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    2080 Ti's dying!

    Mine is running P3D @ 50C, and Time Spy benchmark @ 60C max. Maybe EVGA has a better stock cooling solution although quite noisy.
  2. Hi folks, I won't ask how P3D will run with my new hardware because nobody really knows the answer yet. 😄 Will it be a huge gap jumping from a 6700K to a 9900K? I don't know... Did I make the right choice on components? Well, I believe so after reading (and learning) a lot on that matter. It took me around 2 weeks to carefully choose and order the following: CPU: i9 9900K Mobo: Asus Maximus XI Formula RAM: 32 Gb G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 4000MHz CL18 GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080Ti XC ULTRA GAMING PSU: Corsair AX1600i Water-cooling: Alphacool Eissturm Blizzard Copper 45, 3x120mm (Very reliable German company) My present setup is a i7 6700K o/c @ 4.8, Maximus VIII Formula, 32 Gb G.Skill "RipJaws 5" DDR4 3200MHz CL14 and I've already improved overall smoothness and FPS last month when switching from a GTX1080 to the RTX 2080Ti. What I expect now is to reasonably reduce stutters and maybe increase some settings like shadows, traffic and other CPU dependent features. Will tell you in a week or so! 😉
  3. David Roch

    P3D v4 : New rig, new hopes...

    Thanks for the tip Bob but this deal is not available here in Israel. Anyway, the PSU is already installed in my IN WIN huge case together with the water-cooling system, waiting for the other components to arrive tomorrow or Monday. Assembling a new PC is always a very exciting moment..., I feel like a kid.
  4. David Roch

    P3D v4 : New rig, new hopes...

    Hi guys, Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I am using a 48'' 4K TV @3840x2160x32. Yes, I am expecting better smoothness, higher LOD radius, and improvements with anti-aliasing and dynamic lighting. But no, London is one of the most fantastic and beautiful cities in Europe... but I don't expect any improvement flying around EGKK or EGLL in P3D V4 ;-). RAM: Yes, you are right regarding latency. My first idea was to increase bandwidth at the cost of timings to ensure higher CPU overclocking but I will cancel my order and keep my 3200MHz CL14 until the G.Skill Trident 4133 MHz CL 17 are available here (1 month) or even wait for the new G.Skill CL 17 series next January. CPU: My current one is a 650W purchased in 2011. It is time for a well deserved retirement. I have not less than 16 devices connected to the internal/external USB ports, + 6 fans + GPU and CPU water-cooling and I plan to go SLI some day (I also use my PC for 4K videos editing), if my wife doesn't throw me away from home before.... A 800 or 900W should be more than enough today. But maybe not tomorrow and CPUs are not a negligible component. So I was looking for the Corsair 1200W to keep a good security margin but it is out of stock. With its 10 years warrantee, the AX1600i will be the only component I will never worry about until I'll be completely senile. 😁
  5. David Roch

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    1st update available for this gorgeous scenery through Aerosoft updater 😉 Adjusted runway tire mark texture. Fixed incorrect Taxiway designation sign A3. Fixed incorrect ILS frequency RWY32R. Added missing information text in the configuration tool. Updated optional SODE download with correct ILS frequency (RWY32R) And yes, this is the BEST scenery I've ever installed. A real and true masterpiece.
  6. Beautiful video indeed Carlos! What camera software are you using?
  7. David Roch

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional MCDU2

    Shift + F4 makes the job as well 😉
  8. Nothing wrong at all on my rig Dave. I could also reach >50 FPS airborne with a blue nice sky if I unlock the FPS. But I am talking of average frames in ALL situations and I don't believe your system will allow 25 FPS flying in Socal or over London or Seattle, sorry. Never with the FS Labs Bus, everything maxed out, except for the Water settings and traffic. Your GPU will throttle down your system to something like 10 or 15 FPS maximum. My pleasure. No NI nor AM settings, vanilla P3D.cfg with HT Off, that's all.
  9. Hi, Although not that old, I have replaced my GTX1080 with an EVGA RTX 2080Ti. I first thought of upgrading the system to an i9 platform but it was too pricey so I've decided to replace the GPU instead. What a wise decision! I've upgraded GPU's for around 25 years since the first FS, generally once every 2 generations of chips. It's every time an improvement for sure, compared with the previous one. But I don't remember such a gap in performances and such a good surprise after upgrading. I can finally see P3D V4 in all its glory with dynamic reflection at High, shadows quality at High, full autogen, with 8MSAA, Ultra texture resolution @4096x4096 etc... and still have a good amount of air/ground/roads /sea traffic.... flying the FSLabs Bus. The card is running @ 60°C max which is very correct and even surprising. (but it is very noisy compared with the previous one) No need for now to upgrade my good old i6700 (at a solid 4.8Ghz speed), my old GSkill 2933 MHz RAM with low latency and the reliable Asus Maximus VIII mobo. Anyway, I am broke now! 🙂 I am fine with 19-30 fps in all situations, (fps are internally limited to 30) on my 44" 4K monitor. Never thought P3D was so GPU dependent.
  10. Normal intensive work: AS, GSX, Ezca, Orbx textures, regions, airports and LC, additional mesh, UT Live, REX SF, with a ton of payware or freeware sceneries, flying PMDG aircrafts and FS Labs Airbus. With the GTX 1080 I was getting average 11-30 fps where today I've never flown bellow 19 fps with higher graphic settings. For whatever reason colors are more vivid (same settings), the autogen pops-up much faster in the distance and the overall feeling I have is smoothness, except with long pauses which remain and are CPU/P3D coding dependent. So, that is it in a nutshell 🙂
  11. My pleasure Brett and no, you won't be disappointed for sure. Just don't tell the price you paid to your wife if you jump in! 😉
  12. David Roch

