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  1. Hi, All the above + try uninstalling the Driver using the - amd clean up utility - then installing the latest Adrenalin software/driver. My 6900xt was playing up but that fixed it. Mick
  2. Gsync is for Nvidia cards. Freesync is for Amd cards. The new driver works well for me (1070k and 6900xt) and does indeed double frames in MSFS without tearing and minimal stutters, but unfortunately I can not get it to work with Tobii eye tracker enabled either in MSFS or Xplane but hopefully that will be addressed in a future update. Mick
  3. Me neither. Not sure why someone with a 4090 would even want to be in this thread. Mick
  4. Hi, Sorry I thought the install instructions were in this thread. Try this link :Microsoft Store Reshade without batch file - Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - The AVSIM Community Mick
  5. Yes you can, I have the store version and reshade works fine, just follow the previous install instructions and as others have said try final light. Mick
  6. Did you try this? It could save a full reinstall. It worked for me. Anyway if you are going for a full reinstall what is there to lose? Mick
  7. Ray56 After having similar problems in the past and a reinstallation not providing a cure I eventually came across a thread that suggested deleting the settings saved to the cloud and that provided the cure for me so is certainly worth a try. Close Microsoft Flight Simulator In the Cortana search box, type " CMD " then select Open to open a Command Prompt In the window that appears, copy-paste the following command (without the quotes): "start shell:appsFolder\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App -DeleteCloudSaves" then press Enter This will return all controls to default so you may like to save your controls by going here and save the wgs folder first. C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs Just for info. I use both MSFS2020 and Xplane12 don't understand the anti Xplane brigade on here. Hope that helps. Mick
  8. Happens to me also at 2xmsaa. Not sure where from but I understood it is a known issue. Mick
  9. Ok thanks. I have ordered Amd RX 6900 XT and will keep my existing monitor. Thanks to all. Mick
  10. Really, which option? please explain. Thanks for the gsync explanation it would seem a processor upgrade is required. Looking at Radion RX6900XT which I can get for approximately £700 or RTX3080 but have to factor in the cost of a new power supply for the 3080. I guess either of those should give a little overhead for the future. Mick
  11. Thanks to you both for the information. I have decided I will upgrade the processor. Mick
  12. Thanks. I thought maybe a 3070. But I would also like to know if gsync would cure the judder I have running the sim with vsync at 30htz/50% when panning. Anyone? Thanks Mick
  13. Hi, I am running msfs with an i7 10700k at 5 ghz and nvidia 1080ti on a 34" ultrawide 1440p at 30fps, all works well for the ga flying I do except for the judder when panning. I have some spare cash and could either upgrade the processor or purchase a g sync ultimate monitor ( Acer Predator X38S 38 inch). Never having used g sync monitor my question is will it smooth out the panning judder? Any information appriciated or would it be better to upgrade the processor and run at 60htz to smooth out the panning Thanks Mick
  14. In my case the problem was not the port or the cable but the poor soldering of the RJ-45 port to the circuit board (dry joints) and I suspect it is the same for most failures of which there seem to be many. If you have soldering skills it is a reasonably easy repair as described in this thread. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/617788-i-repaired-my-alpha-yokes-rj-45-port/ or if still in warranty return it. Mick
  15. As Mace said. In addition I also keep keyboard profiles for each aircraft with different views sets etc. Not helping but I do not have a problem with profiles. As ffpilot I do save profiles before each update, saves a lot of time if needed. Mick
  16. I use joytokey $7 works for all controllers (I think) and there is a demo before purchase. Currently using to link Opentrack to Honeycomb yoke Mick
  17. Well I had to reinstall as I said earlier from a fully working sim to nothing after a patch! Trying to load the sim from the store click to play button took me round in circles, emptied the catch, deleted the store and reinstalled no difference, Is it possible the store settings are stored in the cloud and on reinstall of the store it's back to square one? I would like to think I am not a rookie either as have been into flight sims since 1980's and never have the problems I have with msfs with various other flight sims. While I will still use msfs if its working, I now spend most of my time with X-plane. Hope you have it reinstalled and working again by now. Mick
  18. Had a similar thing after a the patch a couple of weeks ago, working fine before patch. After spending a couple of days trying to fix it I gave up and reinstalled the sim (took just under 24hrs at my internet speed) it then said I needed to reinstall the xbox app! no idea why but it worked after. Mick
  19. This is the one I use: Advanced Rendering Options (ARO) only$16 More than 130 parameters can be changed with the sim running so no need to keep restarting. Mick
  20. Just an update for anyone interested. After trying everything I could find on the internet for help with my Microsoft store problem and meticulously following instructions from several different websites on how to resolve this problem I finally gave up and reinstalled the sim, which took just over 24hrs (171.83Gb) at my internet speed but did at least resolve the problem. So thankyou Microsoft/Asbo for putting out a patch which stopped my perfectly working sim from loading (sim went through the last 3 updates without a problem). Thanks to those of you that tried to help. The one good thing to come out of this, I finished the garden fence painting! Mick
  21. Yes I did. Still no further with this. Reported to Microsoft 3 days ago but no reply. Pleased to say the sun is shining again in my part of the UK, so looks like more fence painting is the order of the day. Mick
  22. Already done that, logged out restarted pc and logged in again but achieved nothing. What really gets my back up is the fact the last three updates all went smoothly it wasn't until the hot fix there was a problem, some hot fix! Mick Ps this has done me one favour, went out in the spring sunshine and made a start on painting the garden fence so have a happy wife.
  23. Thanks. I have already tried that but it just takes me to the same box when I click play. Mick
  24. After the last update my vanilla sim copy was working fine, I did not notice any of the issues that some were having, but then came the hotfix. Installed the hotfix via Microsoft store, I now have a box from Gaming services telling me that it is indeed installed but that I need to "install on my device" and from there I just go round in a circle i.e. every time I try to start the sim it just opens this box again. Have tried everything I can think of short of a reinstall which I wish to avoid if at all possible (slow internet 18mbps). At one point I had a message saying the store could not find my internet connection so how did they send that message? Any ideas. Mick
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