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  1. Same question asked a few weeks ago which I gave an informed answer to - take a look. In summary - depends if you want to run DL and FSL A320 or not. Cheers
  2. I was wondering this. In 2008 there was huge uncertainty and this could very well have been a bet hedging tactic that never needed to be launched in the end. Seems pertinent once again - XP development from PMDG has slowed/stalled, FSW closes, P3D will forever have a question mark over it due to LM being the licensor and the restricted EULA... And PMDG slapping presumably large amounts down on their fixed base sim centre, seems sensible to protect that investment by gaining some platform independence!
  3. Jetset408

    Feelthere E135/145 released for P3D v4

    What a pointless update. Unless of course it's to set up a platform for a complete update.... One can wish.
  4. Confirmed. It's all I have done. It's a fresh installed PC and nothing else has been changed. Plan was to work up a new overclock, but given I didn't notice a particular drop in performance, I've decided not to bother and to instead spend my limited available time on using the Sim.
  5. I recently had the same CTD to desktop issue with P3d 4.2. My PC has always been stable with my 6700k overclocked to 4.6GHZ at the same voltage you mention, and with XMP profiled memory. P95 stress tested initially, then everything left in place for about 12 months. Then I started getting CTDs since around Christmas. Some were ntdll faults, others left no log entry. Penny dropped that I had a few months ago upgraded to a 1080Ti from a 1070 and also started using the more taxing p3d 4.2 (with dynamic lights). This I believe added some instability under load - perhaps through power load. It became so i could replicate the CTD by creating overcast weather in AS4, flying the FSL320 through it at night with dynamic lights turned on, in the region of EGLL. Since turning off my overclock and XMP I have had no more CTDs. And more interestingly.... I didn't notice a performance hit!
  6. Jetset408

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    Agreed. I always relied in good faith on that statement that we would one day get the 200ER (insinuated to be not long after initial release in the original manual) - I even printed a full set of real world manuals out ready. That was a few years ago now.
  7. Agreed that 1070 is best bang for buck. I had one. With FSLabs a320, AS weather, flightbeam type scenery and a 4K monitor, I found I had to move to 1080Ti to keep things smooth. Then when P3D 4.1 came out, Dynamic Lighting put me back in single digit fps with a 6700K overclocked rig. I have since downgraded back to a 1080 monitor. So in summary - 1080Ti is an absolute must for 4K but still may not be enough with Dynamic Lighting!
  8. Its not that bad - a bit bright, but at least it gives a more immersive sense of motion. I love the feature.
  9. It barely has 2.0 unfortunately. I hangared it due to lack of immersion. I hope this area improves. The FSimL A320 has spoilt me in respect of audio!!!
  10. Jetset408

    The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    You are right in many respects - when I refer to LM pushing the boundaries and adding lots of nice new features (eg. Dynamic Lighting), you're right in that they are not necessarily doing cutting edge things that other computer games might be doing. They are I suppose catching up with where ESP should be these days, but in doing this, they are finding the limit of the ESP engine and performance is suffering. I too would like to see 5.0 focus on refreshing and updating the platform. Only issue with that is we would probably have to end up buying all of our addons again - for a third time! :) And I doubt that's where Lockheed Martin really see themselves going. As long as the sort of professional experiential training can be done off an un-optimized ESP platform, I doubt they will look to push it much further than at present.
  11. Jetset408

    The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    Yes this is the whole genesis of my post and current frustrations. Optionality is the key. Certainly, devs should seize the opportunity that new P3D versions afford, but allow for users to adopt a more incremental approach to allow hardware to catch-up. That's its. That's the solution. (Isn't it ironic that because P3D and Addons have pushed forward in their development, I have had to downgrade to run them (ie. switching from 4K to 1080). Kinda paradoxical! Ha!))
  12. Jetset408

    The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    Update: I did it. Picked up a dirt cheap end of range Samsung Ue32m5000 yesterday. I ran my reference scenario - doing doughnuts at dusk on the ramp at FB KMSP in the FSLA320 with every interior and external light on (dynamic lights) and Active Sky overcast/rain. With my 4K monitor and NO antialiasing, i got 10-15 fps with heavy stuttering, and my 1080Ti maxed out at 100% usage. With my 1080p monitor at 60Hz, I now get (with 8xMSAA) 40FPS+ and GPU is now at about 50% utilisation. Sure I lost those lovely crisp 4K views and I'm back to fuzzy CRT displays in the VC, but hey, I just regained the immersion that a simulator SHOULD have. And I can use all these new goodies that developers are adding. 4K, i will miss you for now.
  13. Jetset408

    Just bought the FSL A320

    Please listen to This! It's why im now Downgrading to 1080p
  14. Jetset408

    The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    Agreed but it's also in the gift of developers to moderate the speed at which they pile in new features that are not optional.