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  1. Alright that‘s a pretty good indicator that the aircraft was not (anymore) in APPR phase, because it should always show S and F speeds in APPR phase. I think a manual speed restriction at some waypoint might cause this (even after entering APPR phase manually/automatically), but I‘m not 100% sure, because in real life it‘s prohibited to manually change any waypoint (speed, altitude etc.) after the IAF. I can‘t think of many other things that would force the aircraft to leave/overwrite APPR phase, except for the obvious (doing a climb somewhere in between, entering a new CRZ level on the PROG page, going into TOGA detent etc.).
  2. I know what a shimmy is, but I‘ve no idea how that would look in a flight sim. Are you talking about a stutter? Anyway Windows Defender can perfectly create stutters while scanning. Try to exclude the MSFS folders and the .exe and see if it goes away.
  3. I understand, you are talking about missing historical weather. Yeah that‘s the other thing that bothers me a bit with MSFS, apart from the missing WX radar. But historical weather will most probably not ever come for MSFS, so that‘s something I made peace with.
  4. Was it exactly 180 knots or was it as S-Speed (which is mostly around 180 kts)? You did not say what flaps setting you were on. If you had set flaps 1 than that would be the correct behaviour, however it should consequently reduce speed to F-Speed when you set flaps 2. What you described I have done dozens of times on Vatsim, that‘s pretty much standard on busy airports, and speed always went to the flaps commanded speed as soon as I pushed managed. As with the poster above the only thing I can think of is some manual speed restriction set in the FMC for the approach waypoints. Do you do that ever?
  5. What happens after you pushed managed after activating the APPR phase? Speed should go to green dot with no flaps out or to the S/F speed with flaps 1/2. It doesn‘t for you? Do you have a speed restriction in the FMC after the IAF (shouldn‘t be, but you can enter one manually)? This would overwrite the greendot/SF-speeds commanded speeds in managed mode. I‘ve not once had any problem on approaches with speed on the Fenix, not once. And I‘ve done all kind of approaches, from ILS to visual, on Vatsim with varying speed restrictions, with varying flaps, coming in with managed speed and automatic APPR phase or with selected speed and manual APPR phase… so unless you detected a very rare bug I‘d say it‘s some user error somewhere in between.
  6. Actually it's 1,66 of them. Devil is in the detail!
  7. It's already updated in GSX, should be alright now.
  8. 👼 https://aboutspiritual.com/angel-number-66666-meaning/
  9. You don't have to "divert", you just fly around it. Also if it ever would have mattered what most people do, we'd still be living in cold and dark caves.
  10. That's so inane, I don't even know where to begin. EDIT: Unless it's sarcasm on a higher level.
  11. Ah okay, that's a ground based radar, however, which can uplink it's data to aircraft.
  12. No idea which GA aircraft has a 360 degrees radar beam, but airliners certainly don't, the radar equipment is in the nose and the beam goes forward.
  13. Well, that's not what I said, but yes, that's pretty much it. Functionality is severely limited (at least for airliners), and it will also look very awkward and wrong in the PMDG or Fenix planes, which is why they won't do it, even if it has some basic functions.
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