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  1. Purchased both today. Quite impressed with the GLJ. I have the venerable Flysimware 35 but the prototype is quite “snappy”. Very pleased so far. FYI, the Milviz WX RADAR work quote well in the Flysimware 35 in case you were curious. -Braun
  2. Hmmm....well I stand pleasantly corrected. I’ll go to Flight 1 and download my up till now uninstallable copy and report back with my lighting results. -Braun
  3. I believe that the QW 146 is not yet released for P3d v5. That may be the source of your issue if you are indeed installing it into v5. -Braun
  4. Ditto for me. Just downloaded, installed and got the same message. When I installed it took the code Milviz provided with download link. Seems like there is a bug somewhere in the auth process. I'm sure they will sort it out soon. Bummer, was really excited to fly it this weekend. -Braun
  5. I too, after the update, am now experiencing oscillations at cruise in at least the 200, have not checked the rest. +/- 200 feet or so deviation from level. At about 30 Oscillations per minute for me. Did not happen before update. Does not happen on my NGXu. Maybe on my 747 bit nothing as consistent or obvious as this. I’ll try the setting Alt hold as suggested previously in this thread, but an eventual fix would be appreciated -Braun
  6. Sounds like a license issue. You need to own a ticket with PMDG and they can help you sort it out. A similar thing happened to me recently so this is where my suggestion comes from. -Braun
  7. Try “My Products” -Braun
  8. I have used MSFS since release. Like everyone else who flys flight sims, frame rate was paramount in importance for me. Early on I settled on a frame rate lock of 30 FPS and vsync ON. This gave me a consistent and reliable frame rate of 30+, often reaching peaks of 35 - 40 in the MSFS frame rate indicator. All that changed with the last (US) update. After that my frame rates took a plunge from consistent 30’s to low twenties or worse yet teens. Also most of the bars in the indicator had now turned constantly yellow/red. It made the game unplayable for me so I ignored it for a couple weeks and focused again on P3d v5. Last night out of curiosity I fired up MSFS again, turned on the frame rate indicator and like before it was in the teens to low twenties. Just before turning it back off I thought I thought what would happen if I turned off vsync? Turning off vsync also sets frame rate to unlimited it seems. I did so and imagine my surprise when my frame rate firewalled at 60 FPS, all green with nary a yellow in sight and after flying for 15 minutes or so where it remained 60 plus all green I decided I liked my new configuration very much and will keep my setup at vsync off / unlimited frames. YMMV. For the record I run a i9700k, RTX 2070Super, 32 gigs of 3600 memory, all run at stock clock speeds (except the memory of course) If you too also experienced frame rate loss recently and have been running locked frame rate, give this a try. You, like me, might be in for a pleasant surprise. -Braun
  9. Just finished a nice short hop, YSSYYMML. 5.1 HF1 and PMDG 737 NGUx both performed splendidly and to spec. BTW the first thing I noticed about 5.1 HF 1 is when you switch views there is no “lag”. Screens appear instantly and without painting. YMMV -Braun
  10. ...for a look outside, when I return my entire cockpit is there, just as I left it. IOW when you transport back into the virtual cockpit there is no slow painting of textures, dark to light screens, etc. Just a working cockpit exactly as I left it. LM seems to have made a change for the better? This is new in my experience, at least in the Boeing. 5.1 HF 1 new Anyone else seeing such behavior? -Braun i9700k RTX2070 Super, 32 Gigs 3600 DRAM
  11. Ambitious. Pretty. Broken at times but from a guy who has been flying since the seventies, and siming since late 80’s (Atari ST MSFS) this Thing of Things has so much potential and right now so much to offer and, It Is Getting Better My 2 cents, -Braun
  12. Ditto. I see contrails in P3D v5 hf2. (but no dead people) -Braun
  13. Doh! Fuel and payload completely overlooked by me in the EFB. I am convinced based upon what I saw (fuel tanks at zero) I was running out of fuel 30 seconds after departure. This morning I did a fuel and payload in the EFB and Bingo...departure with no issues. Thanks very much for the tip. I think that was it. Best, -Braun
  14. Flaps at 10 What I was implying was power / thrust but said airspeed Overweight might be a contributor. I will investigate Thanks
  15. Hi, keeping it short: P3d V5 HF2 QW 787 latest Service Pack (aug 2) Aircraft, while flown seldom has performed as designed at least once I have been putting in some serious hours with PMDG AC FMC and I have adequate skills to fully use the FMC from takeoff to landing Starting yesterday, after just having flown this flight plan successfully the day before (KLAXKJFK) the Aircraft repeatedly performs a series of events which result in a spectacular crash in less than two minutes. This is how it goes: Engage AT, departure roll begins as expected 80 Knot callout V1 callout Rotate callout Positive rate of climb, gear up callout. Aircraft is climbing steady and passing 1000 AGL when Betty starts screaming: TERRAIN ALERT. TERRAIN ALERT. PULL UP. WHOOP WHOOP (we’re still climbing) Airspeed remains N1+ but stall shake is now present (Betty still shouting) Sometime soon after that the AT slams the throttles fully closed, the FMC is now over commanding and the aircraft flat stalls and pancakes in some LA neighborhood And it behaves pretty much that way over and over no matter what flight plan is in FMC, it happens. When hand flying without AT it seems Ok. Any Ideas or suggestions? TIA, -Braun PS...I remember some message appearing in FMC about landing configuration or profile, can’t exactly remember but the message definitely had the word landing in it Also I’ve not posted in QW forum as of yet but will copy and paste this there also Thanks again
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