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  1. P3Dv4

    Nice, I like the dusk lighting.
  2. Looks like Philipp Munzel really cares about details. He's doing a nice job with X-Plane systems: GPS, G1000, and now gyros. I have never seen this attention to quality and details in other areas of X-Plane. Maybe Philipp should begin studying flight dynamics so that LR could put him in charge of flight models and ground physics.
  3. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
  4. xp11

    Nice. You found a very realistic color and lighting setting for that high altitude feeling.
  5. Unlikely to work, but you could try opening the .acf file of the aircraft in Plane-Maker, and then save it again without touching anything. This should make the .acf compatible with XP11. But if the issue is due to some plugin used by the aircraft, this won't cure it. Of course, do a backup of the original .acf file before trying the above suggestion.
  6. Push on more eye (and ear) candy first and foremost, absolutely. Senses, that's the biggest single part of flight sim realism. Right after that comes the plausibility of flight models and of atmosphere (clouds, winds, turbulence, etc.), so improvements in those areas would be nice as well. All the rest is really just a side dish.
  7. XP11

    Hi John, I wrote a basic step-by-step tutorial for Ortho4XP for Windows here:
  8. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALLATION: 1) Download the latest version of Ortho4XP from here: (126MB total as of current v1.20b version) 1a) Optional: if you have already downloaded an old version of Ortho4XP, you can just download the updates to the binary files from here: (put the updated binary files in the Ortho4XP "bin" folder) 2) The current version is self-contained, so you do NOT need to download additional modules like Python, etc. 2) Extract the zip file in a folder 3) Open the newly created Ortho4XP folder, go to the "Install/Win64" folder, and install the VC++ Redistributables (you might get a prompt if your PC already has them installed) USE: 1) Open the "bin" folder and run the Ortho4XP exe ("Ortho4XP_v120b.exe" for the current version) 2) Choose the Latitude and Longitude of the tile you want to process (remember it's the latitude and longitude of the lower left corner of the tile, positive values are for North/East) 3) In the "Base source" entry, choose a provider for the orthophotos. Keep in mind the quality and availability of orthophotos varies for each provider. As of current version, the selectable providers are (the list is contained in the "" file): ------------------------------------------------------------- "BI": Bing maps "GO2", "GO", "g2xpl_8", "g2xpl_16": Google maps "Here": "Arc": Arcgis Online "OSM: Openstreetmap "USA_1", "USA_2": The National map (USGS) "ASK_1", "ASK_2": The Alaska Statewide Orthoimagery Mosaic "FR", "FRom": National geographical institute for France "FRsat", "FRsat2", "FRsatp": National geographical institute for Francem Low resolution "Top25": National geographical institute for France Just for fun over topo map "DE": German Geo Data Centre - DOP Online "SP": National geographical institute for Spain "IT", "IT2": National geographical institute of Italy "SE2": National geographical institute of Sweden "Hitta": Sweden Hitta "SE": Sweden Eniro karta "PL": National geographical institute of Poland "NO", "NO2": National geographical institute of Norway "DK": National geographical institute of Denmark "BE_Wa": National geographical institute of Belgium (Wallonie only) "NE": National geographical institute of the Netherlands (lufoto2005) "NE2": National geographical institute of the Netherlands (dlnk2014) "SLO": Geoportal Slovenia "CRO": Geoportal Croatia "OST": National geographical institute of Austria "CH": Swiss Federal Geo Portal "CZ": CZ "AU_1": Australia South Wester territory : Sixmaps "NZ": New Zealand "JP": Japan 2007 imagery "FO": (Farao Islands) "EST": Estonian Geoportal "F44": La Loire atlantique vue du ciel "GE": Geneva area Visible on -------------------------------------------------- 4) Choose the "Base zoomlevel" for the Orthophotos 5) Click on "Step 1: Build vector data"; wait while Ortho4XP downloads and processes data, until the message "Completed in XXXsec" is visible on the right panel 6) Click on "Step 2: Build base mesh"; wait while Ortho4XP downloads and processes data, until the message "Completed in XXXsec" is visible on the right panel 7) Click on "(Step 2.5: Build masks)"; 8) Click on "Step 3: Build Tile"; wait while Ortho4XP downloads and processes data, until the message "Completed in XXXsec" is visible on the right panel 9) Open the "Tiles" folder, you will find a folder named "zOrtho4XP_XX+XXX" 10) Move the newly created "zOrtho4XP_XX+XXX" folder to the "Custom Scenery" folder of X-Plane 11) Enjoy the newly created custom scenery.
  9. You can just place shortcuts in the custom scenery folder and use them in the scenery.ini file.
  10. Can you provide a screenshot of the issue you're having?
  11. Nice comparison video. I think FSW visuals already look one generation forward compared to P3D (+addons). This is very evident if you compare side by side the various matching images from the video.
  12. FSX

    Nice shots, but I suspect the tag on your post is wrong.
  13. That's strange. Maybe (hopefully?) the download speed will increase by itself after a while.
  14. FSX

    Nice! I like the HDR-style colors.