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  1. The default settings supplied with XVision stop the flickering along with other nice things. Mick
  2. I agree. I have given up waiting and bought a Saitek yoke to replace my worn out CH yoke. Could not believe how sticky the Saitek was, so opened it up, removed the springs and levers fitted two bungee cords as per someones youtube video and it is now more than acceptable. Mick
  3. Good grief have I been following this thread since last October? I'm sure your right about the travel Ray. Not sure if my CH yoke will last until a working model of this yoke is manufactured at the current rate of progress. It seems two steps forward and one back at every turn. Hope its worth the wait. Mick
  4. Don't see how that's possible, unless there are 6" outside the enclosure then surely its not possible to move forward 6" is it? I like the look of the yoke and what it offers (hopefully)plenty of switches for flying in VR, but I will have difficulty fitting it to my existing cockpit. Mick
  5. mickatmian

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    None taken. Water off a ducks back. Mick
  6. mickatmian

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    Being a 73 year old British pensioner makes me a money bags? I just don' have enough time left to wait too long for things. Anyway doesn't matter now the sale is here so everyone should be happy> Mick
  7. mickatmian

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    Don't be such a skinflint, if you want it just buy it. Think of all the time you could be flying over it. True earth is unlikely to be on sale anyway. Mick
  8. I know I have used FSUIPC for years myself. But that is not what the op asked. As we have not heard back from the op he has either, figured it out for himself, or we are making the wrong assumption as to which flight sim he is using. Either way it's almost time for a Saturday beer here in the UK, enjoy your weekend. Mick
  9. I don't have the Saitek joystick I have the CH Eclipse but the principle is the same and as I said above if FSX or P3D from the menu go to options/controls check the yoke is showing in the controller box, change event category to views, scroll down to view (pan) click to highlight, click new box,and add your hat switch. simple, and you most certainly do not need to pay for FSUIPC just to get a yoke to work! Hope this helps. Mick
  10. If your using FSX/P3D just go to controllers and set it up from there it should not present a problem. If I remember correctly there is a box to tick to enable controllers on the settings page. Mick
  11. As Wayne above said all that and more can be accomplished by using the paid version of FSUIPC. Mick
  12. Interesting. Thanks for that. Mick
  13. Not if you live in Europe! But I wont be paying the high price of the Vive pro + base station + controllers approximately £1200 in the UK! Mick
  14. Have it set to ignore otherwise you can't do a wheels up landing! Try it in the Realair Duke, quite spectacular. Mick
  15. mickatmian

    FSUIPC and P3Dv4

    Pleased you are sorted again. At least you know it will do what you need. In my home cockpit the only thing I cannot get to work without FSUIPC are the cowl flaps on the Realair Duke (which is the aircraft I mostly fly). To buy FSUIPC just for that is a bit extreme. Mick