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  1. Interestingly im doing something entrely different - in sim i have set Unlimited amd Vsync off. In nVidia Control Panel, i have set Half-Refresh Vsync. My monitor is a 144Mhz panel but i leave it set at 60Hz. Thus, i have 30fps in sim. Works nicely!
  2. Wrong. This is Artisan Weather.
  3. Hi team Long time user of your fabulous mesh scenery. Can I ask if its still an enhancement to P3D v5, and in which case, are you aware of any compatibility issues? Thanks in advance!
  4. Cannot begin to express my sincerest empathy for you, and everyone else in a similar situation. Im lucky enough to be safely employed in government, but I am on the frontline of COVID-19 economic response, trying to sort out the economy, so im getting to see more horror than i would wish upon anyone. Hang tight dude - stay close to friends/family virtually, and keep focused on what makes you happy. Have faith that things will sort themselves out soon enough.
  5. Amazing gesture. Heartwarming. Put the first smile on my face so far this week as I'm working in the frontline on government response to this crisis. At least when i get this bug, I now know I can have some time off to explore this bird. Thanks A2A!
  6. Yep another old timer here. Been simming for over 20 years. I'm 35.
  7. It was simpl for me. 32" 1080p - couldn't read the instruments on the FSLabs screens. 28" 4K - performance hit with same aircraft esp with Dybamic Lighting, and scaling in some programmes was awful. 32" 1440p curved gaming monitor - PERFECTION! All run off a 8700K / 1080Ti
  8. Yes I have one and it sits pride and place in my living room!
  9. This! I don't get the whole twitch thing, or the celebrity culture, but Matt Smith (Chewwy94) is all the things you mention. Such a pleasure to watch and learn from, and to be entertained by. His stream is my radio station when im at work. Full respect to the guy - a humbled, respectful and pleasant chap to while away some time listening to.
  10. Edit - misread. I have a 1440p monitor and run at that. Never expect good results from using non native resolutions. You have been warned. You can always sell a 1440p in future and buy a 4k which will come down in price anyway over time. But i will vouch for 1440p. Love it. Mine is 32" so i use 4x MSAA with it. A smaller sized UHD monitor may not need any AA. Running off a 1080Ti, I get near constant 30fps+ and plenty of GPU headroom, whatever the situation with medium/high settings. Moreover, I can actually read the text on Fslabs/PMDG plane instruments! I did have a 4K but even on my 1080Ti, I wasn't happy with the FPS in situations such as Fslabs/EGLL/overcast/dynamic lighting. But now I am!!!!!
  11. Confirm this - i love Plan-G and its great for monitoring Vatsim traffic as you fly along too. I have it loaded remotely on my Surface tablet when i fly.
  12. Indeed. Not the face of someone you would trust with your kids. Haha.
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