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  1. Some things you should never believe: "Star Citizen to be released soon." "Next X-Plane version will feature seasons." "My flight sim is perfectly smooth at 20 fps."
  2. If you put the same values (e.g. 0.50) in the two boxes, the max deflection will be the same at any speed. So in this case the two airspeeds have no effect.
  3. Take the zibo settings above: .) from 0 to 140 kias, full yoke deflection will produce 100% aileron deflection .) from 140 to 440 kias, full yoke deflection will produce a deflection of ailerons decreasing with increasing airspeed: 100% at 140 kias, 55% (half between 100% and 10%) at 290 kias, (half between 140 and 440), 10% at 440 kias, with other values in between linearly interpolated. .) above 440 kias, full yoke deflection will produce 10% aileron deflection.
  4. Deflection will be low-end ratio below low-end speed, high-end ratio above high-end speed, and linearly interpolated between the two speeds. E.g. 100% below 140 kias, 10% above 440 kias, and linearly decreasing from 100% to 10% between 140 and 440 kias. Multiple steps would only be possible writing a plugin.
  5. Incredible. From 500 to 50. Looks like a good part of AFS2 advantage lies in code efficiency for displaying 3d objects. This also seems to disprove the myth that p3d performance is less because it has more features and complexity. The reality seems to be that every 3d object is 5-10 times slower to display in p3d compared to AFS2
  6. I wonder what fps would you get with no shadows, no weather, no water, no DL, but with scenery sliders maxed (or so). For example, over NYC. To see at what fps could the cpu push maxed 3d objects only.
  7. Here's your unlimited horizon. Autogen visibility distance seems good enough to me. And I quote from the official website: "Not only terrain, but also vegetation and objects are visible up to the horizon." And: "Advanced Level of Detail (LOD) [...] allows unmatched visibility distance. [...] a limited Earth curvature simulation is also available for high-altitude aircraft."
  8. Ah, the usual baloney that UNIGINE is unfit as a flight sim engine...
  9. Yes, you are probably correct, just setting both phase-outs to 0.5 should work neverthless, independent of speeds settings. As Longranger said, it's possible that the new joystick curves feature could resolve your issue at a sim level. Probably you will be able to set the joystick curve as to have a 50% control deflection for a 100% yoke deflection, so maybe 11.30 will resolve your issue once and for all. In this case it will work for all aircrafts, and even the visual deflection of the VR yoke should be correct. But of course, remember to put back the original values in plane-maker.
  10. That's the commanded flight controls deflection. Use the "Aileron deflection" data output (should be index n. 70), you'll see that the actual aileron deflection is reduced to one half after you make the change (I think it goes from 15 to 7.5 degrees, IIRC).
  11. It is actually working, the problem is that the aircraft designer linked the yoke animation to PC flight controls deflection, instead of the actual flight control deflections. In other words, when you modify the aircraft in Plane-Maker, you still see the yoke deflecting fully (+/-90 degrees), but it's juts a visual "bug", because the internal flight model will apply only one half of aileron deflection (equivalent to +/-45 degrees of yoke deflection). I just checked with the default C172, looking at the internal datarefs (flight model variables) and I can confirm that the ailerons gets one half of deflection (in the internal flight model). You should.notice that as a reduced roll rate, compared to the un-modified aircraft.
  12. I think you can do that on a per-aircraft basis, using Plane-Maker. .) Open Plane-Maker (it's in the X-Plane root folder) .) Open the aircraft you want to modify ("File"->"Open") .) Go to the tab "Standard"->"Control Geometry"->"Phase-Out" .) Set "AILERON 1: low-end speed (kias)" to "000", "low-end control travel (ratio)" to "0.50", hi-end speed (kias)" to "999", "hi-end control travel (ratio)" to "0.50" .) Do the same for "AILERON 2" .) Save the aircraft ("File"->"Save")
  13. Funny video, but those visuals make my eyes bleed. He should have used AFS2, would have been nicer to watch. 😀
  14. Murmur

    A change of sim?

    Nice. Those military sims have better lighting and visuals than civil sims.
  15. That shot is not an 11.30 preview unfortunately, it's mentioned in comments. Probably xvision?