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  1. strider1

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    I used to be a big fan of SkyMaxx but with each new update, they have gotten more billboard looking! The last update was horrible looking! Its sad when the default clouds look better than the payware!
  2. strider1

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    Valid points! On the plus side, not being able to set your own weather forces you to fly in different parts of the world you would never go fly in! If you have access to approach plates, this great because it's new and different and it really sharpens your IFR skills!
  3. What color gamut are using? When was the last time it was calibrated? You do release there are different grades of panels? The grade A panels are going to have the highest color gamut, more contrast, calibration tools, higher nits, etc.... With my asus panel I have the option of SRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, ASCR, etc....
  4. If guys ever get the opportunity to test a VA panel next to wide color gamut IPS panel, you never go back to a VA panel! Thats why people love OLEDs its the best of both worlds!
  5. I know the difference between VA and IPS panels. There is a reason why IPS are more expensive than VA panels. I rather have my reds as an example look like red vs a variation of red!
  6. Yes they do have better contrast ratios but whats the point if the color is awful? You are just used to it and you have nothing to compare it too. I bought this and I returned a few days later after comparing it to my cheap IPS panel. I am into photography so color accuracy is very important! We spend thousands of dollars on our PCs but skimp on the cheapest monitors!
  7. IPS has better color when it comes to monitors. I guess most tvs are VA. Ive tested a few a VA panels and the color just looked washed out compared to even my cheap IPS panels ive had in the past.
  8. I would look for a display with a wide color gamut - 95%+ DCI P3 support. It's going to probably triple the price though 😞 You are not going to find a quality display in the size range or price. But ignorance is bliss I suppose. Stay away from VA panels!
  9. Sounds like this monitor is not going to be released anytime soon anyways. At that size, it would definitely need to be a living room pc setup, and I don't think I would use as my everyday pc monitor. Content consumption and light gaming is probably ideal.
  10. Ok thanks! I was just trying to interpolate!
  11. In the cinebench demo, the 9900k was running at stock frequencies, correct me if I am wrong but isnt that 5GHZ?
  12. "burn in by the sun" yikes!!!! Rob, do you use your OLED as a monitor? I was very tempted by DELL 8k monitor last year, but I thought we would be seeing a bunch of 8k monitors with HDR by now 😞
  13. This would be a sweet simming monitor! I would be worried about burn though.