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  1. It’s been a long time since ATC audio worked as we would expect. My flight yesterday was the first time ALL audio was silent. No Azure. No co-pilot voice. Not even offline voices. I’ve been reading that SU15 has addressed this failure but why the heck did it take Asobo two and a half years to figure it out? And if it’s server side, why are we waiting for a client side update?
  2. If MSFS2024 doesn’t have vastly improved ATC, it’ll be a slap to every simmer. It does not need to be at the same level as BATC or SI but it does need to address some of the current failings. Porting over the current mess, IMO, says “we just don’t care”.
  3. I had a post removed too. I (politely) disagreed with the logic of releasing an update that MS knew had a problem. The wording was similar … “The community flagged it…”. That’s a load of bull. It was the moderator over-moderating. The community was agreeing with me. I don’t visit much anymore.
  4. I’m not even sure I’m buying 2024. And almost certain I’m not going to be an early adopter. I’ll be using 2020 for at least another 12 to 18 months and perhaps a lot longer if the new platform is as plagued with issues as 2020 was for the first 2 years. I’m not going to be a beta tester again.
  5. Not that I’m aware of right now. But coming soon are ATC programs that will offer accents. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how well Beyond ATC works.
  6. I departed Lockhart River (YLHR) and headed south over water towards Cairns (YBCS) . But any coastal flight in Queensland should work. The GBR Marine Park runs for a thousand of miles and I expect water masks are everywhere along the northeastern coast.
  7. Bahamas do look fantastic now as does all of the Caribbean. Water masks (everywhere) adds an enhanced level of realism and immersion. Yesterday, I did a flight over a part of the Great Barrier Reef. Stunning!
  8. Yes, I prefer reading about the upgrades before committing to a download that takes at least 30 min. I also passed on 4.4.5 but will download 6 and see what it’s all about.
  9. I gave this tool a try yesterday on a few flights. Works great. Much more consistent experience when flying from low detail areas to large cityscapes. Previously, I would notice some stuttering and FPS slowdowns while objects and traffic start taxing the processor. But it’s more fluid now. Thanks for offering this to the community!
  10. I am not saying this isn’t true but why are the promo visuals showing water we didn’t get? And why wasn’t this information in the release notes? I’m sure I’m not the only one who believes this downgrade blindsided Asobo at the last minute.
  11. I find it laughable they released a scenery “upgrade” that downgraded shallow water from much of the world. Personally, I think Asobo is completely over their heads. I understand MSFS is a big software package but I’ve never seen such ridiculous mistakes in any software title. And their communication to customers is abysmal. Microsoft should be embarrassed.
  12. From a realist standpoint, yes. But it’s the little things that worked better in 20 year old FSX…. vectored the pilot away from, or above, mountains. kept the pilot on course without asking for vectors. offline voices were more varied and realistic. didn't lose audio. As stated, with so much more technology available, ATC should be better. And Asobo should be more responsive.
  13. MSFS is a VFR simulator and unless a pilot is using in a 3rd party solution, I fear it always will be. And I have no expectation that 2024 will be any different. If the issue is coding, perhaps Working Title can fix the mess Asobo created. But any issues related to hardware or networking are probably up to Microsoft.
  14. I’ve been getting this too but only in the past few days since the update. I am assuming it’s yet another Asobo-induced glitch. I just hit escape and then reload. Seems to work the 2nd time around.
  15. This is a well documented ‘issue’. It’s been occurring since many updates ago and there is no resolution nor confirmed reason for it. There are some tricks that sometimes work (switching to com2, switching to offline, changing aircraft) but none are guaranteed fixes. At one time, I thought it was related to heavy AI. But 2 weeks ago I was in an area with almost no AI and I still lost voices. Not even switching to offline voices helped. MS/Asobo claim they cannot reproduce it. Yet thousands are reporting it. My guess at the moment is that it has to do with server traffic. When the Microsoft Azure servers get jammed, some (many) users get bumped off. And only a reboot of MSFS will reconnect it. For me, this is the single biggest failure of MSFS2020. It’s the only issue that is preventing me from considering MSFS2024. I am not buying another bag of bugs. All the other issues with 2020 are ‘manageable’ (airports with no AI, poor ground handling, lack of AI diversity, weather limitations, etc). I’ll reconsider 2024 after a year of reading reviews.
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