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  1. Hello Dmitriy, I had a 6700K @4.8 HT off, and I now have a 9900K @5.1 HT off. And I can assure you that I see a drastic change in P3D, fps and smoothness wise. To be honest I've never been that happy (and broke..!) after a PC upgrade, average every 3 years. But the most spectacular change was after replacing the GPU, 2 months ago. Jumping from a 1080 (not Ti) to a 2080Ti already allowed me to increase settings and enjoy P3D in all its glory. Although less fluid than today (stable frame rate with PMDG liners and FS Labs Bus on complex sceneries and heavy weather), it was already a quantum leap. Hope it helps 🙂
  2. David Roch

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    HT Off
  3. David Roch

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Just did the plunge, I will compare it with F1's 750. I've always liked RealityXP products and I was missing them with P3D. Still downloading, I will report later 😉
  4. David Roch

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    Yes that was I am using right now and I am pleased with the result. Will try AM=252 though.
  5. David Roch

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    So Chris, do you suggest to use AM=252 or 1365 for a i9900K, HT off?
  6. David Roch

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    So one of you is using 6 cores for P3D and 2 cores for the remaining progs. And the other one is doing exactly the contrary. Who's right then?
  7. David Roch

    Photo Scenery in v4.4

    Unfortunately, Switzerland Pro still doesn't work unless you accept 5 sec pauses every half-minute. Just unacceptable that Aerosoft still distributes this product under the "P3D v4 compatible" logo.
  8. Well I've never been so happy with a FS... First time in my life I understand what "smooth as silk" really means.🙂 Jumping from a i7 6700K to an i9 9900K was a quantum leap in terms of stutters reduction and overall smoothness. And the GTX 1080's replacement by an RTX 2080Ti helped increasing details and enjoying P3D like never before. Choose a nice MB Chris, the 9900K needs it for overclocking. I like the Asus because of the OC facilities which are today excellent. But there are so many other brands...
  9. Same here, PTA is a must have 🙂
  10. David Roch

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    EZCA Released! 🙂
  11. David Roch

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Yes, I love their Bus. Great work!
  12. David Roch

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    @mdreyer Same here but when I use a stock aircraft, fps are climbing back. Probably something to do with addons compatibility IMO (F1 GTN and FS Labs should be uninstalled until new versions are released)
  13. 💤..... I was excited.... I am tired.
  14. No need to apologize at all Rob. I've learned a lot thanks to your expertise.