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  1. They are suppose to show off some new scenery tiles, whatever that means, at Aero Friedrichshafen!
  2. Steam gauges makes the mental gymnastics of IFR a lot more challenging vs G1000. I am super excited to pair this up with XP12 new Cloud/Weather!
  3. I have not had any issues with my 6800XT in XPX or MSFS2020.
  4. Clouds, ice/snow look pretty descent! Looking fwd to see the new coastlines, art assets, textures, roads, etc...
  5. Informative video! That spin did not look right, it was super flat. I tried spinning the 172 in XP last night with no luck. What are the inputs to get it to spin?
  6. Are you sure? "Final tuning of the flight model math for X-Plane 12... we now have spins as an emergent phenomenon".
  7. I have never been able to get anything to spin in X11.
  8. Spins, Finally! This is icing on the cake! Hopefully we get to see a beta before WWIII starts! I got into a spin by accident practicing stalls. Scariest word not allowed! I thought I was going to die! Lucky my instructor was with me!
  9. Dude stop trolling and just move on! Your posts are childishness and ungenuine. Go fly a real plane it's a lot funner and more challenging than trolling here! Trust me 😉 Cheers.......
  10. MS is a monopoly. Part of a cartel of multinational companies that needs to be broken up into a million pieces! I am not a lawyer but I am sure MS have violated plenty of antitrust laws. Will MSFS survive a monopoly breakup if it ever happens?
  11. Almost, the color of the billboard trees do not blend in with the 3D tree colors. Loving the clouds, and the atmospheric lighting.
  12. It looks bad because there is no snow or ice on the grass for whatever reason, probably Alpha. Watch the 'snow and ice A330' video and it all blends in. Clouds look pretty good!
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