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  1. Aahh ... ok ... as you mentioned (amongst others) "swapped out the generic cars, trains" I thought you meant my library. There were several enhancements for Europe, indeed - and I lost a bit the overview about them 😄. Unfortunately, I don't have contact to xp-flieger, but only to PilotBalu (the guy behind simheaven), so I can't help in this regard. But e.g. for signage cars etc., X-Europe does the work. As far as I remember, xp-flieger's package contained - amongst others - a fix that at least in Germany no lights are installed along the highways (as they are in default XP - or were back at that time in XP10). But I think, it should be possible to find something similar.
  2. But he is back 😃 (at least part time) and contributing a lot to the Canary islands in X-Africa. The package for German vehicles can be still downloaded here. As written there, these vehicles were contained at that time in the Europe Library, which again is meanwhile contained in X-Europe at simheaven (from yet another author, who lives only 20 km from me, thus we are in good contact ...). See X-Europe .
  3. But to my knowledge only not compatible with XP11.02 Beta. With the current stable version 11.01 it works.
  4. Just as an heads up: V1.0.1 is alive. Reason for the update: it brought back again the roads on the island (before my initial release I made some minor updates in WED, during reexport it seemed that the roads were lost). Please download again, if the roads are important for you (if not - no need for redownload ).
  5. Simply a link, screenshots available on the download page .
  6. Of course I know that you know this (if not you, whom else should know? ). But there are people out there, who only believe what they see or are used to. Not long ago (in a German flightsim forum) a real airliner pilot using the "other" sim was positively surprised about the "wet runway" option as he knows it the other way round from his simulator. That's why I wrote ... Cheers ...
  7. Yes and no ... . Just as explanation for those still new to X-Plane. Wet (and also icy runways) are simulated, but not represented in a graphical way, i.e. with reflections etc.). Well ... is it really this slow or does it only feel so? On the other hand, FSX (incl. predecessors and P3D as successor) are existing since 45 years, X-Plane since 25 (?) years - and although developed by a small team it's at least on par (partly better, partly not) as P3D.
  8. Depends on the pills he is taking on one day and possibly other ones on a different day ...
  9. Indeed. By the way, on the island there are quite a bunch of such unfinished houses as I linked to in my posting above. I have only modeled the ones which were unfinished during all the years I visited Santorini and I assume they will never be finished. I find them kind of characteristic, although they are actually ugly, thus I decided to build also these "landmarks" . What can also be seen on my photo: haze!! It was a sunny day with not a single cloud in the sky. The distance between the place where I was standing and the mountainside in the background is only 8 km.
  10. Ha!!! I like this scenery very much (for obvious reasons ). I've been there 4 times in real life, thus have taken a lot of photos and placed a lot of gas stations, small and characteristic chapels with the blue roof, windmills and even unfinished houses (like these) in their real location. And the shown plane is also a lot of fun to fly. These shots let like me to fly again to Santorini .
  11. Oh ... this seems to be XP11, first due to the glossy cowling, and second the small river we see here, isn't in XP10 (and NZ Pro). As it seems, meanwhile someone added it into OSM, it was taken over into the XP11 scenery and now (unfortunately) it is somewhat silly to have the runway through the river.
  12. Then ... I can recommend NZMH (My Hut) - a fictional airfield in New Zealand with a really challenging approach, as you can see in some videos I did: 1, 2 and 3.
  13. Oohhh... I‘m waiting for a certain user to chime in, and ... The fellow X-Planers know, whom I mean . EDIT: And welcome to the bright side of life ...
  14. Ha!! That's exactly what I also thought, when making the screenshot. Thus I tried to reduce the visibility with the appropriate slider in XP (11 pb15, by the way) to get a more dull impression, but then the draw distance of the clouds is also very short, what doesn't look great. Possibly there is a dataref which you can manipulate without affecting the draw distance of the clouds. I assume it would have been also possible to manipulate a dataref for the clouds not being this dark, but I neither had the time nor the patience to search.
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