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  1. I've seen this many times. It may even be always. It's like a 3-point landing. Not a good look. I hope that's somewhere on Asobo's Honey-do list.
  2. I just looked at the promo video again and there is a quick note that seems to imply 'jets' only. I hope you're right and there are generic T-props that will be used but I'm not convinced yet.
  3. Many of my flights take part where regional service is much more prevalent. The dominant aircraft are Dash 8, ATR 72 and CRJ. So if this addon only uses default AI models, is there a suitable match? If Aerosoft is only dealing with turbofans, then this is a hard pass.
  4. It pains me to do this but I’ve already told 2 friends to NOT buy MSFS and stay with P3D. Microsoft already have my money but I’ll do what I can to influence others to not be taken in by pretty marketing pictures. Between this and the months of broken aircraft elements (backwards ITT, non-working ATC and AP), I cant give it a passing grade as a simulator. It’s an arcade game at best.
  5. It unfortunate but I fire up FSX when I’m cruising tropics. I can only hope MSFS can one day make water as nice as they did with land textures. Bora Bora from FSX (payware scenery though)
  6. No. My first 2 flights on day one (I was a pre-purchaser) was Tahiti and then Honolulu. I vividly remember my disappointment in not seeing those beautiful coral reefs. And because I was curious, I also did a Great Barrier Reef flyover. No shallow water.
  7. I have to agree... we were misled and I have to wonder if the same excuse would be valid if one of the promoted aircraft was missing. Or certain landmarks. This is bait & switch tactics, not a promise of what’s coming. The least they could have done is add a note to the marketing images... “Visuals depicted may or may not be a true representation of the product.”
  8. I gave up on IFR flight planning. Of all the past flight sims, this is the worst. I think it worked well for me once so I have to wonder if there are certain conditions that must be met in order to have it work correctly. Usually, ATC are ok getting me to cruise level. But decent and vectors are buggy. So, for me, MSFS is a only a VFR and scenery sim. When I’m in the mood for IFR, I fire up FSX. While not perfect (and is limited), FSX IFR consistently gets me to approach every time.
  9. Do you mean the right seat body? You can manually remove the copilot by editing the aircraft cfg. Not sure if Asosbo will ever make this automatic.
  10. That is odd. I accidentally typed 0.07 (instead of 0.7) for aileron and I had virtually no banking at all. I assume your edits were the flight_model.cfg. Maybe it is a hardware limitation.
  11. Using the sensitivity scale wasn’t enough for me. Nothing felt realistic. However, editing the elevator, aileron and rudder values in the Flight Model cfg did make things better.
  12. Been patiently waiting weeks since you first announced it would be a project of yours. Many thanks.
  13. FSX / P3D made you think you were a better pilot than you were. MSFS dialled that back. The realism is refreshing. (Yes, ground taxi is ‘game-ish’)
  14. Considering oceans cover roughly 70% of the planet, the lack of water features (coral, shipping, waves) is noticeable to me. Land? Love it. Water? Swing and a miss. My old FSX with shipping AI traffic, payware scenery and water textures (REX) were vastly better. I hope it’s just a case of early days for MSFS and will be eventually enhanced.
  15. Ya, that’s a repaint on KA. The author used that unique block texture on part of the fuselage. I had to try it but not sure it’s for me. Too bad about the land textures. I guess I’ll have to wait for a scenery upgrade. Or go back to FSX. I was using Flightscene’s Tahiti package. From the air, it was stunning.
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