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  1. starstream707

    JF Fokker F27 released

    I'm downloading to have the classics!
  2. starstream707

    Busy departure from KJFK

    looking good! jeff kucera
  3. Hi all, FSX Acceleration I am missing (not visible...nothing there) the part of jetways that actually move and position up to the aircraft. This is only with my payware airport scenery. I still have the stationary jetway extensions visible that do not move at airports such as KSFO and KDEN by Flightbeam but not just my flightbeam but every airport payware airport I also have FSDreamteam moving jetways are visible. Hope someone can help me because I'm stumped! Jeff Kucera FSX
  4. You know in the 'bigs' you do not go from one type a/c to another look at it like your in the big leagues
  5. Usually around one hour before departure time. jeff
  6. starstream707

    Cost of the 747 v2

    look at it this way...put away $2 a month and by the time it is released you will have all the money ready to go.
  7. starstream707

    Daylight Saving Ends In the Morning

    I have ALWAYS said that too!!!
  8. starstream707

    Defunct/Merged Airlines and Aircraft you have flown on?

    Convair 880 (TWA) many can say that!
  9. starstream707

    Warning: Don't Push *THAT* Button!

    love it!
  10. starstream707

    What you think?

    I like it!
  11. starstream707

    C172R Skyhawk over Canberra

    I put both those great paints in my 172 hanger. Thanks for them!
  12. starstream707

    Pretty Sweet Jets and some Music

    Of course this is a spoof of the movie easy rider where they are doing that big coke deal at LAX I believe. Want to see some sweet jets check that out on youtube. This spoof is right on to the movie...I'm still laughing. Thanks for sharing!
  13. starstream707

    AVSIM forum slow or just me?

    same here...its the slowest of any website I pull up, and has been for quit some time now
  14. starstream707

    Why no more MD-11 in the real world?

    I remember a story from a SFO newspaper saying that KSFO had another non-stop to Tokyo making fun of the fact AA had to fly from KSJC to KSFO for fuel due runway MD11 limitations operating out of KSJC in early 90's. Not sure if it was temp runway expansion project or poor MD11 performance...suspect poor MD11 performance. AA dumped the MD11 after that and think went with TWA's old 747SP's till new equipment came online or just dropped the route. KSJC didn't last long as a AA hub.