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  1. Why don't just tune into the local ATIS like real pilots:)
  2. strider1

    Switching to xplane?

    The devs are working on an ATC fix as we speak! It will probably be a while before we see it in an update.....
  3. Should be. I am not sure how great that panel is. Personally, I would look for a panel with a wide color gamut/space!
  4. You do not need an HDR monitor to enable HDR in the sims.
  5. Nvidia RTX ends with an X, X-Plane starts with one. Perfect match?
  6. strider1

    Drzewiecki Seattle?

    Their Miami/NY add-ons was awful! It was just fsx port that didn't use any xp native tech. I wonder if the quality has improved? Hows the night lighting?
  7. strider1


    Easy! Install a second copy with no add-ons, and then add your add-ons one at a time, then test your fps! It's not ideal but works 100% of the time for me!
  8. strider1

    RTX 2080Ti

    3 4K! You are dreaming! But if it works I will be right behind you! Then again I would prefer one a 8K panel!
  9. strider1


    You do have the option to disable xenviro from the plugin menu, then you can use default weather!
  10. strider1


    I kind of like not being able to set my own weather. It forces me to chase bad weather in locations I would not normally fly!!!
  11. strider1


    It's been pretty buggy since day one for me. Plus the long development cycles that only introduce new bugs 😞 It would be nice if they could just fix what they already have! But I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next update! Hopefully, we can see some screenshots soon of Active Sky endeavor into XP!
  12. strider1


    Useless since it does not work with orthos! + it does not look natural when fly from one region to next where there should and should not be snow.
  13. So apparently DP 14a can support 8k at 60hz with DSC, it's supposedly visually lossless...
  14. strider1


    It looks llike xEnviro beat someone to the punch with their dynamic snow!