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  1. @Bluestar There's a link on our main site ninetwopro.com, but don't feel obligated at all. This isn't donationware, and I don't expect to receive donations from anybody. As for the U.S. beta, you can still download it manually, but it would be about 28 files. Honestly, Bit torrent is the best way of downloading it if you can somehow manage it. If not, just PM me and I can try to set something up.
  2. Yes, I'm getting reports of this occurring, it's happening when my bandwidth quota is at its limit. To break it down, MediaFire has changed its pricing, so that additional bandwidth now costs huge amounts more than what it did in the past. And when the quota is at its limit, the batch scripts can no longer download the files correctly because my the files can no longer be directly linked from my account. Unfortunately, this means I may be restricting downloads to Bit Torrent only -- which is a shame since MediaFire was serving me well for so long. But that ship has sailed, it seems. Anyway, I'm sorry the downloads are broken again. Just use the Bit Torrent links, and with regret, I will be shutting down the direct downloads.
  3. And thank you in return. That's a tremendous help to everybody! And thank you for the donation. Every little bit helps with bandwidth costs and just by donating, you've already done more than about 99.9% of all our users!
  4. Update: Some more bandwidth added today, so direct downloads from MediaFire should be functioning correctly.
  5. Hard time replicating any lake issues here on my end. Are you running any Canary Island addons?
  6. A travesty if it isn't
  7. Thank you all for the kind words!
  8. Elevation issues at airports in the USA is a given until LM rewrites its terrain engine or figure it out for them. I do have a solution I've been working towards the past two years, but progress has been slow. Looks like the lakes' waterbody vectors are not updated to the correct elevations. It's the mesh that is correct. The vectors for those lakes are incorrect. Are you running FTX Vectors by chance? Yikes! That is very messed up. I need to check KABQ on my end. I've seen some bad plateau issues, but nothing to that extent.
  9. Sounds correct! Yep, that easy! fmx_africa.exe. That is the installer. You only need to run that. Nothing else after you download. With it will be 5 bin files, with a total of about 9 GB of data. If you don't have 9 GB of data, and the bin files are much smaller (like 300 KB each), then it's likely the direct downloads failed because my bandwidth quota was exhausted (again). If that happens, try the torrent. That will never exceed my bandwidth quota! It's a normal windows batch file. Should work on Win 10 (I've tested it). Are you unzipping the downloaded zip file before you tried running the batch file? It cannot be run without being extracted. Torrents are the best way to go. If you have the scenery folders, then you don't need an installer :) Just add the folders to your scenery library, and you're good to go. Which file?? http://ninetwopro.com/freemeshx/fmx-installation/ If you mean "How to use the torrent file", then you need a torrent client software to download the files. You something like Tixati or Deluge software. Avoid uTorrent. Is the installer not running? Or does it run and then give an error? If the latter, then it's likely the files did not download correctly (again likely due to my bandwidth quota being exhausted), and you can tell by the file sizes of the bin files being very small (300 KB or so). Until my quota is reset (sometime soon), I would highly recommend the torrent option. Give me some more details, and I'll try to set you on the correct path forward. And sorry to everyone for the delay. The past month been really something. I graduated with my PhD, said goodbye to my family, moved across the country, and started new work. I've just now finally have installed Internet at home. And until my first pay check, it's the same ole story "BROKE AS A JOKE"! :)
  10. Hi Brian, I think I remember seeing this in the ORBX forums. As for autogen sitting level, it's sort of rolling the dice -- the engine doesn't force the terrain to be flat underneath the autogenerated buildings so you may see this from time to time. Scenery Library order won't help, unfortunately.
  11. Thanks @Penz, Happy (belated) holidays to you as well.
  12. Okay, I've re-enabled the download for the installers of FreeMeshX Global, but not for the USA mesh. The USA mesh will remain Bit Torrent only for the time being. Hopefully, this will divide the demand in half and keep my bandwidth quota under control. If anything, please use Bit Torrent for both options. It really helps.
  13. 1.05 was cumulative. Then 1.06 and finally 1.07 were to be applied afterwards.
  14. The .002, .003, and .004 files were never meant to be extracted on their own. Only when after all parts of an archive were downloaded to the same folder was the .001 file and ONLY the .001 be extracted. This would then commence an automatic extraction of all of the parts into a single folder. It's always been that way and designed to be that way with 7-ZIP. The procedure was also detailed in the installation guide that was written for the older archives.
  15. @caleb1 is on point here. Generally I recommend you keep FMX below any FTX regions and 3rd party airports. It can remain above FTX Vectors though.