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  1. Surprising as it may seem, it is actually possible to design an aircraft that will not enter stall. Keep in mind that the elevator is the primary surface controlling the AoA, so if you design an aircraft whose elevator authority is not enough to reach the critical AoA of the wing, it will not stall even if you pull the yoke to the max, in theory at any speed. What will happen, is that at a certain point the nose will simply point down, but the wing will remain unstalled (and the aircraft controllable, although with limited maneuverability in the vertical plane until the aircraft recovers enough energy to stop sinking). As far as I know, this is basically how the Icon A5 is designed. Of course the stall-resistance may be dependent on some conditions, e.g. the aircraft may be stall resistant with the cg in mid range, but able to enter stall with cg at rearmost position. Designing a stall resistant aircraft will probably be a compromise with other aspects of the flight dynamics, giving for example limited pitch authority in some other situations where a "conventional" aircraft will remain instead more maneuverable.
  2. Ok, just experimented with it, left toe brake corresponds to number "6", and right toe brake to number "7". So if you have for example: "_joy_AXIS_use98 6" "_joy_AXIS_use99 7" then axes 98 and 99 are the toebrakes, so in my hypothetical case you should increase "_joy_null98" and "_joy_null99" to increase the null zone.
  3. "3" should be the yaw axis, i.e. the rudder control. Left and Right Toe brakes should each have another number, but I don't know which one.
  4. I don't have VR, but AeroflyFS2 is generally considered the best implementation of VR in a flight sim (among the reasons, for the very high FPS and the clear images). It is easier to use, but less complex and more simplified in several aspects compared to FSX/P3D/X-Plane, but it's being actively developed and improved. X-Plane has lower performance, but its developers are planning to improve its VR implementation, and it's expected to feature a native and significantly improved VR experience in the upcoming releases (so during the course of the next months). Keep in mind that you can evaluate X-Plane using its time limited demo (downloadable from its website,
  5. Well, you have to identify the joystick axes corresponding to your brakes (in the "X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf" file) and increase the null zone as explained.
  6. That's the max demonstrated crosswind as indicated in the POH, but all around the web (including in the website you linked) you can read accounts of pilots taking off and landing in significantly higher crosswinds, about the double of what is possible in X-Plane.
  7. The ground handling seems improved. The effective max crosswind for the default C172 is still around 15kts, so the excessive weathervaning is probably still there and (as I always suspected) the one to blame. If they improve that as well, there shouldn't be any more issues during ground handling and in crosswinds.
  8. Hi, what versione are you using? The latest beta 8 (released just a couple of days ago) has a fix that should improve somewhat ground handling in yaw. That being said, the advice is to set the "Control Sensitivity" -> "Control Response" to 100% for Yaw, that should give finer control when pedals are close to the center. Finally, you can modify the null-zone of your pedals doing a manual edit of the file: "X-Plane 11\Output\preferences\X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf". First of all, identify the joystick axis corresponding to your pedals. If you assigned them to yaw control, look for the "_joy_AXIS_use" entry followed by number 3, for example: "_joy_AXIS_use27 3" means that the 27th axis is assigned to yaw. Then, look for the corresponding "_joy_null" entry, in this case "_joy_null27", and increase the following number to increase the null zone, for example change from "_joy_null27 0.000000" to _joy_null27 0.100000" to give it a 10% null zone. Don't use too large a null zone or you could make control worse though, probably 5% (0.05) or so should be enough.
  9. FSX

    Must be the same designer of the Sikorsky H34. :-)
  10. Well, you could temporarily assign a known function (e.g. yaw = 3) to the axis you're interested to identify, then open the joystick settings file and check what axis id has now the number 3 assigned to it (e.g. _joy_AXIS_use11 3"), so you know the axis id (11 in my example).
  11. 1. Try opening the "X-Plane 11\Output\preferences\X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf" file, and search for all the entries named "_joy_AXIS_use". The yaw axis assignment should be identified by the number 3 (after the space), so check if there's more than one axis followed by the number 3, e.g.: "_joy_AXIS_use4 3" ... "_joy_AXIS_use9 3" Make sure there's only one axis assigned to yaw (3). 2. In the same file, search for the entries named "_joy_prat". They represent the sensitivity of each control axis. First of all, you have to identify the axis you're interested in, and then you can increase the relevant number to decrease its sensitivity, e.g. say you want to modify the sensitivity of axis 6, you would edit from: "_joy_prat6 0.000000" to: "_joy_prat6 1.000000". In theory, 1.000000 is the max value (least sensitive), I don't know if you can use even bigger values to have even less sensitivity, but it's probable that in this case the value would get reset to 1.000000 everytime you enter the control settings screen.
  12. The OP said: "I saw that amd cards aren't the best for x-plane...", so he was referring to the videocard as well.
  13. P3D

    Some of the nicest P3D shots. What addons are you using (including things like shader mods, etc.)?
  14. From the developer Ben Supnik: "The bad news is: AMD users aren't running 11.10's fastest path due to problems with our current code and drivers. The good news is: the next round of enhancements do work with AMD cards, so we can get back to treating them normally. That code is now looking reasonably stable, but it wasn't stable early enough to make it into 11.10. I think it will be available in beta this year though." So you should be fine in the next releases.
  15. Many of them are breathtaking. The XP scenery system is really unmatched. This highlights even more the lack of seasons and the poor weather effects though.