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  1. Nothing beside the Dominion and the Great Reset..........
  2. He is trolling like usual, and you keep feeding him. Just saying.
  3. Compared to the 1080 sure! If you are siming/gaming on 4K 16GB of vram is a better option.
  4. Yawn, the TDP is going to be pushing 350W+. I would rather have the extra 4GB of vram and less heat blowing out of my case.
  5. Yawn.... When I get bored I drink beer or play with my girlfriend. Whats Cinema Verite?
  6. Microsoft does not give a Sh.. about MSFS, they only care about $$$. Their end game is vacinating the world!
  7. I asked Austin about 3D trees and windshield rain? "They are. I'm already looking at the imagery in internal pre-alpha tech-demos." I wonder what he means by 'imagery'?
  8. I learned soemthing new that was not in any of my text books "YOU'VE BEEN FLYING AT THE WRONG ALTITUDE THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!"
  9. He should have bought a xbox game pass for $1.00
  10. I am sure we will see some screen shots and maybe a dev blog on some tech by the end of the year. Maybe RC announcement at Flightsimexpo 2021
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