    Unstable ZOOM

    +1 Change the zoom function to other keys or try with another keyboard.
  13. No issue so far with mine neither. But yes it's running very hot and noisy compared to the 1080. Apart from that, I see a real improvement in cloudy environment and a much smooth simulator in all situations with the 2080Ti model.
  14. Gerard, it is probably too late. But take your time before buying a 2080Ti card. I just received mine, an EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC ULTRA GAMING and although a fantastic improvement over my "old" 1080, it is VERY noisy. And I believe the Gigabyte has same cooling solution. So wait a bit until a better card is released unless you plan water-cooling it 😉
  15. The work and passion involved in this product are outstanding. A very warm thanks to all the PMDG talented team.
  16. David Roch

    Rhodos for Free

    Indeed! Danke Rainer, very much appreciated 🙂
  17. David Roch

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    Benjamin do you use EZCA? If so, try lowering the effect values.
  18. Hello Michael, Please calibrate your joystick from P3D options. And try now 🙂
  19. Awesome!! :) Grazie mille Umberto!
  20. Actually P3D suddenly became an Airport simulator! Love it! 🙂 Thank you very much and congrats FSDT.
  21. David Roch

    Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional - Delayed again

    Not at all Neal. Ed is not moaning, just informing us.
  22. David Roch

    Terrain.dll crash & CPU overload?

    Hi Shom, I had the same problem who was driven me crazy for months until I remembered I once increased the Dynamic Reflections from Low to Middle in order to try Tomato shade. Since I reduced this heavy load on the GPU, no more terrain.dll error (for over a month now). Maybe didn't you increase this parameter but something else (AG is heavy as well) which is crashing your hardware, that's why you'll be advised to create a new P3D.cfg file. I for one never add any manual value to the config file so I don't feel necessary to replace P3D.cfg, but I save several graphic settings profiles and return to the default one for testing.
  23. David Roch

    Why is FS Tramp so unknown?

    Hi guys, I was a FS Navigator big fan for years until it wasn't anymore developed. I today see lot of posts about flight planners or chart viewers for P3D like EFB V2.0 but almost never about FS Tramp, which is FS Nav successor. Why? Is it because of the yearly pricing? I for one 100% agree to pay every year for such a fantastic program because I can't think of flying without. But I can imagine the price is discouraging lot of users. Is it because it is not known enough? So please do you a favor and download the free demo version. (just google FS Tramp). No need for a second monitor or remote PC, the app is directly available within P3D using a keyboard shortcut of your choice. It works in full screen mode. FS Tramp creates and follows flight plans according to the latest Navigraph data (if available), offers a wide choice of displays for SIDs/STARs on the map to help automatically selecting the more appropriate, has a unique UI with clear indications, includes AI traffic, weather etc...and has very low impact on the CPU. I have tried ALL flight planners available for P3D. None of them offers the same level of comfort and none of them is so powerful. I'll be happy to help you discovering this fabulous tool if you have any questions. Cheers!
  24. David Roch

    Why is FS Tramp so unknown?

    Yes, unequaled for me means that no other flight planner is that handy and powerful. No other payware of freeware brought me the same level of satisfaction and I believe I've tried them all. So I am absolutely in harmony with my logic but maybe not with yours 🙂
  25. David Roch

    Why is FS Tramp so unknown?

    Not sure about that. I have the feeling the dev is keeping on developing his tool no matter its success. (There are frequent updates, maybe 4 or 5 this past year) Actually I believe he doesn't wish FS Tramp to be as popular as FS Nav, for whatever reason, but it doesn't mean the product is going to die soon. I am not fan at all of his subscription pricing model and I would have preferred paying like any other product. But to be honest, FS Tramp is IMO unequaled and paying around 37€ every year and a half for such a complete addon is still something I can afford without ruining my family. There are in my hangar so many planes I have paid for and barely use, and in my scenery library so many places I have forgotten.. 🙂