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  1. My main problem with the 737 + Alpha/Bravo combo is the landing gear lever that is completely wonky. Your thoughts?
  2. I've got the whole Birds series, they indeed enhance immersion. One of my top 5 add-ons for MSFS together with Addons Linker, Navigraph Charts, Global AI ships and ATC Chatter.
  3. ORDER STATUS: Completed, 15 minutes ago. But I still didn't get the email with the download link. Their server has probably melted. 🥱
  4. Sorry folks, what exactly are you waiting for?🥴
  5. Very smart tool, thank you for the HU!
  6. Now that we are between us, I'll tell you something... The Earth is FLAT!! 🤐
  7. What a refreshing comment, Steve! Thank you!! And a warm thanks to Armen and to all involved in making the 737 for MSFS. 🍻
  8. The only thing I remember from FSLabs is a great add-on. To be more precise, the best liner we had for P3D.
  9. Abrams, I don't want to sound boring but if we could avoid talking about money on a single thread it would be soooo relaxing (...) 🙏
  10. Nice move from Leonardo folks. Now they can work on sounds and textures!! 😄
  11. The more I "fly" with this bird, the more I appreciate it. I have no RL experience with GA aircraft at all, so I can't compare, but it seems to me that Milviz did a fantastic job simulating the flight dynamics of a twin engine within a PC simulator's limitations. A lot of love in the cockpit, a rich array of options and animations (an empty bottle of water that moves on the floor according to the roll !), great sounds, beautiful texturing for the most elegant GA aircraft ever. Just perfect!!
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