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  1. DMullert

    Aerosim 787-8 gpws

    Hey David. Not sure if anyone is really monitoring this forum - Aerosim's response/support leaves a lot to be desired. You may need to tweak the Aircraft.cfg file under the GPWS section and specify at which altitude you may want your callouts to start. For example, you may want to try to make your maximum warning height 2500 and see what happens - by default is set to 0 (not sure why). I for one I'm having a big issue with this aircraft being extremely underpowered. On a full load but within limits, this aircraft should become airborne in about 7000ft of runway in real life. With the Aerosim model, it could take in excess of 10,000ft of runway before the wheels come off the ground at 105% thrust (burning the engines). A normal derate on a full load under humid conditions in real life takes about 8000ft of runway. I'm pulling my hairs with this model. It's a nice and shiny exterior model with a halfway decent panel, lousy sounds, a bad FDE, and no support.......and very overpriced. Hope this helps. Dennis
  2. DMullert

    Aerosim 787 very underpowered

    UPDATE on this issue! I've managed to use a little less runway by substantially cutting down on the weight of the aircraft (which is a logical thing to do), but still it behaves like a DAWG. I've taken several long haul trips on the 787 already and fully loaded, this aircraft accelerates and takes flight in +/- 7000 ft of runway. When compared to the PMDG 777-300 performance for example (which is a heavier aircraft), you can tell almost immediately there is something wrong with this model's performance. Does anyone has any recommendations on potential tweaks to the Aircraft.cfg file that may help alleviate this? Thanks Dennis
  3. Hello Gang! Has anyone noticed that the 787 is outrageously underpowered? It takes 10,000ft of runway to reach 147kts fully loaded. Very unrealistic and the low power causes the aircraft to stall at 1800fpm. ANy ideas? Thanks! Dennis
  4. Hey Gang! I am able to get to the library and view the latest additions but I am unable to download - any ideas? This started happening today, 6-24-15. Thanks! Dennis
  5. Thanks Dan! What I meant by "including SIDs and STARs" is that the waypoints associated with the desired SID and STAR translated flawlessly - not the actual SID & STAR per se. Live and learn - I will be more cautious with the FMC programming going forward. Thanks again! Dennis
  6. Ahh got it. Thanks for the heads up! No more texting and flying!!! LOL Cheers. Dennis
  7. Hey Gang! Apologies in advance. I did not mean to bombard the forum with a triple post on my flight plan deactivation issue. The forums seem to be having some issues while posting. Cheers. Dennis
  8. Hello Team! I had a situation happen today that I seek guidance on in regards to what may have caused it. Today I loaded up a flight plan from KDFW to KMIA that was created with PFPX. It all loaded up perfectly in the PMDG NGX, including SIDs and STARs. Departure from KDFW was flawless and flight plan was executed perfectly, until I reached the west coast of Florida over the SRQ waypoint. At this point, the flight plan automatically deactivated from the main displays and I was on my own. Luckliy the Miami Center folks came to the rescue and albeit in their own weird way, vectored me down safely. I was really disappointed as I was really looking forward to executing an automated descent and STAR arrival on to runway 30 at KMIA. Any ideas as to what may have caused the FP to deactivate by itself? Thanks! Dennis
  9. Hello Folks! The latest updates/information from PMDG regarding 777 updates in Ops Center has been a disaster. I currently have version 1C of the 777-200 and the 777-300 installed but yet, the Ops Center tells me that there are new versions available. When I click "More Info", there's no info on the release and you are prompted to go download the full installers. Now they have added the FSX-SE installers to add a little to the confusion. If you go to the PMDG downloads area, the latest installers for both 777's say version 1C. So, be careful with following what the Ops Center says under notifications cause it can cause you to make a big mess and have to re-install everything from scratch. Can someone from PMDG be kind enough to please post what are the latest versions/installers for FSX? That would be greatly appreciated,. Sincerely, Dennis D. Mullert
  10. DMullert

    How toi address the "Fish Bowl" view?

    Thank You folks for the input. I will tinker accordingly and reply back. Thanks again! Dennis
  11. Hello Gang! As many of you may have noticed, the look out of the cockpit in FSX looks "fish-bowly" - in other words, it does not look natural - there is a fish bowl look to it. I remember years ago when FSX first came out that this issue was addressed but I cannot remember, or find, to save my life how to address this. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks! Dennis
  12. DMullert

    What is the PMDG 777-GMC Folder?

    Got it! LOL Thanks a bunch! Dennis
  13. DMullert

    What is the PMDG 777-GMC Folder?

    Hello Gang! Quick question: WHat is the purpose of the PMDG 777-GMC folder under the Aircraft folder? Thanks a bunch! Dennis
  14. DMullert

    Question regarding RAAS and the PMDG 777

    OK so best to leave them alon then! Thanks! Dennis
  15. Hello Gang! Quick question on RAAS. If we have the unlocked version of RAAS installed in FSX, is it safe to uninstall the locked version that comes with the PMDG 777? Not sure what type of impact having both instances installed in FSX may or may not have in performance, but I'd just rather have one RAAS version installed vs 2 of the same. Any input is appreciated. Thanks! Dennis