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  1. If Rob Young can get frustrated with addons then I don't feel so bad anymore. I'd like to thank both of you for your support and contributions to this hobby. Ted
  2. Anyone here try the Space-x online docking simulator? It is pretty cool and gives you a good idea of what they had to go through to dock their craft. It took me an hour to do it the first time due to learning and getting a feeling for the controls. The second time took 20 minutes. Ted
  3. Thanks for posting that Rob. I've often wondered whether P3D uses AVX. Do you happen to know which version of P3D first started using it? Ted
  4. My router is in my second floor office. My sim computer is in the basement. I also could not get very good wifi speed down in the basement. However, I was able to fairly easily drop a 50 foot ethernet cable from the upstairs office down to the basement though the air conditioning vents. I've been getting all the internet speed I need down in the basement for years now. This might be worth looking into with your living quarters. Ted
  5. How about just a Whiner's Forum and another selection box on each post for your vote if you think it should be moved there. Ted
  6. My experience is the same if my settings are too high and the unlimited frame rate without vsync is close to 30. My computer is long overdue for a replacement and I am using a 4k monitor so I really have to be conservative with my settings. I misread or my old mind misunderstood Bert's comment. I thought he was referring to using external additional tools. I generally don't use the P3D internally limited framerate but have been using the P3D's vsync at 30 hz only for years. My sim is smooth with the internal limiter as long as I have plenty of excess frame at unlimited. However, I get tearing without vsync so I use P3D's vsync instead of the internal limiter. This has been the case for me with P3Dv3 and P3Dv4. With FSX I had the best results following NickN's bible and used nvidia inspector. I am still on windows 7 so I don't have P3Dv5. Ted
  7. My life under the rock has been solid, fluid, and smooth for years... Ted
  8. Very informative video. Thanks for posting that Ray. Aaron, I have almost an identical system as yours running at 4.5ghz and 1.2v. It runs P3D at 58-59C with rare spikes to no more than 63C. I am using an old medium size Noctua air cpu cooler. The room I operate in is 65-69 F. I only got to 80C when stress testing. You might want check your thermal paste and airflow. Ted
  9. Perhaps these two Concorde development announcements will light a fire under FSLabs to make a statement about theirs. Hopefully they don't throw in the towel and abandon it like Airbus did with the real Concorde. Ted
  10. Very interesting video Bill. That was all new to me. It also explains why so many of the post WWII military jets looked so much alike. Pulqui II, the next Milviz military development project revealed? Ted
  11. P3Dv5 installed but it would not start at first. Then I saw a folder in the P3Dv5 root directory called something like "DX12forWin7". It was interesting to find that folder there so I copied the files in that folder to my root P3Dv5 directory and then I could get the scenario window to load. However when I tried to load a flight it crashed with the common DXGI message. I did a search on Google and the P3D forums but found no answers regarding this folder. I uninstalled it after that because i just didn't want to mess around with it any longer. Perhaps if the 3 files in the DX12forWin7 folder are put in the correct location it may work or perhaps LM is planning on making it available for Win7 users later. I am building a new computer that will have Win10 on it so I bought P3Dv5 and for grins thought I'd try and get it to run on Win7. Since Win7 doesn't have DX12 I thought it would be pretty amusing if it did run and did not have all the VRAM issues associated with DX12. I must have had a cocktail that night, don't know what I was thinking. Ted
  12. When I think back to how I felt after Microsoft announced that they were disbanding the Aces studio and flight sims I was more than happy to purchase P3Dv5 even though I am still running Win7. Ted
  13. Now we just need FSLabs to follow through........ Hopefully, at the very least, the existing 32 bit Concorde-X will work in the MSFS2020 with the FSX compatibility mode. I don't know if we would still have VAS problems in that scenario being that it is running in a 64 bit sim. It wouldn't have shared cockpit of course so no in cockpit flight instructor career. Ted
  14. Frazz, If Concorde X had shared cockpit you could make a living giving online pilot training and check rides for it. Ted
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