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  1. Ted Striker

    Bugs disappearing?

    One of the things I like about flight simming vs. real world is that I do not have to look at the bugs or clean them off the windscreen. If PMDG does implement this I just ask that you please give us the option to disable it. I would prefer to dedicate my computer resources to other functions. Ted Striker.
  2. That explains it. thanks Devon Ted
  3. I'm amazed that almost 20gb of RAM is being used. I've only got 8 gb on my old system and it has never come close to being maxed out that I have seen. Is this due to the new ORBX GB scenery or does P3Dv4 use whatever amount of RAM that you install? Ted
  4. Ted Striker

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    I was surprised not to see the 1957 Jimmy Stewart classic, Spirit of St. Louis, listed so far. I just saw it on antennae TV a few days ago. It is about Lindbergh's historic first Atlantic solo crossing. Ted
  5. Thanks for taking the time to collect and post your test findings Rob. I am convinced now that a single 2080ti will provide little advantage currently over my 1080ti. Things may change when P3D is upgraded to use the new features of the 2080 and/or I upgrade my overclocked 3770k. Being a worthy candidate for a CPU upgrade I am looking forward to seeing your 9900k results. Ted
  6. Similar question to Wayne's. How does the TitanXP compare to the 1080ti in P3Dv4? Just rough approximation is fine. Ted
  7. Ray, From my testing, all of the settings in the Scenery Objects box have a significant impact on FPS as does AI traffic. I need to clarify my previous post. I have an old 3770k overclocked to 4.5 ghz. On this system it is the bottleneck not the GPU so getting a 2080 would not benefit me. Now maybe with a 9900k a 2080ti may be some benefit. Most test reports I have read so far indicate that a 2080 is very comparable to a 1080ti in performance until software is updated to utiltize the new functions of the 2080 cards. Ted
  8. .........I remember when FSX was released, we all struggled to get 20 FPS the New York area, and dreamed of the day we could get 50........ I do not believe a 2080 or 2080ti is going to increase your FPS. They may help you from losing FPS with the graphic intensive settings that Rob mentioned. I have a 1080ti and a 4k monitor but have not seen my GPU load over 60%. I do not expect to get an FPS increase until I can can feed more data to the GPU with a better CPU. I am looking forward to Rob's review of his 9900k. Ted
  9. The best holiday present I could get was LM announcing that they were going to make a Linux version. I could be rid of Microsoft entirely then. Ted
  10. Ted Striker

    What Airplane Toilets Do With Your Waste

    Does the new PMDG 747-8 simulate the increase in weight of this tank and the transfer of weight from the passenger cabin over the duration of the flight? If not you folks who just bought it need to get on RSR about this. Ted
  11. Ray, According to this review the 2080i will outperform the 1080ti but the 2080 is only slightly better than the 1080ti with a UHD monitor and current games not accounting for future advantages of ray tracing, dlss, and whatever else. They did not test P3Dv4 though so I would wait for Rob's and Westman's tests for that (glad to hear Rob will be testing his new cards in single GPU mode). https://www.anandtech.com/show/13346/the-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-and-2080-founders-edition-review I bit the bullet a few months ago and got a 1080ti because heavy weather was pegging my 780gtx in 4k. I can tell you that I have never seen the 10080ti above 60% GPU usage, however I am still on a 3770k @4.5 ghz so that it probably bottlenecking the amount of data that can even get to the GPU. I run conservative medium settings to maintain a 30 FPS. After I upgrade the rest of my system I may be wanting a more powerful GPU. To quote Nick Needham, "I am back on the hardware hamster wheel". Ted
  12. Rob, Are you planning on doing any single gpu P3D tests before testing with dual GPUs? Ted
  13. Ted Striker

    Round the Mediterranean Sea, leg 2

    I have enjoyed following your trip. Great shots and having descriptions and a little history of the area makes them much more interesting. Thanks for sharing. Ted
  14. Ted Striker

    How I fixed my Stutters... A theory

    I used the linked tool, Memtest to test my RAM when I built and overclocked my current system back in 2013. I agree that it is an excellent tool for testing memory stability but unless they have changed it with the newer versions it did not test memory bandwidth or latency performance. For that Aida64 is a great tool. Ted
  15. Ted Striker

    who stole the plane

    I heard Rich mention video games in the ATC recordings but not flight simulators. I didn't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal to read the entire article but from the first lead-on paragraph that is viewable it looks like the WSJ is making the assumption that "video games" means "flight simulator". Hopefully Sarah will correct this but I'm not holding my breath. Ted