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  2. strider1

    xEnviro strange blue haze v1.08

    Xenviro has been buggy since 1.07. 1.08 clouds look really nice ! But there is a crop circle bug, fixed in 1.09. But the clouds in 1.09 look awful compared to 1.08, and there is this nasty blue tint in stratus clouds, etc....
  3. strider1

    xTreme Tree's East released

    Any news on the USA West ?
  4. strider1

    beta 5 is out

    You guys need to file a bug report when you see these bugs in a beta. The fix barely made into beta 5 thanks to my complaining ;)
  5. Are the trees ORBX trees or XP default trees ?
  6. strider1

  7. I paid $519 for my 1080 a year ago. It's $720 on newegg now.
  8. strider1

    xTreme Tree's East released

    Or you could do what I do and treat yourself to a 6 pack ! You will be ready for the work the next day ! lol......
  9. strider1

    xTreme Tree's East released

    I just did a test flight over the Florida Everglades, good job! It would be really cool if you could get some region-specific vegetation in the add-on! You should partner up with somebody like ORBX.
  10. lol.... Are you simming from your couch or do you have the 58" setup on a desk ? Could you handle a 65" ?
  11. I thought my 43" monitor was kind of big ! I didn't realize how big 65" is until I pulled out my tape-measure, yikes........ Something in-between 43" and 55" would be a sweet ! I was praying for a OLED with Freesync this year, but HDMI 2.1 wont be ready till next year :(
  12. I hate the turbulence in XP it's to continuous, it feels more like sitting on a sailboat in the ocean. Turbulence should be more bumpy and should fluctuate ! By the way Murmur I think your help is being requested subconsciously at the org ! "If the past is anything to go by, that one time Laminar left the torque effect being counted twice (once for the shaft and once for the prop), leading to many years of complaints, until someone actually took the time to analyze the problem and pinpoint where the bug had been introduced, makes me assume that this ground effect bug will be no different. I think it'll really take someone going full zombie mode on this, until the problem is pinpointed." "So: it'd be really good if some end-users who know what they're doing with PlaneMaker, AirfoilMaker, etc. could help us play detective on this issue. Even just spending some time on this collecting data points on the issue might end up helping formulating a response for Laminar that they could actually see themselves do something concrete about."
  13. Here are the Points: It is relevant because the popular Tech Youtubers were using cherry picked cpu/motherboards and leaving MCE ON in their benchmarks and reporting it as stock ! And the Tech Youtubers that do not have as many subscribers were seeing a lot lower performance, this documented. It's also relevant because first impressions is what people remember. He was also speculating that the low cost CPUs/Motherboards were not going to be able to boost to their rated turbo speed. I also posted the follow up video that was posted this week that confirms the bias benchmarking if you want to believe it. Click bate ! I call it keeping the reviewers in line ! Steve from Hardware Unboxed gives him props in the comments section. And so does Ian Cutress from Anandtech. And several Techtubers had to go back and correct their benchmarks after the facts....
  14. In a nutshell - flawed biased benchmarks !!! Here is the follow-up video: