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  1. @fppilot Assuming you have it set to automate then maybe go into the REX folder and you can check by the date of the files that the automatic installer is functioning correctly ?
  2. @scotchegg Normally don't fly the Cirrus so can't tell if this is a change for me or not but latest Beta ( 1.35.19 ) plus latest FSR ( 2.2.0 ) works fine with the updated Cirrus.
  3. You really should investigate DLSS swapper. There are later DLSS versions than those shipped with the game that might improve your performance. It's very easy to use and you can reset to the original if you don't see the benefit. Just Google DLSS swapper for a download link. There's also a thread on Avsim "DLSS Swapper is a tool that allows you to conveniently download, manage, and swap DLSS dlls allowing you to upgrade or downgrade DLSS version in a game without the game needing an update." The latest dll version is 3.5 Don't confuse this with DLSS 3. The DLSS versions are windows dll's that all graphics cards use. DLSS 3 is the latest graphics AI specifically for 40 series Nvidia cards.
  4. I wish FSLT had an option to filter traffic by altitude such that I could have parked aircraft and could also see aircraft at altitude during cruise. Traffic moving on the ground has too much of an FPS hit for me in an already stressful environment. Enhanced Live Traffic ( ELT ) used to have this option but the program, which also used Flightradar24 data, no longer appears to work.
  5. Same here. The buttons are there but relaunch required. At least you can keep the sim open while you do it but AIG can take a while to launch
  6. There's a sale on their website. Just picked this up for $11.99. My kind of airport , plausible airside and frame rate friendly 😁
  7. @mmcmah Great minds... You beat me to it.
  8. As @Wblackret said it usually only happens if I change aircraft after selecting departure gate. You can see in the input dialog departure drop down if the gate has been swapped out for the runway before hitting FLY and then just go through the departure selection again.
  9. Kevin , with FSHud , I believe you have to be an active paricipant in order for the ATC to work, ie you need to file a flight plan. With the current stock ATC, that is not required and you can dial in a frequency and just eavesdrop passively. Most times I like to hear the other traffic without actively being controlled by ATC. Will this be possible with Voxatc or do I have to file a flightplan to kick it all off ?
  10. Yes, if it's a standard ingame panel that you access from the toolbar then we should be good for VR. I hope there will be a demo version upon release so we can check the VR functionality ?
  11. Will the VoxATC panel be visible in VR like the stock ATC panel or is that in the future ?
  12. Farewell thread, we hardly knew ye...
  13. That's a good point though it seems people were commenting more of running out of vram on their cards rather than raw performance and there is still a significant price difference for people who currently have a less than 40's series card
  14. Curious as to why you didn't consider a 3090 with the larger vram. I have a 3090 but admit I will be looking for a 4090 when finances allow.
  15. What's the performance like ? If it's anything like Phoenix then it's a no go for me. KPHX is the only payware airport that I have disabled.
  16. Looking forward to the next video. Literally drooling watching the unboxing. I went the VR route but love the look of that hardware! is it 1:1 or a tad smaller than the real one ?
  17. I was in the beta with no issues but have had several CTD's since su 13 went official.
  18. There are 13 external views in showcase mode. None of them are the classic wing view looking out through the cabin. Is that what you meant ?
  19. I bought it. Very happy. Probably unrealistic flying characteristics but hand flying is a pleasure. I don't have rudder pedals but it behaves well in the turn, feels solid. The textures on the throttle quadrant are extremely bad though. I think I'm going to have some fun with this one. Plus it's very good on the frames which is important since I only fly VR. I understand though if people don't want to put money in CS pockets.
  20. I guess I'm surprised at this point that there aren't decent voice packs available to be bundled ? Maybe they should implement this IRL to cut down on unnecessary comms. 😁
  21. @aniiran Probably a go for me after reading your review. Thanks
  22. Looking forward to this. I'm on the fence with this one. I'm not super fussy. I have the PMDG 700 but also had a blast with the Bredok 737 for a couple of months
  23. Agree. Also, would it kill a 'study-level' developer to allow FMC integration with the MFS2020 flight planner ? I use simbrief but sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a long pre-flight set up.
  24. Go into the REX folder and you can check by the date of the files that the automatic installer is functioning
  25. I too had issues with the license after successfully using it since launch. Disabled my VPN and all was well.
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