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  1. I found two issues with the cabin pressurization system. First, it seems to have some autonomous functionality. That is, it will pressurize itself without input from the pilot. Second, when the pressure exceeds the max level (which appears to be near 5.6 psi), it just keeps on climbing without a warning popping up on the annunciator. (The warning light is there...you can see when testing the annunciator). But perhaps that's just me. The Beech C90 GTX seems to have a functioning pressure system so why wouldn't Car-Ala use the same code and make every aircraft pressure system functional. I'll submit a ticket but I'm sure I'll just have to live with it.
  2. Danno


    On certain aircraft, the pilot can adjust the effort needed to move the throttles. Although Carenado have added animation to duplicate it visually, it will obviously have no effect on whatever throttle setup you are using nor will it have any effect on simulated flight.
  3. I’m not sure this issue is fixable but it’s worth asking. Last year, I bought the Tahiti scenery package from Flightscene. However, in FSX, the scenery DLL conflicts with other DLLs. The author says it’s a result of older simconnects loading before the newer version that Flightscene requires. I’ve tried re-ordering entries in the dll.xml as well as the items in the Trusted section of FSX.cfg. No luck. I can get it to work if I delete everything in ‘Trusted’ except the Flightscene entries but obviously that’s not an option. Almost every payware product adds its DDLs or gauges and once I start accepting those files as Trusted, I’m back to where I was. I’m told there are 3 versions of Simconnect in FSX. Can I remove whatever the two oldest ones are?