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  1. 😄 You made my day with your sense of humor, Dom, thanks!
  2. I can't believe they didn't fix the "ESC" problem which was introduced with the latest WU.
  3. New pics added. Lille Lesquin Airport (LFQQ), now with PBR appron! 🥳
  4. Alex is not only a talented and nice fellow, he is also a "true" artist, I mean he is constantly improving his sceneries until he reaches the level of perfection he wishes. Look at that beautiful apron, now with PBR textures! New LFQQ Honestly folks, if you didn't already, subscribe to his website, you won't regret it. For 24€ you'll get 11 high quality EU airports + free bonuses, and more airports are coming! This is a one shot membership, meaning you pay once, and then you'll get all his awesome work for free.
  5. Thank you Captain! 😉. LFBH (La Rochelle Airport)
  6. LFLP (Annecy Mont Blanc) LELN (Leon Airport) LFQQ (Lille Lesquin Airport) LIOL (San Mauro Airfield)
  7. Hi folks, Following this thread, I'm glad to share some screenies with you. Let's begin with LEBB (Bilbao airport) and LFBZ (Biarritz airport) which were recently updated. I will add more airports later on. 🙂 LEBB LFBZ
  8. Dear Robert, my sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery. 🥂
  9. "Unlimited" means "unlimited". Obviously, your interventions on this forum are limited to criticizing, mocking or sowing doubt but NEVER informing or helping others. 🥴
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