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    Flight Simulation, Racing sims, cities skylines, guitar, formula 1, football, music.....

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    Been an aviation enthusiast since a very young age. Flying Sims since FS98. Flying MSFS2020 and enjoying every minute. Find me in the sky's as garlicbread1

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  1. There is also some people who can’t accept the issue is the user or the users system. Let’s just blame asobo.
  2. August 18, 2020; 20 months ago Not had a single CTD since release. Plenty add-ons and use daily
  3. Jeez thought this was a topic on sim update 9, not an egnlish lecture.
  4. Ads yes perfectly fine. The scam pop up that’s happening now isn’t.
  5. Also getting a congratulations Google user…… you win Samsung phone nonsense pop up on iPhone. Only happens on the avsim forum
  6. Just for those interested, I said at £22 was a bit on the steep side for the quality. But its on JustFlight for £16.99 https://www.justflight.com/product/feelthere-omdb-dubai-airport-msfs Paul
  7. https://flightsim.to/c/third-party/stream-deck/most-downloaded that's the template's for the streamdeck from fs.to to show you what can be programmed. I don't have steamdeck but I do use AAO for other hardware and its great piece of software. Paul
  8. Let’s face it. Early adaption, early adaptor, pre release, early access, etc etc. we are all buying it day one. It looks fantastic, and I’m sure we are all going to love flying the bird.
  9. How dare you be happy on the MSFS Avsim forum. Hehe Welcome to the club, enjoy the journey. Paul
  10. I must have been sleeping when this video dropped back in February. It also show a weather radar, possibly just a place holder till API is available.
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