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  1. What??? Make at least 500k sales the first week!
  2. Good riddance, they're all sims, they're all games, not anymore of one or the other, whether sold in "MS games" section or postfixed with a "Professional" tag in the title. I thought people were over that by now.
  3. That's frankly indistinguishable from a real video.
  4. Very true, although I don't know if they're actually doing that. I think they're tuning them with test flights and pilot feedback? In any case most 3rd party designers won't have access to supercomputers, so ideally it should be easily tunable by them as well. The real time flight model editor that's been previously hinted at, is promising. Sounds like a very good idea, that XP always failed to implement.
  5. Good idea, that would be an elegant compromise. Outer with ailerons, inner with flaps. Same for other surfaces like stabilizers. That would probably result in a flight model that is easier to tune. I'm very curious to see how this new MSFS flight model will be implemented and how flexible will it actually be.
  6. Finite element flight models (like in the new MSFS, or X-Plane, or pretty much every other modern simulator) allow the modeling of some aerodynamic effects that are difficult or impossible to model in an FSX-like flight model. First example that comes to my mind, the gradient effects a glider encounters when entering or flying near a thermal (i.e. updraft asymmetry between nose/tail or left/right wing). One could find more examples. Of course, they also have their own idiosyncrasies or weak points, e.g. more difficult tuning to match real world performance/handling data, and often a tendency to be more twitchy compared to real life. I for once am glad MSFS is switching to a finite element flight model, although most of its details are unknown. So it's still unknown how good or bad it will actually be, how easy will it be to create new models, etc.
  7. Noel, I think it's useless arguing here. The reason I stopped following this thread long ago. Unlikely you will make others change idea, and vice-versa. I think everyone has made up their mind at this point. Fortunately, every country is opening up again. Longer total lockdowns were not feasible. Although the worse economically is yet to come anyway.
  8. I thought about posting that video, but then thought Avsim would censor the N-word. 😀
  9. Is it known (from official sources) if there exists a subscription option for FS20 only? Meaning valid only for FS20, not also for other games like e.g. Game Pass.
  10. Depends on how you see it: let's say flight model is the SECOND most important thing after the overall sensory experience (eyes+ears). If forced to choose between a sim that looks and sounds like MSFS but with an arcade flight model, and a sim that looks and sounds like Sublogic FS but with a 100% accurate flight model, I would probably get more immersion using the first. I'd leave the accurate, Sublogic FS-looking sim to you. 🤣
  11. Right after environment (scenery, visual effects, sounds, weather), flight model for me is the next most important feature in a flight sim. Hopefully it will be good enough. And ideally improvable by 3rd party devs, if needed.
  12. No no no!!! Trees are too undulated!!! Runways are too tall!!!
  13. Actual frame rate will depend on which of the two (CPU/GPU) will be the bottleneck. That in turn will depend on the relative performance of your CPU and GPU, and also on the in-game settings used (example: if you use low res/AA and max out scenery objects, AI traffic, etc., CPU will usually bottleneck; if you use instead very high res/AA and minimize scenery objects, AI, etc., GPU will usually bottleneck). You should strive for a balanced load of CPU/GPU in your system and making good use of in-game settings. Although, generally speaking, in the gaming world CPU bottleneck is not considered a good thing, leading to more unstable FPS and stutters.
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