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  1. Originally I posted this in the X-Plane subforum for letting people know about the new airport. However (due to the included screenshots?) it was moved to the Screen Shots forum. Thus, I feel encouraged to post some more screenshots 😉. The cars have local colour (i.e. the registration numbers fit to the city of Brasov). pizzaHOT is really existing 🙂🍕 (pizzahot.ro) in Brasov. EDILROM (further above), too.
  2. As the name says 😉: you can download it here. Gimmick The amount of cars on the parking area is dependant on the hour of day
  3. https://www.facebook.com/XPlaneOfficial/posts/pfbid025UhRVSqG65zS1NuADRFRx7YBvTA8pakq232N11r8zshhrk4xNP24Zxp5skJyL5WEl
  4. Check it out: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/89497-decal-for-low-res-orthophoto/. Video:
  5. As I don't own the Steam version, unfortunately I don't have a direct answer (apart from that Steam may interfere with controllers in some way from what I know from other titles). But, if you want to use X-Plane regularly, I would recommend x-plane.org* as forum because there are (for obvious reasons 🙂) the most X-Plane users. * It is not affiliated with Laminar Research but "only" a dedicated forum for X-Plane. BTW, in my opinion it's always better to buy from the original vendor than from Steam - applies also for other titles.
  6. Aahhh ... the older than dirt argument "... but there's just a ton more people buying at McDonalds rather than at a gourmet restaurant". 😅
  7. I remember that in the 2010's and also earlier, when there were polls in the flight sim fora about the age of the simmers, the average age was around 50 years (or even older). When I see what we have nowadays (page 14 of the survey) ... If I read that correctly in the current survey, 5% are between 10 and 15 years old, 12% between 15 and 20, 9% between 20 and 25 - and so on. So, I would call that young crowd "gamers" which came to flight simming during the last years. And the question is, how serious they are taking that. I assume, not very much ...
  8. If only it were THAT simple ... Would be nice, of course, but ... The guy behind X-World knows what he does, i.e. it won't be possible to have X-Plane 1st party look like reality "only" with OSM. Example: which one looks nicer, which one is closer to reality? EDIT: The pictures above are from Prague. I started somewhere at Prague airport and simply searched for a good example to show what I wanted, namely that it isn't as easy as it seems with OSM. Funnily enough ... and after doublechecking with Google Maps: just 1 month ago I drove this (main) road during a business trip - I haven't searched for it by purpose, but coincidentally chose one of the (tens of?) thousands of roads of Prague for these screenshots.
  9. There is ONE car in the world (I don't know which it is currently, but that's not the point) which is the fastest series-car (in this case the base, i.e. the default simulator), but it is very usable overall. You don't necessarily need to purchase additional parts. And then there are tuning cars (in the flight sim context the addons). Many people don't even know, that they can buy stronger/bigger engines, spoilers, wheels ... for their car. Same for the flight sim. Many people use it without any addons, as they don't even know ... Still, the flight sim can be very enjoyable and close to reality.
  10. Good to know that people with a deep understanding of flight simulation are coming back to X-Plane 😉. I remember you from back in XP10-times, when the cloud shadows which we were used to in XP 8 and 9 (possibly even earlier), weren't visible any more or only very faint. I was myself searching for a way to bring them back and searched for a way, however in the datarefs, from which I knew they can change the behavior of the sim. But that was the wrong place to search ... you found it in the art controls. Based on that several lua-scripts came up to influence the darkness of the shadows. So, welcome back to X-Plane 😉👏.
  11. One of my favorite islands (I was there 4 times) - recognized it immediately. And it's the reason why I built a scenery for the whole island some years ago.
  12. Just to let you know - I will be on vacation soon, thus away from my sim PC for 2 - 3 weeks.
  13. That's why I wrote "something weird ..." as for the time being it doesn't sound logic. However, it isn't only one person, but at least two 😉 (using Linux Mint) - Windows doesn't seem to be affected. However, there is more (possible?) evidence meanwhile in the said thread. I will also do further tests.
  14. There's something weird going on, at least on Linux - see this thread (it's in German, but the Little Navmap dev knows German 😉). For non Germans: Little XPconnect prevents exclusions to work correctly - we don't know yet whether it's the same on Windows and Mac.
  15. And flaps get damaged at overspeed, birdstrikes, blackout through hypoxia, blackout/redout through high g-load, seasonal weather effects (accumulating/melting snow/ice, drying rain puddles etc.), accumulating ice on the wings in respective weather conditions and accordingly falling from the sky, ... and even more. Nothing worth mentioning 😄.
  16. The above one isn't THIS way off 😀: I did this photo on 21. Sept. 2009 on my flight from home to GCFV. Of course the screenshot from XP 12 is a bug - however it is out since only 2 days (early access) - so, nothing to worry about.
  17. Melting ice on the runway and in the runway cracks ...
  18. Unfortunately not for Linux. I was my first payware plane "back then" (when I was still on Windows). A challenge to fly - not for the fainthearted.
  19. May I? 😀 One more comparison (from Germany): Bild vs. Bild der Wissenschaft. Sounds very similar. Circulation of the first: 1,100,000 ("what the masses want"). And of the second: 60,000 ("fail" 🙃). The first one (in English: "image") is yellow press, the second (in English: "image of science") as the name says, a scientific publication. So - should Bild der Wissenschaft give up their business model and publish news about celebrities etc. (i.e., go the way towards "what the masses want")?
  20. From the log.txt you posted: Windows 10.0 (build 22000/2) When did you update to the latest driver? You stated, also with the rolled back drivers you had the problem. Before updating to the latest driver (i.e. with the older drivers) you haven't posted the problem, although it must have been present, but you didn't ask for help. Could you roll back again to an older driver and send the log? Once with OpenGL, the other time with Vulkan. And please tell us the graphics settings you used in each case.
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