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  1. Sorry tried to post this in the Riddlez support forum but it appears to be out of commission. The Riddlez KBLI is a lovely scenery especially when one has collected all of the nearby Orbx sceneries, but I'm having an awful time with the detailed ground poly with the taxiway textures/puddles/taxi lines "flashing" between on and off depending on one's point of view and moving the camera. I found that the issue is tied to the file KBLI_MSC_GP_P3Dv3.BGL as turning this file extension to "off" cures the flashing (but leaves one without the nicely detailed taxiway/apron poly). Anybody else experience this and/or know what a fix may be - I've not seen this with other sceneries? Thanks, Steve
  2. Awesome...thanks so much! It's a fantastic scenery...I like it a lot. Steve
  3. I found a couple of nice freeware FSX airports by Shehryar Ansari (KLGB Long Beach and KONT Ontario) that look great with the Orbx SCA region installed and P3Dv4.2 EXCEPT for some mesh anomalies- KONT along the side of the airport, KLGB is good except for a weird sheared off mountain caused by some giant "flatten" polygon I can't find using ADE. Has anyone found a way to make these two airports useable with Orbx SCA region until Orbx (or other) payware versions come along? Thanks, Steve
  4. Republic DC9

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    My (sort of silly) question is - does it come with any "N-registration" liveries for us USA-based fliers? Kind of a rare beast in the states compared to the F27? Thanks, Steve
  5. Republic DC9

    Taxi2Gate KSEA Released for P3Dv4

    OK I have the v4 version installed along with DD City and Airports and all looks great and FPS great (far better than default PNW region) EXCEPT I'm getting grass textures that sort of "morph" from dusty grass to dark green grass behind me? I had that a long time ago with the earlier version, no idea how I fixed it though? Thanks, Steve
  6. Republic DC9

    How To Move Red Text On Screen Down One Line?

    Thank you, Joe and Poppet I may just have to try that blue too! :) Steve
  7. I've had great success raising my FPS and eliminating blurries by moving to full 1920x1080P resolution, but now I can't see the top line of text with the speed etc. (and I "cheat" using that while flying). Is there a way to move both lines of text DOWN just one line in a .cfg file? Thanks, Steve
  8. Ah...indeed I did...I saw Citation and got excited! Oh well, I shall have my King Air 350 back it seems and hopefully we have our Citation II back soon! :) Thank you, Steve
  9. The Carenado site says this plane was now updated to P3Dv4 - but the installer I download (purchased off their site) is still old? Anybody else have any luck? Thanks, Steve
  10. I'm new to X-Plane but a long time P3D user and have been loving it - ESPECIALLY once I learned how to make Ortho4XP tiles combined with US West Real Life etc. So awesome, so realistic! But a big problem - oftentimes I can't even get the sim to stay loaded. I make my selection of airport, say KSEA, the sim will do asynchronous loading etc. then I see the plane and scenery but there is a truly massive struggle with very low FPS and hard drive whirring, sometimes for minutes, while (I suspect) all neighboring tiles load up. Except they often never do - the sim crashes and gives the opportunity to send a crash report. I've attached a copy (but changed the extension to .txt). I'm considering a new video card (current is GTX 960, 4GB VRAM, processor is i76700 4.0 Ghz) - but want to make sure that before spending $350 for a new 1070 that this will actually fix the crashes and massive loading times (loading in air between tiles is awful). I strongly suspect that overdoing it on VRAM is my issue as without Ortho4XP all is wonderful - but maybe this crash report explains that somehow? I hear of others with Ortho4XP tiles and 4GB of VRAM and "no issues" - but I don't have issues either if all I'm loading is single tile. I'd love it if the sim could load fewer tiles at once - or something (yes, I have the .cfg fix to remove extended DSFs - didn't fix the issue it seems). Thanks for your help, Steve
  11. Good idea on monitoring the GPU, Ryan....while loading my max memory load was 4045MB....I think I've found my problem, a 8GB card would probably help both of us? Steve
  12. Very interesting, Soppie, thank you. I should have posted my specs - GTX 960 4GB, i76700 4.0GHZ, 16GB RAM I unfortunately can't defragment my HD due to the SSD to HDD connection to it. Would love to hear others' theories on this too. Steve
  13. I've gone totally nuts creating a huge collection of truly gorgeous Ortho4XP tiles that combined with all of XP11s other great features have made me more or less forget about P3D+Orbx (unless P3D v.4 is fantastic). My problem is that when first loading tiles and overlays (when the plane first appears on the runway) or "between" tiles there is a long period of struggle where the smooth 30 FPS comes to a stop and things get VERY jerky - but once loaded, I can fly wherever I want within the tile boundary with no FPS issues whatsoever. Sometimes during this initial loading process XP11 actually crashes. During this loading period, the hard drive (a normal hard drive with SSD cache) goes CRAZY trying to load the scenery, it seems, and the CPU frame time is much, much longer than the GPU frame time, which is surprising to me. I've tried running the tiles off a USB 3.0 remote Seagate hard drive and it almost seems better. Zero such issues with default XP11 scenery, at all - that is silky smooth for some reason? And the issue is just as big around my Milwaukee tiles as it is around Seattle with its mountains. My questions - 1) Is this behavior normal for others, what are your load times when flying between tiles, and if you don't have issues then what type of hard drives do you use? 2) What would help this situationand how can I ID the problem? I think XP11 ignores default scenery if Ortho4XP is "above" it in scenery.ini, its not like I'm trying to run both? 3) Are there any .cfg tweaks that might help? Thanks, Steve
  14. Republic DC9

    Very Vexing LOD Issue - Help Please?

    Me neither, Vesalius....but I think you've just given me a very important clue! Mipmaps! I don't totally understand them, but believe they are involved from switching from low res to high res textures as you get closer to an onject. A good lead, perhaps now I can find out how to solve the issue...thank you! Steve
  15. I'm trying to get some buildings in my Balboa Park, San Diego scenery to show up - or rather, have them show up from a reasonable distance away. As I approach the park, several of the buildings go from black textures/nothing into full buildings but only when I'm directly on top of them - like crashing into them in some cases! I know it's not a missing texture issue as the textures DO appear at some point, I suspect a bad LOD issue - in this shot, the side textures of the bridge are just beginning to show, and the buildings straight ahead are entirely black (but will color in with textures when right on top of them). "Easy fix!", thought I, having fixed disappearing runway marks before. But no matter what entry I put in the .obj files involved - same problem - and just HERE, in Balboa Park, rest of conversion went just fine. Any help is is what the ends of the .obj files look like now - they started with just ATTR no blend (which the rest of the working objects have), I tried adding variations of ATTR_LOD with various distances in the first and second positions, no good. Very confused....but would be glad to get this beautiful conversion running correctly. Thanks, Steve End of the .obj in the text editor.... IDX 1474 IDX 1475 IDX 1474 IDX 1473 ATTR_LOD 0 20000 ATTR_no_blend TRIS 0 3126