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  1. I struggled until I realised you have to click on the cockpit door to open and go through it, if you are moving from cockpit into a cabin view position. The door blocks you otherwise.
  2. Indeed. I remember the A14/A11 even getting snarled up badly on the friday evening as people made their way in to the area. Plenty of RVs. One year was so hot, I remember my dad and I making bets which car in the stationary traffic was next to boil over in a cloud of steam and pull to the side... 🤣
  3. Aww Mildenhall. Epic weekends. I was very young at the time but remember fondly. My grand parents lived under the approach path, so we used to walk in to the air base on Saturday, and sit and watch from the perimeter on Sunday. Happy days.
  4. Great to hear. I remain patiently waiting for lower pricing or a sale before they can "add back" me as a customer. Hopefully one day.
  5. Wish I knew. There is no need to code it to use that much constant power in the menu screen, especially when one has to wait days (in my case) for software updates to download and install. In this day and age of trying to be green (in terms of energy consumption), its bordering on irresponsible in my view.
  6. FSLabs also, so just chaseplane to go... So quick and smooth to update these days.
  7. The inner Justin Simle/Arnie Schrader in me wants to get this. My head says otherwise.
  8. I had that, "empire of the sun", and "batteries not included " all recorded off the TV on VHS. About all I did have as a kid. Simpler, happy times.
  9. Exactly the same here. First time trying in maybe 2 months. Unusable.
  10. SunSkyJet Detroit Jetstream Designs Marseille P5D update UK2000 Gatwick HD
  11. These threads amuse me. Clearly the original post's author has some serious doubts and insecurities in their own decisions that they felt could perhaps be resolved through the medium of public posting. If one is that confident in their acceptance/unrequited love of a particular sim, then they wouldnt feel the need to post this. I can only assume that the intention is to deliberately provoke debate in some hope that it may provide some justification. If you are that happy, just get on and enjoy it and dont waste time posting here. Just for the record - i have no preference/view either way on the best sim. Im just happy with my own choices and come here to share tips/discussion when needed/helpful to others. These posts are tiring. Lets embrace diversity rather than try and influence others in an attempt to crush it.
  12. Using p3d v5, i get great results on a Curved Samsung 32" 1440p, leaving plenty of GPU headroom even with 8x MSAA enabled. i replaced a 28" 4K with my current monitor, just to give headroom for those night time overcast approaches into EGLL in the FSLabs with plenty of online traffic. Never looked back. I assume MSFS will be no different, but better to wait and see i guess.
  13. I LOVE hi-fi and class myself an Audiophile as well as a FlightSimPhile. I have over the years modernised though, so i can stream and enjoy the latest digital has to offer, whilst still endulge in my hifi. I now have: - Cambridge CXA80 amp - Cambridge CXN Network Player - Rega Planar 3 Turntable - Cambridge CP1 Phono Stage - Mission MX5 floor standing speakers All my CDs have gone - ripped into FLAC format and stored on a network drive. So i listen to FLAC, stream from Spotify, or listen to my faves on 12". A perfect mix! And for completeness, i prefer Flightsim through quality 2-channel desktop speakers - i have a pair of Bose Companion 2's.
  14. Some dispute between developer and Aerosoft apparently. The fact its impossible to find now is strange. The developer has disappeared. I dont understand why another developer has not since taken it on as its a popular airport. Im longing for it.
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