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  1. A neat way of using VR headsets with hand tracking to give proper control interaction via realistically animated hands and arms. Not an emulation of a controller - proper hand interaction with the cockpit.
  2. I asked the LittleNavMap for VR developer if he'll add one and he said he would. https://flightsim.to/file/43086/little-navmap-vr-panel Not there yet, hopefully soon.
  3. I keep reading about the benefits of reshade, for sharpening as well as colour improvement. Does anyone know the latest on how well it works in VR - openxr?
  4. Nice ‘n simple is to paste an image into a Discord chat then grab the URL of that image. It works outside Discord fine
  5. I'm 90% sure it won't work. I watched a lot of the presentations and have read around it. I was very excited about this. I like the lens inserts approach, the form factor and I believe they will do a very nice job of the optics, screen and smoothness of experience. However I'm pretty sure it won't talk to Steam, play games or interface with a PC based graphics card. They're going for a different approach - this is essentially an entire PC with a powerful M2 chip and a HMD as screen not an HMD interface that talks to displayport or some other video connector. Having said that I'm hopeful that other use cases emerge or the technology trickles down to other vendors at more affordable prices.
  6. You sure witmotion can't handle it? That's what I was going to use with openxr beta.
  7. To save disk space? Otherwise Favourite mode achieves what you want visually.
  8. Small thing perhaps but I find it a pain scrolling through aircraft to find the one I want, especially when the aircraft is sometimes sorted by developer name rather than aircraft type. Nothing to do with me, but I spotted it on Discord and bought it straight away. Will be trying it today.
  9. The BBMF are calling this a Flying Training Device (FTD) as “simulator” does indeed open it up to a lot more RAF scrutiny. And obviously it does lack plenty of things to be a proper and full physical simulator.
  10. At the 4:30 mark in the video you can hear Disco say they’ll be putting fighter pilots through engine failure tests in this MSFS based trainer on Friday, which refers to next Friday 14th.
  11. They originally built this for PR purposes but the pilots wanted a go and that led it's new use for training which should start in a week or so.
  12. Huge kudos to Flying Iron Sims (especially GotGravel) for this one. Some highlights for those who don't want to watch the video. A forthcoming version of the FIS MkIX has been tuned to exactly mirror the performance of the RAF's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight MkIX tail no. MK356 . The RAF are using that version now G meter to be added (used by RAF for display co-ordination) The description includes a link so you can download an MSFS Replay recording of Sqn Ldr Mark "Disco" Discombe's display manouevre and emergency landing. Then you can play it from your choice of camera angle in MSFS
  13. Thanks Michael, yes I saw sky4sim mention it. I downloaded the fix but he encrypts/encodes his javascript so I couldn't see what he did. I found something that is promising but I don't have time to see this through just now or for a few days so I'll leave it here if anyone wants to experiment. var realPixelsPerCSSPixel = /*devicePixelRatio ||*/ 1; realPixelsPerCSSPixel = 0.2; // Added by me The first line is in the file scripts.js in the 2021-a subfolder of LNM. The line after is added by me with my guess at 0.2 which seems to make a difference but not sure if 0.2 is the best value to get things right again
  14. I'm pretty sure this is an SU12 bug but in VR the LNM web served panel now shows all lines and markers in the tiniest scale. I think it's a web viewport issue which is telling LNM that the windows is far bigger than it really is, so LNM is generating an image for an enormous window which is getting shrunk to fit the actual space. Hopefully MSOBO will fix this soon but does anyone know a webby workaround? Something to do with viewports would be cleaner otherwise hack around with these function in scripts.js function mapWidth() { return Math.max(document.getElementById('mapcontainer').offsetWidth, 128); } function mapHeight() { return Math.max(window.innerHeight - document.getElementById('header').offsetHeight - 50, 128); }
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