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  1. Hi, FYI - This really great aircraft has been updated
  2. Hi ajlesq, Wow that's a tough one. You might try to reinstall in case the files were corrupted.
  3. I am going to keep X-Plane. MSFS looks promising and I will evaluate it. Hopefully, it will be as good as previewed and kind to my existing pc. From what I can see, the developers are very talented.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your work. I am downloading it now. It does look good.
  5. Hi, Interesting idea. I can remember seeing dust storms and dust devils right here in the USA. It would add realism to the new MSFS. However, the development team must be hard pressed just to come up with a useful, realistic flight sim this year and encompassing many of the ideas on the forum.
  6. The beautiful old biplane has been updated to XP11. This is freeware released by XPFR.
  7. Hi Tommy, Thanks for the info. Download 323.18 Mbps Upload 23.84 Mbps Southern New Jersey
  8. Hi ArchStanton, Thanks for taking the time to post the Wired article about MSFS2020. It was interesting, informative and well written.
  9. Hi, Looking at the skill and versatility of the development team, a drivable vehicle would be a piece of cake. In X-Plane there's a Canadian airport - CZST Stewart - where I drove around the village for the fun of it. And it was neat and added another dimension to the simulator.
  10. I'd like to see an occasional human being. The visuals of the new MSFS are stunning, but the absence of humans on the ground is startling. It reminds me of the movie "On The Beach" where streets are empty except for blowing trash after a nuclear war. Anyway, I see a lot of "wants" on these pages and good luck to the developers in accommodating some of them. I am pleased that Microsoft is getting back into flight simulation with gusto.
  11. K.I.S.S. I like the X-Plane approach to files. On the new MSFS, I'd like to see a comprehensive, yet friendly User Interface. The new MSFS sure has drummed up a lot of excitement in the flight simulator community. Make it great.
  12. I favor a modern, state of the art flight simulator. As for aircraft, the new sim should come with a variety of quality aircraft that satisfy the range of interest of most sim pilots to start. Anyway, these are interesting times. Good Luck to Microsoft and hoping they stick by their guns and get the job done right.
  13. Hi Nevian, I haven't flown it in a while. It was a nice flying bird and smooth. According to the .org it was updated 24 Apr 2019 and is on sale. One thing I like about the A350 is its general layout - a nice, well proportioned aircraft.
  14. fta2017 Thanks for the info. It looks really good. Orbyx - keep up the good work.
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