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  1. Think I have set it up correctly now , but there is a concern that I noticed checkers everywhere , some places there is a square patch. Is this is a known thing ?
  2. Need some help , can't figure out what folders to align , there are no objects over the orthos Here is the scenery.ini , have placed the folders according to what I felt should be.
  3. Was going to send it to the moon, but some weight issues
  4. The human mind cannot stay quiet. It needs something
  5. In default xp? At least I have never come across that issue
  6. Use both Bing / Google. Some places Bing is better and some google. I only sim over India / Aftrica .
  7. Don't know who they are , the link was given to me by @jcomm That's a strong GPU.
  8. Hi, It's mostly due to the unobstructed view. The other one is "Cows DA 42" if you search on google.
  9. I am considering this Diamond 42, but someone told me there is an ongoing project for the same being done. So not sure if I sure get the aerobask or wait for the one being developed.
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