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  1. hey be my guest and do become a dev, lets see what kind of "quality" you can deliver right? if it is honestly advertised as a "lite" product, and you still buy even tho you want high fidelity aircraft....guess whos the word not allowed in that story...
  2. Very unlikely, there are very few users left that actually wouldnt buy on the MP. The bulk of their sales is already way way behind them now.
  3. One could argue everything is actually handled by MSFS, its just that A2A feeds it infos and datas externally, rather than having MSFS doing the calculations itself. But its basically a mix of native and external "simulations".
  4. Again, not what i said, but be my guest and extrapolate. True, and to my point exactly, some development tools and mechanics are still lacking behing a lot, to be able to "easily" and natively devellop very high and detailed simulation. I know a good few devs that are ranting day and night about it behind closed doors. Then why engage in a topic called "Accusim v2 FM in MSFS2024" AT ALL then if thats the requirements needed to say something.
  5. So is having an A2A like FM a reasonable expectation for a high fidelity sim? IF yes, then MSFS doesnt meet that. Wich is my point exactly, they dont need to, having sold ,as you said, 12 million copies without it. Also, i never ever, EVER said they only cater for the casual flyers, they just prioritize them, wich again, makes perfect sense. Wich is why we'r getting cool more hardcore oriented features only 2/3 years after launch. From the "inside" (wich is plane develloping, wich i do full time) it is quite clear what their business plan and approach is, devellopers of hardcore addons tend to loose way more hair than us (we Big Radials, make planes that are more on the fun/casual side). So im not saying at all its a problem, i actually think its pretty great. But answering the question, is 2024 gonna have an A2A like FM, the answer is still NOPE.
  6. Not going to happen. They are gonna keep the same recipe that got them millions of dollars in 2020, with a few added features to make it feel up to date. Why would they pour money onto this for very little ROI since 95% of the user base are casual flyers that dont need/care about all this fancy A2A thing. If 2024 wasnt on the schedule, then maybe it would make sense, but thats a big maybe.
  7. Not the Beluga, and im not going to say more at this point, its too early. It just came out of nowhere with no real explanations. A marketing genius probably tought about that long and hard in an office far far away.
  8. Well, at least one of the seemingly 3rd party planes seen in the vid is NOT from a the 3rd party dev that would normally be associated to it. Wich means its likely an in house remake of a popular MSFS addon. I really hope its not that as it would be a terrible decision from MS to do this kind of things.
  9. Never heard of this, what is this black magic and whats the purpose of it?
  10. Im sure you know Asobo has NOTHING to do with this whole Antonov charity/marketing operation right?
  11. i doubt it, we had a Goose in the MP for ages before they released another for free, without getting in touch with us, at any point. Granted, its a vintage, so the licences are probably handled differently. Who knows! But yea, its sure is a weird move, would like to know where this is heading. I dont actually own the Twotter, but funnily enough, i added it on my "list of things to buy to fly if i ever get a minute for myself" a few days ago. PS: Completely unrelated, but i saw a Twin Otter today doing paradrops, and it sounded like, during taxi, the pilot was using reverse thrust every 10-15 seconds as opposed to brakes. is that a thing? You could very clearly distinguish the Bvvvvvvvvvvvvv of the normal thrust as opposed to the BRAAAAAAAA of the reverse one. 😄
  12. Yea, yea, bla bla bla. its NOT easy, you know it, i know it, we all know it. You have an amazing talent for it, just take the compliment :D
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