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  1. Just to let you know - I will be on vacation soon, thus away from my sim PC for 2 - 3 weeks.
  2. That's why I wrote "something weird ..." as for the time being it doesn't sound logic. However, it isn't only one person, but at least two 😉 (using Linux Mint) - Windows doesn't seem to be affected. However, there is more (possible?) evidence meanwhile in the said thread. I will also do further tests.
  3. There's something weird going on, at least on Linux - see this thread (it's in German, but the Little Navmap dev knows German 😉). For non Germans: Little XPconnect prevents exclusions to work correctly - we don't know yet whether it's the same on Windows and Mac.
  4. And flaps get damaged at overspeed, birdstrikes, blackout through hypoxia, blackout/redout through high g-load, seasonal weather effects (accumulating/melting snow/ice, drying rain puddles etc.), accumulating ice on the wings in respective weather conditions and accordingly falling from the sky, ... and even more. Nothing worth mentioning 😄.
  5. The above one isn't THIS way off 😀: I did this photo on 21. Sept. 2009 on my flight from home to GCFV. Of course the screenshot from XP 12 is a bug - however it is out since only 2 days (early access) - so, nothing to worry about.
  6. Melting ice on the runway and in the runway cracks ...
  7. Unfortunately not for Linux. I was my first payware plane "back then" (when I was still on Windows). A challenge to fly - not for the fainthearted.
  8. May I? 😀 One more comparison (from Germany): Bild vs. Bild der Wissenschaft. Sounds very similar. Circulation of the first: 1,100,000 ("what the masses want"). And of the second: 60,000 ("fail" 🙃). The first one (in English: "image") is yellow press, the second (in English: "image of science") as the name says, a scientific publication. So - should Bild der Wissenschaft give up their business model and publish news about celebrities etc. (i.e., go the way towards "what the masses want")?
  9. From the log.txt you posted: Windows 10.0 (build 22000/2) When did you update to the latest driver? You stated, also with the rolled back drivers you had the problem. Before updating to the latest driver (i.e. with the older drivers) you haven't posted the problem, although it must have been present, but you didn't ask for help. Could you roll back again to an older driver and send the log? Once with OpenGL, the other time with Vulkan. And please tell us the graphics settings you used in each case.
  10. And that's the reason, why attaching the log.txt might help. However, some users seem to try to avoid doing so.
  11. Ok ... so ... did you sent an email directly to LR support? Could you please post their answer here? Which resolution are you running and which graphics card? You say, there wasn't any flickering before 11.55, and now "all of a sudden", flickering started. When did you update to 11.55? And again ... could you please attach your log.txt? It could contain some hints which might help us to help you - in case you really want to ...
  12. Me, too (I mean the latter). However, I have a suggestion: a thread with things which were proven already by hard mathematical, physical and other facts, should be pinned at the top of this subforum, so that we don't need to hash and rehash that forever. It would save all of us a lot of time. There is already such a thread. Although it was based on experience with FSX and not MSFS 2020, still nobody was able to falsify it since almost 6 months (neither for FSX nor for MSFS 2020). And with XP 12 it will get even worse (or better, depending on the viewpoint 😄). As already written in the a.m. thread, there is a LOT more. If someone is curious, ask me ... And before some people are going mad again 🙃: the above linked thread is about SIMULATION of flight, not of scenery.
  13. Make up your mind ... Possibly he is even a split personality? 🙃 Edit: BTW, I like the XP12 clouds better than volc... a.h b..bs*. * Not "bo obs", you hogs 😂
  14. @737800W26K : The log.txt might also help. Please upload it here, so that we can have a look. BTW: you say, you are using XP since 3 years. So, you don't know the org-forum, where maaany more XP users than here are lurking around? Where from do you download sceneries, planes, ...?
  15. You know, XP is doing something right when MSFS f.nb..s are flooding the forum here. The nature of cult or missionaries is to go "out to the world" (e.g. other countries, cities, forums, ...) and praise the good news. It's like let's find a little tiny thing in the other cult and make it a big issue.. What we have is ok...The same there is a big deal... And let's play down or deny things there because they do not serve our cult interest or agenda and let's twist things to make our cult always superior and feel good about ourselves in it... Isn't it? 😁
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