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  1. Me too. If i leave the sim alone for a while (e.g. while in cruise), whenever I come back after a short time, the view has usually changed from cockpit to an outside view. Sometimes then difficult to select an inside view again using shortcuts, and then i have to go back to the CP window and click on the desired view.
  2. 1070 was fine for me with 4K..... until FSLABS adopted dynamic Lighting!!!!! That requires a 1080Ti and more....
  3. Leonardo md82 is landing soon!
  4. Looks fantastic! Cannot wait for this one. Looking forward to some old school flying to complement the ultra modern FSL A320.
  5. Exactly the same, except I moved up from a 1070 GTX for the same reasoning.
  6. Yep. Stop the world. I want to get off.
  7. Haha you really are a disgruntled Brit aren't you? One of many. (including myself)
  8. And they aren't even that - they are usually advertising lights for a Disney film or something similar. No spirit of Christmas at all in London anymore.
  9. Strangely I have noticed this only this week too!
  10. Would rather they cracked on with legacy light support in the A320, then finish the series and do an A330. They take a long time to develop things so putting Concorde back in the mix would inevitably be a disaster for the Airbus range. Im a huge Concorde fan, but I'm most definitely a NO on this one.
  11. On FR24, you can download the GPS coordinates of historic flights and load them up in Google Earth. Then, somewhere on the web I found a script a guy had written that converts Navigraph data into Google Earth files. I then loaded both up in Google Earth and was able to superimpose FR24 actual flights over a map of tracks/waypoints. I use this whenever I have been on a flight to try and work out what the route was I took. Quite a fun exercise!
  12. No guys - smartcockpit has some extracts on it, sure. Somewhere else I have been told has a zip file containing a certain airlines complete library with about 7 diff. fleets of aircraft, and each has - QRH, Vol1 FCOM, Vol2 FCOM, FCTM, and a folder full of manufacturer addendums. Some clever googling throws up all kinds of stuff!
  13. Somebody once told me that if you search hard enough, on the web, there is a downloadable file with every flight manual for every type of aircraft in service by one of the big US carriers, which may or may not provide what you are looking for.
  14. The ease of having all 3 titles controlled through FTX is worth it alone in my opinion. I also prefer vector lights - UTX never seemed to be as bright nor ever give you that wonderful view of roads stretching off to the horizon at night and around coastlines, like Vector seems to. I used UTX for many years but pleased i switched for P3D v4.
  15. Samos!!!! No comparison. Get yourself the 29Palms scenery too.