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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Calibration was quick and easy using that app and HDR is looking better now.
  2. I did the same, he definitely deserves it. Thanks for the heads up, btw. Another outstanding mod.
  3. Maybe our eyes have different color sensitivity. No other explanation comes to my mind.
  4. Sorry, but it really does have a reddish tint. I have a calibrated monitor and also rechecked your pictures on a high end mobile display.
  5. Currently, as what do I fly most, that would be Beech 18 with Stearman close second. However, the overall best would be PMDG DC-6.
  6. This happens to me too, it started like several weeks ago. With the difference that not every new tab freezes MSFS. I've noticed that the issue is with websites that use hardware acceleration (Youtube, pdf reader etc.). I also don't have this issue when opening the tab on second screen. Anyway, yesterday I've also started getting CTDs all of a sudden, as described here and on the official forums. To me it seems unrelated to the temporary freeze caused by Edge.
  7. Pilot2ATC SID, STAR and approaches Planned during preflight Assigned by ATC during the flight Planned procedures can be changed during the flight by ATC depending on weather Planned procedures can be changed during the flight by the pilot Simbrief support Yes (one click import, direct link with Simbrief account) including call sign (very handy). Speech recognition Yes Voices Text-to-speech (fixed set of voices) Text-to-speech (new voices can be added) QNH in hPA and InHg Yes Transition altitudes and levels Yes (automatically) Terminology Realistic (geared towards USA) VFR support Yes Virtual Reality support No Needs other tools/plugins/addons (like FSUIPC or Makerunways) Yes (all freeware though) Navigraph support Yes (can be installed with the Navigraph tools) Needs to create database No (apart from the initial installation). Requests that can be made during the flight Another take off runway Another SID Another (cruising) altitude Another STAR Another approach Another gate Descent Direct To Requests that can't be made: holdings, emergencies, heading deviations (due to weather). ATC vectors Yes (to the exact intercept path). Vectors are automatically provided when required by the procedure (usually with STARs where the last fix requires manual transition to IAF). Controls AI aircraft No Starting position ATC can be (re)started at any time OTHER FEATURES Respects MSA / MEA quite well (no vectoring to terrain). Allows to modify taxiways, gates and runway TO/LND preference. The latter is actually a really great feature. Provides traffic advisory on ground and in the air. Powerful speech recognition grammar tool helps to practice speech and improve recognition rate. Copilot can handle most coms. Integrates with ATC chatter. Joystick support. Flight planning tool.
  8. In my case, it is the speech recognition. While not an issue with airliners where I let the copilot handle ATC coms, flying VFR in GA is way more immersive when I am actually communicating with ATC alone as in the real world. I use Pilot2ATC btw.
  9. As soon as one starts to use any headtracker the advantage of higher FPS becomes apparent. Because it is not just about perceived smoothness, but also input lag reduction. Then the difference between 30 and 40 FPS is pretty substantial.
  10. I like ATC chatter, the full version has clips from all over the world. Occasionally I use a little known alternative, which is to use Pilot2ATC in the normal way, but combined with passive use of MSFS ATC to hear the default ATC conversation with AI traffic. Sure, it can be odd to hear two different ATC voices on the same frequency, but it's not as bad as it sounds. I also highly recommend using Pilot2ATC with free MS mobile voices using a fairly simple registry hack.
  11. Pilot2ATC does. You can request an enroute descent clearance from ATC or you can wait for ATC to clear you for a descent automatically at a precomputed TOD (which Pilot2ATC computes itself based on pre set ground speed and average descent rate). When flying a STAR, Pilot2ATC will usually clear you to IAF altitude or transition fix altitude at once but of course you need to respect STAR altitude constraints (which is part of the clearance). When no STAR, Pilot2ATC seems to clear you to the lowest MEA or MSA (not sure here), even in steps if necessary, down to the IAF altitude.
  12. Try this: Nvidia Control Panel: VSYNC: FAST FPS Limit: 58 Other settings on default or w/ FreeSync as req. MSFS Settings: VSYNC: OFF My own testing has shown that NVIDIA frame limiter with its VSYNC is still better than MSFS Vsync/frame limiter. However, I have a different hardware config (Nvidia 3080, 144 Hz monitor with fixed refresh rate).
  13. SWS Kodiak also benefited from this, as its backup instrument consumed a lot of FPS unless NanoVG was activated. In case of the DC-6, the increase in performance is incredible. The main caveat is that no logbook is available when using Dev mode.
  14. As MrBitstFlyer said, no one knows exactly. My observations tell me that the FOV to Zoom level ratio is not completely linear. During testing using basic trigonometry and the FS2Crew Pushback distance measurement tool I came up with following numbers: 80 FOV ≈ 65 Zoom 70 FOV ≈ 72 Zoom 66 FOV ≈ 75 Zoom 57 FOV ≈ 82 Zoom 56 FOV ≈ 83 Zoom 53 FOV ≈ 85 Zoom In my case I subtract about another 3 to 5 points from the zoom value, and then it looks about right.
  15. I have a 32 inch monitor ~65 cm (26 inches) from my eyes. Realistic horizontal FOV for that setup should be 57° (Modern FOV Calculator (dinex86.github.io)). I spent hours in the sim using various means to find the correct zoom level for that FOV, and then comparing it to RL etc. I found that a zoom level between 75 -80 seems to be the most realistic. I ended up using zoom level at 80 with Tobii headtracker and I actually like it very much when flying in 2D. The main advantage is the right size of the scenery and a realistic feeling of speed.
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