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  1. Getting old.... 🥴 How do you folks get the green instrument panel?
  2. I think you are confusing with Taburet's products. South Oak Co's Birds are fully animated and never fly in straight lines.
  3. I'll get this one. South Oak Co is a serious company headed by a friendly and smart guy. All his products receive frequent updates, nothing to compare with Taburet's "word not allowed" 😉.
  4. FS Traffic is getting better and better. This is indeed a major update.
  5. Mine was disabled. I enabled it, and now I can disable it to speed up Windows. 🥳
  6. Simply awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing, Vincent, I really love your sceneries. 🍻
  7. Is there a way to disable RDPresets rock's textures files and keep the default ones?
  8. Yes, their rock doesn't rock at all! 😦 Pity, the scenery looks good otherwise.
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