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  1. I’ve been talking to a guy in the AuthentiKit Discord who got one for flight sim. Moved from Pimax 8k.
  2. Don’t watch MRTVs review of this headset unless you’ve got money to burn.
  3. I’ve had the same ATC issue. I presumed i was doing something wrong until your post. I’m also encountering COM frequencies thare not in increments if 0.025 so can’t manually tune to them
  4. If there are any beta testers here or folks with an inside track, i put this on their facebook page a couple of days ago. I hope its something that can be updated. — Hi, just noticed that my hardware trim wheel doesn't animate in the P149D even though the movement is detected and shown in degrees. Is this on on your list? Thanks!
  5. Finally it all comes together. This project is almost complete now. Moving onto new stuff.
  6. The first of the 3D printable replica flight controls referred to in the PDF manual for this aircraft is now available to download from https://authentikit.org/p40b/ - it’s free if you bought the Big Radials P-40B (actually its free if you didn’t but it is kind of P-40B specific)
  7. When you say the readme's do you mean the file install_and_how_to_use.txt ? The one that has this in it. Electronic Flight Bag (ebag) ---- Contents of zip --- There are two subfolders in this zip. 1) ebag 2) ebag_images Installation ---- Move the folder ebag into the MSFS community subfolder Move the ebag_images folder under My Documents or somewhere of your choice Running ---- As a one off task you need to start the local web server which will serve images that MSFS can retrieve. Do this by clicking start_ebag_server.bat each time you start your PC. If you know what you're doing you can have it autostart on windows load. Ebag can display any of the following file types in the ebag tab window PDFs like approach plates JPG images, so you can screenshot stuff TXT files, so you can include your own notes All the images you want to display should be put in the subdirectory ebag_images\ebag AND every time you change the contents of those images you need to click click_me_to_prepare.bat
  8. You've probably worked this out already, but if you double click the STL file then a preview of the CAD for those peripherals will open in Windows 3D viewer (or any other 3D software you might have loaded).
  9. I wish I knew myself ! I agree that's usually all I'm interested in.
  10. Many thanks - this could get us somewhere. I tried to look at this yesterday but life got in the way. I was able to replicate the problem. Can you try replacing the line in the BAT file with this. i.e. " around the last bit start /d "%cd%\code\" tiny.exe "%cd%\"
  11. Thanks, i’ll do some more tests and see if i can reproduce this
  12. The VR toolbar thing was a separate point, sorry for the confusion. Does ebag work for you on other PDFs? Is it just that Caranedo one that doesn't?
  13. Where did you place the folder with ebag & images? Try it under My Documents
  14. Thanks. That folder idea is interesting. Can you give me a specific example of the spaces in file name thing so I can copy and recreate it? I tell you one thing I only learned yesterday which has made all this much more useful for me. I expect I'm way behind the curve on this and you guys know it already, but I only just discovered they added a "VR Toolbar" option separate from the original toolbar option. Finally I can bind a key and not have the sim block control inputs.
  15. Works for me - that would be a nostalgia visit.
  16. When I flew the MkIX at Boultbee - sim version not real - I was told to keep boost under 5. Not that I do in MSFS of course. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jv1sje5gp4844s6/spit-02.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/worscezbq9feoai/spit-05.jpg?dl=0
  17. I am surprised I didn’t see you. I am flying round there myself all the time in the MkIX. Sometimes head north over Black Combe and up the Lakes to land at Carlisle.
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