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  1. AviatorMoser

    Spikes in S. Mexico?

    I think these defects are still there and need to be corrected in the next patch as well. I'm currently rounding up major artifacts that stand out.
  2. AviatorMoser

    trench issue with 1m setting around Quito?

    If anybody else sees a trench here or there, feel free to let me know where. It will take some time because I'm currently up to my neck with work with paper revisions, but once I submit those, I'll have some breathing room to start fixing some odd defects here and there.
  3. AviatorMoser

    trench issue with 1m setting around Quito?

    Okay, I also have a similar issue up in Alaska -- may need to get a new patch out there. This happens when the data misaligns by a single "pixel".
  4. AviatorMoser

    Mesh issue in Gran Canaria

    Thanks @MatthiasKNU
  5. AviatorMoser

    Mesh issue in Gran Canaria

    I'm puzzled. Looks like a couple of the vectors are very unaligned with the mesh. Generally, it's not a good idea to run a mesh without replacing the vectors as well.
  6. The Vectors reinstall should be fairly simple with FTX Central these days. You just click on the icon in Central, and an uninstall option should be there. Then when it's uninstalled, just reinstall it with Central. Vectors is pretty much self contained within its folders, so I suspect Central wipes out those folders and the Scenery Library entries. As for why this problem occurs, I'm not sure. The AEC tool takes advantage of a "feature" or "bug" of the ESP engine where the altitude of an airport can be changed by loading in a dummy APX file early in the load order that changes the elevation of the airport irregardless of the elevation in the actual APX file that is load later. I think that's how it works, but I'm not positive. Somehow, FTX Vector gets corrupted and the airport elevations can become changed, but the other vector information in CVX files do not automatically adjust to the new airport elevation, and then you see effects where taxiways are sitting at the old elevation while the runways are at the corrected elevation. The whole elevation adjustment system in the ESP engine is very whacky and I'm a huge proponent of changing away from its 20 year old architecture. I hope this somehow helps.
  7. If you are still running into sunken runways or raised taxiways, then I only had fixed this with a Vectors reinstall. I'm not sure why this happens, as it's only happened to me once.
  8. AviatorMoser

    trench issue with 1m setting around Quito?

    Possibly could be a gap in data revealed or created by the 1 m resolution setting. The FreeMeshX data is sampled at 38 m. Do you see this at 5 m or 10 m?
  9. @Rusty Gunz This sounds exactly like a Vectors issue. Are you running FTX Vectors? It had corrupted in the past for me and I found trees and sunken runways all over the place. Ultimately, I had to reinstall FTX Vectors to fix it. This isn't mesh related.
  10. AviatorMoser

    The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    It's always a mistake to not read either. If you read the question by @kiki, he was asking what dynamic lighting does, and I gave him a brief explanation and demo video of software where it's application is obvious. The English language exists so that people can read and understand each other, quite effectively I might add.
  11. AviatorMoser

    The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    It's where multiple sources of lights, such as a lamp, flair, flashlight, etc., cast their own lighting on the surroundings. The surroundings interact with that light and reflect that light or cast shadows appropriately. Check out this promotional material for Arma 3 (an infantry simulator) from 2012. There are good examples of multiple light sources and objects interacting dynamically.
  12. AviatorMoser

    The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    Haha! Yeah, there's always that. Only reason I still have FSX still installed. I'm too frugal to repurchase a new edition of my toys!
  13. AviatorMoser

    The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    I was surprised to see this conclusion, because I feel the opposite has occurred. Technology has grown so fast that P3D feels very outdated and not optimized for the modern hardware. It's still heavily relying on a single thread, still wants to apply antialiasing to every cloud texture, has performance-killing dynamic lighting, and still has no 3D volumetric clouds. In addition, it's airport and navigation database is over a decade old. In many regards, P3D feels like it's still stuck in 2006. What I would like to see Lockheed Martin do for this platform in 5.0 is just focus on optimizing and modernizing. Until then, it's not exactly enticing me to load it up when I can have a similar experience in FSX or something a little more up to date in X-Plane. Just my two cents.
  14. AviatorMoser

    FreeMeshX Global 2.0 - Release Announcement

    @Bluestar There's a link on our main site ninetwopro.com, but don't feel obligated at all. This isn't donationware, and I don't expect to receive donations from anybody. As for the U.S. beta, you can still download it manually, but it would be about 28 files. Honestly, Bit torrent is the best way of downloading it if you can somehow manage it. If not, just PM me and I can try to set something up.
  15. AviatorMoser

    FreeMeshX Global 2.0 - Release Announcement

    Yes, I'm getting reports of this occurring, it's happening when my bandwidth quota is at its limit. To break it down, MediaFire has changed its pricing, so that additional bandwidth now costs huge amounts more than what it did in the past. And when the quota is at its limit, the batch scripts can no longer download the files correctly because my the files can no longer be directly linked from my account. Unfortunately, this means I may be restricting downloads to Bit Torrent only -- which is a shame since MediaFire was serving me well for so long. But that ship has sailed, it seems. Anyway, I'm sorry the downloads are broken again. Just use the Bit Torrent links, and with regret, I will be shutting down the direct downloads.