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  1. God almighty that looks amazing. Hard to wrap around my head as to something like that is even possible....for free... 😄
  2. Oh yea sorry, its a mod, litraly called Unreal Weather 🙂 And yes, wet runways too.
  3. Also love my VFR. But today, VATSIM+Charlotte (KCLT)+ILS Training+Mooney Ovation+lots of traffic= PERFECTION. Even if it was raining. 🙂
  4. In other news, France is going back to lockdown mode for Covid, and with Asobo studios being in France, possibly many delays ahead of us.
  5. Exactly the same setup here but metar every 10 minutes as i usually fly low and slow 🙂
  6. Reguralery have it on various european airport. And once in canada. But using unreal weather.
  7. Always right, with the mod unreal weather. Metar based. Transitions beetween stations not the smoothest, but good
  8. Yed but careful, on your old rig, make sure your mobo will accept the new card. Otherwise its mobo+card+potentially new proc if you cant find the right chipset etc.. So dont jump on a faster better card without first making sure everything else is gonna work
  9. Ive got 8gb of ram and it works surprisingly well (1080p and 30fps locked). But of course, more wouldnt harm. But as you said, my biggest issue here is defo the GPU. Ive a 1050, and it does the job on medium settings, but just about. Wich is why i say anything lower than a 1050Ti, is a no no.
  10. Unfortunately i think thats a little bit too weak for fs202p, even on low settings. Sorry 😕
  11. Dude, by now everyone knows you never worked in the "industry" as you say...gotta find another narative 😄
  12. Dude, si tu te met a travailler sur MSFS je pense que je vais faire un crise cardiaque 😄 (If RXP starts working for Asobo, i think im gonna have a heart attack 😄 )
  13. Is that the search bar on top of your screen or the one on the left side?
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