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  1. Love it, to me, the best 100% Made In Asobo aircraft since launch.
  2. Seeing all the free content that keeps coming two years on, we really dont need to ask wether its profitable or not 😄
  3. its exactly that. We (a few devs) dont really think they can fix it in time.
  4. I remember when blogs were still fashionable, he had great posts about his flying trips in the US, some FSX reviews as well if i remember right, high quality stuff.
  5. Yea well, pilote-virtuel is not as friendly as it used to be 🥳 Great sceneries by the way!
  6. Who would have thought, all this years later, we'd both be creating addons for MSFS 😅 and if you dont remember: i used to be called "Hinano HIN-001" when IVAO French Polynesia was still a thing 😚.
  7. Indeed. Had to drop the Beaver, since i went on a payware venture. Good news is i learnt A TON since then, and theres great things coming up for bush flying lovers. 😏
  8. Duh, Warbirds arent in service anymore, YET, a lot of people still DARE to fly them. How DARE THEY do that!!!
  9. Im gonna bet now that this one might get under the "MS umbrella"
  10. Also a P40 and a Goose from Big Radials. Basically the best planes ever created for a flightsim, trust me, i made them 😉🤣 In fairness tho, they are very good (according to users not me 😅)
  11. im fairly sure it is tho. And they are listed as partners.
  12. Yea so trash, we get study lever airliner for free, what is this madness....
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