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  1. FYI: Just Flight released an update to the Stearman - v1.0.1. That was nice and quick!
  2. Hi pop1, You might try https://www.antsairplanes.com/trojan.html for a clue. Good luck.
  3. Andreas Stangenes, Thanks for the link and to the mods who put it all together. The mod is a huge improvement in the aircraft. It makes it much more pleasurable to fly for sure. Thank God for the mods.
  4. Hi, This seems to be a major improvement of the B787. It flew the proscribed pattern well and flew the ILS nicely. However, I didn't see a separate B787 in the "Airliners" to select. Is it just overlayed? The legs didn't show up in the FMC or ND. The ILS did show up when selected in Destination/Approach. I used the linker app for the a/c mod and the MSFS map for the nav legs. The aircraft was very smooth and felt about right. Thanks.
  5. Hi Farlis, Thanks for the map and the impetus for learning our history. From the archaeological side, I'd like to be able to, say, helicopter to Pompeii and then "walk" through the town. Carthage, Rome, Herculaneum, Athens, etc., are other examples. I think the broader possibilities exist with this MSFS technology. More recent history or current situations are also interesting. I love to fly, but I also like to explore.
  6. Abrams Tank: "But I can't wait to see what this sim becomes over the next 3 years." This same question might be asked after the 3 years are up. I hope it looks/works as good as the pre-release videos suggested much sooner - like the end of this month.
  7. Awesome? It needs a lot of work to become "awesome". The pre-release videos and pix were awesome propaganda. No one expected perfection, but MSFS came up short and it is still short. No doubt, in a couple of years it will improve. It certainly has the potential.
  8. Hi, Talk about logbook....... I tried a search in MSFS to locate it and I got a bunch of subsidiary files, but not my personal logbook. I'd like to make a copy in case it is obliterated again. Also, some landings were not logged that were ok (not dev.). So, I'd like to correct it. Where is it? Or is it even available? Thanks.
  9. Hi Twenty6, The same thing happened to me. I took the c172 in the "Aircraft Packages", made a copy and put the copy in the Community folder. The gtn 750 folder also has to be in the Community folder. Note: I got the 750 to display - looks great - but 10 minutes into the flight the sim crashed. Might be an MSFS problem, I don't know. Anyway, good luck.
  10. Hi, I downloaded the Pajero and hope to use it in the "Okavango Delta" safari scenery. Similar, upcoming exploratory programs may find wheels handy.
  11. Hi All, Thanks for the tips on the B787 downloads. I just flew a closed circuit pattern to an ils with the XE version and it worked nicely - a major improvement over the default. I just downloaded the XH version and will give it a shot tomorrow. Again thanks for the information. And thanks to the talented folks that put the mods together - they do make a big difference in MSFS.
  12. Hi 737-800, From my perspective, I would recommend a keypad. i assigned cockpit views to the keypad and it is easier and faster to click one key than the two awkward clicks that came with the sim. At any rate, it might be handy in a number of ways to have a keypad.
  13. Hi Boeing_Driver, I've tried the MSFS Legacy Importer to "recover" a Carenado T-34B (Mentor) and it was good to see it flying again - but the instruments didn't translate. Chock made some very good comments on the above topic. You might like to check them out. Good luck
  14. Hi Chock, Re: "Depends on the aeroplane and how it was made." Many thanks for your response. I have done a couple of conversions with the MSFS Legacy Converter, but I have not done well with the instruments so far. There sure is a goldmine of aircraft out there to be properly converted. I'll give the Me-109G a shot.
  15. Hi Chock, Re: "Incidentally, some of the old Just Flight/Aeroplane Heaven and Flight Replicas bf109s can import into MSFS fairly well." Does that include the instruments? What is the magic to add the instruments? I was on Aeroplane Heaven the other day and they have some great aircraft I would like to see ported to MSFS. Thanks.
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