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  1. I'd like to add Alex, developer of Little NavMap. He provides a superb freeware product with support that puts most of the payware shops I have used to shame. Ted
  2. If I knew it once, my old brain cells forgot it. Like you, I figured the issue was just my old system. I'm looking forward to trying this after the Thanksgiving holiday. Ted
  3. Great discovery Ray. This should be put in the P3D Tips and Tricks Forum after the comments fade. Ted
  4. If you can't find a 3D Printer to do it, from your pictures it looks like you could make a piece to do the job. Since it just holds the bushing in place you could probably make a holder that works out of a piece of hardwood with a saw, holesaw, drill, some thinking, and patience. Not too difficult and inexpensive. Or...if you have an industrial supply store nearby that carries bearing holders you might be able to buy and modify something like one of these to work. https://www.mcmaster.com/products/bearing-holders/mounted-bearing-type~two-bolt-flange-mount/ Ted
  5. That settles it. I'm on windows 7 forever. I built and overclocked my current sim box in 2013 with the gracious advice of Nick Needham and it hasn't skipped a beat yet. Most reliable thing I own. Ted
  6. My experience has been that fluctuating frames were due to specific addons, mainly aircraft with complex systems. Ted
  7. Fantastic post there Bob. Very well written and a wealth of information you rarely see even on "professional" hardware review sites. Ted
  8. I haven't registered yet. Probably won't until Concorde is released. Until then I'm counting on you Ray to keep us up to date on the breaking FSL Concorde news. 😁 For you youngsters, let me introduce myself, and for you fellow old farts, perhaps this will wake up some sleeping brain cells dormant since the early 60's.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncBSOyte6lA Happy Thanksgiving all, Ted...er...Jose..er......
  9. That is why I never registered in the first place. Looks like I will have to give in.... Look for me in the FSL forums....my name is Jose Himenez. I am an astronaut.....😁
  10. I do own the P3Dv3 Concorde and still cannot read the Concorde forums that I used to be able to until sometime earlier this year. I never registered on the FSL forums and I'm speculating that they now require you to register on the forums just to read them. I can read the announcements and General Forum but no longer the Concorde General Discussion or Concorde-X forums. I don't usually purchase a product until I see in the forums that a product is performing acceptably and reasonable support is offered. Thank God, Tom Allensworth, and the volunteers here for the Avsim forums as more and more developers do not appear to want the buying public to be able to get this information from their forums. Ted
  11. Clicking on your link had the same result Ray, both the general discussion forum and concorde support forum say "You do not have permission to view this content". I guess you have to be a registered member to view anything on the FSL forums now. That's OK, I'm sure I will hear about any news here at Avsim. Thanks, Ted
  12. I can't get into the FSL concorde forums anymore. Do you have to set up an account just to read their concorde forums now or do I have my browser locked down to tightly for their site? Ted
  13. All the more reason to prevent those BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) from happening on your computer.
  14. Yes, but two very qualified people. I saw on the headlines of a very well known newspaper while waiting in a supermarket check out line that agents Mulder and Sculley will be brought out of retirement to perform this investigation.
  15. Based on some of Rob's racing videos, I'm sure the brakes on his EV received a sufficient workout. Ted
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