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  1. Canadians of the world unite! The remarks on the Canada update are disappointing. I hope MSFS fixes the shortcomings promptly. I have it installed and, so far, not inclined to fly there.
  2. I wanted to try ortho4xp in XP12 so I put some old XP11 shortcuts in the Custom Scenery folder. It worked fine and the improvement in realism was startling. I hope an upgrade version will be available for XP12 with whatever improvements that have been developed over the last several years. Thanks to the talented people that bring this stuff to us.
  3. Where's the beef?..........................................................
  4. I bought the PMDG B737-800 (and the -600). On a recent flight from Newark to Las Vegas it worked great in LNAV and VNAV. The flying characteristics were good. PMDG did a great job. I also experimented with the "Save" function and it worked flawlessly on a saved pre-departure scenario.
  5. I take a look at a Google map of the city/area. If there is a structure of particular interest I Google that for further background. Personally, I do not like POIs. I'd like to see a way of turning them on/off with a button press.
  6. I have the Challenger 650 and it is a really nice airplane. It does LNAV and VNAV very well and has great range (4000nm). The pop-up instruments are a great aid to seeing them more sharply and placing for convenience. It's a good looking bird and it does fly well; The FBO and walk-around are cleverly done. A lot of work went into the design concept. However, I would like to see the option of a built-in flight ready state without going through the "save" function. Just load in the flight plan and fuel and go................ Now for XP12.
  7. The last X-Plane Development Update was 19 May 2022. It would really be nice to get some updated info from the source. Three months is a bit of an information gap for those of us looking forward to XP12.
  8. Do it! I am looking forward to the release of X-Plane 12. Short final? I hope that means hours or days and not weeks and months. I have a clean m.2 drive awaiting the new arrival. Good luck with a successful launch.
  9. Very interesting use of XP12. I hope an upgraded Canadair CL415 for XP12 sim users will become available. It is a great looking aircraft.
  10. If iniBuilds abandons XP, so be it. There will be others to replace it. Some seem to have a deathwish for XP despite its rather insignificant space in the flight sim galaxy. MSFS has a dominant position in resources and that will not change. MSFS 2020 certainly has enlivened interest and has advanced the genre. I hope XP12 is a success and it may bring some new insights into our hobby.
  11. For those curious about international flights out of Newark Liberty, here is a partial list: Frankfurt, Germany Istanbul,Turkey Paris, France Amsterdam, Netherlands London, United Kingdom Munich, Germany Vienna, Austria Rome, Italy Barcelona, Spain Zurich, Switzerland Madrid, Spain Dublin, Ireland Brussels, Belgium Shanghai, China Paris, France Copenhagen, Denmark Beijing, China Palma De Mallorca, Spain Milano, Italy Berlin, Germany Athens, Greece Stockholm, Sweden Edinburgh, United Kingdom Lisbon, Portugal Warsaw, Poland Oslo, Norway Delhi, India
  12. Yes, bring on a first rate rendition of KEWR - Newark Liberty International Airport. It is the choice airport for many in the NJ/NY area. It was the first airport to serve the area. It is also a convenient stop for those sailing out of the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne. Do not underrate KEWR.
  13. Hi, Each passing day indicates XP12 is getting closer to release (I hope). So, I started looking over my storage spaces and wondered what the impact of XP12 would be on disk space. I haven't seen any info in this regard. It seems XP12 will be more robust than XP11 which probably means more storage.
  14. So far, It looks like a buy. The price is very reasonable, if not generous. I'd like to support Fenix and future aircraft - like, maybe, the A321XLR.
  15. I flew the C172 (1000) at KCRW and there was annoying bouncing around. No winds were set. The C172 is usually pretty smooth.
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