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  1. Hope the turnaround flight back was on time.
  2. FDC a lot of times shows up after the flight attendents are already down, my station always lite up the overnighters anyway before crew
  3. Years ago a wise ol pilot said to me 'You can never have too much fuel unless you're on fire."
  4. Let me know when they start doing it with prostate exams.
  5. I have both and really not notice anyone worse then the other, but I do like the MD80 since it is 'old school'.
  6. Same here, I look to: https://www.badbadweather.com/ Great Live weather site.
  7. Well yeah, they coulda made one since they also made others liveries that are noted as fictitious, I suspect it is because they will make the 800 as and exact cockpit of which a 700 would be fiction?! I dunno.
  8. You and me both, add KLM Orange Pride to it for me.
  9. With you on that, I keep my volume down till sim is loaded and ready to go.
  10. I turned my music off after a couple times loading MSFS with music on felt like I wanted to jump in front of a bus, depressing tunes.
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