul in Europe but over time i will be adding the long-haul routes like Florida and Vancouver. The fleet should consist of Boeing 737- 600, 700, 800. The boeing 767-300ER and boeing 787-8. I do realize the amount of effort and work that is required but i really do believe it will pay off in the end. If anyone is interested to be a co-founder or a member of staff please pm me or leave a message on this topic. Many thanks, KIeran
  2. Hi Helge, Thanks for the quick reply. It turns out the problem was to do with the voice packs. It seemed the microsoft- anna voice pack that was in the voice list was creating errors so i downloaded a voxpox voice. It seems to be working now, i just need to get the voice recognition used to my voice. From what i seen so far of this add-on working it seems quite good and i will be defiantly thinking about investing in it. Once again thanks for your help. Ty capt Richardo for your response and if i do decide to buy this add-on, i now know a useful tip. Many thanks, Kieran
  3. hi, I have been looking all over the forums and web and have found no solution to my problem. I am trying the trial version of VOXATC but every time i go to enable it in flight it starts to initialize and then comes up Fatal error. Shutdown VOXATC. Any help would be much appreciated Many thanks Kieran
  4. Hello, I am thinking about recreating a flight was on in 2010 with saga airlines Glasgow (EGPF) - Dalaman (LTBS) Can anyone do a repaint of the pmdg 737-800 in the saga airlines livery please. If you need anymore info or some pics just say :) Many Thanks -Kieran
  5. Please I been looking for weeks a repaint of these planes for fsx and still no luck :( Can Anyone paint these liveries for fsx i be very grateful Many Thanks
  6. HI, I am looking for a repaint for the just flight 767-200/300 series in the Flyglobespan red livery (G-SPNA) And the just flight 757 captain in the same livery (dosen't matter about tail number) Anyone interested please PM me or leave a note here please Many Thanks
  7. Thank you and i have a look at your other liveries tonight :)
  8. No-one has paid you? :( you're an amazing painter as well i may be able to pay a small amount it depends on how much my replace the stuff :) If you can send the psd material i be very grateful Thanks
  9. if anyone does try and paint the aircraft i may not be able to include a prize/ award due to the fact that i have had some problems the last few days and i need to replace some stuff sorry :(
  10. Ty so much :D You're an amazing painter :) So will be able to paint the other aircraft and if so what kind of prize do you think is fair ? Thanks
  11. Amazing :D ty so much :) I am wondering if you could possilby repaint the just flight 767-200/300 series (tail number G-SPNA) and the just flight 757 captain in this livery :) ( i may also be able to include a prize) :) Thanks again
  12. Also could you make it winglets (sorry i forgot to say earlier)
  13. Well since i am quite new to painting, would you be able to make a better repaint of this plane for me :) I have saw your work on a different post and it was quite good :) Can you Pm if you are interested in doing this Thanks :)
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