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  1. I agree. I've thought about this a lot for my own VR cockpit and some kind of zoning of what is/isn't enabled must surely be the way. Also it will be important to align physical controls with real controls in the sim as much as possible. Otherwise you'll reach for the real throttle but your hands will show in a completely different place in VR. These are the principles I built into my Spitfire cockpit and the adjustable mounting points rig system.
  2. I feel like i see the compromises NIS and FSR generate but the FPS boost is substantial. Throw in some AI so that the sharp lines stay sharp and the fuzzy edge clouds stay fuzzy edged (i.e. my simple take on DLSS) and this new tech could be a game hanger IMHO
  3. I wouldn’t hold your breath, but.. DLSS should make a huge difference + try full foveated rendering
  4. I understand what you mean but, equally respectfully, foveated rendering without eye tracking was never really foveated rendering. It’s derived from the word fovea which is a part of the eye. I’ll tweak for more clarity on CPU/GPU https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foveated_rendering
  5. Quite right - that was a nice stepping stone to the real deal. My guess is that the new Meta Cambria headset will be key in this going mainstream.
  6. I have been waiting a lot of years for this. With the OpenXR toolkit and suitable hardware you can now save a ton of GPU by enabling foveated rendering and only generating full resolution pixels where your eyes are actually looking. https://mbucchia.github.io/OpenXR-Toolkit/
  7. One base station didn’t cut it for me. Too many glitches. Two makes it rock solid.
  8. I know what you mean - my Varjo is amazing. Trouble is I still want the tactile experience of at least the important flight controls and I want them in the right places now. Flaps, trim wheels, quadrant, landing gear, ideally some nav equipment. There's a facebook group Hybrid Cockpit (nothing to do with me but I joined) that are promoting the VR + controls idea. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2064773260428312
  9. I was flying that last night myself and paying attention to the instrument panel sharpness. I found it nicely sharp unless I turned up the panel lighting which blurred things.
  10. Great, thanks. I saw it had no parking spots in LNM so perhaps that’s a useful cross-check too
  11. I'm fairly new to LNM so this could be user error, but I've set things up so that the only airports are MSFS and I've disabled all Navigraph. I made a flight plan and decided I'd land at EGEX (Chirk) in Wales. It turned out to be a very minimal airport when I got there with no runway markings or basically anything but a windsock. However when I tried to set MSFS to depart from EGEX, MSFS didn't recognise it as an airport. I'd be grateful for info on how this could happen. I refreshed the LNM database from MSFS but nothing I could do would remove EGEX. Thanks !
  12. I’ve been wondering if it’s a glare issue when the sun strikes white lettering. I see narrow red text in the DME for example quite sharply but small white lettering is very prone to blurriness.. and i have a varjo
  13. Thanks . Works for elevator trim but I don't see a way to show rudder trim or aileron trim.
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