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  1. So far, loving the performance boost. Startup time is less than half it was before. Happy camper here.
  2. It seems logical that the design intent was to introduce/allow real-world livieries to go along with the existing, in-built real-world traffic data. Perhaps not from MSFS since that may have been a copyright issue but I expect 3rd party developers to have something someday. It took years for FSX to have a multitude of tools and enhancements so we have to expect MSFS will also take time to get there.
  3. I’ve seen this too but seems to be limited to reloading a previously saved flight or continuing a flight after shutdown. New flights started with the menu so far have been ok (but that could just be random luck).
  4. Loving the night lighting too. One night feature I was pleasantly surprised to see was the flashlight in a dark cockpit. Nice touch.
  5. I had this exact problem last month in FSX. Two of the three axis did not work right. One axis did. It was a new TQ (for use with multi-engine) and because I couldn’t adjust it correctly, I assumed it was a hardware issue and sent it back. The replacement has not yet arrived. It didn’t matter if the the ‘bad’ TQ was assigned as the right engine or left. It did the same thing. The TQ that plugs into the yoke works just fine. I don’t know for sure if it was hardware. In the Windows calibration window, it recognized the full range of use. But FSX would not work right no matter what I did.
  6. Using a keyboard for anything is either full on or full off. Great for toggle. Not so great for variable controls.
  7. I have it working now. Assigning Logitech/Saitek throttle quadrant to [z] for ‘Decrease Throttle’ was the ticket. Now, when going into the detent position, the throttles slide into reverse. Note that using the TQ to assign the function still doesn’t work for me. Doing so makes the [z] disappear when validating (as mentioned above). But by selecting it from the list, it sticks when I validate.
  8. This is exactly what happens on my Logitech TQ (attached to the yoke). When I pull the throttle into reverse detent, the [z] shows up in the box but disappears when I click validate. If I select the [z] manually in the list and click validate, it does not disappear after validating but reverse thrust still doesn’t work. Assigning another button to toggle reverse thrust does work but pushing the throttle forward to control the force of reverse it is unrealistic and feels ... unnatural. I’ll keep testing other ideas.
  9. I second Peppy’s suggestion. The ‘Legacy’ flight model produced touchy flight dynamics. Like balancing an egg on a knife. ‘Modern’ flight model works nicely for me.
  10. I've had this happen many times in the past. Sometimes it seemed to happen daily. Other times, weeks would go by without 'dancing'. I can't guarantee this is a fix but after months, I've not had it happen. First, make sure you've not conducted other flights in the same session before using the 421. (in other words.. don't fly a Boeing and then switch to the 421). Second, load a default flight before loading the C421. My guess is that is there is something in the Alabeo code that interacts with a sim config file if not set correctly. A default flight seems to be recommended for complex aircraft. Worth a try.
  11. I didn't check to see if there was a separate Aus store website. My bad. Maybe send them a note asking if they are planning to update it since 2.1 is in their library somewhere.
  12. As far as I can tell, PC Aviator do have version 2.1 as the most current. https://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=20419
  13. It’s been released. https://www.alabeo.com/sitealabeo/product/c170b-fsx-p3d/
  14. I found two issues with the cabin pressurization system. First, it seems to have some autonomous functionality. That is, it will pressurize itself without input from the pilot. Second, when the pressure exceeds the max level (which appears to be near 5.6 psi), it just keeps on climbing without a warning popping up on the annunciator. (The warning light is there...you can see when testing the annunciator). But perhaps that's just me. The Beech C90 GTX seems to have a functioning pressure system so why wouldn't Car-Ala use the same code and make every aircraft pressure system functional. I'll submit a ticket but I'm sure I'll just have to live with it.
  15. On certain aircraft, the pilot can adjust the effort needed to move the throttles. Although Carenado have added animation to duplicate it visually, it will obviously have no effect on whatever throttle setup you are using nor will it have any effect on simulated flight.
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