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  1. Looks interesting but.....that's a lot of $$ for just a light enhancement. Might as well buy a whole new scenery addon for KATL.
  2. In my case, if I want to buy something from the marketplace I have to launch MSFS from the XBox app on my PC or it will not work. As long as I open MSFS from the XBox app, I am able to make purchases.
  3. Hello Gang! Today I installed the Headwind A330-900 using their installer but when I launch the aircraft it loads without a panel. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hello Gang! So now that SU15 is out, which Airbus A320 do we keep in the hangar. I know we can keep both, the original and the new one by Inibuilds.....and the FBW.......but it does not make a lot of sense to keep more than one if one is better than the others......space alone might be an issue. Any ideas what the consensus might be here? Thanks
  5. Hey Noell. Thanks for the heads-up. So does this file replace the old DLSS file and take over it's job or is this DLSSG thing a different thing? Kind of confused now. Thanks.
  6. I have been unable to import 3.7.1 using DLSS swapper. Any ideas???
  7. Errrr does the DA50 have Reverse or Beta???? I didn't think so......I might be wrong.
  8. OOpps - indeed - I meant to say DA-62. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. Hello Gang! I just purchased it and took it for a quick spin around KTKI, where the weather this morning is windy and overcast. The aircraft looks really good - well made. The cockpit is identical to the DA-62 except that it sports one engine instead of two; so, if you are familiar with the DA-62, you will know exactly what to do with this one. Never flown a DA-50 in real life, but the aircraft handling feels right. She flies good. I need to do more testing but so far, so good.
  10. I have both. Feelthere seems more updated and it's decent on the frames.
  11. I see developers going to the fence until 2024 is released. There are some important developments already in flight such as EDDF but airports such as KDFW, KATL, LFPG, and a couple of others which are large undertakings we're probably not going to see until 2024 is out. My 2 cents. We'll see.
  12. Head over to the JustFlight website folks. $24.99 Boom
  13. The airport overall is allright. Problem is the bumpy taxiways and all the terrain anomalies on the south side runway make it impossible to taxi realistically on that side of the airport. Been reporting these issues since this scenery was initially released to no avail.
  14. OK - Very happy for you if you like them the way they currently are. Keep enjoying them.
  15. Hello Gang! Any developer looking at doing KFLL, TJSJ, KDFW, or KSTS? LatinVFR has pretty much abandoned their sceneries mtce for all practical purposes and KFLL and TJSJ are a bloody mess, even with the latest TJSJ update which now made it worse. No one has done KSTS which is a great little airport north of SFO in Sonoma County. KDFW not for the faint of heart - I get it, but neglected in MSFS. Thanks Dennis
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