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  1. From your post to God' s ears. Simply the finest plane ever in my opinion.
  2. Spantax used to regularly fly the Convair 990 'Coronado' into EGBB ("Elmdon' ) when I was a plane spotter in the 60's.
  3. I noticed in both the Airbus and the 737 that a flight level change using autopilot in level change mode, not vertical speed, will give you a descent flight path to maintain the airspeed in the speed window even when autothrottle is disengaged. This has caught me out a couple of times with excessive descent rates when descending from cruise using autopilot and disengaging auto throttle and reducing to idle thrust. Need to remember to adjust speed hold value before doing even though autothrottle is disengaged
  4. This latest beta is the smoothest so far for me. I also regained the VFR map which got lost between me initially joining then leaving and then rejoining the avionics beta.
  5. As stated above , Simhaptic will drive hardware bass shakers directly using low frequency audio from the sim. If you don't own such hardware then it's not going to do much for you. Maybe you can get a refund since they had a trial version. The guy that posts here seems pretty cool maybe he can point you in the right direction.
  6. I use low volumetric cloud settings in VR for a significant increase in performance. Obviously higher settings are better but I find low to be not too bad given the performance boost.
  7. Simhaptic will directly drive a buttkicker vibrating seat thingy. Unfortunately no support for the HF8 on the PC using the USB.
  8. Just upgraded. Havent used it in a while. Is there a simple way to reduce the traffic density ? It's a little heavier on the frames than I'd like in it's default settings. FSTL works better for me right now since I have control over the traffic density
  9. As the great George Best would have said. " I spent most of my money on flight simulators, peripherals, and add-ons. The rest I squandered."
  10. Same here. A lot of breaking and easing up on the tiller to get from gate to runway and back. I find the PMP version a little easier on frames. It has the same functionality as the stock A320 whereas the Headwind version obviously tracks closer to the FBW. No Vnav with PMP but will track Lnav nicely using the inbuilt flight planner
  11. Learned it phonetically so alouette was probably the only word we hit. Embarrassed that I didnt know the second word was gentille until I saw your post
  12. We learnt Alouette, in French, growing up as kids in England . Can't remember if it was a school thing or just something kids do.
  13. Apologies if this has been mentioned before but there is a very nice animated taxi guide strobe on flightsim.to to replace the default taxi ribbon. https://flightsim.to/file/35121/animated-taxi-ribbon
  14. One thing I like about the default ATC is that I don't have to interact with ATC but can still monitor whatever nonsense is going on with the AI traffic in my vicinity by tuning the appropriate frequency,. Will I be able to do this with FSHud or is it more intimately tied to the user ? I would love an option where I am invisible to ATC and could just fly along and listen. I wouldn't mind if I had to just ffile a flight plan on the ground to kick things off as I almost always have one in the FMC, either from LNM or the default world planner, depending on the aircraft I'm flying. I'm holding off buying for now and waiting for VR support ( V 1.4 ? )
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