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  1. Just had this issue - a warning about shared IPs then that was it, couldn't load AS anymore (only ASCA). Did a full uninstall/reinstall and now working. Not sure if this is related. Has never happened before.
  2. Jetset408

    P3D auto loads at System boot-up

    Was wondering the same thing only this evening. Good tip. Thanks!
  3. Jetset408

    fsl 319 released

    I think far from pointless. When you look at your computer screen and see the world with absolute clarity, it's un realistic and draws your eyes to a single focal length. Adding things that stay static on the screen such as bugs is a great way to simulate depth of field and really add to the immersion. Its these little things that really make the Sim come alive for me. I look forward to more such features. Well done FSL. I look forward to the effects coming to the A320!
  4. Jetset408

    fsl 319 released

    HA! I respectfully and strongly disagree. What a bunch of overpaid, overrated half-wits. Too far off topic? yep. Sorry. Just couldn't leave that comment alone.
  5. Ah shame. Sorry I couldn't help. Good luck.
  6. My Samsung did this until I found a menu item on the TV that allowed me to select the device type each source input was. When I choose PC as the device, the picture became beautiful! Interestingly this problem re-occurs when I switch to 30Hz output and I just cannot get the picture to display nicely again. Shame as I would love to try the 30Hz/V-Sync combo.... Not sure if this is anyway similar to your problem but thought i would share in case it was the same. Cheers
  7. Jetset408

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Perhaps that's why performance was great!!!! When updating just Client installer, is it recommended to delete shaders and the other folders containing Prepar3d.cfg files etc...?
  8. Jetset408

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    It's been out for almost an hour and not one review or full set of test results released to the forum. No one has yet reported on compatibility of all add-ons. And no one has yet told me how well it will specifically work on my system. Outraged. I give up with this site. 😁
  9. I just bought and installed an Aorus Z370 Gaming 5 - amazing. Love it. One of the smoothest mobo installs I have ever had. No issues with it other than the CPU power connector was too close to the edge so I had to cut off the clip from the wire connector to allow it past the heatsink which is mounted on top of the case. Drivers work well, BIOS flashed easily, LED lights look cool and colour can be changed.....
  10. I hold myself in very high regard. So much so, I don't bother reviewing, youtubing, or being very public. Im just too awesome for all of that. :) (On a more serious note - the chaps over at Jetline Systems for when it comes to hardware)
  11. Jetset408

    737NGX Chief Pilot Manual Set Wanted

    PM me if you are in the UK as I have a set I no longer want!
  12. Jetset408


    Nvidia inspector-set frame rate limiter? Causing it for me with latest drivers.
  13. Jetset408

    FSL back at it again

    People won't let this rest until FSL are [REMOVED] /disappeared. They have made mistakes, sure, but this continued witch hunt is now only going to hurt those who like and have invested heavily in the A320X (me included!).
  14. Same question asked a few weeks ago which I gave an informed answer to - take a look. In summary - depends if you want to run DL and FSL A320 or not. Cheers