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  1. Yeah, I think there's not a chance that X-Plane is doing something to AMD drivers. X-Plane installation just creates its own folders and files. It doesn't touch at all anything else, including the Windows registry. So I think you must have a problem elsewhere in your PC.
  2. I wonder, do they also jam Galileo and GLONASS? And are current airliner nav systems able to use Galileo and GLONASS, anyway?
  3. Not every flight simmer has a 3000$ (as valued by current part prices) PC. In that case AeroflyFS2 in VR looks and runs much better than MFS.
  4. Yeah, after my past experiments I gave a description of how X-Plane used the texture. Your conclusions are about right, from what I recall. Regarding the sky colors, I think the sun elevation doesn't need to be +/-90 to use the morn/night textures, they're already completely used for a low sun elevation of +/-10 degrees or so, IIRC. Also, the lowermost 1 or 2 stripes of each 128x32 texture is used for something like fog/haze color, IIRC. Only a few of the 8 vertical stripes have the effects their name suggest, others control things like: moon reflection on water; sun reflection on water; color inside clouds at the bottom of cloud; color inside clouds at the top of cloud; and other various things like reflections, etc. The 128x128 cloud textures are used for direct and ambient cloud light. IIRC, the X axis represents the sun elevation, the Y axis represents the cloud height. So the colors of a cloud puff depend on its height and on the sun elevation. The color of clouds can be indipendently modulated by a couple datarefs whose name I don't remember ("cloud ambient" and "cloud direct" something). ------------------- In general, the final environment lighting is calculated with shaders, and the sky_colors textures are only used as a starting point. That's why modifying the sky_colors textures doesn't allow complete control over final result. Sky_colors textures are basically legacy textures, on which subsequent shaders have been added. An easy way to check how they work, is making a texture completely black, leaving only a single element (e.g. a stripe) with a primary color and experimenting with the results inside X-Plane (using the provided sky colors console). Anyway, I think at this point XP12 (hopefully with a totally new lighting system) will come out, before something decent can be obtained by modifying XP11 textures/shaders... 😬
  5. Hard to judge by just a video, but to me the flight model in this looks more convincing than in Chock's video. Even comparing them to RL cockpit videos. Also, a lot smoother.
  6. Look in the mirror and you'll know why! 🤣
  7. I'm with you. Saying that XP has good looking clouds is like saying that MFS has good flight models. Who in their right mind would say something like that?!? Fortunately, a complete rework of the weather system is planned for XP12.
  8. However I just tried, and I can adjust the apparent centre using the calibration screen.
  9. If the UI can't calibrate it, try manually editing the file: "X-Plane 11\Output\preferences\X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf"
  10. My advice is wait for XP12. Rumors are it should have a completely revised weather system.
  11. I would be more than content if XP12 weather would look at least on par with FS2004 weather, albeit with the addition of volumetric clouds.
  12. I very much hope that NONE of the present weather add-ons will be compatible with XP12, if you know what I mean. It would be worrying otherwise. 🙂
  13. Also, Jan correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that having instruments covered or labeled, makes the practice easier compared to having an actual failed instrument which you must constantly remember to ignore (as would happen in RL). 🙂
  14. Nah, in some way it's funny to read the ramblings. Moreover, it's important to debunk all the uninformed BS that is thrown by XP haters.
  15. Not only trolls, but uninformed trolls! 🤣 I agree with you that they're also funny to read, though.
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