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  1. Thanks, that was a well-written article.
  2. What a weird aircraft. Looks like it's the easiest thing to tailstrike. :-)
  3. There's indeed a wind turbine there, but seems to be definitely smaller than what is depicted in XP. Can be briefly seen spinning here at 3:10:
  4. A lot of improvements. A bit disappointed only by the rendering engine and visual quality, despite the list of improvements in it.
  5. Maybe he's referring to those issues such as terrain mesh morphing, blurries, slow texture loading, etc., all things that were typical of the MSFS/ESP engine and, from what is written on the forums and can be seen on youtube videos, are still present in the current P3D version due to its engine being inherited by MSFS.
  6. AF2

    Awesome pictures. Ipacs did an excellent job. Even if their rendering engine lacks many features compared to DCS/XP/P3D, in several situations AFS2 looks more realistic than them visually (and of course much smoother). Hopefully they will add the missing pieces in the rendering engine.
  7. Maybe I was not clear enough in my explanation. It changes, over time, based on the area you are flying over, but the current weather is not localized, i.e. it's the same all around you: same cloud cover and type whether it's under your aircraft or 100 miles away from your aircraft. In this sense, I said that it changes on time but does not change in space: it's the same everywhere around you. They also said that the long term is to have different weather conditions in different areas at the same time, i.e. localized weather.
  8. Reminds me the dialogue in "Airport" the movie: "The instruction book said that was impossible." "That's one nice thing about the 707. It can do everything BUT read."
  9. From their explanation, there's no localized weather in space right now. They interpolate the weather over time (not over space) depending on the nearby METARs, but then the weather is identical at every point in space (i.e. all around you). But their stated long term goal is to have localized weather, i.e. weather interpolation not only in time, but also in space, so that weather fronts are actually depicted.
  10. I thought the same thing. Although, going from localized but static weather to dynamically changing weather would require a further step. Even if it interpolates between different METAR stations, a 100% complete weather system would also need to interpolate between METARs from the same station evolving in time (FSX weather legacy system did that, sort of). However I presume that is the long term goal of DTG.
  11. Wunderbar! Much better than the weather system of other sims.
  12. Would someone please kidnap DCS developers and won't let them free until they've coded a civil flight sim? This looks better than GTA-V.
  13. Best lighting of any sim for me.
  14. Nice screenshot, what sim is that?