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  1. I don't know what iniManager is. I purchased my PC-12 at Simworks Studios Website and under my account settings it will advise you with a red circle ? mark to update.
  2. Just flew into oakland straight into 30 no crosswind though winds fairly light didn't seem to oscillate like it's behind on the rudder input. But hey never flew a PC-12 😉 I worked line service back in the day. Looks on screen are quite deceiving with this plane they are a fairly big plane kinda like a lifted 4x4 😉
  3. Roger on yaw damper. I had to figure that out along the way. Happy Landings
  4. SWS PC-12 APPROACH TIPS A successful approach is determined by doing no more than what is necessary to keep the plane where you want it. Know how to manage the aircraft’s energy and use trim and subtle control inputs to direct it. Rudder trim should be set one line left of the green zone. Further adjustment might be needed for crosswind. Torque setting used on approach is 9-12 psi, most often between 9 and 10psi. For a 500fpm descent rate, these settings will yield: Flap setting (Degrees) Torque Airspeed (kts) Max demo. crosswind 15 9-10psi 110-120 25kts 30 9-10psi 95-105 20kts 40 9-10psi 80-90 15kts* *Landing only One last tip has to do with trimming the nose up. As the aircraft bleeds off speed and settles into the approach, trimming the nose up will reduce the need for aft yoke application. This will make landing much easier but beware in poor visibility conditions as in the event of a go-around you will need to aggressively prevent the nose from climbing because of the uptrim and speed increase. FLARING AND TOUCHDOWN The PC-12 will approach the runway with a nose-down attitude and if you lose awareness of that fact it will be very easy to land nose-first. For this reason, flaring should begin earlier than usual as you have more of an angle to cover. Some tips to make flaring and touchdown easier:  When crossing the “fence”, start bringing back the power  When over the numbers you should be idle and 10kts below your approach speed  At the touchdown point you should just hear the stall warning horn  Before applying beta or reverse, make sure that you have full lateral control of the aircraft.  When applying reverse be ready to counter the left pull  At 50kts exit reverse and apply brakes
  5. Darn. Anyone here actually try this newest maule yet? I'm Skeeered Sure wouldn't mind a well designed Maule though. Still waiting I guess or until word changes on these.
  6. Not a bad little Cessna SUV. I think it represents the turbo fairly well in the sim. But I am not claiming to know anything about turbo this or that. Happy Landings
  7. Paladin may find something in the MSFS forum here-- https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/famous-flyer-8-cessna-t207a/621981 This is about all the info I am getting on the 207T. I am thinking about giving this bird a try.
  8. I guess it would be safe to say fly the 207T close to the 206T numbers and you should be good?
  9. Any documentation , poh, checklist intel out there?
  10. Yep. Started happening today for me. Also reset some of my ctrl-alt = alt 1,2,3 camera views settings in the cockpit. Fun
  11. If Flight FX can pull off the newer citation. Would it be possible then for someone to create the Pilatus PC-24 ya think? Like their Vision Jet pretty neat light jet. Happy Landings
  12. Rgr on uninstall and downloaded the latest. Problem solved Thanks
  13. Hi anyone face problems with Rex Accuseasons stuck in automation? I can hit the green ok button all day nothing have to close it out through task manager. Reload to try to change things manually. Wont let me in. Darn thing goes back into automation download then right back to the same loop. Started this on the leap day haven't been able to get into it since. Thanks
  14. Leave everything the way you want it in dx12 with bloom on and just be sure to set motion blur to low and the flash will go away.
  15. Is it the DX12 flashbug? If so set motion blur to low and it will go away.
  16. I am officially using DX12 with my old beater 2070S & I7-10700K with motion blur on low and NO FLASHES. Ya hoooo! https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/dx12-screen-flashing-with-bloom-enabled/550505/103?page=5 Add dynamic load reset addition to the equation compliments of Reset XPDR and I can get a lot more umph for my rig which I am afraid I am going to be stuck with for awhile. Great community Thanks Happy Landings
  17. May have something to do with vsync. I am not sure though no wizard here 😉 Sure you are in the right place to ask the question though. Happy Landings
  18. Should I have VSYNC off for either program? Have it all on in the sim nothing outside the sim running graphics. Got an old 1080p LED Samsung Flatscreen 23" that runs 60hz.
  19. Already transferred from the auto lod to the more manual 0.3.7 version. Can I have both the auto lod & 0.3.7 manual lod installed as long as I run 1 at a time of course. However I did delete the auto lod version already by just deleting the folder. Happy Landings
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