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  1. Chris, did you have to reinstall P3D after Win 10 2004's upgrade?
  2. Folks, as the OP of this thread, may I ask you to avoid personal attacks and LM bashing? It really doesn't help. P3D5 is a totally new platform, no one really knows where this DGXI error comes from, and why only few of us are encountering it. We are sharing our experiences to investigate this GPU issue and to find a solution, no need for polemics. Thanks.
  3. No, it didn't work for me. So far the only solution to get rid of the hang when using EA is summarized here:
  4. Aaron, if you want to make things simple, go to your Airbus aircraft.cfg file and look for all [CameraDefinition.] lines. There you just delete the "HotKeySelect" entries and save the file.
  5. I can't say that I am happy being a beta tester for a product I have purchased but I don't mind testing all kind of things. I want to understand where the issue comes from and try to find a solution.
  6. You are definitely right Anders, it could be an OC issue, and I am open to all solutions. So I reverted my BIOS settings to default, just for testing purpose. (Surprisingly, perfs were not that much degraded) Unfortunately, same as Kevin, my first flight with the stock Maule finished with a GPU hang after 7 minutes using 4096x4096 textures. As I said previously, with Win 10 1904, I can't use both EA + 4K textures together. Let's hope that LM's upcoming patch + Win 10 2004 will bring more stability.
  7. Yep, I gave it a try, hoping for a miracle. I had numerous issues like crazy vertical climb, sudden dives, excessive speed etc... with the 330 using P3D4.5. But actually I love their VC so much, graphics are so immersive and superb, that I wanted to try it again with the V5 until the FSLabs Buses are updated. Same thing, same bugs. + tons of CTDs.
  8. ....... reinstalled it!! 😁 Yes, I am dumb! I was so pleased with P3D5 that I decided to uninstall the v4.5 as soon as ActiveSky and the Maddog were updated for the new LM version. Total uninstall, all addons wiped, registry cleaned one code by one, and 1.5Tb free. Did I really need it? Not at all, I have plenty of room on my SSDs. But what a super feeling!! My PC was breathing and my new P3D5 was the new king in town!! Average: 4 hours work. But....between the various CTDs, the BSODs, the GPU hangs and the kernell thingies, I am not able to fly more than 1 hour or 2. And every time I launch the sim after a crash or a simple test I have to wait 15 minutes until the sim loads. And nothing more frustrating than spending one hour preparing a flight, preparing the plane, calling for pushback... and crashing to desktop. So... I have just reinstalled P3D4.5. Average: 12 hours work if I want all my addons back. For now, I have just reinstalled the ORBX stuff and my beloved FSLabs series. What a super plane! And what a dumb I am! 😄
  9. Glad to know you have zero problem Ray, but maybe you didn't get it, I didn't post a problem but a solution that works for me and might help others with the same issue. Saying that "DEVICE HUNG is a hardware unstable problem not software" is a pure non-sense in this precise case and that doesn't help others.
  10. Heads up. After 3 weeks tweaking and trying all kind of magic incantations I am now flying without DGXI error, even on heavy (or badly coded) sceneries. Here are my settings: Addons: AIG traffic, ActiveSky, GSX2, 70 ORBX airports and sceneries, tons of other P3DV5 compatible airports, EZCA3, A2A, PMDG, QualityWings airplanes, FFTF Dynamic etc... Other: 1/ Zero tweak on P3D.cfg 2/ Frames limited @30 with Nvidia Control Panel. My monitor is native 4K 30Hz. 3/ Power Management Mode: Max Perf on Nvidia CP 4/ NO Nvidia Inspector profile! 5/ For the first time I have "unleashed" my CPU by setting HT ON, downgrading from 5.1 to 5.0Ghz for less heat. Using Process Lasso I run P3D on 16 cores and all active background programs on the 14th last ones. Does it help for avoiding excessive VRAM? No, obviously not but my P3D seems to like it :). Conclusions: Even if you have a good and stable computer with a 11Gb GPU, you will get into troubles with P3DV5, as soon as you push most sliders to the right, use EA, and fly on heavy sceneries. It will probably improve when W10 2004 will be released or/and if LM addresses this memory issue. BUT IN THE MEANTIME, you can fully enjoy P3DV5 with the beautiful Enhanced Atmospherics (beta) if you respect 3 conditions: - Don't use 4096 textures, never! - Don't use "Ultra" cloud size, never! - Limit your frame rate externally, always! Hope it helps!
  11. Yep. But that only works for native 4K panels. Here is an A2A plane with 1024. Gauges are barely readable. Same in 4K
  12. Can you please guide me, I don't find this entry. Thanks 😉 Edit: fount it in the PANEL section!
  13. Hi Cookies lover 🙂 Aren't these two sentences contradictory? I mean if you set your textures size to 1024 how can you get a 4K VC?
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