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  1. 1.05 was cumulative. Then 1.06 and finally 1.07 were to be applied afterwards.
  2. The .002, .003, and .004 files were never meant to be extracted on their own. Only when after all parts of an archive were downloaded to the same folder was the .001 file and ONLY the .001 be extracted. This would then commence an automatic extraction of all of the parts into a single folder. It's always been that way and designed to be that way with 7-ZIP. The procedure was also detailed in the installation guide that was written for the older archives.
  3. @caleb1 is on point here. Generally I recommend you keep FMX below any FTX regions and 3rd party airports. It can remain above FTX Vectors though.
  4. Seeding looks fine here. Most clients I'm seeding seem to be done after a few hours. I'm moving about 500-600 GB per day on average, and the health of the swarm looks good. I could always use more seeders, but I can't force anybody to seed. Some people are just takers :( Also bear with my slow responses these past few weeks. I'm at the end of my PhD candidacy so lots of writing and preparation for my defense. Then I have to move and start a new job! Once some normalcy returns to my life, I can start pushing some overdue updates.
  5. Currently, I'm seeing 21 uploading on the Global torrent with 24 downloading, so it's in relatively good health. Ideally, people should be uploading an equal amount that they download to ensure decent speeds.
  6. North America does not include the USA. It only includes Canada and Greenland. South and Central America refer to the geography south of the USA (Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, etc.)
  7. Now there's a father who must be proud!
  8. Yes, it is still in open beta. I'm using the rest of this autumn collecting reports so that I can release a patch for Global and USA afterwards. I'm currently full steam ahead on preparing for the defense of my dissertation come next month, so I'm letting users just submit any bug reports in the mean time. As you can see, there so far only have been a few bugs.
  9. Hi @nicboyGS It shouldn't be severe texture morphing. Are you sure it's the mesh? I had some wonky issues with the unified lclookup file that FTX Central modifies. Maybe try the migration of this file once more in the tools section of FTX Central?
  10. Well, that didn't take long! 20 TB of bandwidth in one week gone. I have no choice but to suspend the automatic download scripts for now. For the time being, Bit Torrent is the only way to download the files. I never saw any bandwidth usage like this before FMX 2.0, and had even built up a whole PB of surplus bandwidth. That has all disappeared now. The amount of traffic now is just insane, and with no revenue to support the costs, I will have to shift the burden onto Bit Torrent which was designed for exactly this type of thing.
  11. @dadriel I'm having no luck recreating this issue. Islands looks good from all angles here. Are you using other 3rd party scenery?
  12. I've never seen anything like it! Pretty sure this is not mesh related -- that's very weird though.
  13. Due to the high demand of FreeMeshX 2.0, my bandwidth usage on MediaFire has far exceeded its limits. Therefore, the automatic downloads through the downloader were temporarily suspended by MediaFire. To put things in perspective, I have used about 8.5 PB of bandwidth from MediaFire that past two years. I have paid for more bandwidth, but I ask that only the automatic download scripts be used if Bittorrent is absolutely NOT an option! Thanks!
  14. OMG. That is incredible. Let me take a look on my end. I feel like this would have been reported waaaaaaaaaaay earlier if this was indeed a FreeMeshX problem.
  15. Hello Ian, The MD5SUMs are there as reference to checking the integrity of the downloaded files. Basically, a MD5sum is string of characters that is unique to each file. So if you check the MD5SUM for a file and the string of characters is identical to the one I provided, then that file is not corrupt. You can easily determine the MD5SUM for any file using http://www.winmd5.com/. I believe all you have to do is just drag n' drop or browse the file in the utility and it will compute the MD5SUM. Unfortunately, file sizes are not a good enough check. You can have an identical file size but the MD5SUM could still be different. MtRainierLOD14.bgl is a USA file, and is in one of the USA .bin files. As to which of the 27 .bin files, I am not sure since the installer-designer program does not exactly describe how to find that info. But it would be good to check all of the 27 .bin files anyway to ensure all of them have the integrity intact.