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  1. Just Flight had made great products for the sim so far with great support for those products and little drama. I'd love to be able to buy an airliner that had a bit more content then the stock airliners and none of the lame Adobo bugs, for a reasonable price.
  2. Feels like we are constantly strung along here with drama on this entire thing... It's close, will be out soon after the sim releases, there are blockers from Adobo that will take months to solve, then it's close, now we are back to maybe being months due to lack of debugging tools.....
  3. Every time they have one of these Dev Q&As they talk up all this awesome stuff but then what we get is often pretty underwhelming in comparison. So I guess we will see what we actually get.
  4. When Virgin Orbit does their rocket launches you can follow the 747 all the way through the launch on a 5 min or so delay. All the way to when the aircraft does the pull-up to drop the rocket. I flew chase one time in a Latitude and it was super sweet.
  5. All of the moderation training on the official forum seems to focus on how to close and delist threads. I especially enjoy when one mod forces people to merge a new discussion into a mostly unrelated old topic then another mod closes the thread for having wandered.
  6. I flew from Los Angeles up the coast through Alaska and over to Japan in late 2020 doing my around the world flight and the original weather implementation before SU4/5 was correct to METAR most of the time. Large cloud formations were even roughly where they showed up on Meteoblue's website. Personally I think they should have worked with Meteoblue to solve the issues first instead of ingesting the METAR. For example, spool up extra compute power on Azure so Meteoblue's model could be run 4 or 8 times a day instead of the 2 times a day we believe it gets run, which would improve accuracy since the weather is most likely to be wrong in hour 12 just before the next model run. Or have Meteoblue create a new model just for MSFS that runs every half hour and uses the METAR as boundary conditions for the model. Or ingest the METAR server side instead of on our PCs and use Azure compute to better smooth it into the rest of the weather. Weather and night lighting are two areas where our feedback has resulted in things being worse.
  7. If you are flying the release version and not the beta, depending on the elevation of this airport this could be because METAR data is in AGL but the sim thinks it is in MSL. For some reason Asobo has real problem with frames of reference when it comes to the weather. This already happened in the past with temperatures from tbe Meteoblue data being applied incorrectly. Now the same mistake with the METAR data. You'd think they would learn these things after making the mistake the first time. But instead we get blank stares and blinks in the Q&A before Jorg makes some useless remark about secret new features coming soon!
  8. If a company wants to hype and sell a product that has an online component, then they should have someone on call to give the servers a swift kick and get them running again regardless of holidays. Long weekends are exactly when people get want to make time to fly the sim.
  9. In the Control binding screen there are bindings for 'Throttle' that should operate on all engines and then bindings for 'Throttle 1', 'Throttle 2', etc that only operate on that specific engine. I use the generic 'Throttle ' binding and have no issues flying multi engine aircraft with my HOTAS setup.
  10. The thing is, the company supposedly provided a custom coded flight model for the MSFS version.... If I were an air taxi company looking at what aircraft to buy, the way this performs in MSFS would make me less likely to buy it.....
  11. It's a useless thing. The performance specs of the actual vehicle are terrible. I'm not sure why it was even included.
  12. You can't get refunds for other aircraft you purchase with a simple ZenDesk ticket, even when other aircraft have been broken for months due to changes to the base sim. I don't like the idea that one policy applies to one item purchased on tbe Marketplace and a different policy applies to everyone else.
  13. Why do people who bought this aircraft get special treatment with respect to refunds, compared to any of the other 3rd party aircraft that have been broken for months at a time due to Asobo's incompetence?
  14. The core of MSFS at release was the FSX engine, with new graphics and weather bolted on and some updates to the flight model. But still a lot of FSX code in there. The farther we go from that the more problems seem to come up.
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