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  1. Looking for the emoji with the 'let me slap my self in the face'....
  2. DCS has the best looking clouds out of all sims, they even have Cirrus clouds!
  3. Default clouds look better! The 'visual clouds' have way too much detail. DCS has the best looking clouds in any sim.
  4. My 6800xt runs great in all games except XP12 with 2xmsaa setting.
  5. I just tried the latest driver, lost about 6FPS. Going to roll back to 22.5.1
  6. They have turned CA into a third world dump! I live here, it's sad. It's not just CA, the corruption is Global.
  7. They need to fix the 2x MSAA, its still broken in windows. It works fine in Linux.
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