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  1. The work and passion involved in this product are outstanding. A very warm thanks to all the PMDG talented team.
  2. David Roch

    Rhodos for Free

    Indeed! Danke Rainer, very much appreciated 🙂
  3. David Roch

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    Benjamin do you use EZCA? If so, try lowering the effect values.
  4. Hello Michael, Please calibrate your joystick from P3D options. And try now 🙂
  5. Awesome!! :) Grazie mille Umberto!
  6. Actually P3D suddenly became an Airport simulator! Love it! 🙂 Thank you very much and congrats FSDT.
  7. David Roch

    Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional - Delayed again

    Not at all Neal. Ed is not moaning, just informing us.
  8. David Roch

    Terrain.dll crash & CPU overload?

    Hi Shom, I had the same problem who was driven me crazy for months until I remembered I once increased the Dynamic Reflections from Low to Middle in order to try Tomato shade. Since I reduced this heavy load on the GPU, no more terrain.dll error (for over a month now). Maybe didn't you increase this parameter but something else (AG is heavy as well) which is crashing your hardware, that's why you'll be advised to create a new P3D.cfg file. I for one never add any manual value to the config file so I don't feel necessary to replace P3D.cfg, but I save several graphic settings profiles and return to the default one for testing.
  9. David Roch

    Why is FS Tramp so unknown?

    Yes, unequaled for me means that no other flight planner is that handy and powerful. No other payware of freeware brought me the same level of satisfaction and I believe I've tried them all. So I am absolutely in harmony with my logic but maybe not with yours 🙂
  10. David Roch

    Why is FS Tramp so unknown?

    Not sure about that. I have the feeling the dev is keeping on developing his tool no matter its success. (There are frequent updates, maybe 4 or 5 this past year) Actually I believe he doesn't wish FS Tramp to be as popular as FS Nav, for whatever reason, but it doesn't mean the product is going to die soon. I am not fan at all of his subscription pricing model and I would have preferred paying like any other product. But to be honest, FS Tramp is IMO unequaled and paying around 37€ every year and a half for such a complete addon is still something I can afford without ruining my family. There are in my hangar so many planes I have paid for and barely use, and in my scenery library so many places I have forgotten.. 🙂
  11. David Roch

    Why is FS Tramp so unknown?

    Hi guys, I was a FS Navigator big fan for years until it wasn't anymore developed. I today see lot of posts about flight planners or chart viewers for P3D like EFB V2.0 but almost never about FS Tramp, which is FS Nav successor. Why? Is it because of the yearly pricing? I for one 100% agree to pay every year for such a fantastic program because I can't think of flying without. But I can imagine the price is discouraging lot of users. Is it because it is not known enough? So please do you a favor and download the free demo version. (just google FS Tramp). No need for a second monitor or remote PC, the app is directly available within P3D using a keyboard shortcut of your choice. It works in full screen mode. FS Tramp creates and follows flight plans according to the latest Navigraph data (if available), offers a wide choice of displays for SIDs/STARs on the map to help automatically selecting the more appropriate, has a unique UI with clear indications, includes AI traffic, weather etc...and has very low impact on the CPU. I have tried ALL flight planners available for P3D. None of them offers the same level of comfort and none of them is so powerful. I'll be happy to help you discovering this fabulous tool if you have any questions. Cheers!
  12. David Roch

    Accu-Feel v.2 Air, Land & Sea (P3Dv4) Released

    Yes thanks a lot to Alan for his explanation and to SciSimmer for this excellent video. Got it now! I thought it will interfere with EZCA but not at all, Accu-Feel is adding another level of immersion. Another excellent addon! 🙂
  13. David Roch

    Accu-Feel v.2 Air, Land & Sea (P3Dv4) Released

    I am feeling a bit like you Stan. Maybe because EZCA is already bringing a lot of effects to the cockpit.
  14. David Roch

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    Crystal clear, thanks Gerard!
  15. David Roch

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    A quick question. Why 0,4 and not 0,33? What is the benefit to increase this value and what is the max?