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  1. starstream707

    JF Fokker F27 released

    I'm downloading to have the classics!
  2. starstream707

    Busy departure from KJFK

    looking good! jeff kucera
  3. Hi all, FSX Acceleration I am missing (not visible...nothing there) the part of jetways that actually move and position up to the aircraft. This is only with my payware airport scenery. I still have the stationary jetway extensions visible that do not move at airports such as KSFO and KDEN by Flightbeam but not just my flightbeam but every airport payware airport I also have FSDreamteam moving jetways are visible. Hope someone can help me because I'm stumped! Jeff Kucera FSX
  4. You know in the 'bigs' you do not go from one type a/c to another look at it like your in the big leagues
  5. Usually around one hour before departure time. jeff
  6. starstream707

    Cost of the 747 v2

    look at it this way...put away $2 a month and by the time it is released you will have all the money ready to go.
  7. starstream707

    Daylight Saving Ends In the Morning

    I have ALWAYS said that too!!!
  8. starstream707

    Defunct/Merged Airlines and Aircraft you have flown on?

    Convair 880 (TWA) many can say that!
  9. starstream707

    What's next PMDG? B787 maybe?

    Anything new from them won't even be announced for years and released for many years from now. By then boeing will have the 909 out and everyone will be asking if pmdg will be doing it.
  10. starstream707

    FS Captain: your opinions please

    I like it...but I get annoyed at the first officer always spanking me for every little thing such as the 777 climbing above 4000'/min...he tells me he has the non smoking sign and the next breath spanks you for not turning it on. Other than that its a good program.
  11. starstream707

    Redux lights

    I agree with the comments about the landing lights too bright from the cockpit view...but as I said before, if someone comes up with shockwave cfg for the nav/beacon and strobes I'm down with that. I think they are now way to dim for real world as default.
  12. starstream707

    777 and Shockwave Lights

    I think the landing lights are great as is...but I would like to see shockwave in the nav, strobe and beacon. So if anyone comes up with that I will be interested for sure (I don't think they are bright enough as is now). Jeff
  13. starstream707


    You would never know nor would you ever care if you fly by the book....flaps/v1/vr etc...if you want to take off with no flaps and a full load..your flying what difference does it make at that point anyway unless your on the test team for maximum tolerances? IMO Jeff
  14. starstream707


    Your the man...enjoy!