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  1. SU 14 kills the plane. Their discord is alive with the problem. I was the first to report the symptoms (su14 beta user) which were AP Master and HW Bindings conflicts. IOW use the VC button to control the AP everything is ok. Use any assigned HW button and the AP would go permanently wonky until reboot. Others reported similar issues too so they issued a patch (1.02) which kills it for SU14 and that’s where it stands today. I suspect a rapid patch as SU14 BETA is SU14 PROD Tues. -B
  2. (Full disclosure. I’m on SU14 Beta). After reading this thread and others after hearing the beta both broke then fixed a new com channel SimBrief imports AND after having test flown the updates last tues and seeing nothing really new, well…Yawn. However after hearing the last drop resolved the broken gadget, and then loading up a new version of the same route I used on Tuesday in simbrief, imported in EFB. Ok. Seen that. Then importing in FMC which should fail because I never downloaded FP and then the SB Import option appears and what’s this? Fuel? Payload? Oh My! Impressed! -B
  3. While the Friday list may have been impressive, the data delivered on Friday was relatively minuscule. At best around 500 MB between the bootloader and the actual data (144 mb for the later if memory serves). I surmise Fridays drop was more to catalogue the propensity and scope of the SU14 projects updates and to close a couple of open items as opposed to delivering any substantial or new features and functions. My 2 cents, -B
  4. I truly appreciate the depth and quantity of your grace Vincent. May God Bless you and may He always remember your many acts of kindness. -B
  5. Mea Culpa in that case and I apologize for my words as I completely misunderstood your statement due to the absence of context and I own that absence as I had not read the thread and no..no changes that I know of between Wednesday and today. Thanks for the grace of a gentle response. I certainly didn’t earn it! 😎 -B
  6. What are YOU smoking? That link takes you to the MS Beta page where each drop is announced and catalogued. It’s not that it wasn’t there, it’s just you didn’t bother to look.
  7. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/su14-beta/beta-news/371 -B
  8. Well that’s a real possibility from my experience and perspective on iniBuilds. I have over a dozen of their products and none of them demonstrate superior use of system memory. They all seem quite hoggish and that’s just not my opinion. Read the boards and you will find that to be a common perspective concerning inibuilds. “Memory Hogs”. -B
  9. I think I do understand. If you go to settings and turn on developer mode and move your mouse to the top of the screen, a toolbar with a series of drop downs that perform all the functions you described. Developer Mode, trust me. -B
  10. Sounds like your talking about developers mode. Make sure it’s enabled in settings and good luck! -B
  11. Maybe not working for you? Install issues? I say this because I live in PNW and currently are seeing big green conifers and multi-colored multi-type “Fall” colored deciduous. My experience FWIW. YMMV TANSTAAFL -B
  12. And for the record the FMC 1st Page which has software version listed it as “Alpha”. .03 if my memory serves. Gonna miss it tho, I thought it a hoot! No worries, in exchange I just got an SOTA SR 22 to amuse me until the next shiny object appears!😎 -B
  13. I suspect any performance loss will disappear in the released version. I base this on my supposition that the beta code has telemetry instaled and constantly phoning home to the mother ship. Final drop will have that code removed and performance will be on par with previous releases or better. That has been my experience all along and expect no change with this beta. -B
  14. I have. For me it was still broke if I use my key bindings to activate AP. Only the VC button works for me, still
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