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  1. Also, the Europe version is more advanced in that you don't have to configure anything. The US version probably needs to be updated to make it more like the Europe version.
  2. Looks like Honeycomb will sell them for $14 a piece. Not too bad.
  3. Take a look: https://fsnews.eu/honeycomb-aeronautical-addresses-production-issues-and-previews-dust-covers/
  4. Yeah - I ended up uninstalling it today.
  5. Hey Gang. Heads-up. The MAX has been updated to V1.3. Anyone tried it yet? Seems to have a lot of interesting improvements, including new sounds.
  6. I just tested this and I can confirm this is an issue. With accurate speeds and settings she's losing the glideslope in the last minute of flight or so. Makes for interesting low visibility approaches to say the least. JiJi
  7. I just tested out of KDFW with the FBW Experimental A320 with live weather and live traffic. Generally between 40 and 54 FPS but as soon as you get close to the airport it all becomes a word not allowed show of stutters until after touchdown. The issue has been smoothed out but not resolved.
  8. I just tried the CRJ out of DD KDCA with real weather and real traffic enabled. Generally good with frames solidly in the 40's until I turned final to runway 1; at that point I went down to stutter town with 5fps up and down for 3 or 4 seconds before things settled back in the 40's. Things are much better after this patch but it is obvious there is more work to be done by Asobo to make things smoother. Will try other airports and see how I fare.
  9. I decided to try the patch out out of DD KDCA with real weather and traffic. Generally good......solid 40's FPS until I turned final to runway 1 where the stutters choked me down to 5 fps before it all went back to the 40's. Generally better than before but work to be done.
  10. If I was already on, why would the update try to re-download over again instead of My update has been going on for hours and still not updated.
  11. LOLOL.........not only that, but to look at messages in the display........they're there for a reason - LOL
  12. Thanks. I also realized my trims and Yaw Damper were not engaged and this causes the A/P to not turn on. Thanks again for the input.
  13. Hey gang. In my first flight the A/P refused to engage. Any ideas what may cause the A/P to not want to turn on? Thanks
  14. I never had any performance issues with any version of MSFS since its launch last year until this very last version. Now I get solid frame rates in the 40's but stutters galore even though my frames don't dip. The stutters happen anywhere and everywhere and the issue seems randomized. I am also suffering from the blackout Garmins since this last version update. Dennis
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