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    I would like an RV8 tricycle gear for under 10K. Thats the only way I am ever going to have my own real plane.

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    M1 Mac mini 16 gigs ram

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    I did 110 hours of training in 152/172 twenty years ago. Its probably way too expensive to consider real training now.
    And the cost of plane ownership is ridiculous. So a sim experience is it for me most likely.
    videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl8JTkJfYYn2upCBoMXgegg

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  1. Anyone have experience with x 11 on a small led projector ?below chest level,30 inches away need info.....specifics,thanks
  2. I tried the RV 10 freeware...it was terrible in X 11. Throttle was bizarre and was missing artificial horizon. It sits on the ground about an inch off the ground. Junk. The RV 12 freeware has a tach problem so I only go about 80 mph in it...I wish the author would improve it. But it does work somewhat. The guy doing the RV7 free before Covid has abandoned it. Hey Austin....can you get a decent RV that works in 11 going...? we don't need some of the other obscure planes you see in Carenado...we need a decent RV. The MOST popular kit plane in the world..... and a lot of people are not going to upgrade to 12 unless they get a discount for having 11 already. That's the way thousands of software companies do it..
  3. How is the free RV 7A in X plane?? Is it still around..? The RV 12 is fair.... Is anyone doing RVs payware that are really good??
  4. I used the exclusion box but I had to make 3 different sweeps to get the whole runway..(must include forests/objects both). it would be good if the exclusion box would create 1 box and you sized/dragged it out bigger to include the area you want and then save it...
  5. I made a gravel strip and it put trees IN the runway.... I can't see how to get rid of them....??
  6. one thing..it says at first what folder you want to use... what folder in X should I put it...?
  7. surprised to see...if you have used it ,can I place a turf runway on my property ,1300 ft, by flying over my house and identifying it ?? do I need Google maps? I want the slope to stay natural, about 2% slope...and make it 70 ft wide narrowing to 50 ft at the end.
  8. If Austin Meyers wanted stuff to code into X in the future I have a good one but it would take some work for sure.. it would be great if you could place a runway or strip anywhere you want one...and let you pick its design...turf or paved, any length , flat or natural based on the known geo info ...and fine tuning in a variety of ways. Especially useful for people who are thinking of constructing their own strip on their property. It would be a fantastic feature.What do you say Austin??
  9. I use the autopilot and alt hold on every flight.But I have never got into the vnav option...does the vnav work on the X 11 baron twin and things like IAS climb mode?? How do you use the vnav function to climb on autopilot...? and does it stop climbing when you get to a selected altitude?? thanks for any info..
  10. Which of the many online live webcam sites is best for watching real live landings and take offs from major airports..?free only.. I found the LAX one..not that great....looking for good wide angle views..
  11. I just found out about the Tobii eye tracker....I am always late to the party... it seems really cool and the reviews are good. A couple of things I was wondering about....I guess you can turn off eye tracking but keep head tracking on... That interests me because looking at a computer screen nowadays is enough of an assault on the eyeball...its not natural light. So I would be concerned if there were two IF rays shooting at my eyes also...I would probably just use the head tracker..if you have used this device what do you think of it and also about my concerns in this post? I think the price is reasonable..
  12. I have a 24 inch second monitor for LNM. I would rather orient it vertically some times. How do you make it so it orients up and down like a phone will when you turn it up and down....?Its a ViewSonic 24....
  13. I usually avoided using X add ons cause they would screw up the program... but I got LNM again and this time the download had some kind of permission check imbedded in it and that worked so LNM works fine on my second monitor using an M1 Mac 16 gig. I was wondering what other stuff I could get and migrate over to my 24 inch side monitor.Air Manager isn't free so that's out.Until its about 10$ anyway.Are there other add ons that include a Mac permission check that might say display your airspeed ,hdg,alt, etc in a nice box that you could pin on the screen somewhere..?or any other useful low cpu utilities that are good to have on the screen?
  14. Any problems with putting LNM on a second monitor in X 11 on an M1 Mac set up?
  15. prices for PC builds should plummet in 24-25'. maybe.....then it will be worth it to build a hi end PC and have both....
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