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  1. Yes. And try to "sfc /scannow" your system to check for Windows errors.
  2. Sorry to read that. Let's see.. 1/ Sometimes, a simple mod in the Community folder can cause very strange effects. Have you tried with an empty Com folder? 2/ Have you checked that the following folders were deleted before reinstalling? C:\ProgramData\Fenix C:\Program Files\FenixSim A320 3/ Does it happen in different airports? Have you tried another liner in the same departure conditions and location?
  3. That's a very straight-out assertion from someone who didn't try it, huh?
  4. I also have the same issue from time to time with the Fenix. Try to press the default Pushback keys Ctrl+P and see if it helps.
  5. That's it, I bought my copy! Soooo happy !! But I don't know why, I feel like I've been fooled. 🧐
  6. Fantastic work, I am speechless. For me, FBW team is the most talented group of developers in this industry.
  7. 🥂 Cheers, Laurie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgPJtIpQtjo
  8. FT included a poster of Van Morrison's concert on the Strip. For me, this is the best reason to keep this scene. 😄 He's the greatest singer of all time!!!
  9. The great thing about responding to yourself on the forums is that you are sure that no one is going to attack or upset you!! 😄 Enjoy your new CPU, Luis! 🍻
  10. MS Servers are down again here. It's really crappy !!! 🧐
  11. I am not stating anything absolute so it's hard for me to agree or disagree. 🙂Everyone can get an idea by trying LS and then keep it or get a refund. However, with my TV monitor, my FS settings and my rig I repeat that this tool is completely beneficial, including for someone with an RTX4090. I have gained in fluidity and I can finally go back to DX11 while maintaining a completely acceptable FPS level and without the graphical drawbacks of DX12. Hope it makes sense!
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