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  1. David Roch

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    Crystal clear, thanks Gerard!
  2. David Roch

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    A quick question. Why 0,4 and not 0,33? What is the benefit to increase this value and what is the max?
  3. David Roch

    PTA vs Tomato Shade

    Hi all, I am surprised to discover Tomato just now. And so happy I did. This smart tool does EXACTLY what I was dreaming about for my liners, make them shine! I use and like PTA very much because the beautiful shaders really changed my simming experience. But Tomato is bringing it to another level of immersion.
  4. David Roch

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    Very handy and smart tool but I have no other monitor nor PC so I can't use it unless I switch from full to windowed screen every time and that's a no-go for me. Pity there is no iPad app to use the client though.
  5. David Roch

    TFDI 717 Version 1.1 Released.

    Thanks anyway Shom. I've done the same flight followed by the same actions and no CTD this time. I believe I've tried to remove waypoints to quickly one after the other, not letting the time to the CPU to recalculate the new data.
  6. David Roch

    TFDI 717 Version 1.1 Released.

    Hi Shomron, The sim just vanished and no trace or log in the event viewer. I'll redo the same flight, remove after landing waypoints from the flight plan and see if I can reproduce this CTD. Quite weird as until now I had zero problem with the FMC.
  7. David Roch

    TFDI 717 Version 1.1 Released.

    Strange bug, I just got a CTD in mid flight when clearing some go-around waypoints from the FMC. Something known?
  8. David Roch

    TFDI 717 Version 1.1 Released.

    I am discovering this baby late in life and hey! What a masterpiece!!! I heard about TFDi long ago but never realized how much work and passion were involved in this beauty. I can't say yet that all simulated systems and features are 100% working as they should because I have only flown normal procedures but I am already in love with this bird. External details and textures are simply outstanding. Cockpit is amazing. Sounds are unmatchable. And she flies beautifully. Wow, what a nice surprise! 👍
  9. David Roch

    Black Marble NG P3Dv4.3

    OK thanks Chris!
  10. David Roch

    Black Marble NG P3Dv4.3

    Thanks Chris! Last question please. Is uninstalling the product easy? Are there any critical folder/file I should duplicate before installing BMNG? I ask that in case my rig won't accept this new avalanche of lights!
  11. David Roch

    Black Marble NG P3Dv4.3

    No more Orbx patch needed? No special issues with FTX Vector during day time? If confirmed, I'll very probably reinstall it 😉
  12. David Roch

    Black Marble NG P3Dv4.3

    Thanks Brian! Can someone confirm fps are better now?
  13. David Roch

    Black Marble NG P3Dv4.3

    Was there a second version of BM for P3D? I didn't reinstall if last time I made a complete FS reinstall because of the important frames hit on my machine. But I will certainly give it another try if the product has been updated, night flying was much more immersive than with Orbx and I really never had to tweak the default values.
  14. David Roch

    REX SkyForce 3D with Tech Update 2

    Hi Jose, Stable and smooth AFAIK. Some nice improvements in the GUI.
  15. David Roch

    New Release: Lockheed Vegas Early Acess by wing42

    Videos are amazing... So much work, time and passion involved!! I for sure will support your fantastic investment as soon as I'll come back home in a couple of weeks. The FS community needs people like you Vitus, my sincere congratulations for your hard work.