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  1. Is that a philosophical question? 😀I was happy with the sim before the survey. Perhaps that is why I was chosen. Did they choose me because of my posts here. This might just prove the conspiracy theory.😉 Hope you know I am just kidding.
  2. When I started up the sim about 45 minutes ago it prompted me to take a survey on msfs. I did and I am very happy with the sim.
  3. 22h2 enabled vbs (security) on two systems that I installed it on. I disabled it on both. You will loose 5% of fps with vbs enabled. I do not need vbs on these systems.
  4. Double post. Posted real slow. I am downloading the Win 22H2 update and reading the forums while I wait.
  5. I forgot also. Yesterday I checked the official forums, and the consensus seems to be that you leave the beta AFTER SU10 is released. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/exact-process-for-leaving-the-beta-and-updating-tomorrow-without-losing-our-installed-base-msfs-and-mods/543629/11
  6. Wait until su10 is released, then leave the beta.
  7. Default nvidia control panel settings. Nvidia driver 512.77. SU10 DX11 TAA. Vsync 30 in game. 4K TLOD 400. In game everything maxed. Fly Baron G58. Only every installed G1000nxi. never installed any other mod. Last crash was 2 years ago after an update and that was fixed by deleting my rolling cache.
  8. You need to make sure your video card is not sending data too often to your cpu. At low settings your video card is not doing too much work and will inundate your cpu. At high settings the video will take longer to render the scene and not send data the cpu as often. Find that balance for your system. Crank up your settings and render scale until you are slightly gpu bound.
  9. Here is a similar system running 4K everything maxed in game (DX11, SU9, TLOD 400, No DOF or Motion Blur) at EGLL in a Baron G58. Image is washed out as I was using HDR and the non HDR image washed out the HW Monitor window.
  10. Actually, from Intel: If the motherboard has two memory slots total, then the maximum support is DDR5-4800 in any configuration. If the motherboard has four memory slots total, then the maximum support is DDR5-4400 when two slots are filled with any memory. If all four memory slots are filled, single rank memory will support up to DDR5-4000. If all four memory slots are filled, dual-rank memory will support up to DDR5-3600.
  11. The windows/xbox gamebar saves screenshots as sdr and hdr. Think geforce experience does the same.
  12. The HDR issue started day one of the SU10 beta and was reported in the official forums. It is not new to this small update. I am very happy with the sim and the beta and I know that this will be fixed. The HDR on my TV is not that much better than SDR. YMMV.
  13. hdr is not working for me. I can see in dev mode that it says sdr. This is with hdr selected in windows and the sim. Resorted to just selecting sdr until fixed. No stuttering or shutdown issues since the update. Dx12.
  14. For me the indicated air speed and wind speed are blurry when they flucate a lot. Really starting to bother me. About ready to go back to TAA. every thing else in the g1000nxi looks the same.
  15. I have a 12GB 3080ti and lost 5 fps (vs dx11) at ksea when using 14GB of vram. I gained 10 fps at Kord using 10GB. TLOD 400, 4k.
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