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  1. This is beyond "improving". Many of the Premium Deluxe aircraft were simply unfinished and not fit for purpose at release, even compared to the stock aircraft. The sim itself is still not working properly a year after release.... But let's stick our fingers in our ears and yell about how awesome everything is.
  2. The people who would be fixing the Premium Deluxe aircraft (which some us, myself included, paid for a year ago now) are likely to be exactly the same people working on things like the Husky and this Ju-52 - whoever the aircraft development and tuning team are at Asobo. Why is the content we already paid good money for not fixed? Because they are too busy making more "content" to take more people's money. Scanning a Ju-52 to 1mm or .01mm or .001mm doesn't help if the thing flies like the 787 or the Longitude with an encrypted FSArchive file due to "licensing". The functional difference between "ignored" and "placed at the bottom of the priority list under a bunch of other in-house cash grabs" is 0. It's the same thing.
  3. It took the better part of 4 months to really get things into shape after the retail release. Unless they do another hotfix, the earliest we will see any any further update is the next World Update. I'm sure they must have ignored a lot of feedback from the people on the Beta "flight" for SU5 to have released it in this state. I wonder what the point of that program even is beyond being able to say they have one.
  4. Complex software doesn't come with manuals anymore my friend. You're intended to go watch various YouTubers stumble through it (also without manuals) for 10-20 hours and hope they touch on the things you need. Smash that like button!
  5. There should be 0 need to ever run MSFS as Administrator. It's not 2001, we aren't running Windows XP, and the sim is intended to be run from a normal user account.
  6. Microsoft decides when to "ship it" and sets the overall roadmap of the development. Microsoft as the publisher sets the quality bar for what gets published under their name. I strongly doubt Asobo wanted to run off and put in a half baked VR mode that took a ton of effort and then totally ignore it as soon as the VR box was "checked" and never make it actually good. I doubt they would want to ship an XBox version that was a huge mess, or a PC release version that was a huge mess. Decisions like this come from Microsoft.
  7. There were community groups working on free tools for model matching and AI traffic. Encrypting the related files would lock them out as well.
  8. If you read through the thread on the Aerosoft forums, there are potential performance issues reported with the workaround. Likely the true fix they are asking for would not have those issues.
  9. More people won't solve project management issues, which likely land squarely on the Microsoft side of the fence
  10. The encrypted the files for the AI traffic? It's almost like they intentionally want to lock out any community effort in that area. Shame on MS.
  11. The only good that can come of this is that console users are way less used to/willing to deal with instability and maybe they will get more attention in the gaming press for what a dumpster fire this software is.
  12. Maybe it's time for some of the 3DP developers to shine light onto the problems that MS/Asobo are creating for them instead of hiding away on private dev-only servers so everyone can smile and talk about how "MS and Asobo are great partners" in public.
  13. Why as a customer should I go dig into forums and look at "roadmaps"? No, I expect a working product for my money, period. Microsoft has not delivered. And given that SU5 is what we get a YEAR into this mess, I see no indication they will ever deliver. What a load of apologist bull-dung. Yeah, they maybe offered some refunds for a week or so right after release. What about the people who are buying it now only to realize it's a flaming pile of junk?
  14. Why? It is advertised as a complete and ready to use product. Not "early access" or "beta" or anything along those lines. What we get is barely an Alpha....
  15. This is the XBox update. The fact that it altered performance on the PC is totally secondary to that. If they really cared about PC they would offer level of detail settings that actually worked, and not wreck the visuals for people with top end GPUs. It's just like the half-baked VR update which they released just to check some VR box in the Microsoft roadmap, but it's full of issues and they have not addressed even a single item on their "VR" feedback summary.
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