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  1. Search this file for re-shade " SweetFX_Settings_b'X-Plane 11'_b'X-Plane. Vibrance + color + better curve' " Search in google or whatever search engine you are using. Try this: goto x-plane\output\preferences delete every thing in this folder except,control profiles, X-Plane Calibration, X-Plane Joystick Settings and X-Plane Keys then delete the shadercache folder. x-plane will rebuild these when you restart. save the preferences and shadercache folders to the desktop before you delete anything just in case. If this does not work I would suggest you delete/reinstall x-plane from scratch and keep a backup copy in a different location. Ensure vr is working before you even think about using re-shade. Mick
  2. Place the sweet fx file in the main x-plane folder (where xplane.exe is) and re shade will find it. I install standard effects and sweet fx these are checked automatically click ok, then just click ok to the next 2 screens, then enable Vulcan globally accept it and close the box. Start x-plane, open re-shade and sweet fx should open at the top with a check in curves and vibrance. I have only been using re-shade for a week myself having previously used XVision so the above may or may not be the correct way to install/use re-shade but it works for me and hopefully for you too. Mick
  3. Not sure why adjustments are not showing in the headset if they show on your monitor. Search this file for re-shade " SweetFX_Settings_b'X-Plane 11'_b'X-Plane. Vibrance + color + better curve' " And place in the x-plane folder then reinstall re-shade. this will show a marked difference in the headset if it is working. Just a thought you do have the performance mode checked at bottom right of re-shade screen? Mick
  4. Works fine for me in xplane 11.50 beta 6 with rift s. Mick Edit. If using rift s make sure you start oculus app before Xplane
  5. Does not work for me either but this does: --allow_reshade Note the extra "-" and don't forget the space as above, Hope this helps Mick
  6. Have you tried OVR it is a lua script that works well to change settings and is both visible in the headset and allows changes on the fly. I have been using it myself for some months without a single problem. Mick
  7. For x-plane 11 in vr try turning down visual effects to medium, for me this gets rid of most of the shimmering. Yes you will lose some of the effects but not as much as you may think, especially in the new betas. Hope that helps Mick
  8. Ok no problem. Hope you don't get to feel to sick on final.
  9. Rubbish. I take it you would not want to use my Oculus rift S at 27fps via the use of the free ovr lua plugin then? For anyone interested x-plane 11.5-3 beta works great in vr with the visual effects set to medium, texture quality high, world objects at maximum. with the proviso you free your mind over 27fps. Mick
  10. I thought that's what I said at least that's what I meant to say. Have you even tried it? smooth as silk for me on 4k monitor. Strangely with 11.4x sometimes the Vsync at 30Hz would work sometimes not. When that happened the solution for me was to reload the nvidia driver. Mick
  11. Me too. The strange thing is if I turn vsync off It locks at 30fps. Mick
  12. Ha Ha your probably right I never thought of that. Now how about we give Tutmiester a bit of peace, it appears he has put a lot of money into this project and must be frustrated with the current turn of events. Stay safe and well everybody. Mick
  13. Yes the news is: no bread, milk or toilet rolls in the shops and your wondering about a yoke!
  14. +1 Having had the HP Reverb briefly before the rift s I concur with tutmeister. For info.glasses with the reverb is an absolute no, and after a few hrs use it hurt the bridge of my nose so much it took two days to get over the pain. I have not used the others but having moved from the rift cv1 to the rift s I well pleased. Mick
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