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  1. OMG. That is incredible. Let me take a look on my end. I feel like this would have been reported waaaaaaaaaaay earlier if this was indeed a FreeMeshX problem.
  2. Hello Ian, The MD5SUMs are there as reference to checking the integrity of the downloaded files. Basically, a MD5sum is string of characters that is unique to each file. So if you check the MD5SUM for a file and the string of characters is identical to the one I provided, then that file is not corrupt. You can easily determine the MD5SUM for any file using http://www.winmd5.com/. I believe all you have to do is just drag n' drop or browse the file in the utility and it will compute the MD5SUM. Unfortunately, file sizes are not a good enough check. You can have an identical file size but the MD5SUM could still be different. MtRainierLOD14.bgl is a USA file, and is in one of the USA .bin files. As to which of the 27 .bin files, I am not sure since the installer-designer program does not exactly describe how to find that info. But it would be good to check all of the 27 .bin files anyway to ensure all of them have the integrity intact.
  3. Thanks @medx421
  4. Hi @eilh, It's likely one or more of the .bin files corrupted during its download and needs a re-download. To determine which .bin file exactly, you should do an MD5SUM integrity check on the files and cross-reference them with those in the provided md5sums_fmx_global.txt.
  5. And the other Queen of the Skies L-049. If you're into propliners.
  6. Awesome. We definitely needed a freeware alternative in the spirit of the original.
  7. Not sure why this would occur with FreeMeshX. Are you positive it is a problem with FreeMeshX? I have not seen this.
  8. When a developer advertises a 1 m mesh, it's usually the case that only a few spots in the world are that resolution. It's more of a marketing ploy. What is more likely is that most of the world is somewhere around 19 or 38 m with the USA at 9.5 m, and a few mountain regions at 1 m. I can tell you that a 1 m global mesh wouldn't fit on any HDD -- and I don't think even the Department of Defense has 1 m terrain data for the globe. The changes from FS Global 2010 could just be simply due to a change in source data and not because it's actually at 1 m now.
  9. Well, it's not unusual really. It's almost expected if only the mesh is updated and the vector data remains default.
  10. Hi Troy, This is very much a basic P3D problem where "the elevation of a vector X, such as the vector controlling the elevation of an airport or river" does not match the elevation of "mesh Y which has no control over airports and water body elevations". This problem applies to all meshes. I can't remember. Are you running FTX Vectors? Vectors can help solve this problem, especially for water bodies, and airports where the elevation discrepancies are great.
  11. That's just typical P3D/FSX behavior when the airports aren't made sit on the mesh, but instead sit at their own elevation irregardless of a 3rd party mesh. I'm trying to produce a workaround, but honestly, Lockheed Martin needs to do something about this fundamental issue that has existed for years.
  12. Turn off the bloom in the HDR settings. I personally can't stand it.
  13. CVX files are vector data. I think the different layers of scenery can best be explained by the FTX Definitive Guide -- start on page 13 and it'll illustrate what vectors, mesh, landclass do for the sim.
  14. @theobrinkman You can manually download the files then. Look inside your unzipped downloader. Go to the raw_links_global.txt. You'll find the URLs for all of the files. I'll list the South America ones and the patches. http://www.mediafire.com/file/a8vqf2woh80960d/fmx_south_central_america.exe http://www.mediafire.com/file/725v6wqy4373xbp/fmx_south_central_america-1.bin http://www.mediafire.com/file/dvredx997acrijr/fmx_south_central_america-2.bin http://www.mediafire.com/file/y044rra41zp11vg/fmx_south_central_america-3.bin http://www.mediafire.com/file/0qzssfdss229urt/fmx_south_central_america-4.bin http://www.mediafire.com/file/um45395mppueb05/fmx_patches.exe