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  1. Well saying that this addon REQUIRES rudder assist to take off is a lie, and is misleading. It might be true in your case, but it is certainly not a pre-requisite to make it work. So in that case, i think it IS acceptable 🙂. And because this is the internet, i guess i should point that i have nothing against anyone giving us "bad" feedback, im really not that kind of person, im very new to this, and i like to think that i can "detach" myself emotionally from the product or from msfs alltogether. Long story short, i have absolutely no strong feelings about you saying what your saying, and about you as a member. I shouldnt even have to say it, but again, this is the forum on the internet, wich is the worst medium to have a priper conversation 😀
  2. Never said Dillon didnt have a fair point. I also think my explanation is fair. I have to mitigate and temperate his remarks with the many feedback we get from our buyers, feedback that WE get. We know, i think, more than anyone what our users like and dont. And on that particular aspect, the vast majority likes, and have no problem with the take off behaviour. And yes, very few hates it, i never denied that. So what exactly am i supposed to do here? Ignore 95% of our user base? Lets just not start with that kind of misleading information, lying wont get us anywhere in this debate...
  3. The thing is, you can "fix" it yourself by turning on rudder assist! We have had very few report of the behaviour you describes (we've had some tho), but the vast majority of the feedback is that yes its hard, but manageable with a bit of practice. If we tame it down, then all the feddback is going to get reversed, and the majority of people liking the challenge wont anymore. And there is no option for an extra hard mode, there is only one to make it easier (rudder assist), works aonly one way unfortunately. Long story short: -If hard, people can make it easier with rudder assist -if easy, people CANT make it harder So not sure what to do here. Yes, other devs have taken the route of an easier behaviour, but ive seen a good few people complaining about it. Cant make everyone happy unfortunately.
  4. Hey guys! "i would never try touch and go on the P-40, landings and take offs are just too busy to be done in one go" "It'd be fun if you made the plane crash if the rudder trim wasnt perfectly set for take off" These, along without many other spicy comments were made by Dave Hadfield (Warbird Pilot, regular P40 Pilot, and yes, brother of the allmighty Commander) during a long zoom chat we had with him. Now of course, im not saying we have made a perfect recreation of the warhawk, but we tried to take on board our consultants comment, while at the same time, trying to tame the crazy MSFS behaviours. We made the call to have it really hard on "realistic", and much easier with rudder assist, wich by the way, is NOT a shame to use 😄 That option is there for a reason, i use it often.
  5. Pretty strange considering the guy is actually really really nice. But yea, maybe support isnt his favorite thing to do 😄 understandably, but i agree, there should be a system put in place.
  6. True, but still, it was unannounced (i think), came out of the blue, so it must be a bit of a blow. But he already confirmed he will still go through with it, so its all good 🙂
  7. I feel bad for the other guy that has been painstaikingly develloping his Porter and shown his progress here.
  8. yep, Canada can be a rough ride especially. And as a user mention, LOD works for textures also. you might a great rez at low a high ZL (high up) , and as you descend, crisp low ZL texture arent available so you might see fsx texture. works on distance also, you can be flying low with low rez textures, but see good crisp textured in the distance.
  9. Graphics (photoreal streaming and nothing less at this point) , UI, Communication with consumersand 3rd party devs, and that little 2021 feel MSFS has that the others dont. Firing these sims up feels like going back in time really.
  10. oh, i didnt even catch that lol. yea, we made the N17 and P40, not Dean 😄
  11. Freeware. Or donationware, give what you can, if you can, to help a restoration project of a real P-61
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