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  1. $58.99 US? Good luck with that Aerosoft. 3 airports, yes but that is a significant price point. -Braun
  2. btacon

    F1 GTN Framerate chopped in half

    Excellent and mature thought. So many of us agonize hour over hour about minutia (myself included)( instead of just enjoying our hobby. Here! Here! to expanding options! -Braun
  3. btacon

    AP Altitude

    Thank you Jdoe. Just grabbed a copy for myself as I had the same questions as you it seems. -Braun
  4. Just announced. I recently bought their v4 KATL from them and was pleased. Anyone taken the plunge yet? If so feedback? Thanks -Braun
  5. btacon

    Major simulation flaws in P3Dv4

    My point remains valid -Braun
  6. btacon

    Major simulation flaws in P3Dv4

    Perhaps I missed it, but germane to this topic is what version is being expected to “behave as a professional simulator”? p3d Academic or Professional. On the latter the OP makes a reasonable assertion. On the former. Just hyperbole. my 2cents, -Braun
  7. btacon

    Is it just me, or...

    System: i2700k stock clock 16gb RAM Nvidia 970gtx Raid0 / Striped SSD drive for simulator Yesterday, after multiple attempts by MS to push my Win10 install from Anniversary to Creators, they finally succeeded, being the crafty software engineers they are. Being quite security conscious these days these same engineers quickly patched my machine for the HW bug Spectre/Meltdown (or visa-versa). This patch, especially on older HW like mine predicts noticeable impacts especially around things like file I/O and other predictive heavy ops. Immediately after Win10 informed me I had been patched I ran my setup of P3d V4 on my HW described above. First perception is frame rate reductions, but that does not seem consistently reproducible. What is reproducible to me at least is the sense that something just kicked the ‘guts’ out of my sim. I always believed that P3d v4 biggest 64bit gain was low-end torque for lack of a batter word. IOW frames drop to high teens, but movement is still perceived as fluid. Now for me, not so much. So again, is it me, or...?
  8. btacon

    Major Slow-down

    Bernd, I get 30s with an early i7,16 GBvram, and a GTX 970. You should too. The answer is out there, first step I would take is disable the camera and other software, see what happens -Braun
  9. Just like going to Home Depot. Mandatory that when you get back from HD, you quickly realize you forgot something and head back again! -Braun
  10. AND when you go to uninstall the Client, DO NOT deactivate your license. THAT will save you a step. -Braun
  11. From what I understand and for what it's worth, the A2A patch removed "work-around" code in their aircraft. The code they removed was in place to fix a long-standing FSX bug. A bug LM fixed in the 4.1 release. NET: Only apply A2A "fix" where needed. It's only needed in P3dV4.1 (and beyond I assume) -Braun
  12. btacon

    P3D V4 White & Red Pixels(?) will be interesting to hear Root Cause. If you ever determine Root Cause. Good Luck! I'm curious -Braun
  13. btacon

    Uninstalling KB4038788

    According to a similar thread in the Orbx forums, the solution was to select compatibility mode (win 8). Then many reported that after setting CM, running P3dV4, CM was no longer needed and you could revert back to default settings. YMMV -Braun
  14. btacon

    Vertical light beam

    Replied to wrong thread LOL