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  1. Not I, but who knows. I might run out of money before they release the 800. 😇 HondaJet next week! -B
  2. My System: MSI Z690 pro w int graphics/GPU, i5 12600K, MSI RTX3870ti. 32GB 3600 Mem, ALL NVM2or SSD media. MSFS @ 3440 X 1440 90% Ultra, 10% high. Fenix A320 approach into EBBR. High Frames, Liquid Smooth https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtgTunM8NNJDhiu5ip1KKEeC8NTA
  3. Yeah. Don’t drop it in the airplane folder. Do what at least two people including the software author instructed, put it in the Community folder. It’s as simple as that. -B
  4. Always enjoy remembering that day when all of those people were saved by Sully and God. Best recreation I’ve seen yet and I’ve seen a lot. Enjoy.
  5. Top of the triangle class brings it back (EFB)
  6. Go to their discord and ask around there. Friendly place. Helpful people.
  7. I have proper reverse thrust with my TB VelocityOne yoke/throttle combo. That and Axis and Ohs. Works mists as it should and how you would want it to. -B
  8. Are you going to use the existing checklist, but convert to a consumable format?
  9. Dunno. You can always search google for that website with 737 terms -B EDIT: Yep. https://www.theairlinepilots.com/forumarchive/b737/b737flightprocedures.php EDIT2: Better link. https://www.theairlinepilots.com/forumarchive/b737/b737proceduresanddoitems.php
  10. This handy document of documents covers pretty much everything and should answer any reasonable question or concern. It’s even got pictures and stuff! 😄😄😄 -B https://www.theairlinepilots.com/forumarchive/a320/a320-normal-procedures.pdf
  11. I’m seeing too this morning. I too got a FENIX installed. Trying to figure it out now. EDIT: Reboot fixed -B
  12. Have you noticed how it taxis straight as an arrow? Used to think it was Asobo bug, (hard too taxi). Now not so sure -B
  13. You need to enter it along with the ZFW-CG. Easiest place to find both is in the config page, then Fuel. There you will see he Fuel that has been loaded as a result of your imported flight plan as well as the ZFW and ZFW-CG. Finally enter them as indicated with the /. It will look something like this: 129.5/29.7 See if that works for you. -B
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