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  1. Hello Gang! This is actually a fantastic addon. A couple of positives: 1. Actually, a 787 that real world airlines fly vs a wishful thinking 787-10 model that no one is currently flying. 2. The model is based off of the Asobo 787-10; it has been shortened to become a 787-8 and has been fitted with the Heavy Division panel, which is better and much more functional than the default Asobo 787. 3. She flies good and feels realistic. Of course, now that the model is done, I assume much work will go into tweaking the flight model to make it fly more like a 788, but she's good. 4. Compatible with FTSim's 787 sounds..........this rounds the addon up real good 5. Great collection of great looking, true to life liveries A couple of negatives: 1. Flight Model is based on the default 787-10, so she might not be flying as a 788 at the moment. I suspect this will be addressed in future releases. 2. In it's current version, you have to run the installation process every time you update the Heavy Division panel addon.....kind of like a pain especially if you use the FTSim soundset because you also have to tinker with the Layout.json file to get them to properly work. Hope this helps! Dennis
  2. Hello Gang! I'm amazed that no one has yet produced a good addon scenery for KDFW. I know we get the stock which is not that bad, but needs a ton of updates that almost requires a new airport. Any ideas if anyone is working on it? Cheers. Dennis
  3. They have replaced CTD's with invisible object crashes!!! Frustrating!
  4. Everything is down. Can't even quit to desktop without having to kill MSFS in task manager. Frustrating!!!!
  5. I have both product but currently use Accuseason. I like the simplicity and the automation brought by Accuseason.
  6. Whatever Asobo does..........DO NOT TOUCH THE WEATHER.........seriously, the weather gusting and turbulence depiction in the latest version is spot on. Don't mess with it!!!! That is flying reality.
  7. I have noticed similar issues at other airport after SU10 - for example, LatinVFR KMIA now has bushes in some parts of the runways and taxiways. I suspect the scenery developers need to update their sceneries to make them compatible with SU10???
  8. This is fantastic news.............and YES...........until DD comes up with the final product, it will continue to be sorely neglected. 🙂
  9. Too late! I made that mistake a while back. It is indeed very, very poor quality and after SU10 it is now missing parts of the terminals and it's a god-awful mess.
  10. Hey Gang! I currently own the Feelthere KLGA scenery for MSFS but frankly, it is of very low quality and it now has problems with SU10. Is there anything out there for KLGA and for KEWR which is sorely neglected in MSFS??? Thanks!
  11. Hello Gang! I seem to remember seeing something about the Map in MSFS being updated with SU10??? After the update, when I click on the map, I get the same old map - I mean, I can click on an airport and get frequencies now, which we could not get before, but there seems to be a lot of stuff missing such as ILS frequencies and such. Did the map get updated????? Thanks Dennis
  12. Not only have I been experiencing the disconnection issue, but I also got a weird message saying that my bandwidth was not good enough for photogrammetry download...........in spite of having a 1GB fiber service running smoothly. Something got wonky! Dennis
  13. I am seeing the same PG issues all over. The CN Tower looks like an assteroid hit it and got embedded in it - LOL. I have a 1gb connection so I know it's not my bandwidth. I also noticed that the snow implementation at Bella Coola is horrid...........the runways gets completely covered in snow and you cannot see it - looks unrealistic - maybe it's an MSFS issue.
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