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  1. As I suspected. So, it could be possible that in X-Plane helicopters, this aerodynamic effect is underestimated. I always had a "feeling" that XP helicopters required too much pedal during cruise, so this seems to confirm that. What could be the cause? Maybe the vertical stabiliser in XP helicopters is not effective enough? Or maybe most XP helicopter designers do not fine-tune the geometry of the stabiliser so that the ball is centered during cruise? Who knows.
  2. Could it be because compensating for the side force of the tail rotor, the main rotor/fuselage must be banked the other way ("left skid low")? In this case the ball would be on the left for an helicopter flying straight and with a CCW main rotor. Although, I don't know if in RL this effect is actually there, during cruise. Or it could be possibly canceled by other effects maybe?
  3. Report it as a bug here, please: https://www.x-plane.com/x-plane-bug-report-form/ Add your screenshots to your bug report, they are very explicative.
  4. Another post I have to report for trying to pass off real life pics as X-Plane screenshots. 😡 Seriously, that's jaw dropping. 😍
  5. If you have thouroughly tested it, you could discuss the matter with XP developers. For a starter, maybe report it as a bug using the bug report page, in a concise and clear way.
  6. If it doesn't also model pebbles under the river bed, I'm not buying it.
  7. I think having the bloom effect is a big plus and if well done it can increase realism. There's a reflective metal object outside my house, and in the right lighting conditions the effect I get in real life is exactly the same as the one modeled in video games which have a well simulated bloom effect. In the case of X-Plane, at the moment it is possibly too "smeared out" over the entire scene. The effect I am talking about instead, is more concentrated on reflective surfaces (e.g. water bodies, metal surfaces, etc.). I think there's plenty of room to improve the effect in subsequent releases.
  8. I know it hurts that they're adding back support for X-Plane. Just deal with it.
  9. 2019: [Unnamed flight simulator] VR support not planned -> Community persuades developers to give priority to VR support -> "GREAT NEWS FOR [UNNAMED FLIGHT SIMULATOR], USERS HAVE PERSUADED DEVELOPERS TO GIVE PRIORITY TO VR SUPPORT!!!" 2024: ATC add-on support for X-Plane not planned -> Community convinces ATC add-on developers to support X-Plane -> "THAT'S NOT GOOD NEWS FOR X-PLANE!!!"
  10. If you post here, you are NOT "reporting bugs". To report bugs, please use this page only: https://www.x-plane.com/x-plane-bug-report-form/
  11. Great work Laminar! @jcomm will appreciate this too. 😁
  12. I think in XP you set the horizontal FOV. Vertical FOV will be consequently determined by the screen aspect ratio.
  13. It actually uses the year set in the O.S., so it actually has a perpetual calendar, albeit not very practical to use. They should just add an option to set the year inside X-Plane UI, instead of relying on the year set in the O.S..
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