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  1. No blurry text on my 42 LG OLED TV here, zooming in or out.
  2. I was told that the beta should be ready by the beginning of the month, fingers crossed....
  3. I thought we would get a beta last month. At this rate it's looking like March, 2024
  4. It could be your 4090 cable connections. My 6800xt will crash if I mess around with the cable connection or bump into it. Need to rewire it.
  5. Looks promising, especially if it solves the horrendous sharp angles we see on coastlines.
  6. Does anybody know if the coastline in the pics are default LR or Orthor4XP?
  7. You must have been living in some kind of strange bubble then! The circle jerk of 'this better than that', occurs daily here and everywhere else in life. I guess your NPC vaxx wore off...
  8. Lots of cool stuff in the pipeline, but as say it's many months if not years away.
  9. Thanks. It's not very noticeable. They probably need to fix the OSM coastlines first. The sharp angles you see do not look natural.
  10. So from what I gather the 3D water will not really be visible by default unless we are using a program like O4XP to generate orthos?
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