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  1. Do you have Drzewiecki Washington landmarks installed ? There are reports of it causing issues since the last world update. I very rarely get a ctd but had one the other day while sitting at DCA. I know KIAD is a little further out than KDCA but worth a shot if you have it.
  2. Flying in VR , both the Maddog and BAE 146 EFB stand a little proud of the side window obscuring some of the downward view. Is it possible to relocate or hide the EFB ?
  3. @Blind Pilot Ron, I have the latest 1.25.90 build and Alt F4 still works for me. I don't have the latest Top Gun DLC installed, though, if that could be the issue.
  4. If you enter your simbrief alias by mistake instead of your simbrief pilot id in the FMC ( 🙁 ) it can be edited using the mod set function. Took me a while to figure this out. 1 idx button . 2. next button . 3. Modset ( L3 )
  5. I've removed myself with no issues, but strange that Steam still shows the option for the su9-beta opt in.
  6. At the end of the previous beta period steam automatically removed me. This time I am still showing opted into the SU-9 beta ?
  7. Works great for me. Lived there for 25 years so waiting for this since the sim launched. Not sure about animated people in terminals. Parked at the Delta Gate A20 and there's a guy who is either in Riverdance or has something on the bottom of his shoe.
  8. I love the self-contained tracking of my Reverb G2. As much as the extra resolution might be appealing I don't think I would want to deal with multiple base station mounting and wiring. Seems like a step backward from where I am now. Plus it's only Steam VR ?
  9. No. Puffin specifically recommends mamu82's work as complimentary and provides links in his comments on flightsim.to
  10. Tempted to buy but I only fly VR. Looking for feedback on performance. Also, how does the FE station get incorporated. Do I have to swivel my chair and push back from my desk 😁
  11. That was my birthday gift to my dad back in the late eighties. I saved all the memorabilia and certificate he was given after he passed away.
  12. Thanks. Found the answer there. I had removed the AIG folder from my community as I wasn't currently using traffic. Put it back and all good.
  13. Thought I'd give it a go. I purchased the one month subscription to real traffic and have succesfully managed to inject via PSXT as advertised. However I appear to be missing most, if not all, the liveries. I use AIG and so have most airline liveries. How do I set up PSXT to pick up the AIG liveries ?
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