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  1. So indeed this is icing what causes it. I have to be honest here: I really appreciate a lot the Fenix devs do and how they communicate, but it's inacceptable that after one and a half year the aircraft still becomes unflyable in icing conditions (unless you turn off icing in MSFS, which no other payware aircraft needs). This should have been fixed and stayed fixed after the last winter.
  2. That's what happens if the AFCAD has no taxiways (or wrongly connected them). GSX can only use what data is there. If the dev only painted the textures and did not actually code the appropriate taxiways in the AFCAD, there's not much it can do. This rarely happens on payware airports. Is this a default airport you are using? I thought default airports also have taxiways done by the AI algorithm. Anyway I see that very rarely, only 1 out of 100 occasions maybe. But I only use 3rd party airports (payware or good freeware). EDIT: If you are talking about GSX "sensing" the grass or light poles or signs, that's not possible because this data is unreadable by Simconnect. For the same reason AI traffic will run right through a lightpole if it's too close to a taxiway.
  3. Since it hardly snows anymore at all here in Germany (thanks climate change), I actually like to fly in Scandinavia, Switzerland or Russia in winter. Just to see some snow, you know.
  4. Very thorough and reasonable explanation. I think most people would accept the occasional clipping when they can keep their FPS in return.
  5. @Aamir I thought the icing setting is usable with the Fenix now? As long as you use anti-ice, obviously.
  6. BMW looks much better all over the place. Now it they got the parkings, taxiways, AI etc. correct, I don‘t know. That‘s usually their achilles heel. That said I don‘t fancy RD Presets much. Their LIRN was alright, but the rest was not good from what I‘ve heard.
  7. To be fair he flew for Ryanair and they don‘t have/use the IAN, only LNAV/VNAV approaches. So he‘d have no practical experience with it. What was he wrong about by the way in regards to IAN approaches?
  8. Yeah that's annoying, it goes much faster in the real aircraft when you hold it.
  9. 1) Hm it works fine for me, just like on the 737. You might want to try the "TO GA" MSFS control (key, button) instead of the clickspot, because that's what I do. Also you might want to double check your flight preparation in the FMC (engine rating, V-speeds). EDIT: I just saw jon b's answer. You might indeed override the throttle if you move it too late / too slowly ( = once HOLD mode is engaged) or you are moving it unintentionally afterwards while holding. What I do: Push the throttle forward quickly after pressing TOGA and then don't touch them again (I leave the hand above it in case of a rejected takeoff, but I don't touch it). 2) Not sure, i think somewhere in the FMC settings. 3) It does auto check for me. So once you put the trim into the requested setting and the flaps into the setting you gave in the FMC, it will auto check.
  10. There‘s an updated GSX aircraft file on flightsim.to, have you tried that? Sounds like the fix would be in that.
  11. Nope. Not even Asobo can use this, it‘s an access violation error but this could be caused by basically anything, from hardware (defective RAM etc.) to software (a mod conflict etc.).
  12. Somehow I thought that was about the upcoming F-14...
  13. To be fair that's a non-argument. I haven't contributed anything to medical research, but I'd still complain if my doctor amputated the wrong leg.
  14. It‘s been for months that the -800 had a new PBR model, I think. Unless I‘m all confused in my memory. Will have to check it.
  15. I‘ve never seen such a message on Simbrief. All I get is „payload reduced due to MTOW“ or something like that, but only when I got like 188 passengers and a 5 hour flight. This should not happen with 130 pax, never. Can you do a screenshot of the simbrief page when you create the flight? I‘m sure there‘s something wrong.
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