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  1. Also, historically LR hasn't been very good at showing products at their best in their previews. I think the YT videos of actual buyers will be more meaningful than these previews. And, as it has always been the case, XP is generally very open to improvements, even in the visual side. It's more of a sandbox products, allowing users to improve their experience the way they want to, compared to the competition which is a more "closed" product.
  2. The more a wing is swept, the less its lift slope (at first approximation, only the velocity perpendicular to the c/4 line produces lift). So if there's e.g. right yaw, the left wing will be less swept and produce more lift, and viceversa for the right wing, hence a right rolling moment.
  3. I missed that detail! Yes, most XP aircraft have the typical strong yaw/roll coupling (dihedral effect), especially on airliners and other swept wings, which was always missing in the competition. Many years ago, there were several 737 crashes due to rudder runaway, the aircraft rolling out of control just like shown in the video with the Zibo. Looks like the payware offering of the competition is not up to par on these details of the flight model...
  4. Never said it was, for me the exaggerated pitch change with flaps is the most annoying flaw. Anyway, that EFM C172 looks like a great product! It shows how powerful XP flight model is, matching the performance of the RL aircraft very closely, without using an external flight model.
  5. I tried a full power stall on the default C172 in XP11 (both with analog gauges and the G1000), and the ball/slip indicator is definitely to the right when on the verge of the stall (and even before): True, apparently it should be even more to the right. Still much better than the competition though, where there's nothing at all!
  6. Martha King? Yes, the irony is that the effect was completely missing in FS9! But the included King's flight school was great!
  7. Well, at least that's a constructive discussion! 🙂 I think the ground physics and the propwash/rudder in XP have been tuned several times in the last few years, so I don't know what version of XP did you try, it's possible that the effect was stronger than the current one. Also, I wonder if the difference between staring at a monitor and actually being in the aircraft, with all the motory feedback, plays a role in the feeling of the amount of rudder needed.
  8. And keep in mind that even in XP11 the effect is LESS severe than it is in RL, as shown in this video. Oh, no need to remind you that the effect is completely absent in FSX/P3D/Etc.
  9. You're aware he is a real 737 pilot, right? You think I should weigh your opinion more than his? 🤣
  10. I just reported the opinion of RL 737 pilot flight2decksim, try asking him!
  11. Infact, this thread is about the flight model. Zibo is clearly better in all aspects of the flight model, including ground physics. I give preminence to flight models in a flight sim, but that's subjective, others may have different priorities.
  12. Indeed! Infact, in XP we have a study level aircraft (more or less on par with PMDG) that costs 0$!
  13. Nah, I very much doubt you're right. He said he's looking forward to XP12, sorry. 😉
  14. So, real 737 pilot flightdeck2sim on YT has recently made a back to back flight comparing Zibo 737 in X-Plane with another, just released, payware 737 for a competing sim. He praised the flight model and the ground model (taxiing, ground roll) of the Zibo 737. His words: "Just jumping back into the Zibo mod 737 I was like, oh yeah, that's why I love X-Plane 11. [...] And the handling, take off and landing is so much nicer, ground taxiing as well. [...] If you still want the flight dynamics, it's X-Plane 11. [...] Would I recommend the Zibo mod? This is for me still my favorite 737. [...] If you want an aircraft that handles very very accurately, it's Zibo for that."
  15. Incredibly detailed data! Are you gonna try to match your aircraft to those RL data as much as possible?
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