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  1. Ok I tried the default Baron and it is rolling to the right at cruise. I am not seeing the roll in the 172 for some reason.
  2. I am not seeing the roll to the right anymore on the takeoff climb or the cruise phase of flight in the 172. It will roll to the right or left slightly after a bit, but thats normal in my real world flying experience. The air is in constant motion like the ocean. If you are using a cheap plastic yolk that could be part of it.
  3. Ant-torque bug, do you mean the roll to the right bug that was fixed ?
  4. I love the new reflections, dirt, scratches, etc.... It reminds me of the 172 I rent in real life.
  5. Ryzen CPUs are awesome ! I have the 1800x and it kicks word not allowed ! The more Vram the better ! So would i would lean toward 580.
  6. Are you using a vanilla copy of XP? If not, Install a second copy, then add your addons one at a time.
  8. I was shocked that they were reporting anything XP. That sim news site is heavy P3D/FSX leaning.
  10. Well if you ski or snowboard thats going to be like the rush hour traffic on the 405/5. The snow is more like ice. Eastern sierras is powder ! Nice place to fly to as well ! I was thinking about flying to Lone Pine this weekend for a $300 dollar burger, :( lol... .
  11. Awesome! Post some more eye candy please !
  12. Who are you trying to fool ? We know what default P3D/FSX looks like out of the box ! I bet you have easily spent $1K-$2K+ on addons for P3D/FSX over the years. Yes your performance is going to suck if you slide the sliders to max and your hardware sucks.
  13. Of course you know polar opposite is going to happen now ! lol......
  14. "This aircraft rolls left at higher power settings and AoA, and if rudder is used to coordinate, "kicking the ball" with the right foot, the aircraft flies wings level, ball centered, as it is supposed to" This the way the C172 should fly, I think.... Anyhow, thanks for the update ! Lets us know when Austin sends you a test version of the172 that behaves correctly !!!!
  15. Thanks, thats mighty generous of you !