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  1. Should I have VSYNC off for either program? Have it all on in the sim nothing outside the sim running graphics. Got an old 1080p LED Samsung Flatscreen 23" that runs 60hz.
  2. Already transferred from the auto lod to the more manual 0.3.7 version. Can I have both the auto lod & 0.3.7 manual lod installed as long as I run 1 at a time of course. However I did delete the auto lod version already by just deleting the folder. Happy Landings
  3. Wow! Think I am going to be able to enjoy night flights again. To the developers of this gadget and Reset XPDR that is currently working on this project. Thanks for the Love Happy Landings
  4. Rgr on the last. Thank You Capt_Piett and Reset XPDR. Off to watch the vid. Happy Landings
  5. Fellow aviators are getting me curious. I apologize for the ignorance here. Awful lot of reading and I have skimmed through a bit of this. I have an I7-10700K 32g ram 3600mhz with a Geforce 2070s DX11 . I noticed there seems to be 2 versions of this adaptive lod shindig the 0.3.7 reset xpr and the 0.4.0 concept demo. No pro here when it comes to computer stuff and stepping into the old fart age range 😮 and i am skeered forest. Looking for a baseline guide here. 1 which version should I go with and would anyone with a similar setup be able to give me their settings to play around with. Happy Landings
  6. I noticed since the beta was released it seems like things are snapping & popping better on my end. Did Asobo/Microsoft pump up data that is being pushed through the matrix or am I getting the infamous placebo effect? Happy Landings
  7. Yeah I am not partial to either flight tracker. Just wasn't sure the MSFS community could do anything with that data.
  8. Anyone checked out the Live Surface Movement Beta on FlightAware? Wonder if that data could be used for planes taxing in MSFS? I am an average computer user so I figured I would bring it up here and see what some of the Einstein's in the computer world would think of this. Happy Landings
  9. Well if the developer has acknowledged the problem it will get fixed hopefully. What else is there to complain about? What the developer has acknowledged the problem? So go bite a brick ;)
  10. I don't really understand some of the gripes on here to be honest. Yes the PC-12 is not like the rest of most planes in the sim due to the interconnect. My experience with crosswind situations after disconnecting the yaw damper a few hundred feet the plane is almost trimmed right due to keeping the yaw damper on almost a few hundred feet and don't you know that you can still use aileron into the wind with opposite rudder with the plane still having interconnect. Works for me with my logitech rudder pedals and microsoft ffb2 stick seems to override the interconnect and I am not using no tweaks or interconnect disconnects etc. Oh and I don't cross the controls till right about the last 10-20ft. Been flying the hell out of this plane love it. And I am sure they will iron some things out. But definitely a plane worth studying. This is another one of them planes ya kinda gotta study or it could bite you. It's got different characteristics than the same old 6 & 7. 2 Penny's & Happy Landings
  11. Sry Jazz a little too much medical leaf.
  12. Don't forget to keep the pc-12 torque coming in between 9-12 psi.
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