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  1. No. Still in flight after it occurred. Have to see how I installed better bravo lights. Took it out of community folder to do an update a few updates ago. When I started msfs got a pop-up saying better bravo lights needed to download files and proceed to replace the folder I took out of the community folder. I decided to be lazy and have just left it alone. I like the mod and it has not been a problem for me. If my settings change the next time I fly I will investigate the mod and try without.
  2. Five su14 flights with no assistance resets. Installed wu15 and content manager items. Rebooted. First flight my assistance settings were reset. Only community folder item is better bravo lights mod.
  3. If using local cache. Delete it and re-enable or try without.
  4. I have experienced 3 crashes in the world map since SU13. This did not occur in the beta. My first crashes in 2 years. The only mods I have are the sky improvement colors and better bravo lights. I just reboot and try again. I am guessing at 3 crashes per 15 attempts.
  5. I had a similar experience with a steel series keyboard. I found a 15ms delay worked most of the time. But complex or longer series ones needed longer delays. Shift e is not complex and a 5ms should work.
  6. Since you can get to the task manager. I would start ending task on any non critical process. You can post a screenshot or type them out if unsure what the process does. Not like your system will get worse and a reboot will undo it.
  7. The steps outlined at https://windowsreport.com/desktop-icons-flashing/, seem reasonable. I wish you luck.
  8. If you still want the manual, it is at https://www.flightsimulator.com/aircraft-manuals/.
  9. I see the dot. I contribute it to having a honeycomb alpha xpc which has xbox control buttons. It is not that big of an issue to me. I hardly notice it anymore.
  10. I on my PC now (was on my phone) and I see your signature. I see that you do have more than one NVME drive and a much better system than me. The only thing I can think to try is watch your task manager and see how much the disk usage occurs when taking a screenshot. Could it be antivirus scanning both files (png and jxr) when they are saved? Do AV programs even scan image files? You could try excluding that directory from being scanned.
  11. Could it be when saving the two images. The can be quite large. Are they being saved to a ssd? I am just guessing here.
  12. It should have fly out window saying Screenshot saved. What happens when you use the capture button on the gamebar?
  13. I use the XBox game bar for this it saves a SDR and HDR version of the screenshot. I believe Geforce Experience does the same. I have a steel series keyboard and have remaped the Print Screen button when playing MSFS to be the shortcut to the XBox gamebar for this.
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