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  1. That’s Quaid but never mind, I also paid 20 quid for it and had my 20 quids worth already. Show me the way to go home
  2. Got it going, only issue I have are all aircraft are bouncing constantly. Any ideas? Paul
  3. Quick search using the search function gets most answers.
  4. Thrustmaster throttle quadrant as soon as I find stock
  5. There is still some on here that will say 98 graphics 😏. Totally agree with you I think it looks great for the price of a Big Mac and a happy meal.
  6. Just wait till it’s on the in game market place, Microsoft/asobo will be making money for creating the gauges for the default planes and they haven’t had to do anything for this product. Something tells me if they are making money off the back of it, then they won’t care. Be different if it was using gauges from the likes of FSL, QW or aerosoft.
  7. 20 quid well spent, I’ll get more than £20 worth of fun out of it. Wasn’t expecting much, so got more than expected. Hopefully the income it generates will encourage the dev to develop it more. Hand flys pretty easy, approach was enjoyable, does struggle to loose speed tho, I’m sure that will be an easy fix.
  8. I used the files with PROATCX and they offered a great variety and adds to the immersion. Good product in my eyes, had a few flights with the beta, so far so good. Paul
  9. https://www.uk2000scenery.co.uk/products2 some felt a bit pricey on Bristol but I’ve enjoyed going in and out of Bristol so will be another purchase. Paul
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