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  1. Devon Firstly I would like to repeat again that we simmers are comparing a billion dollar company with a probably not even a 100 million dollar company. makes no sense. MS has tremendous resources , they can pour in a lot of money and pullout when they see no profits. Had tried MSFS for a month with the game pass , personally it didn't fit well with me. Also one of the reasons at least me not wanting MSFS would be no great helis. on the psychological level it felt like a kidZ game , XP is also a game but it didn't register as a game psychologically , probably to do with the helicopters , again this is a personal opinion. XP12 is a big improvement from XP11 , but some can't digest that. They will find something to talk about , is XP perfect NOPE so is MSFS. I do want the scenery of MSFS but that is not possible in XP, maybe in the future. There are certain aspects that can be done I am sure. I don't want XP to look like MFS. I find XP to be much better in looks, again this is a personal opinion. The lighting has improved so has the water and the weather and I like those clouds , ofc it needs more refinement.
  2. In my Miggie heading Porta ! Google Orthos using Ortho4xp - GO2 which I believe is google.
  3. This is my toy , using opentrack with Airtrack just fantastic and ofc google orthos
  4. Awaiting X-Trident to smooth out the 412 for XP12 . Also planning on getting the Maule by Vksylabs I believe !
  5. I feel LR should at least have trees with collision , this would be a great effect for heli riders trying to land in forest areas.
  6. I need to try this in XP since it has that surface effects , maybe the skids do slide ?
  7. Just to make things easier , switched to NVidia and to my surprise there is no FSR equivalent in XP . I don't remember exactly what it's called for Nvidia. I have that FSR too max but I believe it might not work with Nvidia ?
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